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      06.02.2010 22:52
      Very helpful



      Not in my top ten game sites at all

      Yet again, I have come across another games site so I thought with time to spare I would have a little look!

      ******Site Overview******

      'Braingle' boasts over 12,000 games, riddles, trivia, brain exercises, forums and much more and reacons that it has the largest collection on the net. Personally, this I am not so sure about. Also, it boasts a unique array of online multiplayer games which will keep you entertained for hours as well as giving your brain a good work out. Personally, after searching through the site, I would not agree fully with this statement. Please see comments in categories below.

      There are many aspects on the site, though in a review I can only cover a certain amount. If you like what you see in this review then it is best that you find out the rest for yourself by visiting the site.


      All games, like the rest of the site, are completely free to play (which is a plus). If you are a member (also free) then your game statistics are saved in your account page.

      The games are split into 4 different categories; Puzzle Games, Strategy Games, Entertaining Games and Other (I think they ran out of category names!). Each category hosts a small amount of games, as follows;

      Puzzle Games:

      * Hang Glider : Similar to hang-man but with a twist. Keep your hang glider aloft by guessing words correctly. There are four different levels of difficulty as well as a scoreboard that pits you against others. It is an amusing way of the typical hangman game, yet became boring after a few tries, with the clues really giving away the answers.

      * Pirate's Booty : Find all the treasure before your crew mutinies and makes you walk the plank! Very similar to the traditional minesweeper game.

      * Sudoku : The logic number puzzle, nothing more, nothing less

      * Word Search Game : Search for all the words hidden inside the grid of letters. Very easy and becomes quite boring as it is very slow

      * Beanstalk : Help Jack plant the magic beans so he can grow a beanstalk up to the next level. Uses arrow keys to push items into the X square. Personally I found this very boring and simple.

      * Code Breaker : Guess the combination in the fewest number of tries and with the quickest time. There are 5 difficulty levels, including 'insane'. I gave up after a couple of times as it really was not very interesting.

      * Math Path : Make the mathematical equation equal the magic number in the shortest amount of time. If you like maths then this might be the game for you.

      * Sliding Tile : Slide the tiles around in this puzzle to form the correct sequence of numbers. Rather like a jigwas puzzle. Nothing special in my mind.

      * Tetris : Drop tiles and make complete rows. Registered users can save their high scores. The traditional game which is the best game on the site in my opinion.

      * Twiddle : Place pieces on the board and try to capture your opponents tokens. Same game as Othello just with a different name.

      * Disco Puzzle Game : Discover the correct pattern and make all the lights go out. Rather like a dance mat but much less interesting.

      * Battleship : The classic game of battleship. Another game I like, though nothing unique about this traditional game.

      Strategy Games:

      * Cookie World : You are the owner of a cookie store. Buying ingredients, think up recipes, set the prices, purchase upgrades and sell cookies. Try to make more money than your competitors. A text based click and choose game. Interesting for a while though not in the least exciting in my opinion.

      * Chess : You and your opponent do not need to be online at the same time in this multiplayer chess games because moves are made over the course of several weeks. Very slow especially if your opponent does not appear online for days which seems to happen a lot. Other than that, it is a traditional game of chess.

      * Food Fight : Every day, you can hurl food at your fellow players and try to dodge the food they throw at you. Non-graphical and very slow. It is a text based click and choose game and extremely slow and rather boring.

      * Checkers : Traditional game, works the same way as the chess game (above)

      Entertaining Games:

      * Caption Game : See funny captions for funny photos. Registered users can submit captions and vote for the funniest ones. Some amusing captions which pass the time for a short period, yet soon it becomes monotonous.

      * Click The Button : How many times can you click the buton? One button and you click it. Thats it! Possibly the most time consuming waste of time you will ever find in a so called game.

      * Pac-Man : The traditional game. Nothing new.

      * Zoo Keeper : Think of any animal and the Professor will try to guess your animal by asking you a variety of questions. Like the traditional 20-questions game, though not as accurate.

      Other Stuff:

      * RoboZapper (external link) : You are the owner of a fighting robot. Blast the other robots to smithereens! Low graphical slow game which you can play against others and keep your score. Extre sign up is needed as it is an external link.

      * LunchFight (external link) : Hurl food at your fellow players and try to dodge the food they throw at you. Extra sign up needed. Basically the same as the food fight (above)

      * World of Warcraft Quest Tracker : Ten level basic role playing game. I didnt try this one out as I had become quite tired of the low quality games on the site.

      Even though the site boasts a uniquness in the games, it really does not give off any excitement and most of the games are old traditional games with a new scene - nothing more.

      ******Brain Teasers******

      Within the brain teasers category, there are 5 sub-categories; Brain teasers, Optical illusions, puzzle hunts, codes and ciphers and mechanical puzzles. There is also a daily quiz which changes (as stated) every day. There is a list of newest quizzes added to keep you up to date, and also a joke of the day section.

      * Brain Teasers: There are a large amount of brain teasers of all different levels. After flicking through a number of them, it was clear to see by the ratings that none were very popular. There was not even one with full stars. Rather disappointing.

      * Optical Illusions: There are 30 picture illusions, each of which are low graphics and ones which have been seen many times across the web and in books. Nothing new and nothing special.

      * Puzzle Hunts: At time of review, there are 11 puzzle hunts, each with varying levels, the highest being 102 levels. Some have never been completely completed, though the ratings are slightly better than that of the brain teasers. Many of the puzzles take you to external links, some faster than others.

      * Codes & Ciphers : There are five different categories each with different levels of code breakings. Rather boring, yet can be interesting if you are into this sort of thing, though nothing more than text.

      * Mechanical Puzzles: Quite a few different mechanical puzzles, for example: Rubiks cube. All lead to external links and have varying degrees of fun rating.

      Overall, the puzzles are only slightly more interesting than the games. Some are fun and interesting, whilst most are typical of what I have seen before, with nothing really unique. As a lot are external links, it varies on quickness and quality, though most are of minimal specification in both areas.


      The trivia section hosts a few different types of quizzes, including photo identification quizzes and IQ tests. There is a daily quiz as well as an updated list of new ones added. There are quite a big number of quizzes and are of average fun rating.


      * Mentalrobics Articles: Just as it says; articals relating to how to improve the mental part of your brain. Covering vocabulary, creativity, and memory.

      * Memory Tests: Number and letter tests to improve the short term memory.

      * Flash Cards: Create flash cards to help you with that test which is coming up. Usefull for school work, presentations, exams etc.

      * Vocab Builder: Loaded with over 3000 words to aid with the vocabulary at SAT level.

      This section could be very helpful for those studying, yet other than that, it is not anything new or exciting.


      The community part of the site is perhaps the most active part of the site. I can not tell how safe this part is as there is nothing upon moderation or safety. There are four parts of community where you can participate in various discussions:

      * Public Forums: The forums are very active and posting comments help you earn points which help you climb the ladder. Again, there are no safety posts, so I can not tell you whether this is a safe discussion area for youngsters.

      * Talk Boxes: Talk with friends in private chat boxes. You can join or create your own. Each have competitions and seem quite fun.

      * Private Messages: After three days of being a member you may send pm's

      * Live Chat: Chat rooms are avaliable to those with at least 1 positive karma point. To get these points you must participate in a positive manner around the rest of community. Unfortunately I havent got this point yet so I can not comment further on how safe or fast this chat room is.

      There are also links within community to create your own website as well as a link to visit their very own online store. The store is a cafepress store and seels a varied amount of merchandise including clothes, mus, badges and more. All varying prices and all in dollars (american I believe).

      There is also a rankings table which shows exactly where you stand with the points gained within community.

      Overall, I think the community aspect of the site is possibly the best aspect. As mentioned above, I can not comment upon how safe the community is.


      The site has a great layout which even those who know little about the workings of the internet are able to follow. The homepage sports the main category links with big logos and every page holds further links to guide you efficiently through and around the site. The main category links are at the top of each page, with the sub category links down the left side. As far as I have found out, there are no dead links, som slow opening links, but no dead ones. This may change though as we all know what links are like!


      The home page of the site gives of an immediate sense of welcome. It is a simple design with a blue wash and a small scientist logo of the site in the top corner. Nothing special, yet simple is effective in some ways.

      Game graphics are extemely simple and not modern by any means. Graphics do load quickly, yet if you are after advanced graphical games then this site is possibly not for you.

      The other aspects of the site are mainly text based so nothing in the way of graphics.

      ******Final Word******

      Overall, this is not one of the best sites I have ever come across, though for brain teasers and quizzes it is worth a look.

      As mentioned above, the safety of the site can not be commented upon, though the community section is probably one of the most entertaining parts of the site.

      As far as the games section goes, there is nothing unique about them and they are of low quality - nothing special.


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