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Strange News, Politics, Sport, and Celebrity

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2009 17:10
      Very helpful



      Probably a waste of time but strangely addictive

      It's unlikely you've missed the death and funeral of Michael Jackson lately and I found that a lot of links led me to this news and celebrity page anorak.co.uk - I'm torn over the site, it takes a cynical and satirical look at celebrity and news, bringing you strange stories. I think it could be better, it's not usually that funny but the content is often interesting or amusing enough to keep me popping back for more on occasions.

      What it does an excellent job of though is grouping stories from papers and magazines around the world, so that it covers just about anything and all the stories linked to that particular person or event. Whether it's informative or just rubbish is debatable but for a newsaholic or someone who likes to keep fully up to date about the celeb world, you could do far worse than go to this site.

      The layout could be seen as simple or sloppy, there's usually very little to it - a few pictures, a cheeky or cynical post and then quite often a handful of annoyed comments. The search works well and the links to other stories are usually right on the money. For some reason it is the trashy section of "Strange but true" that appeals to me the most - the current most recent 5 stories in there are:

      The Phat Phuc Noodle Bar
      Noisy Sex Cause Neighbours To Leave Home
      Woman Inserts Grown Man Into Her Vagina
      Man Banned from Being Drunk Until 2006
      Canned Whole Chicken: The Most Bizarre Canned Foods Ever

      So if there's still a niggling doubt in your mind that this site revels in News of the World type headlines and attempts to make something out of nothing stories, then go and check it out for yourself.


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