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Online diary site, offering a downloadable tool to allow you to publish your thoughts instantly.

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    30 Reviews
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      22.11.2013 10:17



      Blogger is an really good, easy and quick way to start a Blog

      After looking for a site to start a blog the Google + Blogger site was recommended to me.

      As really new to Blogging I needed a site that will help me to get going and as Blogger is free, this is a bonus. To sign up for blogger needed a Google e mail account which was easy and simple to set up, just 5 minues.

      Then came looking for the actual Blog space.
      This I struggled to do but soon found the key (on the right of the sceen towards the top).

      Then had to decide on my web address... Blogger is really helpful here and tells you when the words chosen are valid or not.

      Blogger gives a number of templates - some look very basic and some a bit more complex. For my first Blog used a basic template. So far so good...all this took less than 15 minutes..Really impressed with that.

      Now I was ready to type in my first Blog page. A tip a family member shared was to write the Blog page in a "word" or something similar then cut and paste into your Blog.. helps with spell check and so on.

      Did this... blog uploaded and on web in about 30 minutes.

      Blogger has many great tools that help to improve your Blog and get it noticed on the web. I have tried most of them... Blogger also has a super "Stats" page that allows you to see how many people have looked at your Blog. In 24 hours I have had 30+ page views from all round the world.

      Overall Blogger is a fast and simple and FREE way to get a Blog on the web.

      Rather impressed I am.


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      01.03.2012 20:55
      Very helpful



      Great FREE way to get information disseminated on the internet.

      ---Why I Do This---

      I started off as a complete novice - not even knowing what Blogger was.
      I was organising a school reunion and asked my son if there was a way I could keep in touch with everyone without having to contact them all separately - so he set me up with Blogger and left me to it.
      It must be easy as I was soon able to find my way around quite easily and learn how it worked without being shown.
      I have now gone from having just one for the school reunion to now having 30.
      I do not use them in the conventional sense of an online diary - but use them for village history and the history of local church and chapels etc - I will list my uses below.

      ---The Brand---

      Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.
      It was created by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003.
      Generally, the blogs are hosted by Google at a subdomain of blogspot.com.

      ---The Product & Instructions---

      Easy to set up.
      Pick you own name - which will end in 'blogspot.com' - there is a way of getting a proper web address but I have not bothered with that yet.
      You have many templates to choose from so you can choose your own layout.
      You also have the option of picking from numerous backgrounds, text styles and colours - you can also upload your own image for the background if you wish and add pictures.
      You post in the blog as and when you wish.
      You can alter the width of the blog columns.
      You can have a large heading and also add an image if you wish.
      You can also add a number of 'gadgets to you blog:
      * Follow by Email
      * Popular Posts
      * Blog's stats
      * Pages
      * AdSense
      * Followers
      * Search Box
      * HTML/JavaScript
      * Text
      * Picture
      * Slideshow
      * Video Bar
      * Poll
      * Blog List
      * Link List
      * List
      * Feed
      * Newsreel
      * Labels
      * Subscription Links
      * Logo
      * Profile
      * Blog Archive
      * Page Header
      You can have numerous blogs and these will be listed on a page called your 'dashboard'.



      ---The Sort of Blogs I Have---

      * SCHOOL REUNION - this was used before our two reunions to let people know how the preparations were going and is still kept going as I added pictures of the event and also history of the school too.
      I have added a Youtube slideshow of the reunions and also added Polls to see what people wanted for their next reunion.
      * SISTER'S RUBY WEDDING - added wedding pictures and ones of where they were married and people left messages before the event. I then added pictures taken on the day. I was able to add a slideshow with red showering hearts from Photobucket.
      * HISTORY SOCIETY - I am secretary so I have added lots of info for the group plus pictures and slideshows. Also a Youtube slideshow of around the village.
      * OLD VILLAGE SCHOOL - pictures and history of our closed school.
      * CLOSED VLLAGE CHURCH - pictures and history of our closed church.
      * CLOSED VILAGE CHAPELS - pictures and history of our two closed chapels.
      * COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION - minutes and pictures of community gardens etc.
      * VILLAGE HALL - rental charges and minutes.
      * COMMUNITY COUNCIL - council minutes.
      * VILLAGE MILESTONES - pictures and history.
      * THEN & NOW PICTURES OF VILLAGE - old and new images.
      * VILLAGE REMEMBRANCE - recording our three war dead - pictures, Youtube slideshow and text.
      * VILLAGE TIMELINE - text only.
      * NEW RESIDENT INFROMATION - lots of text and images.
      * HISTORY OF EYAM - text and images.
      * CHRISTMAS PREPARATIONS (private) - text.
      * FINANCES (private) - text.

      ---My Opinion---

      As you can see from the list above, since I started blogging in 2007 I have expanded my list of blogs.
      Blogger is very easy to get to grips with and I just started off with basic posts and then learnt of its features as I went along.
      IMAGES - it is easy to add images to your posts or you can add them down the side of the blog or to the top.
      POLLS - added a few of these to the school reunion blog.
      PAGES - have added different pages to all my blogs now to give more an impression of a proper website.
      SLIDESHOWS - have added these from Photobucket.
      HTML - I use this feature to add google maps.
      INTERACTIVE MAPS - I made these using Zeemaps (again free) and did two blogs for them - one showing businesses and one for places of interest.
      LINKS LIST - useful for showing other interesting websites and for showing my other blogs.
      LABELS - these are put at the end of each post regarding its content and can then be shown alphabetically down the side of the blog as a sort of index.

      I do a village website which the village pays for by fundraising but I find these blogs very useful as I can create as many as I like without incurring any extra cost.
      Blogger is very easy to use as I am no expert - I would suggest to anyone to give them a try - they have lots of uses apart form the conventional one of an online diary.
      I have used two for private reference - one for my Christmas preparations (present lists etc) and also one for my finances - these can be kept private so only I can view them.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 Stars.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely - they are so easy to manage..




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        27.11.2011 09:48
        Very helpful



        A great site for bloggers


        Blogger is a website that allows you to freely and easily set up your own blog, it does everything except for writing your posts for you.

        Getting Started:

        To get started with Blogger you just need to make an account, this may sound like a hardship, entering lots of details and then finding some hidden charges right? Well actually no, I just had to sign in with my Google Mail account and I was done, no charges or additional details required. I then set about picking a template, they have a decent selection and allow you to change the layout of the post and everything like that and of course you can customise them to meet your needs.

        Posting a Blog:

        Well posting a blog is really easy as well, you just start writing, just write whatever you want to write about, for me personally I needed a place to vent my frustration at having a really annoying condition known as Ledderhose disease which has been causing me problems, anyway if you wanted to know about that you can visit my blog.

        The format of the Blog editor is very much like a text editor, you can change the font and the colour of the text and you can add in a URL, however something which is also useful is that you can also post pictures and videos. I think that this is a really important function, a lot of things are much easier to explain with a picture or a video, for me this was how I have a limited range of movement in the toes of my left foot, explaining this with text was doable but why not just show people with a video, well with Blogger I could and I did.

        Other bits and pieces:

        One thing I really like about blogger is that there are several other things that you can do with your blog, on thing that I am sure is close to the hearts of many people here is that you can make money, just put get Google Adsense and then you can have adverts shown on your blog, sure they may not be to everyones tastes and you may want to keep you blog more pure than that but if you want some pocket money then this might be able to add to it.

        Blogger is also good at giving you statistics, it will give you the number of views that you have had today and in total, it will also tell you where these views came from and I don't just mean what link, I mean which country, my blog seems to be popular mainly in the UK but also appears to be liked in Russia and the USA. I personally wanted to know more than this and it is really easy to link your account up to Google Analytics which will give you even more details, I can now find out what area within the UK the people are viewing the blog from and for how long.


        I can't say that I have used many blogs site before, but I can say that I don't think I will need to use another one, Blogger does a good job at making it easy to post, easy to view and easy to keep track of everything, so far I have really enjoyed using it and hope that my Blog might even prove to be helpful to someone with the same condition at some point in the future. Blogger even has a mobile app allowing me to do posts and picture on the go.

        If anyone wants to see my blog just PM me, however it will only be of interest to those who want to know about Ledderhose Disease / Plantar Fibromas.


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          04.05.2011 16:50
          Very helpful



          lovely website to communicate

          Originally, I did not understand the concept of blogging and thought anyone who did it was genius to be able to work out the complex websites. Although, recently I found about Blogger which in my opinion is the cream of the crop.

          I have been blogging my little brain off for the past 4 months now and found it very easy. There are many blogs set up specifically to teach you how to use the websites many features. I have to admit - you may need to use these to ensure you make the best blog possible.

          Originally, I never planned on using my blogs to make money. One is simply to gain feedback on sketches I have done to help me improve my portfolio to help me get into university. The other is just my experiences throughout life. I find that blogging is a good way to vent and share your own life with others, or even just your knowledge on a certain topic.

          I am unsure if there are any more places to earn revenue on your blog, but I personally use Google AdSense. It is so simple to set up but I am yet to gain a decent revenue from my site. I have currently earnt 48p (yayyy haha), but I am sure that I will soon generate more traffic to make this better. If you google search about generating traffic, you will find many tips to help you out.

          To make a blog you simply need to make an account, create a blog and your away. The website is so easy to use and very colourful making it more interesting than some other boring websites. It is so quick and easy to upload videos, pictures and even just plain old text. Google took over the company many years ago and added features such as polls, page views, youtube and various other things to make your blog more appealing to viewers. You may also choose to 'follow' a blog. This means that you will be updated every time your chosen blogger updates their blog. (The amount of followers you have often helps you earn more money as long as you keep your blog interesting).

          I often scroll around other blogs of similar interest, leaving comments to gain more traffic to my own site which works very well. There are billions of blogs and you will be amazed at some of the things you will find.

          Visit my blogs:
          jfashionp.blogspot.com *online fashion portfolio*
          jessicaaasx.blogspot.com *everything girl related*


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          28.02.2011 22:58
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          blogblogblogbloglblog...get blogging

          Blogger is an online blogging (basically a diary) site owned and run by Google. You can set up an account quickly and for free very easily. You can create multiple blogs on your one account and they can be about anything you like! (Obvious restrictions apply.) I advise you to blog about things you're passionate about, it makes the content mush easier to write and it just looks so much better when it's relaly from the heart, it's much more powerful.

          It's easy to get up and running on, but it's really hard to get traffic to your blog, and I mean really hard, I have no idea how to get extra traffic to mine. I would love to get some traffic, although my blog is small and the content isn't much, it'd be a nice thought knowing people are reading what I'm saying, rather than feeling like I'm writing for invisible eyes...

          You can track how many people view your blog easily from your profile, and you can add a picture of yourself, add your interests, birth date, location and more to make your profile even more personal. Also, there is a business/application run and owned by Google, called Adsense, which you can use on your blog to possibly earn a bit of money whilst blogging away. All you do is enable it on blogger and there you have it: Ads on your blog which realte to what you're talkinig about. From now on, every click of an ad earns you money! Careful you don't click the ads yourself, even to test them, because Google will find out and your account will be terminated immediately. However more info about Adsense should be left to a different review!

          Back to Blogger...
          Blogger is basically an online diary which you can use for anything, you can document anything from daily life, emotions, relationships and troubles to things such as the recent football scores, a fan-run blog dedicated to your favourite band, a blog about the universe's origin, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING (almost).

          In my opinion blogging is a rising star in the internet, it's taken over the traditional diaries some people used to have and blogging is a much quicker and eaasier soluton to note things down.

          I recommend Blogger, it's a good way to express your opinions and I thoroughly enjoy it after a hard day's work, it's a lovely relaxation. A great comfort, to blog about your day, it also helps you recollect events, which I think is imporving my short term memory and long term too. It also helps you review what you've done that day, you can see how little or how much you've achieved. It's very interesting and it's a great hobby to take up too. I say sign up today :) If you do, be sure to let me know and I'l add you to my friends list on Blogger. However it could get addictive, so be careful, also, don't spend too much time in front of the screen blogging, it could lead to health problems. On a lighter note, get blogging!


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            12.08.2010 17:13
            Very helpful



            Just about the easiest way to benefit the World with your wisdom

            ...and it's all Dooyoo's fault. I've been a member of Dooyoo for... OMG, it's today - 10 years today!!!!! I nearly missed it. During that time I've written approaching 500 reviews/opinions, call it what you will. Doesn't sound a very high number? I've never been a serial reviewer: I write only on things that interest me and when the spirit moves me. Money was never the primary motivation although it does add to the attraction.

            Over the years I have been frustrated, as have most Dooyoo members I'm sure, over the organisation of the website and especially over the way in which subject categories are (or are not!!!) set up. True, things are better today than they have been at some notorious times in the past but are still a long way from perfect. Especially frustrating is what has been consigned by Dooyoo to "The Lounge" and the ability to get appropriate new subjects added to it.

            So many times I've wanted to get something off my chest but where it concerns a specific product, Dooyoo has presented for me a more than adequate platform for my rants. I remember that one of my first was over my long-standing frustrations with my now-departed but very much loved MG ZT 1.8 Turbo. The history of my ownership and the trials and tribulations that went with it are extensively documented here, frequently updated with each new insult she dealt me.

            However, often the object of my ire was not a subject for which Dooyoo had a suitable category and so the resort to the additional frustrations of the Suggestions system often meant that my rage diminished in proportion to the time it took Dooyoo to add the new category, or not, as the case may be. I do realise that Dooyoo would not want us having the ability to add our own new categories willy-nilly and that there must be some form of Moderation but if Ciao can do it, why can't we?

            Of course, the other frustration heaped upon its members by Dooyoo is the inability to write more than one opinion per category. You either have to rewrite or else update the existing review but that doesn't bring it to the top of your list, so other members still don't realise that you have added new information. That's where members have to start getting creative in order to choose another category and where other members start making complaints about not addressing the subject category!

            It might seem strange that it has taken me so long to dip my toe into the world of blogging but I suppose that, as with all new things, age confers a certain resistance to change. It required something that I really wanted to put "into print" and for which Dooyoo could not provide any suitable platform. But which Blog platform to use?

            The decision proved to be easier than it appeared: I have a Google email account and already use several Google products, such as Picasa, Google Docs, Google Reader and iGoogle. Blogger, therefore, seemed a natural choice, especially as I could use my existing Google Userid and password.

            The Blogger website doesn't make it immediately obvious that it's part of the Google Empire other than that you are requested to log in with your Google account (but lot's of websites do that now) and, tucked away at the bottom, the Google copyright indication. So, signing in you are presented with a request to set up your Blogger account.

            Initially I went with all the defaults; don't worry about making what subsequently turn out to be inadvisable choices: these can be changed later. This includes things like the sort of background you want for your blog pages. What you should think about is the name for your blog: not the individual blog entries but the name for your entire blog site. I chose the probably unimaginative "The random thoughts of grahamt" simply because I wanted to get on and commit my thoughts to "paper". That also became the qualifier for my account URL on Blogspot, where Blogger accounts are hosted.

            And so to compose my first blog. The New Post button enables you to do this and when you click it you are presented with a very simple text editor. This surprised me somewhat. Bearing in mind that Google Docs has a very competent editor in it, it seemed strange to me that Google hadn't included this code on Blogger as well. Don't get me wrong, the Blogger text editor is not entirely devoid of features: you have a field for the title for your masterpiece and below that the text box for the content with, above it, various formatting options for fonts, text sizes, emphasis and things like embedding pictures (although Animated GIFs are not directly supported), video and attaching links to external webpages.

            It even has a spell-checker although I use Firefox so have an in-line spell-checker anyway. What it doesn't have is anything like Find and/or Replace but, once again, fortunately Firefox has this as a standard feature.

            You can use Google Docs to write and maintain your blog entries and even publish from there. Google Docs has a Publish the Web option for documents you create there and you will be returned a URL link to the document, which you could enter in the blog text editor as the only entry. That would maintain the link to the original document in Google Docs, so long as you don't revoke the publication there.

            Anyway, I decided that for my first effort I'd stick with what was on offer and see how successful it was. Along the way your work is automatically saved at very regular intervals so, whatever disaster may befall, there is little chance of losing very much in practice. You can also hit the Preview button at any time and see how your blog will look when finally committed to the Web. I also find it easier to proof-read in this format rather than in the text editor.

            When you are happy with your effort you can then add additional labels that will act as search tags for anyone interested in the subject about which you have written. You can also choose options for your blog, such as whether or not you will allow comments to be added and also options related to formatting, especially embedded HTML, with which you can tart up your blog, over and above that which the text editor offers.

            You don't have to complete your blog all in one go. Because it's being saved as you go along (and you can force save as well) you can always return to it at any time. Once started it appears in the Edit Posts list and clicking Edit against a post returns you to the text editor with the work as left, ready for more changes or additions.

            So, you have your first blog so now is maybe the time to start taking a look at what else Blogger has to offer. The Settings category enables you to control the way in which you blog operates. It includes such things a whether or not you intend to include "Adult Content" and whether therefore there will be an automatic warning issued to potential readers. You can also control whether or not you want to moderate comments before they are posted against your blogs.

            You can control the layout of your blog pages and even add Gadgets to the page, from a selection offered you. I haven't gone that far yet but I may in future. There's a Template Designer with a selection of pre-defined templates from which you can make your blog pages more personal to you.

            Having posted my first blog I now have a few ideas for further blogs that I want to publish. As for my first, it's such a great feeling to have simply got my thoughts down and out. I can now put that to one side and get on with other things that should be getting more of my attention. Unresolved thoughts can be so distracting. If you have the time, pop by and have a read. Leave a comment if you wish.


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              17.05.2010 17:33



              This is a heuristic usability evaluation of blogger.com http://tvustudent.wordpress.com/2010/05/17/bloggerheuristicusabilityevaluation/Conclusions:Blogger has very good usability.■4.2 average score.■One third of the areas of Blogger's usability scored 4.■5 out of 12 areas of Blogger's usability scored 5 - exemplar usability: design a simple state space; visible system status; matches language with target user group needs; facilitates learning and effective error management was the most successful element of Blogger.■Only 3 areas of Blogger's interface showed minor concern about usability - giving users control and freedom, help, and navigation.■No main areas with significant issues, but the most significant were the poor utility of linking functionality and poor utility and features for managing blog performance and stats.■No areas with serious usability flaws or catastrophes.■The 'Area for Improvement' highlighted within this evaluation indicate how this could be improved and are recommendations for further redesign.


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              23.03.2010 02:27
              Very helpful



              Blog me!

              The interenet has provided us with loads of things and blogging is one of the most popular! There are so many types of blogs today from news blogs to celeb blogs and much much more. All kinds of people from politicians to everyday people also write blogs and it is a popular way of communicating your thoughts and feeling in a diary type way but for all to see!

              Blogger.com is a Google owned blog based site which allows new and experiened users a place to start there very own blog. They offer a free service which is easy to use even for those of you who are a but scared of technology. Blogs can be about anything (apart from illegal activity!) and can be used as a hobby or even a way to make some extra money.

              I have used Blogger for about two years now and in my opinion it is the best blogging site out there. It is so user friendly especially for new bloggers, I knew nothing about blogging when I first started but managed to make a professionally looking blog with blogger with relative ease.

              The site allows you to fully customise the blog for all the experienced bloggers too! The site allows you to change everything from the apperance to the adverts displayed on the side. You can eaily add your own content which is great if you are looking to advertise your site on your blog.

              I primarily use blogging to promote my site but i would reccomend it to everyone as it is a great communication tool with which I have found many great like minded people through. Even if you only read the blogs available Blogger if definately worth a look!


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              27.01.2010 13:11
              Very helpful



              Best platform to start with.

              I have been using Blogger for over a year now. It is an online site hosted by Google where you can create your own weblog.

              Many people have weblogs these days, from politicians, to craft people to film critics, or just normal people who want to document their every day lives.

              Blogger.com is a free blog service (some, such as typepad) you have to pay for, and from what I have heard, although they have the edge on functionality, you cannot beat blogger for ease of use.

              You can create multiple blogs for different things, and you login using the same username and password to the Blogger dashboard which is really useful too.

              Blogs give you the option to "follow" them, so if you are following any blogs, you can check them out in the reader at the bottom of the dashboard, and see if anyone you follow has posted new posts to their own blogs. I like this, but I also use google reader which tells me when people have got new blog posts up rather than me trailing around loads of them.

              So blogger for me is really easy to use. You first of all pick a template and colours for your blog, and advanced users have the option to fully customise their blog with CSS templates and other blog templates as you are able to edit the HTML. Basic users, need to have no need of any internet coding, it is all done in a "Wizard" format (i.e. click buttons and you are away).

              Once at the dashboard, you click "NEW POST" and give your post a title, write some text and then you can tag the post (basically just categorise it) and click publish (or save as draft).
              I find this part of blogger really easy to use, you don't need any more skills than you do to use dooyoo and I think that is why it is so accessible for all ages. I have blog friends who are over 70 and really young as well.

              You can add pictures either via URL or upload directly from your PC and you get loads of space per account to upload photographs. The larger photos take about a minute to upload, but that is dependant on your internet provider rather than blogger. You can re-size them easily in firefox, or upload them in SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE formats which is ideal depending on the width of your blog.

              The layout and user friendly design is good for the beginner blogger, really obvious links are highlighted or made larger (such as "view post") so it is hard to get lost really.

              Once you get a bit more au fait with blogger you can add "widgets" to your blog, these can either be the standard widgets such as a clock, a list of links, a picture etc. to your side bar, or they can be "third-party" widgets, where you can add them via a HTML widget.

              One thing you can do on Blogger is set who you want to see your blog. Maybe you fancy doing a blog but dont want everyone to see your every last thought, you can set it so that only you can see it, only invited people can see it or anyone in the blogosphere can see it. I think this is a great feature!

              Another thing you can do is schedule posts. This is where you write a post and set it to post all by itself at a certain time - a very useful feature...if it worked. Mine is broken, it is a known issue to blogger and has been for about 18 months, so if yours works, you are lucky! I wish mine worked, but they dont seem to have solved the bug just yet.

              All in all, I would say that blogger is the best platform to start blogging with, and removes the need to know any HTML, which is a real draw for beginners, but also has the option of more advanced things for the advanced computer user.

              Dropped a star due to the scheduled post issue. It really grates!


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                13.01.2010 00:21
                Very helpful



                A great piece of software for those wanting to start a website!!

                I have been active on the internet for about 15 years. Quite a long time, I think you'll agree. Over the years I have tried many ways in making money on the internet. Some have been very successful, others a complete waste of time and money. One of the aspects of the internet in the early days, that I found most irritating was the complexity of doing something, that really should have been very simple.

                I'll give you an example. If I wanted to post a view on something, I had to type it into html and then upload it. Not too difficult you may say. But what if you wanted to do that a few dozen times a day. Very time consuming I can tell you.

                As the internet progressed though, programs became available that allowed you to upload information and pictures by simpliy typing and uploading. One of these programs was introduced in 1999 and called blogger. It was a great program. One that I used a lot. It was a great way of uploading information fast. It was to catch on very quickly and the name of this online past time would be called 'blogging'.

                In late 2002 Google, the much respected search giant came sniffing and bought blogger.com. This was great news, not only for the owners and staff, but also for users. More money could be thrown at developing the software and making it even better.

                The software upto now had been quite basic limited to typing and uploading images (and a few other services) but google were keen to add extras. They were keen to make it a lot easier to use too. The interfaces were made more customer friendly. You could now add videos, such as youtube. You could also add adsense and make money from your blogs. You could also add News Feeds, Polls etc Recently they have also added Amazon adverts to your site too. You can also offer subscription services so that people can follow your site, and be informed when you update it,

                I personally have quite a few blogger sites. They are great to add photos and post your views on the net. You can also make money in many different ways. You don't even need your own webspace - this is provided by google.

                So how much for this fantastic service. Go on - guess

                IT IS FREE. ABSOLUTE ZILCH.

                Sign up today. You really won't regret it. If you don't like it, you can always delete your account.


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                  14.11.2009 15:30
                  Very helpful



                  a great site to start sharing!

                  Blogspot or Blogger.com is perhaps the most popular blogging site in the world, as it is super easy to use.

                  ~~~VIEWING BLOGS~~~
                  Viewing blogs is extremely easy... most blogs are www. ____.blogspot.com so it is easy to access. Most blogs can also be searched for in google, yahoo and msn search.

                  Once you have clicked into your desired blog, the main body of it would be the desired material, with clear headings, and a useful side bar with an archive, and other interesting information.

                  This obviously depends on the topic of the blog itself, but most good ones have related items on the side, and archives, images and so on.

                  My favourite blogs to view are design blogs, fashion and architecture... ones with lots of images and up to date information.

                  I have recently also set up a blog just about random things that interest me, art, music, film, games, TV... things that I've seen and done that are interesting I guess...

                  I used to have a Xanga, which I used as a personal diary which hardly anyone looked at, so now I've also started a Blogspot in which I hope to share more useful and interesting information...

                  This is my second attempt at Blogspot, my first one was a real bore XD...

                  Anyway, setting up is extremely easy, and are a few clicks away from completion. Just choose a colour scheme, give it a name, and it's pretty much done! Writing a blog is also easy, you can just write a body of text ...

                  Additional features which require more difficulty include adding pictures and videos which is not too hard, but it is annoying that you can only add five pictures at a time before reloading the "add picture" thing again.

                  You can also add html to your blog post itself, or to your blog, these can include picture slide shows, widgets, music player and more.

                  Useful thing I use is to embed youtube videos which allows you to share videos from youtube.

                  I think Blogspot is a great site to share and read information that is personalised and opinionated. If you haven't got a blog and would like to start one, this is where I'd recommend you go!

                  P.S. If you're interested in visiting my blog, please go to: http://edgeoftheplank.blogspot.com/ and let me know what you think, how to improve and so on!


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                    14.10.2009 20:27



                    Great site

                    Blogger is an online diary style website which allows it's users to publish their thoughts and a general diary about themselves online easily. It has a wide variety of backgrounds available, most of which are customiseable, and this means that everyone's blog can be unique.

                    Many people use the site to show others their craft work or written work, as well as to keep in touch with friends that are a fair distance from one another and to make friends with other people across the world who share their interests.

                    The sign up procedure is fairly easy with very little information required for you to be able to start writing. All you need, really, is a name (and let's face it, who doesnt have one of those?!) and an email address with which to register to prove you're not a robot.

                    It guides you around the site for quite some time to allow you to get all the information you need about having a blog on the blogger website and then, if you still need help, it's really easy to find whatever you're looking for.

                    All in all, I would say that Blogger is one of the best blogging websites out there and it is certainly worth checking it out if you like to write.


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                    02.09.2009 20:55
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    Easy to use blogging tool

                    I have been using blogger for about 6 months now and use it as an online diary for all my crafting makes!

                    When I first started I had no experience of creating a website or blog before but I foud this much easier than I was expecting. Within a few weeks I was adding backgrounds and links to my sidebar, the works!!

                    Blogger have made this a very easy tool to use and there is plenty of guidance and information on their website, if you have a question on how to do something the answer can usually be easily found in their help section.

                    What I like most is the fact that you can edit your blog then go to a Preview of how it will look to the public before you commit, this has saved me from embarrasing myself quite a few times!

                    Uploading pictures is very easy as is choosing how you want each individual blog entry to look. Your blog is fully customisable with fonts and colours of your choosing.

                    My only gripe is that you are limited to space for uploading photos, however you can always link to them through photobucket if you run out of space. I have 47 photos on my blog and as I like to use good quality ones I have already used 12% of my 1024MB limit!

                    Overall I would recommend this blogging tool to novice users or those who are a bit unsure of how to start out blogging.

                    This doesn't get the full 5 stars from me as I would like to see a bit more space for photos.


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                      26.08.2009 09:31
                      Very helpful



                      If you haven't got a blog, I advise using blogger.com

                      Some people out there are blog geniuses, with blogs running up everywhere, websites created to host the links to the them, 'RSS' feeds here there and everywhere. Well I'm a complete novice. I'm not very good with computers in general, and when my friend joked I should start a blog, I looked online out of curiosity.

                      When you type in "blog" in Google Search, blogger.com is the first link it comes up with, so naturally I clicked on that one. I thought 'what the hell' and clicked sign up. I'd never had a blog or experienced one before, and curiosity got the better of me. Plus, it was completely free.

                      Upon signing up (easy to do, just enter a few basic details), here I entered the World of the Blog. From what I could see out of the thousands of blogs already created on this site, blogs could be used for just about anything. Most people seemed to use it as a personal diary that everyone could read or to post 'Daily Rants'. Others wrote poetry or songs on it. Some wrote film scripts. Some reviewed music and films and beauty products. Some were just blank, clearly after their owner had gotten bored or 'writer's block' and just left.

                      So I started my own, and made it a diary. I thought about how cool it would be if this site is still around in 20 years and I came across it. Sort of like a time capsule. My posts aren't very interesting. Since I started it in 2007 they've been about school issues and dating issues, now they've progressed onto work issues and boyfriend issues... I suppose if I keep it up one day they'll be baby issues and husband issues!

                      The site itself is easy to use, with a simple layout, easy to see navigation, simple buttons to press to go where you want to go. The main page you'll go to on Blogger is called the Dashboard, and this is where you can view all of your blogs at once ( yes, you can have more than one. Thanks to this, I now have four :/ ). If you want to go view you blog, simply click on it. There's more options too, such as New Post, for a new entry, or Edit Layout, Edit Settings, etc etc. All perfect for someone like me who doesn't know HTML or CSS (?) codes. Just easy. To write a blog, I click New Post, and a page pops up with a blank box. You can change the font/colour, add pictures, add links, or just write plain text. I find it makes my blogs more interesting when I add photos, and this is easy to do and pictures can be uploaded from either your computer or an internet site (you just need to obtain the URL of the picture, easy to do by right clicking on it, then on Properties, and under "Location" it should have the whole URL, just copy and paste that in).

                      The site has expanded a bit since I first started using. In 2007, there wasn't a whole lot of extras on the site, pretty much the only option you had was to write a blog or edit a blog. Now they've invented Gadgets, where you can add things, almost like Widgets, if you're familiar with that term, to your blog. At the moment, I've got some goldfish swimming around at the bottom of my blog. You can add comments, lists of things to do, I think you can add the time, you can also add an HTML box, so that if you are familiar with this, you can copy and paste cool things into it. One feature I really like is you can add an AdSense box. AdSense was created by Google and is a way for blogs and websites to have an advertisement on their page and the owner of the blog or website gets some of the project, either just by viewing the ad or by clicking on it. I've not yet tried it out, so can't really comment on whether this makes money, but I'd recommend giving it a go.


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                        08.08.2009 20:49
                        Very helpful



                        Blogger is the best place to go to to start a blog.

                        Blogger is without a doubt the best and most well used blogging site there is. For anyone that doesn't know what blogging is, its essentially on online diary where you can update whenever you want, whatever you want, whether that be your daily life or it could be dedicated to a certain interest of yours with news about that interest updated daily. I had to use blogger for some work in my media class last year and I found it incredibly easy to use as its layout is very simple and you can start blogging as soon as you have signed up. Although you do need a Google account to create a blogger but this is no set back as it only takes about five minutes.

                        You can also customize the appearance of your blog by changing many things such as font, background, borders, text boxes etc. You also get your own personal URL so you can share your blog easily. You can also upload your own pictures and videos into your blog, via image/video sharing websites such as flickr/youtube.

                        Overall, I find that Blogger is the best place to go to to start a blog.


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