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    6 Reviews
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      22.08.2012 20:41
      Very helpful



      A good choice of quality games at value prices.

      Big Fish Games is predictably a gaming site. It is my favourite gaming site, and one that I check daily. Every day Big Fish has a new game to play, and also a heavily discounted game exclusive to that day only. This is called the 'daily deal' and will not feature a new game, but rather a game that is already listed on their site.

      Game Prices

      The price on the games vary depending on whether you're a game club member or not. If you are not a member standard games cost £7.70, members pay £5.39 per month for 1 credit - this entitles you to a standard game. All other standard games purchased are charged at this same discounted rate. Collector's editions cost £15.42 for non-members, and 2 credits (or £10.80) for members. I am a member and I think the savings are significant enough to warrant the monthly fee. Credits also stay stored in your account so there's no need to use them within any given time period.

      Benefits of Being a Member (other than discounted games!)

      Members get a 'punch' on a punch card for every standard edition game bought (including those that have been bought with credits, and daily deal games) Collector's editions get you two punches. If you collect 6 punches during any monthly period you get a free game credit to spend. There are often deals on the punches (for example, buy any daily deal, get 2 punches) This makes it relatively simple to earn free credits.

      Members are given access to 'Tomorrow's Game Today' This means they have access to a new game a day before non-members. Not really a big deal, as non-members can play the very next day but a neat little perk all the same.

      Daily Deals are games that have previously featured on the site, but at the discounted price of £2.30 for members. A complete bargain for most games!

      Live chat member support is available to members of Big Fish. The customer support is excellent anyway, member or not, but this just means it's a little easier to get through to a customer support team member quickly via instant messages should any problems arise.

      If you're a loyal member you get a little gift in the post after a year of being subscribed. This comes in the form of a plushie Felix toy (the fishy mascot of Big Fish Games) It's rather sweet and a nice way for customer's to feel that they are appreciated.

      A list of all previously bought games are stored on the site. This means you can see at a glance which games you own, and can install them from here. It's so simple. Games download and play from the free Big Fish game manager.

      Oh, is that all?

      Well on top of all those benefits for members, Big Fish is really amazing anyway. The customer service is second to none. You can tell they really care about their members and staff are often seen in the games forums talking to customers who have problems and trying to sort out technical issues that games occasionally have.

      Games can be played for an hour as a demo before committing to buy them. This is a reasonable amount of time for anyone to establish whether they enjoy the game or not. It's also a good way to pass time without spending any money.

      The website also makes suggestions about games you might like to play, based on games you've bought in the past. I've found this really helpful and have found a couple of gems that I'd not spotted before.

      The forums are great. There is an individual forum for each game, where you can look at a walk-through, read reviews, and find helpful hints and tips from other members. You can also post here if you're stuck with a specific game and someone is sure to help you out. It's a very friendly community.

      Big Fish release games that are suitable for both PCs and Macs.

      So You recommend Big Fish?

      Most definitely. I couldn't even hazard a guess at how many hours enjoyment that I've had playing games from this site. Just for you lot I've just counted how many games I've purchased and it's sitting at 125 games (yikes!) over a 4 year period. I've never been let down by the customer service or the professionalism of the staff. Games are always updated on time, and it's obviously a website that's run very efficiently. There are all sorts of games available to suit almost everyone. There are games suitable for children and adults. There are hidden object games, adventure games, match 3 games, puzzle games, family games, word games, strategy games, and my favourite time management games. With so much choice it's easy to spend a small fortune, but the hours of fun are so worth it.

      Thank Cod for Big Fish!


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      25.09.2010 20:52
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Essential for a PC Gamer

      Many years ago when the office I was working in was closing down one of the lads introduced me to a world of pc gaming. Not the involved strategy type games like World of Warcraft, but little games like Zoo Keeper and Bookworm, which you could regularly dip in and out of when there was a lull in work! A lot of these games could be played for free in part screen size boxes, or the full version could be downloaded for about a tenner. As the years passed I have become a big fan of the little online games, especially time management games like Diner Dash and strategy games like Chocolatier but have found that downloading the full versions of all the ones I like can cost quite a bit.

      Just over a year ago I discovered Big Fish Games. They are an American company that specialises in online games. With the exception of Large File games which take a long time to upload, you can trial any game on their site for an hour for free. This is great as you can normally tell pretty quickly if a game is for you or not. If you like the game I would recommend playing the whole hour trial as some games can be quite short, and you may even complete them in that time(although this has only happened once for me). I would say they have well over 500 games available on their site covering most genres including Time Management, Match 3, Words, Strategy, Mahjong and card games. They also have games for iphones, MAC games, and over a hundred free games to play online.

      As it is an American site the prices are in dollars, and the games range between $9.99 - $19.99, which works out cheaper than a lot of sites. As I was downloading quite a few games from them (after Hubbie got hooked on hidden object games too), I decided to join the Big Fish Games Club. This costs me $6.99 a month which entitles me to a free game each month (Excluding any collectors editions which are normally double the price of a standard game!). If you decide not to buy a game in a particular month then it is saved on your account as a game credit.

      They also do a game of the day for club members, which is priced at $2.99, and I tend to get quite a few games from here - for less than £2 a game then I tend to try it for about 10 minutes and then buy it if I think either myself or hubby will enjoy it! These do tend to be the older games, so I tend to use my credits for newer games and then wait for the older ones in the series to be game of the day. Each month you get an online punch card and if you purchase 6 games then you get a free game credit, and the game of the day counts as a mark on your punch card, not just the full price games.

      You can pay for your games by most credit and debit cards but the best thing for me is they take Paypal. My games club membership is set up to debit from my Paypal account each month, and as I sell on Ebay I tend to have enough in there to cover it so it feels like free games ( I know it isn't but you know what I mean!!) I have found the games take between 1 and 5 mins to download depending on the file size, based on my standard broadband sky connection, and once you have completed them they can be removed from your PC in less than 30 seconds. The best thing is that once you have bought the games you own them so you can reinstall them at anytime, or have them on 2 computers.

      I have only had a couple of issues with the site - once when I didn't receive my punch card voucher, and once when a game kept freezing at a certain point. Despite the time difference I got a friendly response within 24 hours, and had a game credit issued as a resolution to both issues which I was very happy with. I would definitely recommend Big Fish Games and their games club for anyone into PC gaming, although some of them can be very addictive!!



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        05.05.2010 20:54
        Very helpful



        Another good game demo site

        After I'd exhausted the possibilities of every demo game I was interested in on Shockwave.com, I wanted to find a new site full of demos to play. As I said in the Shockwave.com review, I don't want to download the full games as I get too addicted and don't want to spend my money on them, so demo sites are ideal for me when I want to waste an hour or so and am too tired to read a book.

        Big Fish Games is another site that provides a wide selection of games (mostly Flash) to demo in the hope that you will enjoy them and pay to download the full version. There are a few games you can play through to the end - usually because they are hoping to sell you the sequel - but most of them are demos where you can play a few levels and then you have to purchase and download to finish it off, should you want to.

        The selection of games available is vast, but the quality varies too. Some games have hideous graphics and are really repetitive, whereas others are beautifully designed and challenging. You can see preview graphics before you start playing, so it is worthwhile using this feature.

        I don't like the design of the site as much as Shockwave.com. I think there are too many links on each page and the banner ads blend into the background which is annoying. I also think that Shockwave is a faster website. However, I have found that Big Fish Games gets updated with new games sooner than Shockwave, sometimes a game will appear on Big Fish Games and then on Shockwave - weeks or even months later. For example, at the moment Big Fish Games has the new Farm Frenzy game, and Shockwave doesn't. However, there are also quite a few games that the sites never share so it is worth checking out both if you are into games.

        There are forums but they aren't very active or well designed. The Shockwave site has the ability to leave reviews below the game, but Big Fish Games does not.

        Several of the games on Big Fish Games have sequels, which are generally longer, with better graphics, but you will usually need a faster computer. If you are playing games having several tabs open at the same time can make them run slowly. Banner ads can also do this, so I right click on the banner ad and turn the quality down to low, which usually solves the problem.

        My favourite games on Big Fish Games are the time management games. They have the two new Farm Frenzy games and several building games which I have really enjoyed.

        If you like a game you can usually download a limited time trial of the full version, which gives you an amount of time, say, an hour, before you need to purchase it. Games are offered for both PC and Mac. Games cost from $6.99 each and can be paid for by credit card.


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        17.09.2009 15:52
        Very helpful



        A great, easy to use site with an amazing array of games

        My parents introduced me to the world of 'Hidden Object' games and got me hooked so I searched for somewhere to try and buy some. After searching a few different sites I found BigFishGames, they appeared cheaper than most alternatives so I was sceptical at first, but their site really is first class.

        There are 3 aspects to the website, the first is the download games. Here they release a new game every day which you can download and try for free for an hour. If you like it then you can buy the full version for $6.99 (a little under £4). I have purchased around 20 games in this manner and can certainly vouch for the quality of the site and the games themselves.

        Another aspect is an online games section which has a huge choice of free browser games that you can just click on and play online for as long or as little as you like. These games though tend to be small with little scope for long-term play.

        The third aspect, and one I do use a lot, is their Game Community (which has just been relaunched as BigSeaGames.com). Here you get online browser based games again, but these have more replay value as you can earn tokens and awards as you progress and replay the games. This service is currently completely free.

        The design of the site is nice and colourful and fun, while still retaining a nice clean look that is exceptionally easy to navigate and find what you want. There should be something for everyone here.

        There are other sites that provide different parts of this service to varying degrees of success, but BigFishGames brings them all together in a highly polished product. Highly recommended.


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        12.10.2008 10:50
        Very helpful



        A good start for a gaming website

        Every now and again, I like to play the free trials for the PC games that are widely available on the internet for download.
        The site I always go to is Big Fish games.com. I have no personal preference for this but I have used it since I started playing free trails and then again when I went onto to buy the full version of the games.

        Big Fish Games.com has a massive amount of games to download. These are all categorised into
        - Hidden object
        - Time Management
        - Adventure
        - Puzzle
        - Match 3
        - Large file.

        Under each category, there are too many games to even begin to mention, but you can do an individual search, or browse alphabetically.
        The site will show you the top 100 or latest popular downloads if you're unsure of what you're looking for.

        The site itself is obviously very busy with graphics, but runs well and I have never experienced many lags or breaks in connections.
        It's freshly laid out and easy to navigate across to sections you may want to find.

        *To download a free trial*

        If you find a game you would like to try, you can opt to download the free trial. These trials will last for 60 minutes game play before they lock on your machine.
        To download one, the process is fairly simple, with just a click of a button and then following the on screen instructions.
        You will have the choice of where you want to game to be saved. It's advisable to note here that you won't want to download a lot at a time as it will clog up your system. There aren't any ads to download with the game so you can be secure in the knowledge you won't gain extra bits and pieces you don't want on your system.
        I would advise a pre scan for viruses before opening any files. I always do this out of habit despite how safe the site may be. This is for my own personal safety, but I have never come across anything untoward from this site.

        The game will be available via your pc and will track your 60 minutes of game play. The idea is that most games require a lot more that 60 minutes and this trail is to tempt you into buying the full version.

        *Buying the full version*

        If you decide to buy the full version of the game afterwards, it can be simply done from the game you have downloaded. You don't have to re visit the site at all if you don't want to.

        I would suggest you shop around for the prices of the games as Big Fish Games.com will not always be the cheapest.
        They do hold offers where you can join a membership package which gives you games a lot cheaper but requires you to buy a certain number over 12 months.

        1 game = $19.99
        3 games = $9.99
        12 games = $7.49

        I personally don't think any of the games you will download are worth the $19.99, as game play won't last long enough for you to get your money's worth.
        If you are a serious gamer then perhaps the 12 game packages would be good. I haven't signed up to anything more than a 3 game package because I'm not sure I want to be committed for the 12 months, and I am likely to forget and my card will continue to be charged for no reason.

        To buy a game, you can just click through from the game window on your system. It will ask you for your email address, and take you to the purchase window.
        A tip here, you can pay by paypal as well as credit o debit card. This site is American and I have always chosen to pay by paypal for the reason that I don't have to input my card details to yet another site I choose to buy something from.

        There is a promotional code box on the purchase screen. Whenever I see this it inspires me to do a quick Google search to find a code as there are obviously some available. I have only managed to find a couple, but this has saved me a few pounds in the past.

        A point to remember is that the tax will be added onto the price of your game at checkout. The site is a secure process and I am never worried about the state of my details.

        A typical $9.99 game will cost approx £6.49 including tax in the current economic market.

        Once you have purchased the game, it will be available for instant game play on your system. If it isn't then you have an email support button to click through. The worst wait I've found was about 5 minutes for the system to recognise I had paid with one game.

        *Online play*

        This site also allows you to play some of the less recent games online. This is a good way to get a quick idea of whether you want to download a trial as you can pay instantly. It's playable on a small screen however and there are no save processes available. It's only good for a very quick insight to what you will get.

        Overall I like Big Fish Games for what I have received. If you join up to a package you can buy the most recent games before they are available on the site up to a day in advance.
        Big Fish Games claim to add a game to the site every day. They usually vary between each of the categories mentioned at the beginning of this review.

        These games will be much the same as you will see plastered all over the internet so do remember to shop around but I think this site is a good starting point as it's dedicated to games only.


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        19.01.2008 21:06
        Very helpful



        some decent free trails, Plus online puzzles and things. Something for everyone.

        **** www.bigfishgames.com ****

        I found 'Big Fish games' whilst bored and looking for free sim games to play to waste an afternoon....Bored ? Here you will find online games suitable for Kids and us Big Kids alike, adults and children can play games online for FREE with quite a variety to choose from you're sure to find something to amuse for a while.
        There's a download section where you can choose a game and download a trial version to play for an hour. This is basically a try before you buy feature, careful though I tried and despite promising myself otherwise I bought a game....

        The Site...

        The site itself is set-out well, but may appear crowded at first glance with all the game pictures. It's well organised and sectioned which makes navigating the site simple once you decide what you're looking for. To the left of the screen you will find 'Featured areas' which is a handy list of 'types' of game to help you find what you're looking for eg: Puzzle/Action/Hidden object/ Kids Games.

        There's a new game to be found here every day too and 'Today's New Release' box shows the latest offering. The menu at the top is well divided into clear titled sections and if you don't want to trawl through hundreds of titles there's good search options to find something for your gaming pleasure, whatever your taste in the download section

        Register / Getting an Account

        You will need an account to buy games and use other site features, but it's free easy and fast to activate. Only requirement is you need to be AGE 18+ for your free Big Fish Games account to purchase things but also to play in the online games 'community' (also free).Normal procedure applies, once you register you will receive an e-mail to confirm, once confirmed you can buy your game /use the games community to play games for points.

        Games Community

        Here if you are grown-up and have an account you can earn points while playing games, points are used to enter into competitions for prizes. You don't need an account to play just if you want to collect points....and use the member chat function, there's also a friends list function. Some games have more points than others with lots to choose from. Looking today for example at today's new 'Online Game' Has 21,988 players all "..Canoneering in the land of fairy.."

        Only thing to mention with the online games is the annoying wait looking at an advert but don't despair! the wait isn't that long only around 15 seconds. Pretty simple games here for the most part, all have clear instructions/help - Always good to know what you're meant to be trying to do...may amuse you for half an hour or so but am not to taken with the online game side of the site - not enough time as it is without messing around here !

        Download Section

        I have a Pc so Pc games for me but there is a Mac games section too. The page brings up Top Picks and the like which makes browsing easy if you're not after anything in particular. Selecting Kids games or new releases will bring up hundreds of games to check out there also plus the top 100 games which are the most popular /most downloaded.

        The Kids section has Dora Explorer and Spongebob games in at the minute to name just 2, there's a fair few 'character games' to be found here as well as many others. Worth a look to amuse the children and a good excuse to play...sorry..TEST games for an hour yourself to see if suitable for your little 'un before buying..
        Maybe not a good idea for kids in some ways, I can well imagine tantrums after the hour demo is up and they want the game. Which will cost you around £11.99 if you just want the one game.

        Save some £££££

        Savings can be made using the 'game club options' which are very worthwhile checking out if you find a few games you want for example if you buy 12 games in next 12 months will be £3.49 a game....or 2 games in 2 months £5 each - So definite savings to be had.

        I however payed my £11.99 to download the full version of my game and an extra £3.99 for a 'back-up' CD (which has my chosen game plus a random free game on) AND Tax of £2.80 - Doesn't work out cheap does it ? Total of £18.78 for a game...which is a good game but not that good - another review for another time. I had a moment of madness and out came the credit card...enough said.

        Buying Full Game

        I tried a game and liked it, the trouble with sim/simulation type games is you know an hour is not enough, so it's silly to try the demo', if you like it chances are you may very well buy it. Have done the same on another site and is pretty much all the same procedure.
        You need to be signed in to your account to confirm purchase of the game - out with the plastic money - in with the magic numbers - Hey presto! you can now download full version of your game right away - and pick up where you left off in the demo if you wish.
        You have the option of a back-up CD which is a bit steep at £3.99 you don't have to buy but if you do then you'll get another random game for free on it.


        The game downloaded fast and fine, but when I tried to play it kept crashing, in a word - problems. When it was running the graphics went squiffy and it kept shutting down every so often. Not good, however my email to customer support was answered quickly and my problem solved. Very helpful people and fixed my problem - Top Marks for After-Sales support they were very happy to help ( should think so for that price..)

        I was sent many e-mails keeping me up to date with my purchase which was good. I got an email confirming I'd bought the game, another when my CD was posted - Good marks here as well - the CD too as arrived within a couple of days sooner than expected.

        The CD packaging left something to be desired - The Cardboard envelope which has " The CD you ordered + More free Trial Games! " on the front. Just screams "Steal Me!" if you ask me, especially if you have a dodgy postman don't you think ?

        The CD within is in a plain cardboard sleeve within and the CD itself looks... well 'cheap' I guess, but it works and it arrived so am not complaining (much). I also got another mail from Bigfishgames asking if I'd received my CD, and if not then follow link to report and get another sent out, good after sales care all round really and not had any spam as a result of registering - always good because I get enough junk as it is.

        Recommend ?

        Definitely a site worth a look if you have nothing better to do, if you do have things to do then don't go as you may download a trial game end up buying said game....lose a whole afternoon getting the said game working properly....then waste your time the rest of the week playing your new game...
        Seriously though there are some decent free trails to play, from puzzles and things to action /simulation and classic games. There's something to amuse everyone on here somewhere, a very wide range of games to play.

        May keep kids entertained for a while too, though be ready for potential tantrums if playing the one hour demos, maybe better off playing the 'online' ones.

        Overall a good site, well designed and easy to navigate your way around. Great after-sales service from my experience with them, the only thing I'd recommend is TAKE the 'game club options' offer as it will work out cheaper. If I buy again I will definately use it as with a single game costing £18.78 you're better of taking one of the packages offered, now I've actually purchased from the site I'd trust them enough to take up the option. I've bought 'download' games cheaper from other sites but taking up the offer would save some cash.

        See for yourself....go on...have a couple of hours off and go PLAY !!!

        Thanks for reading,
        Manda :o)

        Can also find me elsewhere under same name, this review is also over on Ciao with photos.


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