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ask.fm / Social Network

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2013 21:42
      Very helpful



      Don't use

      Ask FM is a social network that young people seem to like.

      Ask FM is supposed to be where people ask questions and people answer them, the questions can be asked anonymously or your 'name' will show; it is your choice.
      You can follow people without them knowing and can look at other peoples profiles and post a question to them if you want.

      No one in my household has face book or twitter etc so when I found out my teenage daughter had subscribed to Ask I wasn't impressed.
      She assured me it was ok and people just 'asked questions' and it was fun. I had my reservations but had to trust her.

      Ask FM was launched in 2010 and is used by over 125 million users around the world. Most FM users are teenagers. Ask.fm allows users to create a profile with their picture and information about themselves. My daughter did not at first put a picture on as she knows her Dad and I don't agree with pictures on the internet. (once out there they can be found).

      You must be 13 years or older to sign up to ask (but we all know people will lie).
      It is supposed to be a fun web site where you can ask any question.
      The problem I have with the site, is when I looked, I found some questions were very sexual, some things are not even questions - it is just things that amount to bullying. the fact that people can be anonymous seems to make it ok to post nasty comments on peoples profiles.

      Ask FM lacks protection for young people, comments can be viewed by both members and non members.
      The site has teenage 'agony aunts' to help with problems people may have, but to be honest the problem is the site - but I am biased as I do not like social networks.

      People are now realising this website really needs monitoring or closing down .

      Comments can not be reported - I have tried.
      Accounts can be de activated but all you have to do to activate it is sign back in.

      Below is a link to an article in the Daily Mail warning people about Ask.


      Ask FM is not ideal for teenagers there are too many risks. The thing with teenagers seem to be no matter what you tell them they know best; and I know some teenagers that have got in contact with others from social networking - luckily for them it really was a teenager.

      I have told my daughter if I find out she has been on Ask again I will get rid of all her internet access.
      I will check what has been written every now and again because like I said previously you can not fully close your account.

      If you have a teenager that uses this just check it out and see for yourselves what is being written on this site


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