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    1 Review
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      14.11.2006 11:28
      Very helpful



      A great website with some good community values.

      Anyone ever heard of Shipwrecked?
      Anyone ever wanted to be on Shipwrecked?
      Well now is your chance. There is a fabulous website out there called islandoo.co.uk and it has been put together to attract potential shipwreckers.
      It isn’t just a website to get people on the show it has a really good community feel and is great for having discussions.

      I found out about this site when I was surfing beonscreen.co.uk but I believe most of the members are by word of mouth which is quite surprising as there are thousands of people on there.

      It is a reality programme set in the Cook Islands and lasts for 5 months. 29 people fly out to the island in December and start being filmed doing different tasks and voting for people whilst forming alliances with others. 10 people have already been chosen, 7 have been selected from the website and another 12 places are up for grabs so anything is possible.

      The website is very simple yet attractive. You have the large Islandoo in the corner and then 4 different lines of members. The first line being the newbie’s and how long they have been members for, the second line is for members with pennies (I’ll explain later), the third line is for people with new videos and the fourth line very much alternates on each click as it is for different tags (I’ll explain later) so a lot of people get to appear on the front of the page and get extra exposure.

      Signing up is really simple you just need to think up a username, password and decide whether or not you would like to apply for shipwrecked or just hang around for fun. You also need to provide you name, telephone number and email address.
      Once the simple form has been filled in you are sent an email, which you click on to confirm your sign up.

      Once you have signed in you can then decide how much you would like people to know about. You don’t have to fill it in at all but if you want people to know about you or stand a chance on getting on the island you should fill it in. They ask your hometown, occupation and your relationship status. There are then 6 different questions like scared of, my hero, happiest when, favourite movie, favourite music and my best feature. Alternatively if you want to be a bit different and more creative you can make up your own questions which ever you prefer.
      The front of your page will have your name, age and star sign on the top (optional) your photo or video on the left and a blurb that you fill in about why you should be on shipwrecked. These really are only if you want to be on the show, but is more interesting if you at least add a photo because then you will get more people chatting to you.
      Under all that you have your fans, who you are a fan of, a copy of your messages and a list of all the words people have tagged you.

      Once you have filled in all the info you want to you will get people visiting your page and leaving you messages like in a guest book, tagging you and fanning you. You can then click on their pictures and leave them messages and mutually tag them or fan them.
      It works in a sort of chatroom/email way as you aren’t chatting live but if the person you leave a message for is online the chances are they will write back on your page instantly. If they are not online they will write back when they come back online.
      There are lots of really good people on here and everyone is really nice so it is really addictive even if you don’t actually want to be on the show but feel like a good old chinwag. The more interesting you are and the more you contribute the more chances of you actually getting an audition for shipwrecked but as I said you don’t have to be there for that reason and there are loads of people who don’t want to be on the show.
      Once you have been on the site you will start to notice who is on there a lot and who to talk to so you get constant responses. Be warned though this site is very addictive and you will probably find yourself keep popping back to see what others think of you.

      Fanning someone is a bit like adding someone to your trust or friends list. Once you have spoken to someone for a while you may like to become their fan and vice versa. The more you are fanned the more chances you have of being noticed by the shipwrecked team. You can click on your fan list to see who likes you. Some people on the site just fan everyone so they get fanned back and look more popular. It isn’t allowed but on sites like this it is bound to happen.

      WHAT IS A TAG?
      A tag is a one word description of what you think of that person and as long as it is 15 characters it is valid it can be absolutely anything nice or nasty but most people on this site are only nice to people and cant be bothered with the meanies!
      I think it is a little bit fun when people put something a little controversial just to get a bit of animosity or it would be a bit too boring being nicey nice all the time, or is that just me a meanie!
      If a lot of people tag you the same thing the more chance of you appearing on the front page of the site getting loads more exposure.
      You can’t see other peoples tags unless you tag them first you cant just copy what others say. Beware though once you have tagged someone other cant find out who has tagged what but the person you have tagged knows who has done it.

      If you want to find people that live near you so you have something in common you can search for the members from all the major cities, you can also search by star sign if you believe in all that, by tag so you only speak to the most gorgeous people on the site, by most fanned so you can join the popular crowd, by video if you fancy a laugh at all the hopeful contestants videos or just purely by who is online right now so you can start communicating with people straight away.
      After a while you will notice who are the sites locals and who appears on nearly everyone’s profiles.

      They also arrange big parties mainly in London where all the islandoo members can meet up, have a few drinks and have a bit of a boogie all under the watchful eye of undercover Shipwrecked scouts so there is every possibility of getting nabbed there as well. You also get a chance to meet all the ex shipwreckers who will be attending. I think the tickets are about £10pp and they even put coaches on from nominated cities.
      Even if you are not interested in being on Shipwrecked you can go along and meet all those crazy people you have been chatting to day and night.

      I would certainly recommend this website ok you might not want to be on the show and yes the auditions are in London so they would probably be quite hard for some people but the community aspect is certainly worth joining for. You can make friends easily and meet a lot of new people. There aren’t just computer geeks on here there are also actors, models and a lot of good looking chappies. I don’t mean it like a dating site but it is nice to speak to people you have things in common with and I think it would be impossible to not find anyone you liked on here.
      If anyone joins and wants to look me up I am pornstarx2 feel free to tag or fan anytime!


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