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Benefitscosmetics is a UK company offering a wide range of cosmetics and skincare products.

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    4 Reviews
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      04.01.2010 02:09
      Very helpful



      Beautiful website, easy to use

      I am a big fan of benefit cosmetics, as you may have already worked out of you have read some of my other reviews on this site, and I was quite excited when I heard they were opening a UK website.
      I usually get my benefit make up from boutiques or department stores, but there has been a few times when I couldn't get to a store in time and had none of a certain item for a short while, but since the website was opened, this has become a thing of the past. I can now buy my make up whenever it suits me and have it delievered to my door, so I am never without everything I need in my make up bag.
      The site is as well presented and designed as the make up and packaging is, looking sexy and glamourous with a touch of fun thrown into the mix. It is also pretty easy to navigate with everything organised into sections, labelled and described. You can also find things quickly with the search function, should you know what items you are looking for.
      Each item page shows you a full picture of the product, and a description of what it is and how to use it, making the choice of what to buy nice and simple.
      Checkout is quick and easy, and details can be stored for future visits if you wish. It is also a good idea to sign up to their mailing list as they will send you some awesome exclusive offers.
      This website is totally worth a visit for all benefit and make up fans.


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      23.03.2009 10:18
      Very helpful



      Great products but slow delivery

      I've been a fan of the Benefit brand for a while now, so when I saw they had finally launched a UK online store I was keen to see what they had to offer. Funnily enough I resisted signing up to their mailing list until a few weeks ago and their marketing certainly works as, thanks to a couple of special offers that found their way into my mailbox, I made my first purchase less than a week later.

      Benefit was launched in the US in the 1970s by two twins, Jane and Jean Ford, and their brand creates fun and retro makeup items, including the infamous Benetint (originally intended for strippers to tint their nipples pink!) Although they sell regular makeup items, they are best known for their "fix its" - items which correct irritating beauty problems like dark circles, spots, discolouration. The products are quite highly priced and I have to say that in my experience, for every product that is a must have and well worth the price, there is another that is a total rip off! But gripes with the product range aside, let's move onto the website...

      The website itself has a clean and attractive design - all baby pink and white, so it fits in nicely with their girly retro branding. It's also very well laid out - you can browse by New Products, Top Sellers, by Makeup (further browseable by particular makeup item), or Skincare and Bodycare (again further browseable by Cleansers, frangrances etc.) There is also a search function, which works well and certainly brought up the results I wanted. When browsing, you can filter to sort by price (low to high or high to low), alphabetical, or by popularity which is a useful tool if you have a budget to stick to.

      One thing that I think is particularly important for a beauty website to get right is the shade of the lipstick samples. The colour swatches are shown in squares and on selecting one, the large picture of the lipstick changes to show the chosen colour. The problem I normally have with buying lipsticks online is that when you actually receive the colour it looks nothing like the colour you thought you were buying. I'm happy to say that this was not the case here - both the lipsticks I bought were exactly as I expected. I particularly like the fact that when you select the colour swatch, it will tell you if that lipstick has a pearl or a cream finish (as a hater of pearl finishes I particularly appreciate that!)

      "Buh-Buys" is their sale section where you can buy products that are about to be discontinued at discounted prices. Not a huge amount going on here when I visited - only a couple of lipliners, so a bit disappointing.

      "Beauty School" has some nice step by step articles on how to recreate a look using their products - I quite liked the "How to be a Bad Gal" look and will certainly consider buying some of their smokey grey eyeshadow in the future.

      Signing up to the site is easy - you create an account using your email address and a password. I signed up 3 weeks ago using their "sign up for email offers" link and instantly received a voucher for 10% off, welcoming me as a new customer. I didn't take advantage of that offer then, and I'm glad I didn't, because only a few days later I received another voucher, courtesy of Colleen's Real Women, this time for 15% off! Combined with the 7.5% cashback which Benefit offer through cashbackkings, I was pleased that I got a good deal on the items I bought.

      The site accepts payment by Visa/Delta/Electron, Mastercard, American Express and Solo/Maestro. Cheques and money orders are not accepted.

      I received a confirmation email after I had placed my order and was also notified when it had shipped and was given a delivery estimate.

      However, one area where I was really quite disappointed was the delivery. Standard delivery is £4.50 for all orders less than £75, or Priority Delivery is £6. Orders over £75 are shipped free of charge (or at the time I was ordering, there was a promotion for free shipping if you spent over £50, which I did). The standard delivery is very expensive in my opinion and £75 is quite a high barrier to qualify for free delivery (the MAC website offers it at £50, which I think is far more reasonable) and I was very disappointed to see that Benefit send their shipments out as second class post. For £4.50 for a couple of lipsticks, an eyebrow pencil and a small tube of eye cream, that price is extortionate! I was also frustrated that it took quite so long to ship my order - it shipped out 3 days after I had placed the order and their delivery estimate was a good 10 days (meaning that my Mother's Day present cut it a bit fine but did make it in the end!) Compare that to the MAC website, where my boyfriend ordered me a makeup brush from 4 days after I'd placed my order with Benefit, and which arrived 3 days before. Perhaps I'm being too picky given that I received free shipping, but had I paid £4.50 for that I would have been very irritated. The packaging was good - it all arrived in a large box (possibly too large for what I had ordered - a bit of a waste of packaging) and was wrapped in tissue paper to protect from any damage.

      Their returns policy however is great. If for any reason you are not happy with your order, you can return it within 30 days with your original receipt and in the original packaging and they will refund your purchase. A real bonus is that they accept returns of products as long as no more than 20% has been used - so often with online stores you order makeup and find that the shade just doesn't work for you when you actually receive it, so this is a great feature. They also publish their customer service telephone number and email very clearly on the site, which is always reassuring, although I've not had cause to contact them myself.

      All in all, I was pleased with my experience of ordering from the Benefit website, particularly with the 15% discount and free shipping, and the frustrations with delivery would halt me from ordering again unless I could get another discount. And after all, isn't getting delivery right a key part of an online business?


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        14.12.2008 15:26
        Very helpful



        Great products and a simple and easy to navigate site



        I love Benefit Cosmetics, I really do. Everything from their fun and funky product image to the imagination grabbing names that Benefit the brand apply to said products. Benefits retro and kitsch packaging with the 50's artwork upon lends much to the brand's success.Their product image is designed to appeal to the young and trendy with more than just a little disposable income.

        Benefit products do not come cheap. They are not an 'impulse' buy. Their price tags somehow make them more desirable to own, for me and they are not the kind of products that are normally bought on a whim. At the prices that they are, they need more than a moments thought, making it more pleasurable when you do eventually purchase and own them. Benefit Cosmetics are definitely luxury make-up products which are a delight to own and fantastic fun to use.


        Upon entering the site you are greeted by a cheerful Christmas scene; with a pictured image of white seasonal Christmas trees, complete with falling snow. To the top of the page Benefit', San Francisco is written in neat black understated lettering, topped off with a small Union Jack.

        On the top search bar you have, - What's New - Top Sellers - Make Up - Skin and Body Care - About Benefit Beauty - School - BUH BUYS and the Generic Search Box -

        ~ BUH-BUYS ~

        At BUH-BUYS you can buy certain products at knock down prices. So it is a good chance to stock up on these if any of these products happen to be your particular favourites.

        ~ Benefit Beauty School ~

        At the beauty school Benefit give you lessons on how to apply the Benefit make-up. There are some good tips here should you be interested and what products you will need to reach the desired effect. Little is more' seems to be the case here for maximum effect. There are quizzes and much more here.

        ~ Homepage ~

        The Homepage is predominately pink and white and very girly; depicting everything that Cosmetics stand for. The art and act of applying make-up is a highly pleasurable experience prior to going out and is an important part of the excitement and build-up to a woman's night out. Benefit Cosmetics seem to make this process more enjoyable for me as their products are such fun to own and use.

        Featured on the Homepage are a selection of their popular products and seasonal gift sets. Benefit invites you to open an account from which there appear to be a few bonuses. They offer a limited edition beauty lesson on how to apply a particular make-up product and the different effects that can be achieved.

        ~ Gift Me Gorgeous ~

        Gift Me Gorgeous is their holiday gift guide. They offer Stocking Stuffers Party Pleasers Gilded Gals Top Sellers and Wrapped and Ready from their free wrapping service.

        ~ Prices ~

        I like the way they have split their sections up into prices. So whatever you are willing to pay, just click on the chosen pricing to bring up the selection of products.

        ~ Free Catalogue ~

        Benefit offers a free catalogue which you can apply for on the site via email. The full colour brochure lists all the delicious Benefit Items that are current today. I find their range has really evolved from the early days and there is so much I want to purchase from their vast and exciting cosmetic range.

        ~ Purchasing ~

        The site has a shop and cart buying system where you will pay by debit or credit card at the final checkout.

        ~ Find A Store ~

        There is a Find a Store' option where you can type in your Country and city to bring up the many Benefit outlets available Nationwide by selecting Find a Store near You' in the Store Locator.

        ~ Sign Up For Email Offers ~

        By submitting your Email address you will be sent all the latest offers and promos, as they arise, straight to your inbox.

        ~ Deliveries ~

        #Delivery to UK only.

        #Deliveries cost 4.50 for orders less than 75.00

        #FREE deliveries for orders over 75.00

        #Delivery time is based on area and availability and all this can be tracked on the site for progress

        #There is a gift wrapping service on offer when you state on ordering that the product which you are purchasing is a gift.

        ~ Returns ~

        Benefit are happy to refund a full purchase price if the goods are not used to more than 20% of the total value and they supply an address for the return of the product.

        ~ My Opinion ~

        I like the site. I found it very easy to navigate around, with pages that were fast loading and a lay-out that was very clear to the eye. This is a very simple site, design wise and I find that these work the best. It is not interactive and there are no flashing objects to distract the eye. Everything was clearly placed and nicely pictured.

        The pages were not cluttered and products and information was very easy to find. I feel the delivery charge is high and I think it would put some people off buying from the site. After all you could just walk into a Benefit Boutique and be able to see and handle the item which some people find far more preferable.

        It's a good fun site that you could spend half an hour or so looking around. The products are great. There are very few Benefit products that I don't like. They are all very kitsch and funky and make me want to own them. The site is good for taking a look at the products and for a product price guide. If you are putting in a bulk order then I feel the delivery charge would be justified. Other than that I felt that the Benefit Cosmetic Website was colourful, clear and a whole lot of fun. -

        December 2008


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          21.06.2007 08:33
          Very helpful



          An online site show casing and selling products from the Benefit make up brand.

          I’ve been a fan of Benefit make up for a couple of years now and have normally opted to buy it from Boots or Debenhams as these are two of the main stockists in the UK. I recently discovered that Benefit actually has their own online site which enables you to buy direct from the actual suppliers rather than discovering that Boots or Debenhams has sold out of the product I’m after. I’ve used the site on a couple of occasions to find out about new products and recently splashed out and treated myself to two new products off the site.

          Benefit was started by two American twins who opened their first boutique in 1976 which was advertised as being a candy store for make up and this notion is still evident in the product names and packaging that the company use. Since the 1970s the company has simply grown with it being taken under the wing of Moet Hennessey Louis Vuitton in 1999 which has seen the company since grow into an international and popular brand. Benefit expanded into the UK in the early 21st century and is currently available in Boots, Debenhams, Kendals and Selfridges.

          The products are typically quite expensive and with some of them they are worth their money, however on the other hand there are some products that I think you’re simply paying for the name rather than the product itself. They offer a full range of make up products (BadGirl Lash, Hoola bronzing powder and You Rebel tinted moisturizer), skin and bodycare products (Eyecon fading eye cream, Jiffy Tan instant tan and Sweet Satin Shave), fragrance products (not currently stocked on the site) and fake it / fix it products (basically show a variety of problems e.g. dark circles under eyes, and how to fix them using the Benefit products).

          The Homepage

          The homepage is a very pale pink colour which seems to sum up the girly appeal of the company perfectly. The Benefit logo is displayed in the top left hand corner opposite which is a menu with five options and below which is a further menu to enable you to navigate among the different products and ranges on the site. The majority of the page is taken up with advertising of certain products, currently the Benefit Eye Con cream and the High Beam highlighter takes up the majority of the page and below this four of the top selling products are displayed in an attempt to entice you to look further. Lastly there’s option at the bottom of the site to allow you to sign up for the weekly newsletter, order a free brochure or find a local stockist near you.

          The Menu

          There are two separate menus on the site, the top one seems to offer the main shopping options including “Shopping Bag” which this allows you to see what items are currently in your shopping bag, if you add some and then log off the site they will be stored here until you next log in and also “Easy Re-order” which requires you to log in but basically it stores any items you’ve previously bought off the site so you can re-order them without searching the site for them.

          In order to purchase items off the site you’ll have to register for an account and this is all accessed via the “Your Account” option. This is where all your account information is stored and where you can change any details such as name, address and also you have the option to create / update a wish list. To register for an account on the site is really straightforward and merely takes a matter of minutes, you simply need to enter your email address, name and password and that’s it! Of course when you come to buy things on the site you will need to enter further information.

          The final two options on the site are “Wish List” which is fairly self explanatory and allows you to create a list of products that you want so you can keep track of them and finally the “Help” section which offers answers to the most frequently asked questions on the site. If this section doesn’t have the information you require you can select to email or phone the company, I’ve done this once when I’ve had a reaction to one of their products and they replied within a day and asked me to send the product to them and they replaced it with a product of my choice.


          Shopping can be done in one of two ways, the first is by entering a product name or type into the search box on the homepage which will then produce a list of results matching what you entered. The second option and the one I tend to opt for is to simply browse the site using the second menu on the homepage which consists of six options; What’s New, Top Sellers, Make Up, Skin & Bodycare, Fragrance and lastly Fake Its & Fix Its.

          By clicking on any of the options you’ll be taken to a new page which shows all of the items within that category by a small picture, their name and their price – for further information on a product you have to click on it. The main categories are further split into sub categories which make navigation a bit easier, for example Make Up is split into Concealer, Foundation, Cheeks, etc. to narrow down the results you’re presented with.

          When you’ve found a product you like the look of simply click on it to be given a greater insight into it and also the option to add it to your shopping basket or wish list. The product descriptions tend to be quite thorough and normally a couple of lines long which often helps me when I’m trying to make a decision on whether or not to buy the product. Down the left hand side you’ll also be shown related products to try and tempt you further.

          Delivery is £4.50 for orders of £60 or below or free for orders of £60 above, this means you’ll receive your purchases within 2-4 days typically. If you’re desperate and want them for the next day you can select priority delivery which is £6.00.

          My Opinion

          I always go on this site with the intention of looking at a particular product or checking out the price of something but somehow I seem to end up spending about half an hour looking at all the delightful choices! I’ve bought off this site on one occasion only and found the whole experience was really straightforward – it took me minutes to register for an account, about two minutes to find the product I wanted and a further five minutes to pay for the product and arrange delivery. You can then track your orders using an option at the bottom of the homepage which allows you to see when they’re being processed and when they’ve been dispatched out. All in all it was a quick process and my products arrived three days later in perfect condition. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this site to anyone for browsing or buying, it’s a little gem!

          Thanks for reading.


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          Products are hypo-allergenic and finished products are not tested on animals.

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