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Saving and making you free money.

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    3 Reviews
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      21.01.2007 02:20
      Very helpful



      Unique, easy to use site with valuable, friendly advice - not to be missed!

      Having just given birth to my fifth and definitely final child, I'm always on the look out for ways to save money! Thankfully I too stumbled across Kate's website whose passion in life is to save money and make it - a mum after my own heart!
      The site itself is very user-friendly and simple to use. Which is brilliant for any less experienced internet users. Her four children all helped to design it giving it a home-made appearance, which endears itself to the casual browser, this and Kate's enthusiasm is apparent to anyone who looks around the site. Not only does she share her passion ,she also displays her current earnings for all to see. She gives sound and practical advice based solely on her own experience and is only too happy to help others achieve her success. She does stress that the cash earned in this manner is a bonus and should be treated as an added extra rather than income to rely on. Below is a brief of some of her brilliant web pages!

      Kate's Click Tips - she painstakingly explains how to perform the Daily Clicks. Fantastic if you haven't a clue!

      Getting Started, is a must for all beginners, Kate recommends the use of CCleaner to delete all cookies and I can honestly say it works brilliantly, and it's free!

      Daily Click Routines, has clear and concise instructions to follow a choice of 4 different routines,dependant on the amount of free time you have each day - as far as I know no other site offers this and Kate will even write you your own personal routine and send you a laminated copy for you to tick off each day!

      She even offers a pricing service where she will search through the net looking for the cheapest price and makes no charge for this time consuming job!

      Due to having a c-section & being unable to drive, I emailed her before Christmas asking her advice on top pressies for kids and the best prices available. She promptly got back to me and saved Christmas! I honestly don't think I would've managed to get all the presents in time without her and save so much money!

      She also got me cashback on my car insurance!

      She also has a link to another site on how to claim back bank and credit card charges for the last six years!

      I could endlessly go on praising this lovely and friendly lady dedicated to anyone who needs help!
      I can honestly say that there seems to be no disadvantage in using this site ,only advantages. Kate updates the pages daily and the information is kept up to date.
      In conclusion, This is a site well worth a visit. WWW.Click-your-way2cash.co.uk


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        17.01.2007 12:33
        Very helpful



        advice site

        I had a look at this site last night after reading a review from one of the members.

        click-your-way2cash.co.uk is the name of the site. The site belongs to Kate.

        She advises people on how to make money from cash reward sites. Some of the data she has on the site is difficult to believe as not everything she lists is possible. For example not all the search engines pay out. I belong to couple of these sites. I use them when I do shopping on internet. Searches that pay take too much time and pay too little, some don't pay at all. I did a search a yesterday and the ones that paid me were Kelkoo and High Street Web.

        I recommend click-your-way2cash.co.uk to members who want to join cash rewarding sites (site which give pay you to click on shopping links before purchasing). She makes it clear on how to make most of these sites. She has a link about Tesco, learn there how to save money from Tesco.

        The layout of the site is simple and to the point. It is not a pretty site. The tabs and links all work.

        Information is written in plain English for all to understand.

        Some of the information could be out of date. The site is still worth a look as it will guide you in the right direction.


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          16.01.2007 15:16
          Very helpful



          A really good beginners' guide to cashback sites!

          I quite literally stumbled across this site when doing a general search for cash back shopping and was really quite interested in what I found. The site is run by a lady called Kate, a mother of four whose hobby is saving as much money as she possibly can! I'm certainly with her on that one! She has set up this website to help people find their way around many of the numerous cash back sites out there and to help them optimise their potential earnings! She shares her own internet earning history with you and it is quite impressive - she certainly seems to be someone worth to take notice of!

          The site is divided in to twelve different areas and I'll briefly explain about each of them and say why I think they are useful.

          On this page Kate introduces herself and talks about cashback sites in general. She says that she doesn't rely on these earnings but when she receives a payment it is like winning a prize! She also demonstrates that in eight months she has made over £500 from just four sites, and that is without actually buying anything!

          Getting Started
          This I felt was quite a useful section particularly the advice she gives on enabling cookies which is often a frustration for me. She also introduced me to CCleaner which is a downloadable product which helps to delete cookies on a regular basis! This is really useful when you are performing multiple clicks on a number of different site because, if I understand it correctly, it erases the memory of what you have just done!

          Kate's click tips
          Here Kate talks about all the sites where you can perform daily clicks such as Kelkoo and The High Street Web, and explains just how far you need to go in order to be rewarded. This I found very useful and went some way to explaining why I was not always rewarded when I thought I should be!

          Fab Four in the Spotlight!
          Kate has her top four sites which she claims are her biggest earners. These are Topcashback, Free Fivers, Rpoints and Hot Bargains. This was also quite useful to read as I had previously dismissed a coupler of these site, so definitely went back to have another look! As a consequence, I'm now regularly visiting Free Fivers again and making money! You can click on each of these to find out more. She does also give her referral link for each of these sites. As she states elsewhere, she does not make any money from this site, but does ask if people have not been referred by someone else that they use her link only if they want. I have certainly used it for a couple and was happy to do so after receiving all this free advice!

          Daily click routine
          I think this was incredibly helpful. She gives her routine for her dab four which helps you find the most efficient way to click on the best earners. She says that the routine for the fab four only takes fifteen minutes a day! (She must have got it off to a fine art!) There is also a daily routine for the experienced clicker which takes in fifteen sites and apparently takes an hour and a quarted to get through it!! All the earners for each site are listed and if you took the time to add them all up I'm sure they would come to a pretty good total. In these routines she also puts in the CCleaner after every visit. There is also a thirty minute routine which only takes in the highest earners! I don't think I would have the time to do all she suggests every day, but if you do have a bit more time one day it is a good reference.

          More Sites
          This covers a lot of the other sites that are out there - a lot of which I was already familiar with but one or two I hadn't heard of. You can click on each of these in turn and find out more about them. I have since signed up to a couple which are proving better earners than some I was already on!

          New Sites
          Always useful to look here as cashback sites do seem to becoming big business and more seem to be appearing every week. I'm sure she will be updating whenever she finds something new.

          The above covers the main areas that I have found particularly useful. There are two other areas where Tesco and Pigsback each have a focus. Hot of the press gives all the latest changes on the main sites. For example, this week there is an addition to the recurring clicks on Rpoints. There is also a price challenge. This is where you have an item you wish yo buy, you can email Kate and she will see how cheaply she can find it for you.

          My overall impression is that this is an incredibly useful site and one that is easy to navigate. Although not as polished as some it is very bright and colourful and easy to find what you want. All in all, I think that Kate has done a fantastic job with it and I'm really grateful to her for sharing her knowledge about all the sites that are out there!


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