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Boxing records online

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2009 16:05
      Very helpful



      A boxing fans wikipedia

      Boxrec.com is to boxing fans what wikipedia is to those bored office workers wasting a few hours following a link on to the next. Though in all honesty its a boxing fans go to site, especially on friday and sunday mornings to find out what fights are on over the weekend and who won.

      But what is it?
      Well boxrec, it is quite easy to assume is an amalgamation of "boxing" or "boxers" and "records". So a logical guess would be boxing records (though boxers records would be equally logical). And thats the bulk of the site, its the worlds largest collection of boxing records dating back to the late 1800 (not too sure on the first recorded fight on there, but 1870s is about there). Of course its not just historic fighters like Sugar Ray Robinson, Jack Johnson, Bob Fitzsimmons, Billy Papke, Stanley Ketchel at modern day greats like Floyd Mayweather, Chad Dawson and Ivan Calderon. The records feature the names of both fighters, the result, when and where it was held and the recorded weights of the fighters.

      Anything else?
      Yes. The site includes future bouts that are scheduled, one of the most useful features for those of up who can no longer keep up to date on forums due to other commitments. The schedules can also show the full card on the show not just the main events like many other sites do. However one flaw with this is the site often declares fights as happening well before any official announcement and as a result the fights are often based on speculation. Though its not too common that they get it wrong.

      The site includes a results section, showing the results of the whole card. This means everything from the Main Event to the opening fights. Often helping keep up with none televised fights, such as the ones of Enzo Maccarinelli and Kell Brook on the recent Amir Khan v Andreas Kotelnik (which were inexplicably not shown).

      The site does also have its own wiki, which Ive not used in a while but it was rather limited when I last used it. Surely this is where the effort of the site can go next in filling out the wide scope of information. Often wikipedia is a better source of information than the dedicated boxrec wiki.

      The site also has a forum, not one Ive an account on so I cant really comment as Im stick to boxingbanter for what little forum stuff I do now a days.

      The major problem with Boxrec is almost universally accepted as their rating system. The system should be good in theory as it gives weight to every fight in history to give a computerised score. Sadly if you give credit to every fight every fought you give too much weight to fights that dont deserve it. For example Danny Williams and Kevin McBride having a win over Mike Tyson ignores the fact that neither of then were in with the real Tyson. Mike wasnt just on the slide, hed gotten off it and gone on the round about of needing money.
      The ratings as a result can appear very bizarre, and should be ignored to be honest. Funnyly they had Manny Pacquiao as the top Welterweight on the planet after his win over the heavily weight drained Oscar De La Hoya...despite that being his only fight at the weight. Though with the bout between the Fillipino super star and Puerto Rican hero Miguel Cotto the crowning of a true champion is one step closer at the top division in boxing today.

      Overall the site is excellent and detail rich despite the poorly done ranking system. The obvious places are there for improvements but every site has places it could improve. To a boxing fan like myself this a hugely important resource on par with my books and the forums I use.


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