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How To Write A Good House & Garden Review

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Other users explain what they think constitutes a good dooyoo house & garden review.

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    2 Reviews
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      21.12.2011 10:37



      "I just wanted to express how impressed we have been with our summerhouse Carsare 3.5 x 3.5 purchase from Dunsters. I have to commend them on their sales video on the internet which was very well presented. Having looked at summerhouses locally we took a real gamble by purely making our decision to purchase from Dunsters just by watching their sales video and being impressed with all the pointed out quality issues and the fact they use spruce wood which is clearly better than pine. We never actually saw one of their summerhouses before purchasing and have to say how delighted we are with it! Their installers were very hard working and professional and also have to commend their customer services on their prompt responses! Well done Dunsters! We will certainly enjoy our summerhouse over the coming years."


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      19.10.2007 16:50
      Very helpful



      Some insights into a doing a better review in the House & Garden Dooyoo category

      Stuck for ideas about how to write a review for House and Garden? Well the category here on Dooyoo covers many different channels which fit into the subject field which the House and Garden category covers. Ages before I was ever interested in writing reviews about House and Garden on Dooyoo, I never realised that the amount of reviews I did which covered air fans, garden implements and such like would ever come under House & Garden, so it goes to show that there are quite a few categories which are available in this sector.

      Typically this is a long review but I shall try and say what I want to say briefly!

      There isn’t a need for me to further pad this review and mention virtually all the categories under House & Garden. Generally you will find all the House & Garden channels on Dooyoo (or if you can’t be bothered to search, here it is: http://members. dooyoo.co.uk/house-garden/)

      However! Surprisingly I find that there are only a few categories which Dooyoo members have bothered to submit reviews about in House and Garden; especially the cleaning and air freshener categories – me included. But there are oodles of other products such as pressure washers (are we all lazy and take the car to the car wash instead?), kitchen gadgets, Gardening tools and lots more!

      I’m aware for example that so many home owners in the South of England have ceiling fans but you’d never know it from the lack of reviews on here. Maybe that’s a bit mundane for you, but as I’ve always said before review centres and sites like Dooyoo came along, the only other way of reading about a product through its testing has been Which? Consumer magazine and other affiliations such as Good Housekeeping Institute, or GHI as it is more commonly known. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m suggesting that everyone should start write ceiling fan reviews, but it is well worth looking around the House & Garden category on Dooyoo to see the products and services listed. If it’s not there, click on my name, send me a message; Dooyoo didn’t appoint me as guide for nowt, you know!

      ** How Not to Write A House & Garden Dooyoo Review **

      One of the many tasks I endeavour to take when reading any review is to make sure that the member concerned has actually written a review rather than share a bad experience with no outside view of what the company, service or product in question represents; what they sell, how they sell it, what features and specifications they carry. Of course House & Garden is no stranger to companies such as Kitchen installation companies who don’t carry out promises; Double glazing companies who never make the grade and so forth, but its annoying when all that I see when I’m reading is a rant and flap all about the company concerned.

      The fact is this; with the only hope that by joining Dooyoo, your argument or experience suddenly pops up in a search engine result, thus informing future consumers of your experience and also a slight hope that the head office of the company you’ve moaned about notices, Dooyoo will not automatically put your review into a search engine result? Why? Because of the reviews which are put into search engines, they are usually well written, well informed and have a balance between the services provided for everyone AND the experience of the reviewer.

      More often than not the general public are joining sites such as Dooyoo or Ciao to moan about a service and then leave the site. Well that isn't helpful to anyone, really; one person's view on a company/product/service is different to another and that's why it is important to get YOUR views across.

      Another problem is letters which are originally for managers or chief of staff concerned who run the company, service or product of which you the consumer feel cheated by; they sometimes get posted as a “review” but whilst there’s no bother to anyone else reading the letter or rating your review, you need to be careful not to mention actual names, otherwise the content you print can be used in court proceedings.

      Another problem review area is sellers. Oh I’ve read a few reviews in other categories from members who are only joining to advertise their sites elsewhere online and unfortunately that’s against Dooyoo policy as well as copying reviews and information from other sites and posting it as your own content. One of the issues I try to avoid is using company speak information, so for example if I am reviewing a well known cleaning product designed to wash floors without anything other than water, I won’t add the company speak/website information into my review unless it is really important to show something different from what the company suggest. There’s no use in suggesting a product is just “great,” from its wealth of official data that’s gone on behind it – back it up or push it down if it hasn’t rung similar bells of good achievement in your own experience.

      Be honest with your approach; no one is going to love you any less for buying a Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) product only to find that it doesn’t work and suddenly you’ve got egg on your face; if it doesn’t work, STATE IT.

      As for presentation, well...

      You don't need lots of chunks of space...

      To make it look really big and clear...

      But you can instead apply sub headings if you wish and add in graphics on your PC if they do show here on Dooyoo. More importantly, good spacing, attention to the product name and type is preferred. There's no point going on about a Brillo pad when you really mean a Spongtex metal scourer!

      ** How to Write A Good House and Garden Dooyoo Review **

      Well of course apart from not doing the above, here are few other tips:

      It is easy for anyone to look up the old archive of House and Garden reviews or simply the latest crowned reviews by going to Dooyoo’s community page link (and if you think I’m telling you where that is, get off yer lazy horse and do it yourself!) and try and pen a similar article which has been crowned. But it’s not that easy:

      Instead of copying the entire contents and ingredients list from the back of cleaning agent bottles and such like, only mention the most important irritants which you feel necessary to point out. If it contains bleach, then state it; if it is flammable then state it; if it is toxic, then state it. After all not everyone gets irritants after mentioning the entire list of contents which a product may well carry. Often many company websites state what their products carry, so by all means add in the link to your review of the website or link to the contents as extra padding to a review consisting of entire contents doesn’t really help anyone. Also the excuse “oh well its easier to read on here,” doesn’t sit well with me I’m afraid on the viewable account that on Dooyoo, the typeset for all reviews is usually smaller than the contents list found on the back of most bottles/products…

      Also if reviewing a garden machine, then state what it has done for you; there’s no point in copying out screeds from the user manual, that’s not helpful for anyone. By all means if you’re going to put info from the user manual do it in a beneficial way.

      ** Researching your House and Garden review category **

      Sometimes even I get it wrong with products, and more often than not one of the irksome qualities of many Household products is that not one product or service is the same from the other. In this respect it is very important that whatever you choose to review, you review the correct product in the correct category. If say, you are reviewing a product such as a particular type of table lamp, stick to the company brand rather than just posting about a light you’ve bought which has a “similar” look. In my experience, more often than not although some reviewers on here down rate what is essentially the wrong product review when a similar product category has been approached, it is down to the fact that it is the wrong product review and not anything to do with the quality of work – so to avoid any Not Useful ratings, stick to the product which has been displayed here on Dooyoo before you go and submit your own review on it. If the category doesn’t exist, then suggest it and if you don’t know how to suggest it, then do the following (this is my way, anyway).

      ** Nar’s Product Proposal Guide **

      1) Open up two windows on your PC/Mac. You won’t need a cup of tea or biscuit, although chewing gum can help your concentration apparently!

      2) Go to Google (or if you know the website then type it into your location address bar) and type in the product you want to write a review about. Make sure you find a website which shows both the picture and some relevant information about it; no use in trying to suggest an old lawnmower that no one else can buy for example (yes I have tried that!). It has to be on sale currently. So you’ve got your product, but get the official name of it and copy this/right click to save to PC/Mac memory. Keep the window open which shows the official company who produce the product/service you are about to review.

      3) Next go to “My Suggestions” on the left hand side of your main review index page on Dooyoo. Two sub categories will pop up “Track My Suggestions,” and “Make a Suggestion.” If you can’t be bothered with that, then simply go to the first choice, because when you get there you’ll still be offered the proposal boxes of which you’ll have to enter the product name. PASTE whatever name/service/etc into the product name box, scroll down to House and Garden categories, highlight the category you best think the product will go into.

      4) Then back to the other window which shows the company name and product page/service which appears copy and paste the location address bar into both the boxes – it is handy to choose a page which shows both the product and the company website address at the same time. Once you’ve pasted into both boxes, then hit submit. The page will then refresh showing the list of products or services you have suggested, and to make sure scroll down to the bottom of the suggestion page to make sure Dooyoo have saved the details and that the proposal has been processed. Sometimes if there’s an error it will show in red writing as to why the product hasn’t been sent. So this is the only way of knowing before the product proposal has been confirmed.

      5) EXTRA NOTE: If a picture of the product/service appears elsewhere on the site, then copy and paste that address into the image bar. More often than not you can get clearer pictures online which may show your chosen product/service more clearly.

      ** Conclusion **

      Dooyoo’s House & Garden category is a small but steadily growing sector which needs very little explaining although it’s the nitty gritty details which need to be addressed particularly in the planning and research of each review a member writes. But then again that’s the kind of process which is applied to any category let alone House and Garden. Importantly though, it can be a lot of fun, particularly if that product or service has honoured a positive experience or bad – let people know about it! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2007



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