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How To Write A Good Electronics Review

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Other users explain what they think constitutes a good dooyoo electronics review.

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      06.07.2010 17:11
      Very helpful



      The Ten Commandments for a non-banal 'Electronic' write-up

      Sublime knowledge of electronics could hinder you in producing a readable article in 'Electronics.' The idea of reading an expert review from the so-called experts that post monotone paragraphs, detailing huge amounts of data on how the 'on switch' activates the electronic device and powers it on standby for 36 hours is as morose as it gets. You'll have more fun being a gerbil on a treadmill storing energy for the iPad, or for your daily cups of coffee.

      Electronic reviews shouldn't be too long either; they're not discussion topics. The only dithering required should only be the price tag, whereby many retailers trade at different rates considering what device they're featuring or pushing to get onto their next new stock. Portable device markets are the most precarious on the price tag, compared to other types of household goods. Being 'brand aware' has that added bonus also while explaining the market force and device dominance, or not; there is a reason why the electronic brand is a heavy-weight in their market arena. By not identifying the 'special component' that deciphers the professionals from their clone businesses, is a failure; the article therefore is duping the online consumer. Electronic articles comes with responsibility, it is vital that 'duds' are reported. 'Negative' device reviews are probably more important than praising the ground they walk on.

      First, get two sticks.

      If you can, have the electronic device with you while you write the article. Not only is it a distraction to writing about it, you feel by playing with it, your actually still working. So remember what you did, how it feels and why you did it? Imagine yourself as the blue-print modeller who designed this contraption. This will help to decide whether Aunt Maud could operate it while simultaneously kneading dough for her bakery business. User friendliness on all electronic devices is paramount, so if it is, write it down as gushingly as you like, this is a 'positive;' consumers must learn of this information. The eagerness of telling everyone about it should descend on the page like a tsunami of words...

      Second, get some dry straw from a gerbil's nest.

      After the writing frenzy, take a breather and start playing with the device again. Did anything catch you're eye? Maybe an 'app,' a 'neon light,' a delightful 'ring tone' was noticed.

      Third, rub the two sticks.

      Carry a 'lined notebook,' sometimes words can inspire you and it maybe in that 'notebook.' The memory has a lot on its plate already and extra curricula's would only overload it. Anyhow, most memory banks are as bad as a 'gold-fishes.' Especially while trying to remember the devices origins.

      Fourth, keep rubbing.

      Don't assume that the reader will understand what you are writing about. Digital devices have not reached certain parts of suburbia and many of which are wondering 'who shot JR Ewing?' and find 500 word articles too many to read on their dial-up connection, brought to them by pigeon. - You have permission to ignore these groups as the likelihood of these people actually getting these devices is about as likely as a gerbil shouting "Hey, Mr Blobby! - It's your turn!"

      Fifth, keep rubbing.

      Embrace that feeling of total dishevelling mediocrity; it will consume you whenever you write anything; that is normal. It will make you write and help you to be 'conscientious.' Forget about churning, you've grown out of that before you turn your mind to writing 'electronic articles.' The important facts are; once you've successfully uploaded an 'electronic' article. And sifted through all the 'mod and cons,' sampling all the credible/workable data; prioritised it and made the valid points where necessary, or not, depending on what stance you've adopted. Yes, 'adopted,' a lot of members truly believe you 'are' what you write. That is un-true. - But you are what you rate? That 'is' fact.

      Sixth, keep rubbing.

      The easiest subject to learn from; is 'electronics.' Why? Well, it is because the digital device revolution ie 'digi-modernity;' is so widely available. Online blogs give fascinating interactive opinions about a series device model, though it isn't direct personal 'experience,' also what is good in some-ones views will nevertheless grate the insanity of another. A balanced article caters for all. Pay no attention to other members who may write about a similar *electronic* subject, in the long run only your own views count. Plus as you get into writing more *electronic* pieces, a system will emerge and this will enlighten you to learn more about the subject. We are all in this writing zone together.

      Seven, keep rubbing

      I've found the blandest of audio/electronic device write-ups the most rewarding; this is where having 'humour' 'personality' will leer over the parapet and entertain or irritate, depending on whom you take seriously. A concise well thought out criteria along with a wise (questionable) quip engages your voyeur. Even break-off the article by saying -"Back in a moment, off to wind up my clock-work kettle." Or "Check-out this site, it talks in that monotone voice, I've refrained from using, and some of you may get turned on by it!" - Ultimately, it breaks-off the prose, which inadvertently refreshes the reader.

      Eight, keep rubbing, I can smell something

      Look in the mirror, and meet your best friend. You are going to start talking to yourself, in an alarming manner that will astound you. Many say it is the first wrung of 'insanity.' Ignore them, they're just jealous. Make it interesting and have different voices as your 'self talk;' I seem to have cloned 'Toby Young's vocals.' Whenever reviewing an 'electronic' article. His droll and sharp vow sounds, caught my imagination. Yes, it does help to be mildly insane, reviewing 'electronics.'

      Nine, No, it was my melting skin due to excessive rubbing

      Do not get disheartened. Writing is a tool, and is with us for 'life,' well, until the brain faculties fade off to another realm of thinking. And then, you need TV programmes like 'Countdown,' to kick start your lawnmower, into a splutter; that in-turn will see 'four lettered rude words' and remind you of your brazen youth, and the many digital device reviews that you uploaded. Still want to embrace the 'electronic device world, with words?'

      Ten, don't give-up, you may set yourself on fire next time

      Toil, toil, boil and trouble. It isn't easy shedding a skin-full of words that credit the electronic device, for the globe to read. - The pressure is immense - that is just how I like it. I've fallen for the terms 'two inches thick' and 'slick and smooth.' They're simple phrases most readers would understand, for any other 'subject matter' the terms border on euphemisms but for the digital device any sort of prosing sordid material is greatly received. My 'full' Famous Grouse bottle of scotch looks mysterious and inviting. I shall reward myself later, and while writing with the windows wide open, I shall let my inner voice be heard, it is a cross between Oliver Read and 'Russell Brand;' that'll get the pilgrims talking; and I'll continue encapsulating raw 'passion' till the 'white coated gents' turn up.

      Thank you for reading


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