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How To Write A Good Campus Review

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Other users explain what they think constitutes a good dooyoo campus review.

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      08.04.2002 21:00
      Very helpful



      Campus is one of my favourite categories on DooYoo and I have recently been made the community guide for this section. I would like to encourage more people to write in this section! First things first. If you are writing in this section it's generally because you are a student, or you are writing about your chosen career. Ok, so you're a student, which supposedly dictates that you have a few brain cells. So no txt tlk, it's *I* not *i*, and check your spelling. Ok, everyone makes a few typos, but spellcheckers are there for a reason. If you are writing about a well respected insititution that you attend, it doesn't look very good if you can't write. It wouldn't make me want to go there anyway! So try to write to your best. No one is expecting English degree essay standard (thank god) but ordinary English will do just fine. The main sections in campus are *universities* *careers* and *lets have a heated debate* In my opinion, the campus and careers section is underused on dooyoo. Students seem to be ideal users for dooyoo as they want extra money and have the time to write opinions. Prospective students are crying out for objective information about universities and courses. All universities have glossy brochures and websites with pretty pictures but prospective students want to know the real picture, good and bad. So if you are a student, or a recent graduate reading this, get writing about your university and college experiences! And as for the rest of you, well most of you work, don't you? I know that I for one enjoy reading the opinions on specific careers and find them very useful, especially the more unusual career choices. So why not write about your career and tell others how they could get into the same thing? This section of dooyoo is seriously underused and that should be changed! You may not think your job is very interesting, but I am sure someone will want to go into
      the same thing- or if you hate your job, you can say just why here! If your career is not listed, you can suggest it and dooyoo will add it a few days later. Ok, so how to write a campus review. ~~University~~ The main categories are universities in general, specific courses, and accommodation. I would suggest that you only write about a university that you have attended personally. If you are a parent or friend of a student at a certain uni, you may want to write a review of it..but as you have not personally experienced it you are probably not the best person to write about it. Write about what you know. Similarly, if you are a prospective student and maybe have attended open days for a particular university, I don't think this really qualifies you to write about it. After all, open days always show a university in its best light so you cannot really give an objective view. If you are at a university there are loads of things you can say about it, such as: -The reputation of the university and subjects offered/specialised in -The area the university is in-campus or city? What type of buildings? -The people-students, tutors, administration staff. Are they approachable and available? -Administration- do things run smoothly? -The Students Union -The NightLife -Socities and Sports Clubs/Facilities -Accommodation -And *definitely* include your personal experience or opinion of the university. That is what dooyoo is all about, after all! You do not have to include every single one of those things and I'm sure there are others that I haven't mentioned. To write about a university in general is such a vast subject so there is no excuse for a 100 word scrawl. Try to help your readers make an informed decision. Imagine your reader is a prospective student and write for them. Just to list facts a
      bout the place is not really useful, as anybody can read that on the university web site. The most important thing is to put your personal opinion- did/do you like it there-why/why not? ~~Courses~~ If you choose to write about a course, you could include these things: -How to apply-through UCAS? -Entry requirements -How is the course assessed? Coursework/Exam/Dissertation... -What form do the lessons take? Seminars/Lectures/Studio Work/Trips out etc -Content of the course -What materials are necessary-books/videos/equipment etc.. -The type of career you could go onto after the course -Your opinion! Which parts of the course do you like/hate and why? -What is the teaching like? ~~Accommodation~~ Please write about your halls of residence. University brochures are famed for leaving out important details such as a motorway outside your bedroom window, or relaxed rules on smoking. If you write one, here are some ideas of what to include: -The cost-very important! -Extras- eg, bike sheds, internet access, bar, common room etc. -What is nearby? -What are the rooms like-what do they contain? -Do you have to pay rent over the holidays? -Is there a cleaning service? -Who is in charge-a manager/warden? -What type of person would be happy there? If I had known all of this information about the halls I lived in, then I probably would not have chosen to live there! So get writing in this section and stop people making mistakes! ~~Careers~~ If you choose to write about your career, here are some things you might want to include. These are things that I would want to know about any job I was going to go into! -How do you get into it? You personally, and in general (with a degree, with experience...?) -What qualities do you need for the job? eg an auth
      or would need imagination and motivation-an engineer would need to have attention to detail and technical interest. -Working environment-where do you spend most of your day? Out and about? In an office? -Working conditions- Are the hours regular or at weekends? Is there contract work available? What is the pay like? -The pluses and minuses of the job. Why you went into it, what you like and dislike about it. -Advice for people considering the career. ~~Let's Have a Heated Debate~~ This section contains many topics which you can express your view on, such as the value of a degree today, tuition fees, and old vs new universities. If you write in one of these categories, first of all, have an opinion. Take a stand, but discuss both sides of the argument to reach a conclusion. If you are a student you should be used to writing essays so this is good practice! It is good to include facts in your opinions-eg. if you were writing about tuition fees, do some research and find out about the costs involved. ~~Style~~ It is up to the individual how they organise their opinion. If I am writing a long opinion I like to split it up into subheadings to make it easier to find relevant information. I wrote an opinion about Halls of Residence at Cardiff University. If this had just been one long block of text, it would have been harder to read, so I split it up with subheadings for each separate hall. DooYoo does not allow for formatting such as using bold or italics, but you can do titles in CAPITALS or use the ___underscore____ , or **stars**. Please keep to your own personal style and don't feel that I am trying to dictate how to write an opinion. If you like to include humour, please do! If you like to quote, do (but not to excess!). To me, the best opinions are the ones which have personality and do not read like a guide book. I hope you have found this helpfu
      l and that it encourages more dooyoo users to use this section to improve and extend it.


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