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    1 Review
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      19.05.2008 16:52
      Very helpful
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      Use once in a while when you haven't had time to prepare

      Breakingnewsenglish is a website which consists of set English lessons for foreigners. I give private lessons to students in Warsaw and find this a rather useful website when I haven't had enough time to prepare a lesson.

      Although the layout is almost always exactly the same and the content is usually no more advanced than immediate, it does bring up breaking news and provides many prompts as well as including some games involving synonms.

      The general layout is as follows:

      1. New Article
      2. Talk about the topic
      3. A list of words from text, pupils must choose the topics that are most interesting and most boring and say why
      4. An additional exercise (generally changes each time)
      5. Rate items/topics
      6. Predict a headline for a topic from 3

      7. True or false, statements based on the original text
      8. Synonym match
      9. Phrase match (matching parts of sentences from the text)
      10. Gap fills
      11. Listening

      12. Looking for collocates, other meanings and synonms
      13. Make questions to ask others about the original text

      Then a couple of exercises like choosing the correct words and a list of statements that students must pretend is their opinion and argue about.

      It's usually finished off with a writing exercise. I don't normally use all of the exercises but I think that it gives you a lot of choice, no matter how you run your lessons.


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