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Latest Bollywood News, Star Interviews, Bollywood Chat, Hindi Songs, Movies Reviews and Previews and Bollywood Gossip

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2012 23:57
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      Overall an entertaining enough way to pass some time if you're interested in all things Bollywood

      Bollywoodworld.com describes itself as "India's Premier Bollywood Portal" - I know this won't be of any interest to many of you and some of you may have already been bored to tears with my various Bollywood film reviews over the years but for any followers of Bollywood films, the actors and the gossip in their lives; this seems to be the site that tries to get all the gossip out there first.

      ~*~The Layout~*~

      The site won't win any awards for having an exciting layout or flashy graphics but it is very easy to navigate and I'd say it was fairly user friendly. It's updated regularly (at least daily) with the latest Hindi film industry news to keep gossip hungry Bollywood audiences satisfied.

      The home page has grey background to the left and right with the middle panel in white with blue tabs just below the BollywoodWorld.com logo. The tabs are:

      * Home
      * News
      * Photos
      * Videos
      * Reviews
      * Interviews
      * Music
      * Radio
      * Release Dates
      * Trailers

      I would hope the above categories are fairly self-explanatory but just as an example, clicking on "Reviews" will take you into a section which lists reviews on the latest Bollywood movies. Clicking on "Radio" will take you to a page where you can choose to listen to various Indian radio stations live if that takes your fancy.

      I've found the pages to generally load very quickly whenever I've used the site and to date I've never had a lag when clicking on links.

      ~*~There Must Be Advertisers To Keep The Site Running, Right? ~*~

      Like most websites these days which are not specifically selling anything BollywoodWorld.com gets revenue from ads on the site. Presumably when someone clicks through from the site, the site gets some revenue.

      There are banner adverts on most screens that you access but they're not very intrusive and they don't jump out at you or move across the screen like on some sites (which shall remain nameless today) which can be extremely annoying and distracting. I've noticed ads for Butlins, Mars, iswitch.com, The Body Shop, Vistaprint, Emirates, British Gas, etc.

      ~*~What Do I Get Out Of It? ~*~

      I don't use the site all that often to be honest, sometimes I don't check it for weeks or even months but I do watch Bollywood films and know who many of the most famous stars are and sometimes it's fun to pass a bit of time having a look around this site to find out who's dating whom, who won which awards and who's starting new projects.

      The most recent information I chose to look up was about the 57th Filmfare Awards 2012 winners list. The Filmfare Awards are India's equivalent of the Oscars and it's quite an accolade for Bollywood cast and crew members to win or even be nominated for an award.

      Some of the headings in the "Latest News & Photos" section do make me smile such as:

      * Amisha Patel looking super Hot & Sexy in tight black dress
      * Katrina Kaif in a sexy white sports bra
      * Shahrukh Khan slaps Farah Khan's husband at Sanjay Dutt's bash
      * India experience was awesome - Oprah Winfrey

      You can "Leave a Reply" on the articles posted on the site with your name, email address (which isn't published), although this is not something I've ever bothered to do personally.

      ~*~What Else Is There To Know~*~

      There's not much else to say about the site that would really interest those who are not interested in Bollywood. It's fun to read the "news" articles about Bollywood stars and compare the sort of thing that gets into the "news" and compare it to Hollywood news. Aside from a different style of writing, it's amazing how similar non-news things really get into the gossip columns, such as people having brawls over something really petty. If it happened to you or me, it wouldn't make the local press and no one else would care less (unless it affected them directly) but a few heated words between macho stars or bitching actresses and it's ALL hot news!

      Oh and if you're interested in how well sites fare on Facebook you might (and this is really stretching at trying to find something really else to tell you about the site) be surprised to hear BollywoodWorld.com has over 9,200 "Likes" on Facebook.

      You can also choose to follow the site on Twitter or subscribe to as RSS Feed. If you'd like a bit of an education on what Bollywood is, I'd suggest you have a look at this page: http://www.bollywoodworld.com/whatisbollywood/

      The site has a clear disclaimer telling you that anything you read on there such as opinions or advice is at your own risk. It doesn't claim to be accurate with facts or information provided on the site. They also tell you in the "Privacy" page the site's Privacy Policy for those who are interested. They clearly state they use 3rd party adverts to support the site. In case you want to use the site but are worried about the Privacy Policy, I'm pasting the link here to check before use: http://bollywoodworld.com/company/privacy.htm

      The site also has forums available and having a quick scout around I saw that the most users online at the site was 1,049 on 26 Jun 2006. I wonder what was so special about that day?! The topic headings include "Love, Relationship and Advice", "Photo Gallery", "Fashion and Beauty", "Movie Reviews", "Computers", etc.

      ~*~The Missing Link~*~

      The site seems to have been in operation since 1998. This information I gleaned from Facebook as there doesn't seem to be an "About" page on the site to check who runs the site and who writes the reviews, interviews, etc. There is an email address displayed at the bottom of each screen for questions, problems or suggestions. The fact that there is no "About" page available makes me unsure about how much value to place on the information on the site - but hey, to me, it's just a bit of gossip I read about - nothing that would impact on my real life so I'm not overly concerned about it.


      I'd rate the site with a fairly generous 4 out of 5. It suits my purposes for having a nose around once in a while. I'm not a huge gossip monger and some of the stuff I will read and literally forget about within a few hours. I'm quite happy to go to the site when I've really enjoyed a film and check what the site has to say about the film or its stars.


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