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UKScrappers is a website devoted to helping scrapbookings in the UK.

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      13.10.2006 15:38
      Very helpful



      Website for Scrapbooking

      As well as genealogy and online market research sites I do have other hobbies, some of which I have written about here on Dooyoo and one that I am now about to write about.

      That hobby is Scrapbooking. I don’t know who will know what I am talking about and who will not so I will start with a brief introduction as to what it is. If you Google 'Scrapbooing' using the UK version you will be offered over 600,000 pages dedicated to this hobby which the dictionary that I have in front of me defines a scrapbook as "a blank book in which miscellaneous items are collected and preserved”. Those items are usually photographs, tickets, pictures, newspapers, and magazine clippings; most of the things you would put into a keepsake box can be used to make a Scrapbook.

      Scrapbooking is done largely on the twelve inch by twelve inch pages which is my preferred choice, but overtime smaller albums have became just as popular and are available in eight inches by eight inches or 6 inches by six inches and each and every page is designed accordingly. Some people choose to dedicate their Scrapbook to their child’s first year, their University days or to their family history.

      So how did I get into Scrapbooking? As a child I spent hours ‘Scrapping’ to use the term liberally, that doesn’t mean fighting but having a book that I would spend hours gluing old birthday cards together to make a collage onto a piece of paper in a book, now I do the same thing with all the items mentioned above into a Scrapbook to preserve memories in a much more detailed way. Then once I got married I had bags full of information, tickets and bits of paper that I didn’t really know what to do with and someone I write to as a penpal suggested I try Scrapbooking and it all took off from there.

      So that brings me to the website www.ukscrappers.co.uk which I have been a member of now for just over a year and it is the most useful website that I have found in relation to my hobby and when you get to the homepage you will see in front of you a task bar at the top of the page containing helpful links, the Ukscrappers logo on the left hand side and further down the page there are usually examples of the work people have uploaded to the site to show to others and then the main part of the site which is set out to show different links and these links are to art and craft websites, the current monthly competition and so on and right down at the bottom of the screen are clickable links to further art and craft sites from which you can buy supplies for your scrapbook.

      If you have never heard of ‘Scrapbooking’ before but quite liked my quick description then this site will tell you everything you would need to know, starting with their own interpretation of Scrapbooking which has a whole page dedicated to it, again this is found on the left hand side of the screen.

      Moving through the other options next we come to Scrapbook musings which can be compared to a blog and people comment about different aspects of ‘Scrapping’ in a blog form.

      --->Scrapbooking News is an RSS Feeds from various Scrapbooking Sites and those sites will be listed under an icon on this page for you to click on. When you click on the link the news feed will appear on the screen and you just simply read them. I often find there are some useful bits of information to be found such as art and craft sales.

      --->The library is an information section which I probably use the most on this website and here you will find information, links, ideas, how to do, book reviews, tips and a list of sponsors and it is here that I have got most of the answers to my queries.

      --->Junior Scrappers: This section is aimed at the junior members of the site and is designed to give them helpful tips and ideas when creating their Scrapbook.

      --->Inspiration and Challenges features a lot of ideas or inspiration for Scrapbook layout, some people on this site are wonderfully talented individuals who are really happy to give members tips and hints on creating those Scrapbook pages to make them look really artistic

      --->Digital Scrapping: For those of us who are not blessed with the artistic gene, help is at hand. Digital Scrapping is the process of using a computer programme to generate your Scrapbook pages and it is by no means easier to do than by hand, but what you do find in this section is a lot of helpful advice, information, hints and tips on what to do, how to do it and how to achieve the best results.

      --->Font of the week: Listed here are numerous fonts for people to use when Scrapbooking and I have to admit that if I see a font I like then I will use it for other purposes as well as Scrapbooking. Each font you click on will take you to a new page in a new window and it is from there that you would complete the download, most of the fonts are free to use and you would download them in the usual way and save them to the fonts file on your computer.

      ---->Finally we have a search option which allows you to search by word or sentence for something you are looking for on the website and it is pretty easy to use.

      After dealing with the options on the left hand side of the screen there are still a few other links to go through which can be found at the top of the screen and they include:

      --->The Forum. Every website that I seem to be a member of has a forum attached to it and this forum in essence if the same format. You have categories all based on different aspects of Scrapbooking where people can be asking and offering advice, people talking about Scrapping in general and I have found some of the topics of conversation extremely helpful with regards to my genealogy hobby because there is a section dedicated to genealogy and its relation to Scrapping.

      --->Go Shopping is another useful option, which contains links for ninety different craft websites from which you would buy all of your bits and pieces for making and creating your scrapbook and it is worth having a look at one or two different places listed here because they often list some helpful advice and examples of their own work for inspiration.

      The good thing about Scrapbooking is that it is now becoming a popular hobby, high street retailers such as Woolworth’s, Wilkinson’s, Clinton Cards for example are stocking equiptment that you need to get started, paper and card, stickers, embellishments and more, so it is becoming much easier to become involved in Scrapbooking and before you know it, you are Scrapbooking everything and the good thing is that you can scrapbook absolutely everything!

      So all in all this is, as I have said already the best website you will come across for Scrapbooking because it contains everything you will need to know, need to buy, hints, tips, ideas and inspiration. The people who run and are members of this site are very welcoming and very friendly and I should mention that the one thing that is evident here and that friendship and being able to help one another above all else is important, there is no bitching, back stabbing or infighting which if a rarity with forums these days.

      Well that is the website and Scrapbooking explained so I now leave it up to you to take up yet another hobby and try it out for yourself.


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