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    2 Reviews
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      22.10.2005 20:19



      Stranger insight into peoples lives - Not east to navigate

      This site took a little bit of finding as there is a similar site with a similar name you just replace the “p” with a “d” so I got lost on the way. When you get to the “ bloop” site it seems to also be known as “Blue fever” just to confuse you some more.
      It is a community of 6480 diarists although I would be tempted to say this seems more like a Blogg site than a conventional “Diary” site although some member still write “Dear Diary today I….”which I thought was quite sweet.
      There are forums and chat rings etc that you can use once you are registered. Registration is the hard part I never managed it, there is no where on the site to register as a new user - Perhaps I’m blind and my techno finger has failed but I simply couldn’t get into it to see what else was on offer. The help section told me was not a registered user - dohh

      This website is another glimpse into the strange world of web voyeurism and I can imagine many people waning away lonely hours reading other peoples thoughts - Most of which I had to say seemed pretty boring (it seems there are an awful lot of strange teenagers out there - know they have always been odd but it seems they are even more so) However saying that I happened across some very witty and incisive contributors that did make me think that this site does have some merit. If only for that fact.

      So if you want to read Bloggs by all mean visit this site if you want to contribute, I don’t know how you would go about doing it , there must be some one who can!


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        13.10.2005 13:11
        Very helpful



        An online diary community

        For as long as I can remember I have had a diary and at times I wouldn't know what to do without one and during the past 5 or 6 years I have belonged to a few online diary websites.... LiveJournal is probably a more common known site, along with Opendiary and now Bloopdiary.

        When I was first told about diary websites I thought the whole idea of them was odd, to me a diary has always been a private place where only your inner thoughts and feelings were written about, not some public place for people to read about you and share those uneasy thoughts. However, I decided that I might as well give it a try to see what it is actually like, and since that day I have always chosen to have my diary online, rather than in a book simply because it is much easier to control, I can choose to delete things whenever I wish, there is a password to lock people out that I do not wish to see it and because it is a good community to belong too... much like Ciao and Dooyoo when the feelings are good!

        Bloopdiary can be found at www.bloopdiary.com and it is currently the home and community of 6678 diarists from all over the world.

        The homepage has evolved over time and is now much easy to navigate around. On the left hand side there are the Readers Choice entries displayed, they are usually entries within someone's diary on topical issues such as abortion, under-age sex and the Iraq War where people try and reason with arguments and other's may comment and debate with that person. If you read an entry in someone's diary that you find particularly thought provoking them you can suggest they are added to Readers Choice at the click of a button.

        Directly below are the recent entries written by members of the Bloop Community and here you will see the name of the diary and the title of the entry and should you wish to read it then you simply click on it and the entry will open up. However, there is a choice with Bloop and that is whether or not you choose to have your diary public or private... if it is private then no one can read it or you can choose to have it as friends only, meaning only people you choose to allow to read it can or you can choose the option I have and that is anyone who is a member of the Bloop community can read it, but if you are not then you can't. These options can be changed at anytime.

        The middle section of the homepage contains information such as - how many diarists are currently online, any technical issues the Bloop Team are currently dealing with, a list of the staff and what their responsibilities are so that should you have a problem you know who to deal with. There is also a theme of the week which invites you to write a diary entry about the themed topic and finally there are the statistics which tell you who is online, how many entries there have been within the last 5 minutes and how many new users there are etc.

        Then we have the right hand side of the homepage, which is where you log in if you have joined and where you will log in, should you join. To log in you need a username and a password. To join Bloop on the homepage is a link called 'Click here' and upon clicking it you will be taken to a page asking you to enter an account name, password and to verify your password. There is a disclaimer asking you not to use surnames due to the data protection act. You then need you supply your email address so that you can verify your account and be contacted should your diary be about to expire (which it will if it is left inactive for 45 days) or should the Bloop Team need to contact you urgently. Then your signature so that your are easily recognisable to other diarists and finally information such as your location, gender and birth date, all of which you do not have to have on public display and finally a title for your diary and a little blurb about you which will be displayed on your front page.... all of which can be changed as and when you feel like it.

        After reading the terms and conditions related to being a Bloop member you then click that you agree with them and voila... you will become an active member of the Bloop Community.

        So.... what are you likely to find once you become a member. Well it is easy to get involved if you know someone who is a member already. I have been a member for over 2 years now and prior to that I was a member of freeopendiary (which became opendiary) for 3 years and I moved to Bloop because the facilities here with regards to HTML, Tags, picture adding and graphics are much better and easier to use.

        However, if you don't know anyone then one of the best things to do is write an entry telling people who you are and give them some information about your life, which is what most people do and from there on in like Ciao and Dooyoo, go and read a few other people's diaries and they will return the favour by reading yours and as time goes on you make friends and can add them to you 'faves list' which is a list you create of your favourite diaries with direct links to them.

        Once you have logged into Bloop on the right hand side of the page is your guide to the website which is split into three sections.

        ***Section one:***

        "My User Profile" - This link takes you to your diary front-page, the page everyone else can see when they click on your diary. Some people choose to add some pictures, graphics and HTML Codes and some people don't. If HTML isn't your strong point then worry not, a lot of people have dedicated diaries for making front-page layouts, showing people how to use HTML and helping you make a front-page you want. Mine is currently under construction.

        "Edit my front-page" - This is where you change the design of your front-page by adding graphics, layouts and HTML codes.

        "Edit my visualisation" - Here you can choose new fonts, sizes and colours while instantaneously previewing them. Modify the selections available on this page, and watch the page automatically modify itself into what you can call your diary visualisation.

        All of these options can be found under 'Manage my diary" which is featured in the third section.

        ***Section two:***

        "Main Page" - Always takes you back to the main www.bloopdiary.com homepage

        "New Entry" - When you are ready to write another entry in your diary, it is this link you will need to allow you to do just that. After five minutes of writing your entry you will be reminded to make a back-up copy just incase your computer crashes or the Internet disconnects etc.... just so you do not loose everything you have just written.

        "Send Message" - Like with Ciao and Dooyoo you can send private messages to people that you don't want everyone else to read. However recent updates have included the opportunity to put your messages to people on their entries in private so no one else can read them, so this part of the site is quite possibly outdated.

        "Suggestion Box" - Here you are free to leave and suggestions that you may have which you think will make Bloop Diary a more enjoyable place to spend your diary Internet time.

        ***Section Three:***

        "My Diary" - Again will always take you back to your diary front-page.

        "My Comments" - As I have previously mentioned, you have a choice with Bloop as to whether or not you want your diary to be public (or friends only for Bloop Xtra members) or private. If you choose to have your diary as a public diary, as I do, then people are free to read your entries and leave you any comment they feel necessary, again, a bit like on Ciao and Dooyoo.

        I have always found it really helpful to get feedback on issues I have found difficult to deal with for example because as a person I am not very good at explaining how I feel and if I am feeling troubled, I always retreat to my diary for solace. I also find leaving other people comments a good way to get to know people and to help some one with my advice should they be finding things a little difficult. For example, one diary that I have been reading for over 4 years now, the author had a major problem with her ex paying maintenance for his children, so I gave her advice on how to get it dealt with and she is now receiving a large lump sum every month, directly into her back account.

        "My sent comments" - Pretty much tells you what it is.... you can view all the comments you have sent in this section and I have sent 5917 comments.

        "Address Book" - Allows you to store contact details of fellow diarists.

        "My Favourites" - Here you will find the diary names of everyone you have chosen to add to your favourite list. To add someone to your list, when you are reading there diary, on the right hand side of the page is an option to 'add to favourites'.

        "Manage My Diary" - This is where you control everything about your diary. Who views it, who doesn't, what colour scheme you want, changing the graphics, adding pictures, changing your password, managing your favourites list, blocking users from seeing your diary etc. Everything you need to do is here.

        There are two different memberships available for Bloop members, you can be an ordinary member or you can donate money for the running and upkeep of the site and become a Bloop Xtra members (which I am one of) and by being a Bloop Xtra member you are entitled to a few extra options that ordinary members are not, such as being able to look at who has viewed your diary, hosting photo albums, top priority on-line support, bigger file space etc. To be a Bloop Xtra member you can donate as little or as much as you like, they do recommend a minimum of $3 a year and you will be sent a gentle reminder (although it is stressed it is not an invoice because it is entirely voluntary) that your 'subscription is about to expire and along with it any of the extras.

        Finally, having been a member of Bloop for two years I have made some really good contacts and friends, I have met a few people from Bloop in and around London on various occasions and I always know that my diary is there for me as and when I need it. I no longer find it totally strange to share my thoughts and feelings with lots of strangers like I did when I first began using an online diary website, instead I find it is a nice community to be a part of and at certain times within my life other people's comments have helped me make decisions.


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