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      02.03.2016 12:30
      Very helpful


      • "Free "


      • "Too much porn?"

      The World Wide W***?

      Remember, if it’s free on the internet then you are the costumer!

      Few will admit it but sex and porn has driven the internet from day one and even helped tech companies to develop the software and applications we use today. Obviously that doesn’t include British porn which remains dreadful, some fat northern bloke with tattoos wearing white socks servicing a lady of equal proportion looking like Joe Brand wearing a Stockport County top isn’t exactly a turn on. British porn really needs to use that Japanese blurred out filter thingy.

      When tech companies gave away all those free browsers in WH Smiths back in the day on dial - up internet it was to get us all online and most guys simply ended up looking at naughty things, which the coders and programmers had to tolerate to achieve their goal – but also looking at porn. That browser stability and security has developed around the ability to deliver virus riddled porn safely. Its also well know that virus protection companies often release viruses to increase business, the same way local glazers used to pay kids to smash up phone boxes and bus shelters so the glazers always had work. Secure online banking is simply down to ‘Tiffany Towers’ and ‘The North Pole’.

      It’s the I.P industries dirty little secret that the illicit pull of porn and the promise of sex online is what people really want and why it’s currently an annual $100 billion dollar industry. WWW does not stand for ‘World Wide Web’ anymore. Women, of course, may not ant to admit they watch porn but many do. Sadly they are also getting far less sex because of it as many younger guys think women all look like that undressed and so disappointed by reality.Huge corporations secretly buy up profitable porn websites and Richard Branson’s Virgin Corp one of the biggest buyers of porn sites, why he was reticent at first to sign up to the national porn filter. Porn is one of the few internet industries that actually makes money. An investigation revealed that The Vatican had quietly invested in subsidiaries of the online porn and sex industry in their business portfolios, alongside investments in the arms industry and a company that made abortion pills! Now that is bad for business Papa.

      When we get the chance to search for other interesting things to see and do online for free to further our knowledge and push the boundaries many fall short, celebrities and popular culture alongside porn dominating our search habits. The most popular searched words every year are nearly always sex related, of course, but the industry are embarrassed about this and so skew their lists by their own filters, even though sex related searches is extremely lucrative and redirects a lot of traffic towards the likes of goggle search. The word ‘Porn’ came in at an unlikely and lowly number 20 on Google’s official list and ‘Sex’ not there at all? I can’t print their unofficial list as it’s very different to this one.

      ===Worlds most popular Internet search of Google 2015===

      1. Lamar Odom
      2. Jurassic World
      3. American Sniper
      4. Caitlyn Jenner
      5. Ronda Rousey
      6. Paris
      7. Agario
      8. Chris Kyle
      9. Fallout 4
      10. Straight Outta Compton

      ===Most ranked websites @Feb 2016 in the U.K===


      Porn certainly made sure there was take up of the 3G network 5 or 6 years ago and the more interactive and real it becomes the more money the networks will make from selling data limits. The mobile network profits are no longer on texts and calls. They need to sell data. A great example of how pornography can drive technology choice was the sex trades decision in the late 1970s to choose the cheaper VHS option over Betamax. It pretty much killed off Betamax over night while sales of pornographic films drove take-up of video recorders. In 2008 the porn industry officially stopped driving internet expansion as social media and shopping became as popular and addictive and the letter two 51% of all hits.

      Pornhub, the world’s biggest porn site, recently revealed the most popular regional porn searches. Liverpool searched for 'teacher' whilst those in Sheffield looked for 'natural titties'. Hertfordshire watched the most porn, punters lasting 10:37 minutes and 7.6 pages on average, whilst Mondays in Januarys the most popular times to search. Billinghurst watches the most porn nationally. Nationally the porn search winner was Lesbian, Teen and then, somewhat bizarrely, ‘step mom?’ New entries were carton and Hentai? The top search terms in other countries were more unusual. Ukrainian porn fans were most likely to search for "Raincoat (gay)", while in Romania the top term was "Mom and son". The most popular term in Syria was "Aunt". In Iran, the sixth most popular search term was "Hotel businessman (gay)". In Kentucky, the most popular search term was "Free gay porn". Who knew the rednecks like their Deliverance action? The top ten porn searches in Peru were ALL Gay!

      Porn aside we will also not admit that we are online more than we are watching TV now these days and so we do less with our lives. Joggers stopped jogging, Dave gave up after work 5-aside and Kev the graduate prefers to online game than sit in empty smokeless pubs mid week with interesting girls that ‘vape’ and like indie music. The internet is increasingly running our lives. If even does the shopping for us. You can buy your lottery ticket there and send an online birthday card and 25% of all jobs can now be done online. It’s the only place to find employment now. You can do pretty much do everything on it and twenty years from now very few people will even leave home as their work and play will be in virtual reality world. Smartphone security will be by retina technology and your smartphone tech most likely in your glasses. Did you know the General Election result was predicted correctly by calculating how many hits the four main parties got in each region? Admittedly the guy who worked it out predicted Farage would get 221 seats based on his research. But hidden in his rough data was the decisive factor in the election that a lot of Labor voters switched to UKIP to vote on immigration.

      The computer has been the biggest emancipation for women in the workplace. It’s not a physical job to work one and so a great leveler that way. As long as you know how to give the orders to a computer it will carry them out exactly. That’s a heaven to a woman. It gets women back into the work place and in better jobs and so empowers them. This means women don’t need men so much and so we come full circle as men then need that porn.


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