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    2 Reviews
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      14.02.2010 23:24



      good for when your bored!

      I am on this site now and I can never get bored of it. There are many reasons for this.

      Firstly, there are many games to suit everyone, like "Sky Storm" and "Bubble Spinner". These are two completly different games but most people seem to like them.

      Also, it shows you which games are most played and the latest releases on it. This allows you to be up to date with addicting games. The good thing about the most popular games is that you, the player gets to choose because you can make an account and it see's who plays what and rates it.

      On the account, you get to rate the game which is very handy, because it lets the other players see if they want to play because you can also leave a comment.

      Also, it has the games put in different sections so it's easier to locate the type of game you want, like shooting, sport etc.


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        07.02.2010 14:49
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Another site for the bored


        I came across 'addictinggames' whilst surfing the net in bordom. I, like many others, can spend hours playing games on the net and the title of the site was quite appealing so I thought I would give it a go.

        ******Overview of the Site******

        As far as modern graphical games go, Addicting Games is pretty minimal and simplistic. Each of the games are extremely simply to play and use the basic keyboard keys, mainly the arrows, space bar and a couple of letter keys if needed.

        The site boasts between 400-500 games all sitting under various categories (see below for details), yet there are quite a few which seem to be dead links (with no way I can find of reporting the dead links to the admin).

        There are no pop-ups as such, yet whilst you await the loading of various games, advirtisments do prop up, mainly of other free games sites, which could be annoying, yet I simply ignored these as the games do not take long to load (due to their simplistic nature). Please note: I am using a broadband connection on a moderately fast computer. I can not comment upon dial up connections and older computers, although I would assume that the games may take slightly longer if using this.
        Most of the games open in a new window which is something I prefer, though it must be borne in mind that this does not apply to all the games. I guess it is the luck of the draw. Either way, this is not such a huge problem, especially considering that it is a completely free site.

        Many of the games have a scoreboard in which you can add your name and pit your ability against others who scored highly, though as this is not a sign up site, your scores do not last long and you have no way of keeping track of your scores, unlike some other sites I have played on. This may not be a problem to most of you, though it is slightly annoying and in my opinion it lessens the fun slightly as Im quite a competitive person on the whole.

        ******The Games******

        As mentioned above, there are between 400-500 games, therefore I will not list them all here. Part of the fun is finding out for yourself anyway, though I will list the categories for your information.
        The categories include;

        * Sports & Skill Games
        * Action Games
        * Recent Games
        * Top Games
        * Puzzle & Board Games
        * Adventure Games
        * Strategy & RPG Games
        * Arcade & Classic Games
        * Shooting Games
        * News Games
        * Miscellaneous Games
        * AtomUploads


        Apart from the new games section which updates you on all new games added to the site, there is not much to class as extras or features.

        Some games do allow a link exchange and/or embedding to your own site which links back to te game and site.

        There is a search feature, though I found this useless as most of the games have weird and wonderful names, often with no relation to what the game actually is.


        A couple of the games should be rated adult for some of the slightly nude women, references to drugs, sex and rock and roll, blood, guts and gore, and harsh words which you would not dare to say to your mother!

        Many of these instances are in the RPG section of the site and are certainly not for the eyes and ears of children, so watch out who is behind you when you are testing out these games.

        ******Final Word******

        Does the site live up to its title of addicting games?

        Personally, I would say no. Yes, it gives you something to do when you have nothing better to do, and you can spend a few hours surfing through the masses of games, yet once you have played the games a couple of times each, the appeal quickly wears away, leaving you eager to find another, more addicting, game site.

        As mentioned above, it is an extremely simplistic site where the games take older people back to the time of pacman and ping pong with slightly better graphics but nothing special. If you are after real graphical games, then this site will not be for you at all.

        It is, however, a completely free site with no sign up needed. This means no clutter in youremail inbox, and no money to spend which is a plus. It is a rare thing these days, yet this site does offer this.

        It isnt addicting, but it is worth having a look as it will give you some amount of pleasure, even for a short period of time.


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