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How To Write A Good Games Review

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    17 Reviews
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      22.12.2009 22:40
      Very helpful



      A lot of fun!

      I think writing a review of a game is a lot easier than a film review, at least structurally. While it might have a lot more to take in than a film, its elements are easier to deconstruct and stratify, so here is how I generally go about reviewing a game.

      Intro: I give the game some context if need be, whether that's who made the game, or what game it's a sequel to, or what the hype surrounding it is. This is generally short and doesn't indicate too much what my opinion is, as, of course, we want people to continue reading.

      Gameplay: Here I generally give a brief description of the core gameplay elements but don't go into too much detail yet as I will return to this area. Just a quick breakdown of the mechanics and the goals it requires.

      Story: Again this is quite short because, honestly, most video games have poor plots, but this section is often quite fun to mock the vacuousness of the plot, or in better cases (such as the Metal Gear Solid games), remark how it is cleverly borrowed from cinema.

      Gameplay (2): this time you go more in depth by explaining how the gameplay furthers the plot, and you can talk more about the characters. This section should be very in-depth and detailed. Mine often spill into two paragraphs from here.

      Graphics: Again this needs to be detailed, although obviously if a game has poor visuals then it might be a hole-in-one. The shading, the lighting, the particle elements, the rendered backdrops, draw distance, textures, lip sync and such are all important here, and can often relate back to how cinematic, immersive, or scary a game is.

      Sound: An often neglected section that's probably the hardest to review, but simply whittles down to how well it is able to convey a sense of mood, and how well it supports the tone that the rest of the game is going for. For instance, the MGS games support the idea that it is a high-octane espionage thriller thanks to Harry Gregson-Williams' frenetic, epic score.

      Conclusion: Here you sum everything up, and discuss whether it has any lacking elements, and if so, how they are compensated for by others (i.e. poor graphics are compensated by great gameplay).

      It's as simple as that really, and I hope this guide was helpful!


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      17.07.2009 15:30
      Very helpful



      I hope this has some valuable tips and advice for you

      I am a very passionate gamer and currently own an Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. I have previously owned the PS2, Gamecube, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance and PSone. I do enjoy writing reviews on games, and would like to give a few tips on what I think makes a good games review.

      1 - INTRODUCTION - Give a very brief outline of the game, what it's like and your initial thoughts in the introduction. Also, it can be helpful to describe the box cover and the general look, as well as what's in the box and how helpful the instructions are. This should be a very vague paragraph, because no one wants to hear you go into great detail about the picture of Master Chief on the front of the Halo 3 box.

      2 - STORYLINE - Give the reader an account of the story. Every game has a story apart from ones such as racing games, simulations and a few others. You should give the story outline that you pick up from the beginning of the game, but do not give away any spoilers, which will ruin the game for others. By this, I mean don't give away what happens in the end or twists in the story. The story is something that may attract people to a game. A good story will engage the player and a series of games will become popular with a good storyline.

      3 - GAMEPLAY - Talk about the general gameplay - what it feels like to play, how enjoyable it is, how hard or easy it is and the features within the game. Don't go into every detail of each race track or battle field, but give an idea of what the game has to offer and what makes it a good or bad game. Link the features of the games to give an overall impression of what it's like. Do you play the game because you enjoy it? Do you play the game to unlock achievements or awards? Be honest with your opinion and give an accurate account of what the game is like to play.

      4 - GRAPHICS - Make sure you give an outline of the graphics. Graphics are very important in modern day games and they have severely improved over the years. Some games will have better and more impressive graphics than others. You can talk about the graphics of characters as well as scenery and objects in the game. How realistic are the graphics? Not all games are realistic, but you should tell the reader if the game has respectable graphics or not. You can also talk about cut scenes here and explain whether or not they are smooth and how good the quality is.

      5 - SOUND - Sound is something that reviewers often miss out on mentioning. The sound in a game can have a huge effect on the gameplay. Imagine a game with no sound - it would be boring and uninteresting. Sound can have a degree of realism too but also helps to put the player in the atmosphere. Does the game support surround sound? What is the quality of the sound and if there is any music, is it to your liking? In shooting games, you can talk about the sound of the different guns as well as any background sounds that you notice whilst playing. Try to be critical and detailed here as truly good games will have features such as sound worked on to such an extent, that it really helps to put the player in the game. For example, a game may have surround sound with many added extras such as birds whistling, wind blowing or people talking. Does the game give a good sense of distance from sounds?

      6 - CONTROLS - Another thing that gamers forget to mention are the controls. Consoles these days have different ways in which the player can control each game. The Nintendo Wii uses motion control, the Nintendo DS uses a touch screen and other consoles use classic controllers. Link the specifics of these controllers and consoles to the controls in the game. Does the game take advantage of the possibilities on the controller or console? Does a game utilise all the buttons on a controller? Also talk about how natural a game feels to play and how accessible the controls are. You should definitely give your opinion on the controls, in terms of how easy they are to learn and maybe how some buttons have certain functions. To feel comfortable playing a game, you must like the controls - you should also mention any options to change controls to suit the gamer.

      7 - PRICE & AVAILABILITY - Sometimes, people miss out the price of the game in their review. It's important to state at least one price from one place. However, it is even more useful to give a slight comparison of prices at different places. Prices are usually cheaper online so you can give examples from a few online sites as well as offline in places such as Tesco or Game. How old is the game and when was it released? This may have an effect on its price - as will how far up the charts the game is. You could also say if you can buy the game second hand and how much this will cost as some people may be reluctant to buy it. You could even give a rental price from blockbusters, but going this far isn't necessary!

      8 - CONCLUSION - Sum up your review by giving an overview of the game. Try not to bring up anything new that you haven't already mentioned, as it's not the place for that. Give an overall account of the advantages and disadvantages of the game whilst coming to a conclusion on whether it is worth buying or not. Be honest with your opinion as that is what a review is all about. Leave it on a certain note as to whether it's worth buying or not - try not to float between two decisions.

      If you follow these 8 steps, I would be more than willing to nominate your review for a crown. I feel these are the key things to mention in any review on a game. Huge detail is not necessary but you should go into some detail on things like gameplay and features within the game as this is more what the reader would want to hear about.

      Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped,

      Dan ©


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        16.07.2009 23:41
        Not Helpful



        If you buy COD5 from now on, I will personaly kill you for being so stupid

        Have you ever wondered, what is the point in life? Well after playing Call of Duty World at war on Nintendo Wii, you'll still be left wondering. COD5 is simply no match for the superb and supreme COD4 that is top for every catagorie. So World at War is'nt all that it's built up to be and certainly isn't
        the best Call of Duty on Wii.

        However, by using the Wii remote and sensor bar, Nintendo have created a more realistic and active game. Sadly, this is where the the review goes even more down-hill because for all HDTV lovers, the graphics are atroshous. For 2009, Nintendo should be ashamed of this graphic diaster that is in my opinion worse than the old 2-D Mario games!

        If you're already prepared to break your computer and feed to your dog then you might want to turn away now because the bad review just keeps on coming. Not only is COD5 based on a terrible storyline that you feel you've played four times before, but there are more than 10 miserable levels that follow throughout the game. Be warned, not only will you want to commit suicide, but you'll want to take the disc with you.

        So you have two choices. You either take my advice to stay where you are, resist all temptation to buy COD5 and laugh in the face at anyone who has it or you ignore common sense and waste £37.99 on something I wouldn't rate as worthy of a penny, not even worthy of a PS1!


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          07.07.2009 13:04
          Very helpful



          I want to rate you VU - please give me a chance to!

          I'm sure you're like me and there are some categories which you have more of an interest in than others, and know more about. I have to say I generally tend to rate lower in these categories, because I feel a good amount of information and detail is needed. This is especially true in the games category, because games are much more complex than even the traditionally long book and film reviews. There are plenty of games that have had sequels and prequels across twenty years or more, and in addition to that there are a million and one things to factor in as well, such as age, type of game, playability, controls, story, multiplayer options and internet features.

          All too often on dooyoo I come across reviews of games that don't even vaguely mention what the game is about, and if it wasn't for the category title I would be no better off knowing what it was. So here I'm going to discuss ways to write a good games review and things to include, because I hate giving low ratings, but a lot of game reviews just aren't useful.

          1. Find a style for your writing

          Games are one of those things that are hard to write about, and you need quite a select style for. Writing in the style games magazines are written in can be good in terms of quality, but there is a big risk you will alienate members of your audience who aren't aware of technicalities, particularly with PC games that have system requirements. Remember you're writing for your average Joe. It's easy to go too far in the opposite direction though, with things like 'I bought this game for my daughter and she really enjoyed it. The end.'. You aren't writing for Amazon, we need more details!

          2. Balancing information

          It's easy to waffle with games, including silly things like the technical spec, other games in the series, even the addresses of the company HQ etc. 99% of the time, this is irrelevant to your opinion. If it's particularly essential, for example a game has an unusual requirement to run, then it's worth including, but otherwise just leave it out. It's pure copying and pasting from elsewhere, and often unnecessary or meaningless.

          3. Overview

          Include a general background to the game - what is the general concept? What is the genre - puzzle, action, adventure? Does it include familiar characters - if so, who? Is it part of a series or a stand alone? Can you just pick it up and play on and off, or does it have particular chapters/missions/save points?

          4. Key questions

          Key questions I ask myself when I'm reading about a game or looking for information are:

          - What ages is this game suitable for?
          - How much play will I get out of it?
          - What games is it comparable to (if possible)?
          - What do I need to play the game (console? specific controller? if it's a wii game, can I use nunchucks/balance boards/plastic attachments?)
          - How much does it cost? (roughly - cheaper games are often much shorter or have lower ratings)
          - How can I play? (how many players and what will they need, is there an online mode, can I download anything to add to the game?)

          5. Disadvantages

          There are very few games without problems or bugs of some kind, even if the game itself has taken 7 years or more to produce. Maybe the controls are a bit funny in one place, or you have to be careful to avoid doing something to activate a bug. Maybe the game is too short, or only aimed at girls between 5 and 7, or maybe there's just something so silly about the storyline or an event which makes it ridiculous. Perhaps the price is too much for what it is. If so, we want to know about it.

          So that's my summary of things to include in a good games review. I have a feeling some people just read the box or an online description to write their reviews, and it's all too obvious from the detail whether someone has just done that or rented it for a night or played it at a friend's. That usually doesn't give you enough experience of the game to review it properly, and I doubt you could review a computer game adequately enough in fewer than 500 words. Normally I don't bother with reviews having to be a certain length for a VU, but even if the game is the shortest and most basic in the world, there's still room for your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and overall opinion - which is what counts, after all!


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            26.03.2009 01:28



            in wrong place

            You need to know your subject and have played three million games with two thousand different people. When you know every game and all the best moves and have achieved the highest score imaginable you are probably qualified to write a review. I am afraid to say have am not qualified to do any of the above.

            Being new to this site an overzealous and basically stupid I wrote about the difficulty I had with online xbox 360 pay as you go I have still not learned to remove this page. Although I have achieved something if you are reading this . Please accept my apologies for the following misplaced review

            Play on line xbox360 games. My son asked me to pay for him to play on pay as you go. So I assumed(ass out of you and me) that I was paying for one month £4.95 money like your phone when its gone its gone.
            Now £4.95 regular as clockwork comes out of my credit card every month and I have to remember to ask him to pay me back.

            I have looked on line to see how to cancel the payment and to see others advise. Mostly the answer is the same, cancel my card, but this seems a bit drastic. So I would advise caution if you are considering paying for this service.


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              09.11.2008 08:56
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Use the force Luke

              When I started on this site I wrote an awful lot of games reviews and all of them were rated useful or better by most members, having said that there are some far better games reviewers on this site and perhaps the best advice that I can offer to anyone reading this who is looking for some advice on how to write a games review should just check out the recently crowned review list and head off and read those reviews writers like stunt101 and the guides for the category are excellent games reviewers.

              For me th thing that a Dooyoo writer can bring to a games review that a reviewer on one of the specialist game playing sites is the fact that where a specialist will have only probably played the game for a couple of days before reviewing it on this site you can be reviewing a game a few months down the line and this means that you can give a real insight into the life span of the game, just how much game play do you get for your bucks.

              When I read a review what I want to find out is the total playability of the game, what the graphics are like, any technical glitches that exist and the target market for the game, given that lots of games are follow up versions some comparisons of previous versions and whether the new game is just cashing in or really bringing something new to the table.


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                17.07.2008 16:56



                The mobster is one hell of a game.

                The Mobster ~ By Zack Koller

                If there is one game that I would have to give my respects to, it would have to be the mobster.

                This is a browser based game on the web where you can recruit people to kill, collect money and be the don of your very own family. Each mobster have their own people who do the work for them.

                There is no set story line, you make it yourself as you go. You can start family wars and stir shit up on the general board.

                You create a username, and then hop into the game. It is easy to navigate and it even starts you off with a few video tutorials. You use turns (you start with 12000) to make your way to the top and even using your cash to buy turns which will deffinatly give you that advantage.

                This game definatly is one of the best games on the net, no downloads, unlimited gameplay round the clock and all the braging rights you can handle.

                check it out now!


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                  20.02.2008 21:50
                  Very helpful



                  Follow my review to write a brilliant review on any kind of video game!

                  Welcome to my short but sweet review on how to write a good games review. I own almost every console, beside the very old ones and love gaming. I also love writing reviews on games, as I like to share my opinion and provide my thoughts to others so they can take them into consideration. Writing a games review requires specific things that must be mentioned to make it a good review. With more detail and being well-written and informative, you may be on the way to a crowned review!

                  First off, give a little introduction just as my paragraph above (but about the game obviously)! You may state here your opinion on the game as a whole, and it should be an attractive and interesting paragraph to get the reader interested. You can mention a few things here:

                  * Why you bought the game
                  * Overall thoughts of it
                  * Comparison to other games
                  * Brief overview of what the game is all about

                  Then, the second section I think should be about the story. Even if a game doesn't have a story, still mention what it does have, or what you could interpret as the story. When there is a story, give a detailed insight into the story to set the scene for the rest of the review and the game itself.

                  Next, I feel you should dive straight in and talk about gameplay. Gameplay is the actual playing of the game itself. This section is very important for giving the reader an idea of how the game is like to play. You can also include personal thoughts on certain aspects and give a few facts too such as how many levels/races/characters there are - there are loads of things to mention, so here are a few ideas:

                  * What you do
                  * How fun it is
                  * Size of the game
                  * Different aspects e.g. single player, multiplayer?
                  * Give an idea of gameplay - missions, races, maps, detail

                  These ideas can link onto your next section. It's tricky what to talk about next, but I would suggest graphics. Graphics are not cared about by some, but other people absolutely love good graphics and won't buy a bad-looking game. Mention how detail the graphics are, how good the overall look is and give your personal opinion on them too (which most of it should be anyway).

                  Next up - sound. The sound is a very important feature as you couldn't really play the game without it. With bad sound, it really lets the game down and makes it boring and dull. It can be hard to describe sound, so here are a few tips.

                  * What's the sound like with your sound setup?
                  * What music does the game have if any?
                  * Quality of music and sounds
                  * What sounds does the game have - are they realistic?

                  The thing I like to review next is the controls. They aren't such an important part of the game, but some games have terrible controls and must be reviewed. It is a good idea to review the controls if someone is seriously thinking of buying the game, because it is still an aspect of the game. Are the controls suitable for the controller and the game? Are buttons easy to reach in all situations and do the controls work well for you? Give a brief idea of the main controls, such as what buttons or triggers are used to give the reader a feel of the controls. Do not go into too much detail here, as it isn't needed and will lack of dense information that is useful.

                  Perhaps one of the most important features is the replay value. Although left till last, there is a valid reason for this. I feel it is best to give an overview of the game itself before saying how addicting it is and if the replay value is high. Just in case you aren't sure as it can be a bit confusing, the replay value is simply how high you value the game for replaying it. If you play the game everyday and are totally addicted, then it has a very high replay value. If you played it once and it sucked, it has a low replay value. Here is also the place to mention any addicting parts, why it is addicting and you can link this section to your other topics such as gameplay, graphics, sound and controls as these give it the good replay value (or bad one).

                  Also, don't forget the facts about the game! Sum up at the end with the price, and where you can buy it. Your conclusion should not mention anything new, and you should bang on the points you have already made to make your opinion clear. Keep the last few sentences simple and clear as to what your view is, and sum up each aspect such as gameplay, graphics etc.

                  So, you now have to write a perfect games review every time - no excuses! But seriously, they aren't hard to write if you have had lots of experience of a game. Make sure they are informative, well-written and clear. Headings help readers to read the review and locate to aspects such as the graphics if they wish to, which is useful. Hope this helped!

                  Thanks for reading,

                  - Recon -


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                    07.06.2006 12:43
                    Very helpful



                    A guide on how to write and inprove your games reviews.

                    I am writing the review as a guide to anyone who is planning on writing there first game review or for the ones who want to improve on what that have got. Though the guide I’m going to give you tips on how I layout my review and what to put into them, this will then give you new ways of improving and you may even think of some new ideas yourself.

                    ==TIPS & RULES 4 REVIEW==

                    The main tips to follow for any review:
                    1) Use Microsoft Word to write your reviews, as this is easier to use and also can be written offline.
                    2) Think about what you are going to say before writing about it.
                    3) Only write a few lines or paragraph at a time, then read what you have put for any errors, if it makes sense or change a word or line to improve the quality.
                    4) Make use of the spell & grammar check in word, I find it best to use it after each paragraph and then proof read it for anything it did not pick up.
                    5) Write about different sections and add some sub titles/headings, this will look much neater and make it so much better for the reader.
                    6) Think of a good title, try using the products name in it and make it funny or to the point. Having a great title may catch the reader and draw then into reading it.

                    ==PRODUCT INFO/DETAILS==
                    To start of I like to put in the products detail by which I mean the Developer, Publisher, players, Age and more. You can find most of the info on the back of the games case, look below for an example from the game Battlefield 2 =

                    Genre = First Person Shooter
                    Developer = DICE
                    Publisher = Electronic Arts
                    Players = 1 Player
                    Online = Yes, Up To 24 Players
                    Age = 12+
                    Memory Usage = 194KB Minimum
                    Released = November 2005

                    Adding this don’t take that long and is very helpful to those who is think of buying it.


                    This section I write about first I don’t always put in depending on the developer and if the games a sequel. The history can be a few lines on the company of what other games they have made, the many reason for this section is to write about the storyline so far though the previous games if it’s a sequel. This is not just for the reader so they can find out the story up to now and what they are about but it also helps the writer on the next section.


                    Here you write about the story of the game, like why there is a war and what are the characters up to and are trying to do or find out something. You can talk about the first quarter or half but don’t give away the ending or any important events in the game, as this will spoil anyone that will play it them selves. This can be another section you can need to miss if the games a football or other sports as there are usually no storyline, plus there’s other genre that sometimes don’t have any story like racing games and online based games.


                    The graphics a write about next I like to put in because you can compare to other games and what stands out as excellent and real. Write about what got your attention like explosions, beautifully views/areas and the characters detail. What cool effects have the game got like realistically reflections off the water or cars. The animation I sometimes mention too by which I mean the movement of the characters and animals. Remember to add anything negative like if the detail is plain or blocky as well as glitches like guns or character walking though walls or getting stuck for no reason.


                    Just like the graphics, if there were none then there be no game but without sound/music in the game it is very boring. So I think this is another good section to write about, say if the cars engine or gun firing feel really or not. The music in games is very important as it can change the mood from being scary, funny and exciting with this done right it can really improve the gameplay. Also say if there’s any real songs and if its suits the game. The 3rd thing I put in this section that I don’t mention in the sub title is the acting. If there’s any talking in the game they usually use unknown actors but if a games licenses or is done by a big company they get on board well known ones (sometimes using there own facial features. Say if they done a good job or not, for anyone that doesn’t know who the actors are, there maybe some unlock able making of videos and you can also find out in the back of the manual of the actors.

                    In the controls section I do not list all the buttons and what they do, but I do mention some of the buttons to show how the setup is like. Like in any of these areas if it’s not great it can make the game fail even if the gameplay, graphics and so on is excellent. So I say if its setup nicely and if it’s easy to get used to. I put in anything which is not right like if the weapon change is not quick enough and anything that could have been improved. Along with the controller setup I also write about any vehicles in the game about its handling, if it’s too light or stiff steering.

                    The gameplay is one of the most important sections to write about as its tells you what the game is like or what’s different comparing to other games of its type and any new original features bad or good.
                    Write about what you do in the levels, what’s the stealth like, is there shooting. Is the game mostly based on adventure and puzzles, if so give an example of the things you would do to finish that puzzle?
                    Is the game varied with good level design and does it have different action parts where you would drive a car.

                    If you are writing about a racing game, say about how you enter races, is it all from a menu screen or is it open city where you can driving around. Is the car damage realistically if the games got it and if so how just it affects the game. Does it change the cars performance and how the upgrades work is, do you unlock them as your progress or can you just buy them when you have the money.

                    Mention anything that you really loved about the game or what was bad and make you feel really bored with it. As this section can be quite long you may want to add more subtitles were you have a lot of info on different areas like weapons, bosses, upgrades and side missions.

                    This section is for two things the actual time it takes to complete the single player game and also everything else that include in the game that spreads the time you play on it. Say about if there’s any reason to play though the main game again like if there’s multiply paths though a level or extra characters to play as.

                    Mention the side missions as well as any mini games and collectables in the game. The many things that improve the reply valve are co-op, multiplayer and online.
                    Co-op is the main game but you play with another human in a team, in some games they cut the size of the levels down or have different missions, write about anything good bad or different in this mode.
                    Multiplayer is where you can have 1 or 2 players up 4 or more if it has a mulitap feature, here you can usually play along with the computer too and has many different modes. Mention them and what you do on them. Finally the online feature that some games have, write about what modes and what can you do with it. Some games feature chat rooms, forums, friends list, clans and much more.

                    All most to the end now
                    ==BUY OR NOT TO BUY==
                    This section I’ve have just lately added, which is just a quick short sentence if the game is worth buying or not. If it’s a very short game or nothing special they say its best to rent.

                    This final section I put in is to compare to other games and you can easily see what the best parts in the game is.

                    With the 5 main sections above that I have written about I give the game a score out of 10. See blow for example from the Battlefield 2 review.

                    Graphics - 8/10
                    Sound/Music - 9/10
                    Controls - 9/10
                    Gameplay - 9/10
                    Replay Value - 10/10

                    And for the final rating I add the total up and divide by 5.
                    FINAL RATING - 9.0/10

                    The very last thing that I put on each of my reviews is some prices, ether put a few websites and the price they sell it for or the average price you can buy from the shops and the internet.
                    Amazon.co.uk = £29.99 (e.g.)
                    Play.com = £14.99 (e.g.)

                    Maybe you would like to put in the price of what you paid, when and where from.

                    So that was my guide on how I write a games review. Hope it was not too long and that it will help you to write better reviews as well as give you, your own ideas.

                    Thanks for Reading.


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                      16.05.2006 12:36
                      Very helpful




                      I can’t help feeling that a review telling other people how to write is at best pompous and at worst darn right annoying. Nevertheless as the Dooyoo Guide for PC/Video Games I feel duty bound to share my wisdom in what I feel makes a good, informative and readable synopsis of a game. Plus with over 80% of my game reviews here on Dooyoo being awarded crowns I guess I am as qualified as anyone to throw my hat into the ring! Remember though this is MY PERSONAL OPINION, if you do not agree then fine, as long as you write to the best of your ability and with passion then it’s all good.


                      For me, a good game review is comprised of several short paragraphs detailing the various facets of the game in a friendly flowing manner without lapsing into jargon or cyber babble. This makes the review much more approachable to the reader – one long two thousand word clump of text will frighten off even the most ardent of readers! Personally I start a game review with a short introduction as to why I bought the game or a theory as to why the game is on the market. That way you have no more than a hundred words which setup the review nicely, there should be no talk of the finer parts of the games workings, just a gentle introduction to draw the reader in. Once the first paragraph is written you can concentrate on describing the game in detail.

                      About the Game

                      Try to resist writing another large lump of text covering all facets of the game. Instead break up the game into its constituent parts. If you are reviewing a racing game a good idea would be to post short, punchy paragraphs on the cars available, the tracks to be raced on and the rewards to be earned as you progress. This works on most styles of game; if you are reviewing a war or shoot-‘em-up you can set separate paragraphs for weapons, rewards, strategy or anything else you feel is fundamental to the game. In the case of Fifa Street I decided on five separate paragraphs covering Locations, Players, Creation, Matches and Skills.

                      The Location section is key to the Fifa Street series as the whole point of the game is the removal of stadiums in favour of urban locations, so in this short paragraph I have summed up this difference. In the next paragraph I set out to describe the players in as much detail as I could without going into overdrive. I also described how they could be purchased in certain game modes as well as the way in which their skill levels differ. I also touched on the ‘create a player’ mode although steered clear of including a detailed synopsis as I felt that area merited a paragraph on its own.

                      So, by separating the ‘Player’ and ‘Create a Player’ parts of the game I have given the reader the option to skip either or both paragraphs. If you have no interest in creating a player and just want to get on with the game then there is little to be gained by reading these paragraphs. For those who want to encompass all parts of the gaming experience these couple of hundred words cover the basics without going into technical overkill.

                      The sections I split the game into are rounded up with paragraphs on ‘Matches’ and ‘Tips & tricks’. Here we examine the game engine in a little more detail giving special attention to player movement and fancy footwork. Again I have not covered every move and every trick available – part of the fun of this game is finding some of these out for yourself. Also, if I were to list every move, player or location the review starts looking more like a user’s guide and less like an informal (and informative) review.

                      Graphics, Sound & Gameplay

                      Having written what I hope are six insightful and readable paragraphs on the game itself I feel it is time to look at the games finer workings. You could well have the makings of a great game in front of you but if the Sound, Graphics and Gameplay are below par you will soon get bored with it, no matter how great the game seems. If a game is let down on any of these three fronts then it is up to the review to say so. Often we get attached to a game and try to ignore its shortcomings, and while this is ok for your own use you are duty bound to make any flaws known if you are in the review writing business. Personally I get suspicious of reviews I read that are one constant gush-athon without any negativity – I don’t believe there is a game out yet that is perfect! So far as sound goes the reader doesn’t need a list of every song or sound in the game – just an overview flagging the finer points as well as the shortcomings. It doesn’t matter if the game features the entire back catalogue of the Rolling Stones if the sound of the ball being kicked resembles the sound of a wet cabbage being punched!

                      Other Useful Information

                      Anything that you feel doesn’t fit into the other categories can be written about here, and as we are talking about console games I personally feel a few sentences on age ratings and child suitability are vital. If the game contains blood, violence and bad language then for goodness sake say so! Also, if you feel an adult orientated game simply doesn’t deliver then write about this too. Pricing information, availability and online player options also sit nicely in this section.

                      Conclusion & Personal Opinion

                      The crux of the whole review for me – I can read about the games finer points on the box or manufacturer’s website, what I cannot read there is personal opinion. If you’ve informed us that ‘this game is great, you should buy it’ then tell us why! Convince us! Likewise if your review is negative then you need to convince us that the game really isn’t up to much. Let us know how you feel when you play it, which parts you like, which parts frustrate you, where you feel the game could be improved – really let spew your feelings, passions, worries and beliefs!

                      Following the guidelines above you may find yourself with a review a bit like this one for the PS2 version of Fifa Street: -

                      FOOTBALL – URBAN STYLE

                      I guess it was only a matter of time before a games producer took the football genre in another direction, there can only be so many times they can get away with changing a few kits, players and locations and re-releasing it as a new game. Thankfully EA Sports have added football to their successful Street series for a game with a difference, referees are out, there are no throw ins and skill is very much the order of the day – welcome to football, urban style.

                      Global Street Locations

                      Gone are the polished corporate stadiums of lesser games, in Fifa Street you play in the neighbourhood. From the picturesque riverbanks of Roma in Italy to the gritty shanty towns of Brazil through to a disused railway shed in London. In all there are ten locations scattered throughout the world with all but three needing to be unlocked before they can be played on. The attention to detail is astounding with the statue de Christo Redentor overlooking the Rio de Janeiro pitch and the urban graffiti in plentiful supply in the old Manhattan basketball court subpoenaed for footballing purposes.

                      The Worlds Best Players

                      Depending on what sort of game you choose to play you can either create your own player or choose from the very best the world has to offer. If you decide to play an International game you can choose from 16 players from each of the 15 featured nations. The superstars are all listed with Beckham, Ronaldo, Raul, Henry et al all looking like their real life selves. Players have skill levels attached to them again depending on their reputations in the real world and these can be both increased or decreased after a good or bad game. If you are playing in the “rule the streets” mode there is the option to buy players from all over the globe, this depends on reputation and skill points earned in matches with only the less well known players available at the start.

                      Creating a Player

                      This is a fun little aside to the main game which allows you to create a player from scratch. With a few button presses and the occasional stick wiggle you can choose between a sculpted six-pack and a belly to make a pregnant woman jealous. Eyes, ears, nose and mouth can be as big or small as you like and positioned in all manner of freaky ways. One of the funniest bits is choosing a hairstyle with the many Beckham cuts joined by old classics like the mullet and the pudding bowl, you can also choose hats if you find your chosen hairstyle just a little too scary. Other clothing accessories include glasses and gloves not to mention a plethora of branded boots, shirts and shorts. And finally the must have for any self respecting overpaid footballer – the tattoo. You can cover your players’ arms and torso with all manner of interesting or just bizarre offerings, from a scorpion on the chest to a cross like thingy on the back, a nice nod to real players and their body decorations by the creators of the game.


                      Games can be preset to last anything from 6 to 12 minutes or to finish when a certain number of goals are reached. Referees, throw ins and stoppages are all banished in favour of bare bones football at its rawest as four-a-side teams get down and dirty. Balls can be bounced off the walls or fences while simply passing the ball and shooting is shunned in favour of all manner of trickery and high jinx. Fouling is allowed with the tackle from behind not only allowed but actively encouraged and making a fool of your opponent with a nutmeg or skinning is rewarded with points. In the “rule the street” mode a global map is shown with locations unlocked if you progress in a winning way.

                      Tricks & Flicks

                      Performing tricks and skills is what sets Fifa Street apart from traditional football games, with more buttons on the PS2 controller given over to fancy moves than actually just kicking the ball. Using the right side control stick and various button combinations reveals a multitude of tricks which when used together amass trick points to push a combo meter into the red. When this happens you are able to employ the “Gamebreaker” feature which is a full force slow motion shot that would break the net if there were any. For those who struggle with too many buttons to press a simple tap of the triangle button performs a random trick worthy of a Brazilian striker.


                      In keeping with the whole Urban/raw feel the soundtrack is hip hop and trance based with a little world music thrown in for good measure. The likes of Fatboy Slim, Dizzy Rascal and SL2 are all featured to provide a thumping beat and catchy loop to play football to. And then there’s the in game commentary, provided for some unknown reason by So Solid Crew member Harvey. Although his faux Jamaican rude boy comments are amusing the first couple of times you hear them it quickly becomes boring, safe to say he is no John Motson. Thankfully you can switch him off! The football sounds themselves are good if unremarkable, the realistic twang as your players bounce the ball off the perimeter fence and the thwack as the ball hits a makeshift crossbar remind you that this is a football game at heart.


                      The graphics are good in Fifa Street which is a boon; the locations look very much of the area they are in and the players are easily recognisable. Numerous clothing items can be bought to make your team look better and they scroll well in the heat of a game. There are however not too many facial expressions to be found, you’d expect a player who had just nutmeged two players and then scored from twenty yards with a back-heel to display some sort of emotion but alas the players always look like their favourite Gran has just passed away. Other than that the graphics are as polished as any other football game with shading and colour used to good effect.


                      Once you get over the fact that this is not your usual football game there is a lot of fun to be had. Controls are awkward at first but get easier over time but they always seem a little on the sluggish side, once mastered though the ball does pretty much all you ask it to. The “rule the streets” option adds a little structure to the whole game while the one off internationals are better for practice or quick matches. All game data can be saved and the game is multiplayer compatible using a multi-tap add-on. A huge disappointment though is that Fifa Street is not playable online, with the area of online gaming growing fast this has to be seen as a missed opportunity by the makers and a limit to the games appeal for online gaming junkies.


                      Of course it depends on what team you choose to be and their skill points, but generally the players perform as they would skill wise in the real world. In my International games playing as England I have managed to soundly beat South Korea and Denmark while getting thrashed by the likes of Italy and Brazil. Once you master the controls and learn how to put a sequence of tricks and passes together the game becomes easier, which in turn leads to winning games, gaining skill and reputation points and unlocking better players, sportswear and locations. Goalkeepers are not invincible which means score lines approaching double figures, but better that way than not being able to breach the opponents goal at all.

                      Is it child friendly?

                      Absolutely, indeed the most offensive thing I’ve witnessed while playing Fifa Street is the hairstyles in “create a player” mode. The people at esrb.org have certified it as suitable for everyone with no swearing, violence or sexual content present – a good child friendly game then.


                      There’s little doubt that Fifa Street is a great game, it’s just not quite a brilliant game. If you are happier playing your football in an alley than a proper pitch then the game will suite well. The instruction manual is largely superfluous as you learn the controls on the job and the numerous skills are fun once you master them. But for the doughy controls, the irritating commentary and lack of online play this would be a five star game, as it is I still recommend it with four stars. And I guess that if this game was perfect in every way they would not be able to try and improve it in 18 months time with Fifa Street 2 and the sack load of money that comes with producing a follow up, maybe I’m being a little cynical but I doubt it, we all know how these companies work!


                      So, I hope this has been useful, if even one part of the review has helped then that can only be to the benefit of Dooyoo and its readers. I’ll end with a few do’s and don’ts which I hope will come in useful.

                      DO write with passion; enthusiasm is contagious.
                      DON’T describe every level of the game in detail – User guides do not a good review make!
                      DO write informative punchy paragraphs.
                      DON’T post one huge lump of text, it will scare off readers!
                      DO add plenty of personal opinion – we can get the rest from the manufacturer’s website!
                      DON’T use words like brilliant or awesome unless you can back them up.
                      DO think up an eye catching title.
                      DON’T be tempted to copy work from elsewhere.
                      DO enjoy writing the review!
                      DON’T swear or insult in the review – a negative review can be written quite adequately without calling the programmer a ‘son of a goat’


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                        18.07.2004 18:22
                        Very helpful



                        Computer Review: Dooyoo? well? get ready to be told a million different things from a million different angles about what is useful in a review but I am about to give you my advice. Reviews need to tell the reader if they are going to like the product or not so I find personnel experience is very useful some people prefer to just stick to the facts and some like this fair enough but most of that information you can get from their web-site so this is how I approach a review. Remember ?natural progression? we all had to work on doing a good review and things will come more naturally to you as you write more and more. (I will be putting an example of a brief Final Fantasy X, remember the amount I write is not enough to make a good review you really have to expand) What made you first buy this product? Give the reader some insight into what influenced you to purchase this product; it can be anything from a friend told you about it, its reputation, you were bored. After a general start it is time to make it more product specific and I am talking about computer game reviews today. Dialogue: This is like a mini-dictionary of things you will be referring to in the review that the reader may not know what it is. This can prove very long in high-fiction games. Final Fantasy X has a game called Blitz Ball, this basically involves players playing a form of football with violence, and they are allowed to throw the ball and kick the ball. First Impressions? All games should come in a box what does this box look like; what expectations did this give you of the game. Final Fantasy X sticks to the old style of having a rather plain front cover with some writing stating the name of the game and a fancy pattern at the end. Final Fantasy series has had this for a very long
                        time and it could be proving tedious to many but not to me I like the look has it sticks out in the shops. The pattern they have in my opinion is? Now you have to decide what is important about a game normally it is: Characters: Who is involved in the game, a little about them but not too much you give away the game. Enough information about a character is normally what you find out in the first 20 minutes of knowing the character anything further in the game will normally give away the story. A little bit on the look and believability of the character is usually a good follow up. Final Fantasy X has a main character called Tidus at first he just appears to be a really weak bloke to me and I did not understand how was so good at fighting, but as the story unfolded it gave me the chance to learn a lot more about Tidus and in the end he grew on me and he ended up being my favourite character. Tidus was a blitz ball character that got caught up in? Graphics: A big part in every game, for a new game how revolutionary is the graphics? How important are the graphics in a game because the graphics aren?t that good in ?Tetris? but everyone would agree it?s a classic (if they don?t its normally because they weren?t good at it). For older game put it in contrast with today?s graphics but also go into the age of the game and what it was like back in its prime. Final Fantasy X has really clear and high spec full motion sequences that you can see every detail on every character, but when these fade away and you are in the game it can prove to have a lot of glitches with white edges appearing between textures. The enemies are really? Sound Track: Good score of songs can make or break a game it sets modes and builds suspense. Sometimes I admit you do not even notice a sound track is there if not then just mentioned ho
                        w well or bad it settled in to the background, or maybe it was so loud that it over powered the game and ruined it for you. Also comment upon the sounds in the game, are they unrealistic or do they compliment the game extremely well. Final Fantasy X has a mood-based soundtrack with exciting moments getting the full drum and bass while calmer moments get the full string section. I like this style it really gets you pumping when a big boss appears and in kicks the heavy beat makes you want to kick this boss back to the Stone Age. Calmer moments are? Life span: How long do you play the game, but you have to follow up these kind of facts with opinion is it too long so that it grows tedious, or is it too short that you don?t really get a chance to get into the game. Final Fantasy X lasts forever the life span is amazing as there is so much to do in the game and the final boss has you going around improving your strengths because he is really hard and long to beat. But the big question that comes up is does it get boring? Price: For the amount you paid for the game was it worth it? Some older games may not live up to modern expectations but can prove enjoyable and because of the lower price prove to be a forgotten gem. Final Fantasy X costs now a whole £20 but can you pick it up off Amazon for about £9.99 if you don?t mind someone else playing it before you. This is extremely cheap for the amount of playing that you will get out of it? Controls: Normally telling them the button layout and following this up with personnel opinion of how good the controls are, the ease of using them works well. Are the important buttons to close or to far apart, it may take a master to work them, or it could be picked up easily be anyone for instant enjoyment. Final Fantasy X lays out in the usual RPG P
                        laystation format with the main selection button being the cross and all the other buttons revolving around this. Being an RPG not many other buttons apart from the cross come in to play. In Battles? Depth of Game: Many games have different levels you can scrape the surface but to get in further you need practiced skills at the game to improve you speed and reactions to situations. A good game will progress in difficulty and present a continual challenge, how well has your game done this? Does it throw you into instant difficulty or does it all prove just a bit too easy. Final Fantasy X takes you really into deep, but all the basic skills you need you need from start to finish nothing much to learn, except with new weapons. Some weapons have certain strengths against certain enemies so learning what element is good against what is the further skills you need. Also as battling skills you need? Plot: Story based games this applies to. Give a little about the storyline just the general outlay not too much to give away the game normally what you know in the first 30 minutes of the game will give the reader a good idea about the game, also what?s on the back of the case is an alright amount sometimes. How does the story progress does it keep you continually guessing like a good film or is it all a bit too obvious. Final Fantasy X lasts for a long time and the whole time different parts of the story are unfolding, this keeps a continual interest to learn more and more going. The story starts of in a big city when a large floating monster comes and attacks then Tidus our main hero meets Auron and from there on in things go from weird to? Menus: A game has to be nice and not stressful to navigate, so give your opinion on the layout of the game, how easy is it to use an item or select a map? Final Fantas
                        y X has menu-based system, you have to go through menus to select things rather then having a little screen in the main one where you can toggle between things. The menus are easy enough to use as you just click in go up and down and select the category you want then go in. Finding what you want on the other hand is? Atmosphere: Certain games build an atmosphere in the room this will be a mix of the story, graphics and sounds that will pull you into a game. A great atmosphere will cause you to time warp, you will pick it up play for a long time and not even realise how much time has just gone past. Final Fantasy X has moments of sheer passion and this is thanks to the atmosphere you really feel the character emotions, and this is thanks mainly to the sound of the voices that they have given the characters. Can tell they have put a lot of effort into? Loneliness: Talk about a games multiplayer options, the main things I find about multiplayer is how fun is it to play, can you really have a laugh with your mates on this game? Some multiplayer games are far to easy for a skilled player to dominate, but do you enjoy this does this make it competitive. Could come down to luck far too often. Final Fantasy X offers no multiplayer options and as for taking turns do not even think about it this game is such a boring game to watch. But what is fun is when you buy it with a friend and you are racing each other to the end to complete it because the game is set out in a way it is not easy to compare who is winning one may be further into the story but the other could be? Specific: Some games have things that are only specific to them talk about these how much they set it apart from the others on the market. Final Fantasy X has side games that you can play after completing the game this includes?. Overall: Give a qu
                        ick general look of your views, stating what you most enjoyed and what you would recommend or criticize this to a friend. Final Fantasy X is my mind is the second best Final Fantasy to date, even though the seventh had worse graphics it had about the game playtime and story line I really enjoyed. But Final Fantasy X has a lot going for it and I really enjoyed? That will be your game review over just remember to: Read it over, because no-one likes a review written in haste like this one that they can?t really understand. Make sure you really know the product you are writing about, as you can be a lot more helpful to a reader if they are reading the truth. If you do not know what is useful yet read other peoples reviews, I wont get into new comers, if you want general advice new comers search ?Guide to New Users? in the search box found in the top left. Have a nice day © David Clark (DavidJamesClark@hotmail.com)


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                          25.05.2002 01:34



                          Anyone on the site who has played computer games will have at least wrote a games review. However if you have played a great game and want to do an in depth review of it and share your views with other people and get a nice shiny crown for it then you will need to learn how to write the perfect review. Here are a few simple tips to start with: 1. Make sure its set out nicely, okay dooyoo don't give you allot to think about when it comes to presentation but you can always add double spaces or make use of some icons to make titles such as: *****TITLE***** These help the reader immensely. 2. Always spell check, there?s nothing worse than reading an opinion with bad spelling (okay ive forgotten to sometimes so don't eat me) Or receive a comment saying sorry for the bad rating but I didn?t know what you where talking about. 3. Always make sure you state clearly what you are talking about, ive read a couple of reviews and I didn?t even know what the person was even talking about. *****WRITING A GOOD GAMES REVIEW***** Firstly you always want to say what the game is and exactly what kind of game it is, action, adventure etc etc etc. Then you want to give some sort of decent plot summary, including characters etc. make sure its more than one line and include everything, if there?s twists leave them out because it spoils the plot of the game. The cover as much as possible about the game play of the game, what the levels are like, the weapons, the cars, the circuits or whatever, people always want to know how it plays, this should be very detailed indeed, think of a magazine review they normal have this section in a couple of pages. Then comment on the sound and graphics of the game, this is important, if you don't know very much you can easily some it up in a few words like, 'the sound is crisp, the pictures are full of detail' or something like that, that gives the r
                          eader an idea of what it looks and sound like. Also if there is a multiplier part of the game comment on that, state where you play it LAN or Net, if its fun, is it worth buying the game just for multiplayer, comment on the maps. Then finally write what you think of the game, come up with some personal experiences how often you play it and why. People will be tempted to buy it if you say what you think of it and not just give a plot summary. That?s basically it isn't too hard to write a great op. and when you get into the habit of it you will have your cash filling up quick. And if your after a crown be in mind when to submit it, its annoying if your new op, stays on the front page for only a few seconds. And lastly just remember one vital thing, that is to cover everything don?t leave any stone not turned over, this may be tedious and take along time but its worth it. Check out my Jedi Outcast review for my best game review.


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                            14.05.2002 15:03
                            Very helpful



                            OK, so this probably isn't the 'How To...' section people who read my submissions regularly(yes, there are some honestly!) would be expecting to find me writing in but when the mood takes me I find it best to just run with it so this is what you've got! Games are a passion of mine which runs secondary to movies, but I find they tend to consume weeks of my life instead of hours so try to limit my involvement with them to the bare minimum. That doesn't stop me reading reviews and lusting after them though and what follows is the kind of thing I personally like to see when I do come to read one. Let me make it clear that this is most certainly not a "THOU SHALT..." but more of a "IT WOULD BE NICE IF..." guide to writing game reviews, despite the word 'should' and suchlike appearing throughout. Personally I like to see all the different styles of writing on Dooyoo and hopefully these types of categories here won't be leading to a batch of carbon copy reviews all following the same useful but ultimately dull format. Write how you want to write but if you could include at least a few of the points which follow then I for one will be happy. :o) ~Structure~ The structure of a game opinion is entirely up to you, the writer and, like I said, the last thing this site needs is a bunch of carbon copy structured reviews from its users. However, I feel one of the clearest way to write a game opinion is to separate the various elements up into sections. For example, if you play games then you'll have no doubt have looked at a review on a website or in a magazine before at least once in your lifetime. You'll have also no doubt have noticed that they tend to separate certain areas out for special attention - graphics and sound would be two of those areas for example. If you do this yourself in your reviews will be much clearer than if you try to write in what I call 'essay format'. Of cours
                            e, if you have the ability to do so well, then all power to you, but my experience is that many game reviews suffer from a lack of clarity when they are in essay format. Personally I also tend to find that if I split the review into sections I spend more time considering what should be included therein and therefore I include more information. Ultimately, the structure is a matter of personal taste and some people do not like subheadings as they feel it gives the opinion a somewhat 'stop-start' feeling with little real flow to it. Usually I would agree with this but games reviews are an area in which I feel sub-headings are particularly useful. Either way, there are certain areas which I feel all good game reviews should include: ~Introduction~ All reviews should have an introduction in my opinion, but if possible not a pointless ramble(frequently guilty myself of this), but perhaps something of the history of the game or relevant personal information to let the reader identify with the reviewer. Introductions are just that, introduce yourself, the game and anything else relevant but don't get bogged down here with irrelevancies for the sake of padding - it gets boring! ~What's it all about Alfie?~ Its amazing how many reviews I've read which say nothing at all about what the game is actually about. Remember that the idea here is to write something which is useful to consumers in the process of making a buying decision. If they don't even know what the product is about then its not particularly useful! Now admittedly many reading may be looking for a 'real person' review of a game they have heard reviewed by the professionals and will already have a fair idea what the product is all about, but consider that there are those who do not. With Dooyoo now being 'Googled' there are quite a large number of hits coming in from search engines and yours may well be the very first review some
                            one comes across. It is important to consider that there are different types of games when you think about the plot behind it all. In a shoot-em-up, its probably not that important, complex though some of the manual may make it sound, but in something like an adventure game, the story is everything! Remember that a decent story can make or break an adventure game and remember too that, just like with movies, if you give away too many of the twists or the plot then you ruin the game for the potential buyer. Don't do it. Give a cursory run through of what its all about and if the story isn't up to much, or if its a world beater, then say so. ~Everything's Under Control~ This is another area which I feel is often ignored by reviewers. The control system of a game can often be a make or break point. If its fiddly and awkward then say so because I would want to know before I shelled out cold hard cash on it and found it a great way to develop RSI! If you need a week to learn all the 500+ keyboard commands or button combinations then I'd like to know. If its best played with a joystick, joypad, driving wheel, support extras like rumblepacks then say so as well. ~What A Picture!~ Nothing to do with Tommy Steele, but instead the graphics. One of the biggest selling points for games in recent times has been the way they look. Sad when you think about the old days but there you go - people want to know these days, its important to them how the game looks, so tell them! Here it is useful to tell people about the quality of the graphics and if you can compare them with other similar games then all the better. Equally, if you can talk about frame-rates and whether there is any slow down when the screen gets too busy then all the better, remembering of course that even if you are a rocket scientist, most of your readers will not be! Its useful too, if you can mention if you are using any 3D graphic accelerator
                            s and suchlike and if so, how the game looks in the lower resolutions for those of us without such luxuries. Not only the in-game graphics are important, but the cut-scenes and FMV(Full Motion Video) sequences should be discussed as well if applicable. ~Turn That Noise Down!~ Sounds effects too are an area which can really make or break a game. Would Quake have been quite so satisfying if the railgun hadn't sounded so impressive? Would the hairs on the back of your neck have arisen quite so readily those first few games if the ambient sounds weren't so creepy? No, of course not and its an idea to mention them. Talk about the ambient sounds, the music(and whether it can be turned off if its too annoying), action sounds etc. here. If the game uses voice-over actors, then its nice to know whether the acting quality of these is up to much, or whether its the kind of Dark Earth style cheesiness which has you turning the sound off and reading just the text! If some famous names make the cast list for these voice-overs then let us know as well - there was nothing more satisfying than having Gillian Anderson purring in my ear throughout my Hellbender experience I can tell you..... ;o) ~Gameplay & Longevity~ These are both two very important points, because in my view any game lives and falls by these. I like to know if its fun to play and why. Are there any little niggles which may turn me off playing or stunt my enjoyment and if so what and are they biggies or just minor annoyances? Are there any programming glitches - like the one which stopped me reaching the end of Eye Of The Beholder many moons ago - grrr! Most importantly, am I still going to be playing this game in a week, a month, a year, or does it have a short shelf life despite being otherwise brilliant? I suppose in with gameplay would come whether there are any multiplayer options either through a single computer, LAN connection or interne
                            t play. If it offers multiplayer, or would have benefited from doing so, then say so. ~System Requirements~ Often ignored but very important is the kind of information which says whether a person can even play the game in the first place. Its good to include the manufacturer's minimum and recommended system requirements to save a reader the time and perhaps expense of finding out for themselves the hard way. If you can talk about the performance of the game on your own system/what your specifications are, then all the better. We all know that the 'minimum' system requirements stated are often at best 'optimistic' (i.e. utter tosh!) by these guys and some games play horribly at those levels. If you can talk about this then great! ~Bits and Pieces~ ...and anything else relevant to the game under review! Does it come on 30 CD-ROMs and require constant flicking between them? Does the manual stink or rival War & Peace for thickness? What age group would it appeal to and is there an age restriction? What is the recommended price and do you know a place to get it cheaper? Anything relevant, but not things like you got it second hand and there was a coffee stain on the box... ~Conclusion~ I can't write conclusions, I just tend to reiterate everything which came before in less words. I suppose you put things in here like was it worth the money, would you buy it again if you had the chance and generally say "yeah go buy" it or "nahh give it a miss"! ~General Points~ Finally, some general writing guidelines briefly before I quit boring you ;o) Try to write your reviews in Word or some other program with a spelling checker - hey, even Outlook has one, just don't go emailing auntie Flo your graphic review of chocolate body paints by accident. A well laid out, correctly spelt review is far better received than one which isn't. Proof read it as
                            well, before you click to submit because spell checkers are notorious for leaving the funniest of typos. Try to avoid overkill and unnecessary waffle. No one wants to know the colour of the CD-ROM or that the box is "a kind of rectangular shape with a picture of a Xenon Mk2 laser sighted sniping rifle on it with a price label in the top right hand corner about 3mm from the top edge and 2mm from the right"...there is such a thing as too much detail you know! If you just purchased the product 20 minutes ago don't review it straight away - give it time and then write a more informed review at a later date, even if its a couple of days later, you may find your opinion has changed drastically. How can you tell us if a game is too easy or will have lasting appeal if you've not given it a chance to prove it? ............................................. Well there you go, that's what I would say makes a decent game review, probably more than enough to get you VU ratings anyway if you include some of those points if not one of those elusive gold shiny thingumies. Just don't lose the unique input which make the review unmistakably 'you', Dooyoo would be such a boring place if we all did things the same around here!


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                              14.05.2002 02:41



                              How to write a good games review,first of check you are on the write title because you could be on the wrong review,example,you could of clicked on Tekken 2 and wrote about Tekken 3,you don't want this because it will get locked. Now you are on the right games review,you think,How shell I start?Well you could say about How you heared about this game,friend,experiance or more. Why don't you compare this game to it previous game or another title, say the good points and bads points and say who you think has won. Does this game suit the games console?Yes or No? well some games are on the wrong console,Like Final Fantasy 9 is coming on PC I heared,it wont suit the PC i think,only the Playstations. Write about the gameplay,is it suitable,don't you feel comfortable? The graphics,these are important write if they are good or bad,if you don't people wont like your review. The features will be good to menchion,the more you write about the better the rating. I think you should write a bit about the history,and the main aim of the game,how you got hear. I am not the best reviewer,not by a long shot,but maybe this could make you a good reviewer.


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                                29.04.2002 17:41
                                Very helpful



                                I know some people aren't going to like my title but I'm confident this will help some of you out. * Where to start * I always write my opinions on a game I have played enough to really speak about. It's not worth writing about a game if you haven't played it to death. For starters the game may pick up towards the end and how can you really comment on the longevity otherwise. Normally I separate my game opinions into various sections splitting them clearly. If you read some of my gaming opinions you will see I normally have an introduction explaining something about the games main idea and storyline. Obviously any other information concerning history of the developers or anything that wont fit anywhere else could easily be put in here. * Gameplay * Next up it's best to write about the games mechanics and how it plays. Try to comment on the control set up and how it feels. The difficulty of actually playing it and controlling it, something people will find useful. Also comment on anything about the games structure and explain any standout bits or set pieces that make it unique or add to the overall feel of the game. Remember to try and explain the different game modes and how they work. One of the things that can vary largely amongst games even of the same type is the camera movement and control so let us know if it's any good. * Graphics * Eye candy or graphics are easy to comment on but try to expand and mention any nice effects or animations that impress you. It's also a good section for commenting on the gaming environments and even the menu layout. If you can compare it to something similar then this is a good indication on how they look. Another thing that is sometimes worth mentioning is the frame rate of the game and whether it slows down at all. * Sound * Sound is becoming very important now that games are advancing and using special features. If yo
                                u like the soundtrack or if the music has any real significance on the actual game then elaborate. For example if you need to be stealthy so bad guys don't here you and that sort of thing. * Conclusion * When rounding my game opinions off I try to mention the age or sort of person the game is aimed at and who would enjoy it most. Also I think that multiplayer options are very important in nearly all games I buy. If you can then it's worth writing a whole section about this aspect or just include it in the gameplay section. Most people are going to be interested in knowing how long the games going to last and whether it's a decent challenge or not. This in turn leads you onto the games value for money. If you are particularly fond of a certain genre maybe you are being slightly over enthusiastic about the game and could point this out. Remember these pointers: Comment on all the above sections if possible and you will write a lengthy and very useful opinion. Always balance your opinion, normally you can find something that you don't like about the game or think could be improved in a sequel. Mention it in the relevant section though. You should try to proof read and use proper grammar but I want to stay focused on the games for this op really so you can find general tips elsewhere in some very useful opinions. Make sure you know the game well otherwise you will forget to include important things or write something that could be untrue. When you make comments try to remember different people have different tastes so not all people are going to like the same games. By the end of the opinion it should all end in a logical conclusion that is supported by what you have already said. * The end * Hopefully following my format you will end up having a very useful opinion like many of my current gaming ones. You don't have to comment on everything but the ma
                                in sections are important. Whenever I write a game opinion I try to follow this layout and also make it look attractive. Another tip, if you write in word first copy and paste it into notepad then copy and paste it from there onto dooyoo. This will eliminate any of those annoying ? you get sometimes.


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