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    4 Reviews
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      08.06.2009 17:45



      Ordered online, nice website, very easy to use and the site is very fast overall. Order arrived next day, well packed and with everything as stated on the site. very happy


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      04.09.2008 23:11
      Very helpful



      I will use them again and again because they look after their customers

      Bigpockets is an e-tailer of gadgets and random things. I cannot think of any other way of describing it!

      It has everything from laptops and desktops to weasel coffee. I picked weasel coffee as the most random thing they do (even though they do plenty of random things) just so I could explain it for you.

      Weasel Coffee is first eaten by weasels which then regurgitate it - no one knows why they do it but it is then collected by locals in remote forest areas and cleaned and roasted. Bigpockets say that it "has a unique rich chocolatey flavour and is best served as an espresso with a dash of condensed milk, just as they do in Vietnam." Each to their own, I suppose!

      Bigpockets is also famous for selling cr*p. I am not being unnecessarily rude here. They *are* famous for selling the 'Bag o Cr*p' and, more recently, the 'Random Cr*p'. These are random things which you order, not knowing what they are - a modern take on the lucky dip bag. The Bag o Cr*p has three bits of cr*p in them and the Random Cr*p has a single piece. Bags cost £3 each and Randoms cost 99p each. It's great fun if a little random.

      Now, to my experience!

      I recently ordered some cr*p from Bigpockets.

      So popular are their cr*p promos that their systems got a bit overwhelmed. I ordered on Tuesday, my cr*p did not arrive until the following Tuesday - despite having paid almost £6 in postage to have CityLink deliver.

      Now, I am all for putting the blame for this at the feet of CityLink who, in my experience, are pretty uniformly dreadful as couriers go. But this time, it seems that some of the blame at least needs to go to Bigpockets, who were simply overwhelmed.

      So I complained - and even before my order arrived, I had had my postage refunded and a full apology. I know some others had the same.

      Brilliant. Why can't more companies just fess and say sorry when something's gone wrong? What's the big problem? Nobody expects people to be superhuman - things go wrong from time to time. So what? Just have the guts to say sorry!

      Top marks to Bigpockets.

      And for the record, my order was for three pieces of Random Cr*p and I got:

      1 - a Dora the Explorer V-Tech game.
      2 - a set of black metal curtain hold backs.
      3 - a very heavy, solid wood cd rack.

      Well worth £2.98! In addition, I ordered a set of 40 CD cases (8p - for 40 not each!) and a 512mb Sony Memory Stick Pro for 50p.

      So, it was already cheap! But seriously, I know of a few companies that could really take a leaf out of Bigpockets' customer service book. Having said that, things might get better generally if they used someone other than CityLink. Just a thought.

      In conclusion, Bigpocket is a great company that tries hard to keep its customers happy. It has some excellent offers and deals. But it could really do with using a different courier!


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        15.07.2008 23:18



        Great for bargains.

        I bought an Ipod shuffle (refurbished) off this site for £20. Everything about the purchase was good. The ordering itself I found simple and I liked the fact you can use paypal. The shuffle came quickly, within a few days, although the packaging was a little disapointing (only in a jiffy bag) when you consider how apple package their ipods in the acrylic cases. It could have easily smashed if it had been dropped.
        The actual product itself is great, no signs what so ever that it's been refurbished, although the outsie box was a little scratched. We thought it was so good we oredered another one shortly after!
        I have seen their range of products and they do seem to offer LOTS of electronics VERY cheap! Things like laptops, tvs, ipods, all much cheaper than there rrp but just watch out on the item description as to the condition (new or refurb). They get a lot of bankrupt stock so everything changes quite often so keep your eyes open for the bargains!
        Most, if not all, electrical items come with some kind of warranty too.


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        18.03.2008 23:14
        Very helpful



        Gadgets, Blank Media and Refurbished PCS, Laptops


        The company (IT Solutions) primarily sell online through their website under the trade name Big Pockets and can be found at bigpockets.co.uk. They sell various things from blank CD/DVD media, memory cards, electronics, gadgets to refurbished PCs and laptops.


        The website isn't the best looking site I've ever seen as I don't like the colour scheme but it is still laid out consistently and functional. I've noticed spelling mistakes in some product descriptions but the information is there. Navigation is easy with their navigation bar on the left that slides out as you hover the mouse pointer over the categories. Their search function works well.

        Shopping on the site is the same as any other and requires adding items to your basket and the checking out. You would need to create an account like most other online retailers. You can pay for orders via PayPal, Nochex and most major credit cards. Once your order has gone through, you can check the status of your order by logging into your account but they also send you emails with the order details and dispatch details with tracking information. One time, I chose to pay with Nochex but even though the payment went through, the order was not successful but they refunded me after I phoned up and I paid by credit card. It was inconvenient and seems like the Nochex integration didn't work. This was a long time ago though and most likely has been fixed. That aside, the site works great.


        They have a good selection of products and I've purchased various things from small electronics to refurbished laptops but their gadget and electronics selection is a bit limited and only seem to have cheap brands. For example, with MP3 players, they don't stock iPods, only iPod accessories. They do not stock any Creative MP3 players.

        Regarding the refurbished laptops, I've found them to be hit and miss. I've bought two from them and both of them I've had trouble with the optical drive reading CDs. I returned the first one at my own cost (although I didn't ask for a postage refund). The second one I've still got but intend on just ordering a replacement DVD drive. I would have preferred that they checked and tested their laptops more thoroughly, in particularly with reading CDs and DVDs.


        Delivery is usually fairly quick and on most occasions, I've received my orders within 5 working days. However, I have had an issue where I ordered a memory card and a laptop but only the memory card was delivered. The tracking details showed that an item had been signed for but it turned out the laptop had not been despatched by their supplier.


        On the whole, I'm finding the prices to be not so great but there are good deals to be found.

        For example:

        SanDisk 1GB ULTRA II SD MEMORY CARD (bad)
        @ Bigpockets.co.uk - £9.99 plus delivery
        @ Play.com - £6.99 free delivery

        Logitech MM50 Portable Speakers for iPod - White (really bad)
        @ Bigpockets.co.uk - £84.99 plus delivery
        @ Amazon.co.uk - £39.95 plus delivery (sale price)

        SanDisk Sansa c240 1GB MP3 Player With FM Radio (excellent)
        @ Bigpockets.co.uk - £16.99 plus £3.29 delivery
        @ Play.com - £39.99 plus free delivery
        @ Amazon Marketplace - £21.95 plus £4.50 delivery

        Many things are poor value compared to buying from other retailers but big savings can still be made with some products and when going for their less known branded products. Also, there are savings to be made by buying refurbished PCs and laptop from them as their prices seem quite reasonable if you do not want to spend that much on a new laptop or PC.


        The customer service is quite good. I have phoned them and I have used their ticket system on the Contact Us section of their site. I receive responses within a day so it's not bad at all. On one occasion, a long time ago, they sent me the wrong type of blank DVD discs (DVDRs instead of DVDRWs). They sent me the correct ones and let me keep the ones I received in error.

        On another occasion, I returned a laptop but on enquiring about when they would refund me, they said they hadn't received it back yet. However, later in the day, they said they'd found it. The refund was processed within a week though.


        After recent orders, I'm finding them to be a bit disorganised. First reason is because of the return, which they had received but not processed and the second reason being the laptop I ordered not having been despatched.

        They are happy to rectify problems and mistakes and do respond in a timely manner. Prices are hit and miss but there are good deals and alternatives to the mainstream products without resorting to buying on eBay, for peace of mind.

        Overall, I do recommend shopping with them but only if you find something at a good price or something you can't find elsewhere.

        Thanks for reading.


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