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    1 Review
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      09.12.2005 20:57
      Very helpful



      Excellent free survey sites some of which I have made money from.

      Well it has been a long time since I've written here… but hopefully I'll be making a steady return over the coming weeks and that you find this review beneficial!

      I was sent a link to this site through an e-mail from a friend who found it surfing on the web. I'm very pleased she forwarded it to me knowing I love bargain hunting on the Internet. AT NO COST appears to be a fairly new site but I have been quite impressed with it so far, have signed up to some brilliant and most importantly FREE survey programmes from which I have already received a £15 wine voucher and a £5 Amazon voucher in about the space of 3 weeks.

      Quoting from the AT NO COST website "We will not waste your time by listing programmes that promise everything and reward you with nothing. Have you fallen victim to various e-mail and reward programmes which never actually pay out or reward you? Well not anymore... All programmes, rewards and freebies listed here pay out, send the products and most importantly are AT NO COST to you."

      I would not disagree with the above statement! Admittedly I haven't had the chance to sign up to everything, but the ones I have done I have been pleased with. The DVD trial was especially cool and I even stayed on an extra month which got me two free cinema tickets… if you think about it they would probably cost the price of the trial anyway so it's basically like a longer free trial!! Bargain!

      ~~ ABOUT THE SITE ~~

      It has a quality design which is not over-crowded with adverts and there are no pop-ups. You enter into the welcome page where you can join the newsletter as well as click on the various links to other categories on the site. These categories are:

      ~ At No Cost Best --- Links to their favourite programmes!

      ~ Rewards --- This is where the reward programmes are.

      ~ Trials --- They put free Internet trials on this page.

      ~ Competitions --- The category speaks for itself.

      ~ Games --- For when you want some fun & the chance to win.

      ~ Free Samples --- Mostly for the UK and USA.

      ~ Auctions --- Enough said here.

      ~ Affiliates --- How to make money from your website.

      ~ Other Free Sites ~ Link to other sites.

      There are other pages too but not all the links are on the front page. I think this is so the site doesn't look too overcrowded. I think it's clear they like a simple, modern design.

      If you select any of the links on the main page you will of course go to that page but once on any of the pages more categories are available to select down the left-hand side of the site. I really like this design and they are all very clear to use and easy to navigate. The order of pages in these links are as follows and I will write a bit about each page under each heading:

      ~ Welcome Page ~

      This is described above in more detail… the page is a nice colour of various shades of blue and white with a picture of a woman in the top left corner. It's not fussy and quite professional looking like the woman… maybe it is her site?

      ~ AT NO COST BEST~

      They describe this page as "These are the programmes AT NO COST believe are the best. If you have only got 2 minutes to spend on the site we highly recommend these as "a must join" because they are simply superb." Ciao is included here along with a site I now absolutely love called Dialego. Never heard of it before I came across this site! That's where I got the wine voucher from… but they also give away Amazon or real money to your bank account.

      ~ Surveys ~

      The surveys here are great! Set into a Worldwide section and a section which is US and Canada only. Saves you wasting a bit of time. At No Cost describe this page in the following way. "Joining these survey companies will regularly allow you to earn fantastic rewards. Ranging from money, PayPal payments, gifts and Amazon vouchers to name but a few. All of the following programmes have been tested, so we know the companies are reputable and actually pay out. All are free to join, so you do not have to spend any money." All the programmes are free to join and I think they probably do spend some time testing them out!

      ~ Rewards ~

      At No Cost say "Welcome to the rewards section. There are a variety of programmes here that most countries are eligible to join. You receive monetary and gift rewards from the majority in a fairly short space of time. Check out the following." They have a range of programmes here some which a lot of people have already joined but once again there were ones I had not heard of.

      ~ Trials ~

      They advertise free trials they find on the Internet here. I did a make-up one which has since been removed because they response was apparently high but they have the DVD I also joined. I think they change this page quite regularly.

      ~ Competitions ~

      On this page you are not guaranteed anything free but AT NO COST say "Sometimes it is fun to try and win rewards. You never know... luck could be on your side! Remember to tell us if you win anything. Why not try with the following sites?"

      ~ Games ~

      They have some fun free games listed here. "When you are feeling a bit bored and want to pass your time on the Internet playing games consider some of these. They give you the opportunity to win money and prizes. All are FREE of course!"

      ~ Free Samples ~

      They have samples listed for the UK and Europe here as well as for the USA etc. I got free glow sticks the other day! Haha!

      ~ Auctions ~

      How to earn money from sites like eBay!!!!

      ~ Affiliates ~

      Affiliate programmes are an excellent way of making money if you have your own website. These are some of the best programmes around and are well worth joining.

      ~ More Free Sites ~

      You can get links to other sites here or even try and get your own free site listed! Here's what they say "We don't know why you would want to leave our site when we have found all the excellent programmes for you, but just in case you like variety here are some other free sites! If you would like to be listed here take a look at our 'Link To Us' page or send us an e-mail for our HTML code."

      ~ Link To Us ~

      There is an easy for to fill in here which if you provide information you can link to the At No Cost website for FREE providing you provide a reciprocal link.

      ~ Join Us ~

      Another link to join their newsletter. If you click the yellow icon you can tell your friends about the website. Here is what they say "Would you like to join AT NO COST's newsletter where you can recieve regular updates and details of new FREE money making and reward programmes? If so just simply sign up below. You can unsubscribe at any time and details will not be passed to any third party."

      ~ Guestbook ~

      This is like a message board where you can leave comments. They remove comments if you try to advertise other sites here without permission however… that is what their link to us page is for.

      ~ Feedback ~

      You can fill in the form here to leave feedback about the site or if you want to ask questions etc. Professional looking form which I guess they can access to read your feedback/comments.

      ~ Contact Us ~

      This provides some of their details such as e-mail etc.

      So these are all the different pages on the site. Describing a website is quite hard… the best way to understand really is to visit the site at www.at-no-cost.co.uk and then decide if you like it for yourself. I think it is probably one of the best around at the moment, especially for what I think is a newcomer to the market of surveys, rewards, trials and freebies.

      All of the links to other sites are of good quality too… none of these rubbish "I'll make you a millionaire in an hour" proposals. I'd definitely recommend you take a visit and check out the site carefully for all the excellent programmes to join.

      They use nice text links rather than bold and brassy flashing banners which can just be too overpowering when there are too many on a page. There doesn't seem to be any specific membership but they do have a newsletter where they send you letters every 2 or 3 weeks with new or old programmes to consider joining!

      Check it out!


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