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IMVU is a cool new way to hang out and have fun with your friends online! Just like an old-school text-based messenger, you download IMVU's software onto your PC. But with IMVU you create your own avatars who chat in killer 3D scenes. Check it out and experience 3D chat for yourself!

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    7 Reviews
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      04.08.2011 14:25
      Not Helpful
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      Bad site

      Imvu is not good, you can often get easily banned, what they called disabled, many have complained of being on there some years, having spent thousands of dollars and suddenly one day they can not access their account.
      Another worrying thing is the amount of accounts that get hacked, so a lot of them claim on the forums. If you complain to much you get banned and later disabled.
      Finally you have no realy safety on there, so despite the minimum age being of 13, anyone young can get access to the site. There is often naked graphic porn images too, which makes it very unsettling given the fact there are young teens on the site. IMVU removes the naked images of men, but often avoids and leaves those of the women, for whatever reason, who knows.
      If I had to rate the site over all, give it 1 out of 10, better ringing them for someone decent to answer you, but then having said that, just given the run around as you are told to take out a ticket on the site, thus one can wait days or weeks, if they respond to you at all.
      As for the offers to get credits, most are a con, surveys all about getting your details off you, to bug you constantly, a serious privacy risk, especially for kids, which it appeals a lot to. And not only that, when you gone through them, often then say sorry at this time not qualified etc. We then have those free things one downloads, and these are often full of spyware or virus.
      For a company making so called millions of dollars now, to not be accountable to even paying customers is truly shocking to say the least.


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        06.08.2010 11:49
        Very helpful



        Get some REAL conversation!

        I decided to join IMVU to see what the fuss is all about, plus I got points for this rewards website I have joined for doing so.

        ~~~WHERE TO BEGIN~~~
        Registering is extremely simple and involves you picking an avatar, and then preceding to fill in about four pages of information which takes about five minutes. Once you have done so you can download and install the software!

        Installation takes another 5-10 minutes and is a quick and easy step by step process. Once it has installed you are ready to enter the world of IMVU!

        ~~~INSIDE THE WORLD~~~
        Once the programme launches you are met with a great number of tabs, none of which means anything to me... so I decided to just click on "Chat Now!" where I was thrusted into an empty house... with no one to talk to. A quick tutorial teaches you how to move and interact but after that you are all on your own. After one person entered and left after one minute, I decided to leave and find a room with existing people.

        Having accidentally selected a female avatar to begin with I set off roaming this new world which looks like a fairytale land crossed with an Alice In wonderland theming. I accidentally (why all the accidents!?) clicked on this action spot where I started riding this dragon... which was perhaps the highlight of the visit.

        I finally found some people and decided to interact with them. Forgetting I was a female avatar I started flirting with another female avatar which was met with dire results. I was kicked out the room within five minutes.

        Attempting to edit my look and so on, I found that many options were locked and of course in order to get the best things, one has to pay. After spending about thirty minutes on IMVU and testing about all the features that exist, the programme is basically a chat engine with pretty moving graphics. Why not just go on Omegle and imagine yourself in a fairytale land? It would save your computer some space and CPU whilst running.

        IMVU does not interest me at all. It is along the same lines as Habbo Hotel and Second Life, the latter of which is both graphically better and has a larger world where you can move about (although it is more limiting to free users). IMVU has absolutely no advantage in the virtual world market, and I don't see it being attractive at all. I shall not be returning to this chat engine and recommend you not to start! Save time, save PC space, save disappointment. AVOID.


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          29.11.2009 23:24
          Very helpful



          Everyone should try it!

          IMVU caught my eye during the summer of 2007.

          I was an avid myspace/bebo/facebook addict and also spent crazy amounts of time per day on msn messenger chatting with my friends. I was recently single and the site was advertised as a kind of dating chatroom, normally I avoided them like the plague but because this one looked similar to the sims (which I used to love) I thought I'd give it a go.

          After spending about an hour on the site building my character and homepage I decided to start chatting with people. I realised after looking at numerous other homepages that I would be dealing with a wide range of ages, some who paid to have premium accounts who tended to be older and others about the same age as me who were just curious I guess.

          As a creative student I have to say the graphics and scope on this instant messenger are out of this world, the imagination that goes in to the scenery and clothing is amazing, most done by non professionals.

          So over the next few weeks I met some interesting people, from many different countries, a range of ages and a select few who came from where I live in the UK. Many were very friendly and used the site as I was to just pass time and meet new people. Others were obviously only after one thing (often boys who I'd guess were about 14).

          So my confession is that I in fact met a new man on this site.

          I wasn't looking for a boyfriend or anything romantic as I was still hurt from a previous relationship. But I clicked on chat one day and this guy popped up. We chatted for a few days on IMVU and then exchanged msn messenger contacts as well as facebook/myspace pages so I knew what we knew what each other looked like.

          I spent the next 4 months talking to him most nights on msn, and occasionally he would call me when I was out. He lived the other side of london from me at the time, a good 3 hour journey and eventually I plucked up the courage to meet him. He wasn't old or pervy thank god! In fact probably the hottest guy I've ever met. It did feel risky at the time though, and I sometimes feel a little stupid telling people about it when they ask how we met.

          But we got on so well when I met him, and after a year of traveling to see him most weekends I ended up moving closer to him due to university and we've seen each other regularly ever since. It's been over 2 years now. We have been through a lot together and are stronger than ever.

          He has in the past told me he loves the fact we met online because he got to know my personality before anything else, that it was so different from any other relationship beginning that it had the scope to go a long way. He admitted if he had met me on a night out it might've ended up very differently, not because of my looks/personality but because of his attitude.

          Maybe this is the way forward for men seeking true romance as well as women?


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          29.03.2009 19:53
          Very helpful



          Thumbs in the middle

          IMVU Messenger is an instant messaging service developed by IMVU Inc. and launched in 2004 for the personal computer. It is a step away from the more traditional text based instant messaging services and incorporates a somewhat virtual reality presence. The user begins with an "avatar" which can be customized to his or her preference with different items of clothing, accessories and different background scenes which users can chat in. Memebership is free though the user may opt for premium paid features on a one-off cost basis. IMVU Inc. states that the client software has a required hardware specification of at least Pentium 3 at 800 MHZ, 128 MB RAM, 50 MB Hard Disk space, "any" sound card and "any" 3D video card.

          I have had a constant love-hate relationship with the service since finding it shortly after its initial release. Prior to logging on to IMVU Messenger for the first time, I was a long standing member of Habbo Hotel. This membership spanned over the course of five years and numerous online usernames. Everything was fine at the Hotel but as I aged in years the userbase did not follow. I grew bored of talking about what Suzie Q. did during her lunch break on the playground and longed for more suitable adult conversation with similar minded adults. I found this initially on IMVU Messenger, however, it was very short lived.

          IMVU Messenger was developed initially was a one-to-one conversation tool. Any user at any given time could interact with others by simply clicking the "chat now" button and be matched at random with anyone currently online who have also clicked the corresponding button. This matching is usually within five to ten seconds. The scene is initially set as "BuckStars Coffee" which is somewhat of a typical area for casual discussion. The scene features various chairs, tables and other objects which the user can interact with by locating its "action point", a blue chair icon, and clicking it. Clicking these points will alter the user's avatar into the select position, such as standing by a till or sitting in a chair. There is no element of free movement in IMVU Messenger; avatar positions are fixed in the environment. The avatar itself is also heavily animated with various expressions, moods and other actions executed through a simple click. There are also various word sensitive actions such as "LOL" causing the avatar to break out in a joyful laughter. The technology itself is fantastic and is also somewhat innovative in the field of instant messaging applications. Recently, as per user requests, IMVU Messenger expanded to feature "public rooms" where numerous users can exchange within conversation but has retained its initial two person "chat now" feature in the process. It is noteworthy that these "public rooms" require a more recent computer as loading times are exceptionally long to display the user's avatar and keep up with the chat in progress. It is not uncommon to wait in the region of five minutes for these rooms to load fully.

          There is a strong sense of customization within IMVU Messenger. Users have access to what is regarded as the largest online catalogue of virtual items in the world. There are over three million items ranging from various hair styles, shirts, trousers, shoes and accessories available to forge a specific identity from realistic to absurd. To acquire these items, IMVU Messenger relies on a system of in-world credits. There are two different types of credits; "Predits", or promotional credits, being acquired for free through regular participation and "Credits" being acquired by purchase with physical currency. Their use appears identical but it is difficult to gain a substantial amount of Predits in a smaller space of time. In my experience, a typical full outfit change using Predits requires approximately two weeks of regular IMVU Messenger usage. There are also various background scenes which the user can purchase at a higher cost ranging from intimate bedrooms to "full scale" nightclub settings for use while chatting to other users.

          IMVU Messenger's graphics are three dimensional and well drawn. The users have strong input in development and design work, and it seems as if the items are continually improving with time. The user is able to scale and zoom to his or her preference within a scene to gain the most pleasant vantage point within conversation. There are few audio cues which can be seen as positive.

          The advertising schemes of IMVU Inc. initially led me to believe that the Messenger was somewhat of an adult dating service. The images at the time of my registration were very raunchy and almost always featured one male and one female engaged in conversation. Admittedly, this was somewhat of an off-putting feature to IMVU Messenger but I decided to try it out as the installer download was very small. I'm not able to recall my first conversations but do remember all of them as being, for a long while, mature themed (not a sexual mature but an overall adult mature). I was finally liberated from the progressively childish Habbo Hotel and had found a great niche for both intellectual and wise discussions. IMVU Messenger was something which I readily wanted to be a part of and looked forward to participating with a daily basis. It seemed as if almost overnight, though, that quickly changed. More often than not my avatar was matched with a younger individual and I was right back to where I started in discussing Suzie Q's antics on the playground.

          IMVU Inc. was quick to respond to this sudden influx of minor users by implementing an "adults only" status which was meant to match only 18+ users with 18+ users. In my testing I found this to be inoperable and was frequently engaged with children. That is when I stopped using the service and migrated elsewhere. Available to the adult user is an "access pass" which can be purchased to unlock adult content within the catalogue which is heavily based surrounding nudity and other suggestive themes. It is also used as a method to ensure that only adults will engage in conversation with one another. It has remained priced at $19.95 USD since its introduction but, to me, that almost necessity of purchase to restrict myself to a true "adults only" status wasn't worthwhile.

          I recently downloaded the most recent update of IMVU Messenger to see its latest developments and found an extensive catalogue of items, new background themes and almost a renewed sense of adulthood within the community. The IMVU forums are filled with articulate individuals but I don't quite feel that this has crossed over into the actual Messenger client. It does seem as if the "Adults Only" status is working but only time will tell with further usage. IMVU Inc's marketing does appeal to a more adult audience by continually developing and releasing new items and scenes specifically marked as "adults only". Could this be the originally adult service which I registered to in the beginning? I don't know, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

          I'm split as to whether or not this could be recommended at this time. I do enjoy using it once again but am hesitant that my avatar's mood will change from "happy" to "sleepy" within days.


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            18.10.2008 00:45
            Very helpful



            A great alternative to the traditional chat messenger

            IMVU was launched in 2004 it currently has 20 million registered users, and has just been awarded the 2008 Virtual Worlds Innovation Award.

            IMVU is an innovative chat program that also has social networking. The site runs in two different forms, firstly a website with individual homepages for each member of the site in a similar way to places like "Myspace" or "Facebook."

            Secondly a MSN or Yahoo style messenger client with one major difference instead of just getting to see text, you are given a whole 3D world in which your virtual avatar can not only chat with your friends but also interact with them in a similar method to such programs as "Secondlife" or "There."

            For all those forum junkies amongst us there is also a wide selection of different forum areas to chat about things to do with the site its self or anything else that's on your mind.

            Firstly you will need to go to the IMVU site and register as a new user on the site. Next you will need to download the chat client, once you have downloaded the client (this is simple and quick to do.) You will get a brief introduction and tutorial as to some of the basic functions of the chat client before you can start finding new friends and chatting.

            There is NO CHARGE, and you don't need to spend money to enjoy the site.

            However, there is a virtual currency in IMVU in the form of credits or predits.

            Credits- are currency that has been purchase from IMVU or one of the 3rd party sellers who populate IMVU. The rates of exchange as to how many credits you get for your money varies so make sure you shop around. IMVU's exchange rate is 1,000 credits to $1.

            Predits- are free credits which are award to a user for a number of different things such as playing the daily spin game which gives you the chance of winning up to 500 predits and when you view the new section of the virtual catalogue you get 50 predits (this is given only once in every 24 hours).

            Another way for you to gain credits is to become a developer; however, this will require that you buy your avatar name from the site. The charge for this is $7.95 (approx. £4.61) they accept most major forms of payment from credit card to PayPal to Google checkout.

            When you initial start on the site you will get to choose an avatar from a good selection of different avatars, you will also be given 1,000 credits to spend in the virtual catalogue to enable you to change the look of your avatar and make them more reflect your style. As well as this you will also get a free room to chat in with a variety of different furniture that you can arrange in the room to suit your taste. Plus a number of different gifts are given to you by the various automated help guides on the site such as extra rooms, pets and clothes.

            You can also visit the virtual catalogue which contains a massive array of clothing, hairstyles, pets, rooms and many, many more different things to make your avatar your own.

            Once you have customized your avatar and you are ready to chat in 3D you can search for someone to chat with, specifying age and gender, or you can use the chat now feature which randomly pairs you up with someone, which can be quite interesting.

            You also get a homepage which you can customize, which is very easy to do, there are different sections on your homepage that you can drag and drop into the place where you would prefer it, you can hide certain panels if you don't want to use them, you can take pictures of your avatar which can used on your page also you can upload pictures from your computer. You can add a background, buy stickers, and it also supports html coding, so you can make your homepage your very own.

            You can also create a wish list on your homepage, this can be used to add items you want to buy at a later time, and friends or people that visit your homepage may gift you what you want.

            Chat in 3D animated scenes, with friends, and make new friends.
            3D chat has many features, you can move your avatar around on the nodes, there are different actions you can use to express yourself, such as laughing and, waving, you can access the actions by right clicking on your avatar to get a menu, where you can also change your mood, from happy, to angry, sad, bashful, or inpatient. You can also interact with your 3D chat partner by clicking on the avatar; you can hug, kiss, shake hands and greet each other. Some of the actions are locked and only access pass users can use these.

            In some animated scenes you can swim in water, ride on the back of a dragon, or even get lost in a maze.

            Once you have found someone to chat with you will enter a room, which you can change using your inventory, also whilst chatting you can change the camera angle and zoom in and out.

            If you decide to purchase your avatar name you can then use the developer program to create all sorts of things, from clothing to skin tone, pets and rooms. There are plenty of tutorials to help you. You can even go onto to make your own mesh to develop a new product in the catalogue. There is a small insertion fee (in the form of credits not cash) to pay for submitting a product into the catalogue, once you make a sale from your product you get a percentage of the sale.

            If you are a successful developer and you make a tidy profit you can sell your credits to credit resellers for cash, however don't forget to keep some credits to one side to pay for the insertion fees of any new product if you wish to continue selling.
            It takes a while to become an established developer.

            There is also the option to join different groups on the site which will allow you to find people with similar interests to your own quickly and easily.

            IMVU is appealing for younger people; however I would say that it is not suitable for minors, as there is some adult content.

            IMVU also has a number of upgrades that you can purchase for your account such as

            An Access pass which allows more adult orientated contact to occur in the chat client and also allows access to the restricted areas of the catalogue which would feature more provocative clothing and such.
            The cost for an access pass is $19.95 (approx £11.57)

            The VIP pass which is an elite status within the site which gives access to many different aspects of the site and the chat client plus it also gives you a credit income of 5,000 credits a month while you are subscribed to it.
            The VIP pass costs from $6.25 a month (approx. £3.62)

            IMVU is still in beta stage but it has come a long way since I have joined, there are still the odd glitches and problems, and the client occasionally crashes but usually only if you are using a low spec PC and are trying to chat with multiple people at the same time or have too many other memory hungry programs running at the same time.

            I first became a member of the IMVU community in 2004 and have enjoyed using the site without spending any money for quite some time. Since then I have become a developer, which is a lot of fun, there are lots of helpful tutorials, and many new things to learn, there is a wide range of products in the catalogue for you to derive from.

            I have really enjoyed my time on IMVU.

            I would recommend this site, as it's a lot of fun, and there are always new things to do.
            Always remember to be safe in chat.

            To find out more visit: www.imvu.com

            I Hope to see you there!


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              11.01.2008 00:20



              even though IMVU markets itself to teens, it is NOT appropriate for anyone under 18.you can read the shocking truth about what really goes on, on IMVU, here:http://www.blogsafety.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1100000166&start=0


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              23.08.2007 14:04
              Very helpful



              Let teenagers use with adult supervision only

              IMVU is a chat software that also includes a Myspace style homepage for social networking, which comes with all the obvious social networking features such as blogs, commenting, adding and removing friends, music, and customisation of the look of your page. Currently they have well over 7 million users.

              Starting Out
              The main function of IMVU is the software which is downloaded and used rather like an IM (Instant Messaging) program, but includes 3D elements that make it much more interesting. Before downloading, you select a few basic look choices for your character, along with a package including clothes, a room, and some pets.

              It feels a little like customizing your character for a video game. Once you've selected the basic look, you then install IMVU which takes only a few minutes, and only requires a little basic information such as your date of birth (no under 13s allowed for reasons which will become clear later) and a user name of password.

              You start off by choosing your characters appearance - skin tone, face shape, hairstyle and outfit. There's a selection of basic outfits, but later on you can also use the catalogue, which involves spending credits, a virtual currency either earned by referring friends or completing tasks, or purchased (usually around £2.50 for 5000 credits, which buys quite a lot of nice stuff. One thousand credits are also part of the new user gift pack -- spend them any way you like by browsing the online catalog.

              There's then a fast tutorial which explains how to move your character, speak to other people, and carry out some of the commands - such as break dancing, burping, even vomiting if you choose to. As well as the movements and actions (which I have found to be quite unique and unusual) you can also select moods, such as flirty, shy, angry, and tired. Flirty involves lots of eyelash batting and subtle stroking, whereas shy for example involves lowered eyes, blushing, and fidgeting.

              In the same style as MSN, you get a main window with all the commands you'll need, chat now (which will match you up with someone else wanting to chat to new people), who's online, contact list, add contact, go shopping (which takes you to the catalogue) and my home page.


              The chatting itself is interesting - you can either chat to an existing contact, or click chat now to be randomly matched up , and it can either be someone you click with, or someone you wont. One thing I do find annoying is that a lot of women using IMVU will immediately leave the chat once they finds out they are matched with another woman - without so much as a 'Sorry, I'm here to flirt.'

              There's a lot of flirting in IMVU, and as with any program, there are some people who will push it a little too far - but you can easily block someone by visiting their homepage and clicking the 'block' link, or if they really are being abusive rather than annoying, each chat window has a button you can click to report abuse. Luckily though, the vast majority of chatters are friendly, and will generally back off if you politely ask them to stop flirting.

              The movements you can use in the chat are fun... some you can do on your own by selecting from your avatar menu - others are two people actions which you can use by clicking on the other persons avatar … things such as silly handshakes, dancing the salsa, or even kissing.

              There are also some slightly more adult moves which are (quite rightly) locked off from under 18s but can be accessed by purchasing an access pass with a credit card. You cannot buy the pass for someone else either, which I like as it prevents people with suspect motives buying the passes for young kids. I found an excellent video on youtube which shows off some of the actions.

              Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjm9kD59MoE


              Using the catalogue, and either bought or earned credits, you can customise your character and your home in any way you choose - you can buy furniture for you home which you can move around, pets such as dogs, bats, and goblins, and any number of clothes and accessories for yourself, whatever look you want to go for. I like being able to customise my character, I can be outrageous looking in a way I would never dare in real life.

              There are some slightly disturbing products in the catalog that I feel should be brought under the banner of restricted content (remember I mentioned earlier that certain adult moves can only by used by people over 18 who have purchased an access pass) items like syringes, weapons, and bondage equipment are not, I feel appropriate content for a site that allows users as young as 13 to obtain these items for their character.

              For Parents
              IMVU does try to keep under 13's off the site - but of course it's just as easy for a child to add a couple of years onto their age as it is for a paedophile to knock a few years of his. In my own opinion, IMVU is not suitable for any children - although the anime-esque style of characters and the customisation may appeal to them - without adult supervision.

              The Homepage

              Although the main point of IMVU is the 3D chat messenger, it also has a social networking page similar to Myspace, from which you can send and receive messages, edit your account details, write a blog, display photos (both IMVU snapshots and real photos) and add and block friends.

              One of the nice features is the Wishlist, which is displayed on your page and shows products you've marked in the catalogue. A lot of people are friendly, and many will buy you gifts if you're new. Many people will also leave messages if you think they sound interesting, giving you the option to talk to them or get in touch, and you can make a lot of nice friends this way.

              Customisation of the page is similar to Myspace, simply enter the custom html ( you can get ready made Myspace profiles online which work brilliantly with IMVU and are great if you have little or no knowledge of programming like me. You can also move modules around on the page to customise the look, as well as hiding modules or removing them altogether.

              From here you can also edit your account settings, choosing which information you would like to be displayed, and which you would like kept private - on the downside, the site displays your age automatically, which again makes this site one teens should use with caution, preferably with parental supervision.

              You can also use this page to access the previously mentioned catalogue, and also the forums which provide general chat, access to information on the latest updates and any known bugs (IMVU does occasionally have bug issues after updates, but these are generally fixed quickly) as well as contests run by users, which vary from IMVU modeling contests, to creative writing contests, and usually have a reward of credits.

              Pros, Con's, and Things to Consider

              The Good: High level of customisation
              Interesting and original ideas
              Free to download and use.

              The Bad: You have to pay for some features (access to 'adult' moves for example)
              Can be addictive and time consuming
              Can be buggy at times.

              Remember: As with any social networking or chat program, you can not be sure the person you are talking to is who they say they are, therefore this is not suitable for children without adult supervision.

              Conclusion : As long as you use it sensibly, don't give out personal information, and treat others as you would wish to be treated, IMVU is great fun, and well worth downloading and having a bit of a play around with. It offers something myspace, msn, and yim don't - and thats a IM chat and a social network in one.

              I have removed one star for the occasionally buggyness and the occasional idiot you meet, but thats still a respectable four stars from me. Thankyou for reading.

              Links - www.imvu.com
              OR if you fancy joining via my referral link, you can use
              http://imvu.com/catalog/web_invitation.php?userId=14788154&from=power-ema il

              Official IMVU promotional video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_a7uFr9cHiI&mode=related&search=


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