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Virtual Cyber Cafe 2000

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2012 18:02




      BE AWARE !
      BE AWARE ! I took my Pentium 4 laptop to a reputable computer repair shop and received a very high estimate I was told it would cost me $398.00 to replace the screen and hinges I was also told it was worth it to fix my laptop, because everything worked and it was just the screen and hinges that need to be replaced, it was a Pentium 4 and a nice one too. I decided to take my laptop into Cybernet cafe 2000 in Chula Vista off Broadway and G St. to be checked last week, they tested it for power before even taking it to be checked and the laptop had power but the screen was not functioning, the estimate cost me 60.00 when I went Back to inquire how much it would cost total I was yelled at by the older man who was the owner, he said I had brought in a shell, that my laptop was missing all the internal parts including the P4 processor,all the memory cards,the mother board and the DVD player, the owner yelled at me saying he refused to fix it and that his son had spent over 4 hours just taking it apart. the owner the older man tried to give it back to me in pieces I asked him if he was with the BBB he said no, and was even more angry with me, yelling that there was nothing he was afraid of because there was nothing I could do about it, I told him I would see him in small claims court I talked to the owner of the first shop I took it to with the high estimate who by the way has been in business for over 22 years at the same place, and he is more than willing to go to court with me as a witness as to state and the condition of my laptop when he returned it to me. I guess just because I am a woman this man thought he would try to intimidate me, but he has something else coming, I don't have a MA degree, for nothing!!! ;o)


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