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    7 Reviews
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      14.01.2010 17:37
      Very helpful



      Not one I bother with anymore

      ** cashbag.co.uk **

      Cashbag is one of a number of cashback sites I signed up to to make some extra money. (Please also see my Rpoints cashback site review if you want a better site to earn from).

      As you can tell from the above I'm not wholly impressed with cashbag anymore. It used tro be a great way to earn a bit of extra money.

      Once you have signed up for free to cashbag it works by providing you with a list of cashbag friendly shops, which include most of the big brand shops too.

      When you want to buy something online you check cashbag and the other cashback sites you might be signed to, to see who is offereing the most money.

      For example you might find that one cashback site is offering 3% cashback on a purchase at Boots online shop

      while another cashback site is offering you 5% cashback on a purchase from Boots.

      Obviously I would simply buy via the cashback site that is offering me the most money (best percentage).

      Unfortunately cashbag seldom offeres the best cashback deal, but it did have one major plus.

      Cashbag was a great way of earning from recurring daily clicks. This is where you don't buy anything but you go to a search engine via the cashbag site and search for something and earn a couple of pennies for your trouble.

      Over time those 1 and 2p's mount up and when you get to £15 on cashbag you can withdraw the money.

      The problem is that there used to be loads of recurring daily click sites linked to cashbag so even though you only earned a few pence per click -after clicking them all each day you'd amassed a reasonable amount in a short time. So reaching £15 was easy and only took a month or two.

      Unfortunately cashbag doesn't have lots of recurring click sites linked to it anymore so it would take years to reach the £15 necessary for withdrawal.

      ** Conclusion **

      Once upon a time I used cashbag and would recommend it but not now. You can get better cashback purchase deals elsewhere and the recurring clicks are too few and far between for me to continue using the site.


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      15.03.2009 15:23
      Very helpful



      A good little earner with nothing for you to lose but lots to gain.

      I joined cashback.co.uk just over a month ago and I can't remember how or why I found it. I think I must have stumbled across a review on Money Saving Expert or something but all I know is I'm very glad I did stumble. Not only did I get £5.00 straight away just for registering but since then I've managed to accumulate another £83.00 just by clicking on links from their site. Some of these have been bingo sites where you have to deposit £10.00 and use it all up before you get your cashback and others have been clicks to sites like Highstreet Shopping where you earn 2p per day just for using it like a search engine. As it happens I've had a few small wins on the bingo and I've also received my cashbacks from each of them so I'm quids in and very, very pleased. The site is easy to navigate with everything in categories so you can click on the links which you are most interested in. There's an amazing 30% cashback on Ebay purchases so if I buy a Nintendo Wii Fit at £89.99 I'll get something like £26.00 which brings the total outlay down to around £63.00 which is very good news. I've joined a few other cashback sites as well but this one is my favourite. My only gripe, and it's not their fault, is sometimes it takes ages for companies to validate my clicks so my cashback money gets delayed. Other than that I'm very happy with it and will carry on using it.


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      21.06.2008 14:02
      Very helpful



      This is one cashback site that I will not be using once I have received my payment.

      I realised recently that I have too many cashback, points and survey sites to manage, I am at the point that when I open my favourites folder the sheer volume of links is putting me off even doing my favourite recurring points. Some of them have got to go.

      I'm afraid Cashbag is the first one to go simply because it is the lowest earner and slowest paying cashback site in my collection. Before I go any further, please let me tell you that I have a main cashback site that I use for shopping online (Quidco) so Cashbag and a lot of the others are used mainly for the daily clicks and the odd one-off purchase on the rare occasion that they are offering a higher payout for a certain store. Cashbag has a lot of fans but for me it's not worth the time it takes to log in and do the daily clicks and free offers.

      Registering is easy, you just need to fill in a very simple form including a valid email address and click the link in the verification email that Cashbag will send you to complete your registration. As with other cashback sites I'd recommend you use a spare email address from Hotmail or Yahoo as these kind of sites tend to result in a lot of spam and generally unwanted emails, whether it's from the site itself or one of their partners that you've signed up to.

      When you have completed your registration Cashbag will instantly credit your account with £2.50 which is a nice little bonus but not the most generous welcome incentive from cashback sites, some of which will give you £5 for joining.

      The site itself is nicely laid out, but to me looks a little bit basic and homemade especially when compared to the bigger cashback companies such as Rpoints and Quidco which look professional and well designed. Cashbag is easy to navigate because everything is accessed by a series of links on the left hand side of the of the homepage and also this list appears on every page on Cashbag meaning you can usually find what you're looking for without too much messing about. The search facility on Cashbag is quite good and I am usually able to find a specific retailer, although if I am honest the site is so well laid out that there is usually no need to use the search.

      When you find your retailer it is just a case of clicking through to their own website (making sure you're logged into your Cashbag account) and making your purchase as normal. Cashback can take anything from 2 - 3 days up to over a month, depending on which retailer you are using.

      You can cash out when you reach £15 in cleared earnings and to be fair to Cashbag it is quite easy to make your first £15 because the site has a good selection of 'Free Cash' offers where you can be paid anything from 10p to £1.50 for signing up to newsletters, taking out free DVD rental trials and entering competitions. I suspect it's much of this list that produces the spam generated by joining this site, but they're worth signing up to with your throwaway email address because they track very well and I would say that 90% of your clicks will be turned into real money with just the odd few that don't track and harvest your details for nothing.

      The recurring section is the part of any cashback site that interests me most and Cashbags is absolutely dire. At this moment there are only two sites which will give you points each day and these are High Street Web which you can do twice a day and they pay 4p per search and Kelkoo which pays a measly 1p. I have just done a quick calculation and based on a 31 day month if you only do the recurring points you have the opportunity to earn just £2.79 per month, which to me just is not worth the effort as I can earn this in a couple of days on the larger cashback sites. You can earn extra free money by referring friends, but to be honest I don't think this is worth doing because anyone I have referred to this site has become bored and closed their account before they get to the threshold where I will receive anything from them joining.

      Cashbag pay out by Amazon vouchers, Paypal or cheque. In the two years I have been a member I have earned a total of £37.52 which I requested as an Amazon voucher on 1st May, I still have not received my voucher and the three emails I have sent to Cashbag have been ignored. They do pay out as I sometimes use a forum dedicated to cashback sites and a lot of people say how quick Cashbag are at sending payment, perhaps I have an unlucky user name.

      Overall I'd say this is not the best cashback site available. Of course the potential is there to earn money, but if like me you rely on the recurring sites then you definitely won't get rich!


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        03.02.2007 09:28



        earn while you use this site

        Cashbag.co.uk is a cashback, reward, earn money while you shop type of site.

        I don't like this site for two reasons.

        Visually it is not well planned and awards take ages to be added to your account.

        There is a £15 limit before withdrawl from the account which can take a while if you don't shop there.

        Cashbag has a huge number of merchants listed on its site which is good thing if you like me use these sites to get some of your money back.

        For members who want free money by searching for things on the net, cashbag has:

        Kelkoo=5p + 1 credit perday
        carsource=2p and 3 searches a day
        shopping.com=5p + 3 credits per day
        search credit card anything 12p limited to one search
        wheretosearch 3p and one search
        high street web 4p and 2 searches per day

        although cashbag lists these wonderful free searches they don't all pay and not in number that is listed. Send an email to the admin and they will tell you they can't do anything about it.

        It took me 6 months to make £15 from this site. If I was using this site more often it probably takes a month. Rewards and offers at other sites are higher and much better.

        Although this is not my number one cash reward site I still recommend it.


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          01.02.2007 21:48
          Very helpful



          Free money for just a few clicks every day.

          FREE MONEY.....................Now most people would laugh at you if you said that you could get money for nothing off the Net and I was probably one of them myself. Well the good news is that you actually can get free money at Cashbag.co.uk just by clicking on a few links. Of course Dooyou is another excellent site for getting free money but in this case I will stick to reviewing Cashbag.

          This is going to be a tough job writing a review on Cashbag as I have tried explaining how it works to friends who say that they understand it but I'm not too sure that they actually do.
          The basic idea of Cashbag is to click on links and sign up for stuff to earn money.

          When you click on the homepage of www.cashbag.co.uk you are greeted with a brief introduction to the site, a large portion of the homepage is given to Featured Retailers and the left side of it is given to My Account and Retailer category links.

          At the top of the page there is a sum of money which is currently £305128.03 this is the amount of money that has been paid out in total by Cashbag.

          To start with you need to click on the Join Today link at the top to register for the site, which should only take a few minutes and once you have done that you are free to start earning good old fashioned hard cash. Straight away you are given a signing on bonus of £2.50.
          You need to build your account up to £15 before you can put in a claim for your money and then it goes up in £5 increments for the amount you can claim. You can claim your money in three ways, they are cheque, Paypal or Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificates and are generally paid within seven days of receiving an invoice.

          MY ACCOUNT is pretty straightforward,
          Account Details, you can change your address, payment method etc.
          Current Earnings, you can check what you have been paid for, when and how much, up until you make a claim.
          Cleared Earnings is all the payments that you have received to date and actually had the payment.
          Invite Friends is where you can get friends to sign up using your link, if they do you receive 25p straight away and a further £2.25 when they make a claim. There are even affiliate logos to put on your own website.

          *** If you want to sign up using my link please send me a message and I`ll send it to you. ***

          Submit Claim is where you go if you have a problem, if you think that you haven't been paid for something.
          Member Forum is the place to go to find like minded people, advice and even more freebies. If you have a Cashbag question you can generally find the answer on the forums.

          RETAILER CATEGORIES is where the money is made.
          New Retailers is where you can find the latest companies to be added to Cashbag.
          FastCash is a list of retailers that you can click on, I`m not too sure what makes them different from the others.
          Recurring is the section where you can earn money daily by following the instructions on the logos.
          Daily Play is a scratch card that earns you points for your Jackpot joy account and can be played everyday.
          The following sections from Books to Travel are the same as the Recurring and Fast Cash sections but are set out into individual categories to make things easier.

          There are three ways of earning money on Cashbag:
          1)Click on the link and follow the instructions i.e. sign up to a website or search for something for which you earn something like 10P
          2)Click on a shop link and purchase something to earn a percentage of the cost.
          3)Click on a link and apply for something to earn some good money.

          The best links to earn money from are the Financial ones e.g. Bank loans or Credit Cards for which you could earn something like £10-£20 for successfully applying for them, or Gambling sites like Casinos where you have to deposit a certain amount like £10 but can earn cashback of £20 for example and even get a deposit bonus from the casino.

          An important point to remember is to clear your cookies everyday as some websites remember IP addresses and wont pay out on everyone you click on, and even if you do clear them everyday there is no absolute guarantee that they will pay for every link clicked on.

          Once you have signed up to everything you can that just leaves the recurring section which will literally take five minutes a day to complete.

          Cashbag work on the principle that they only pay out once the retailers have confirmed your clicks, which sometimes takes upto 30 days and maybe even a bit longer. This is why it will seem a little bit slow at first getting cash into your account, but once it does start there is no stopping it.

          Overall Cashbag is a great way of earning a little bit of pocket money and meeting some good friends through the forums.

          And it is all FREE.


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            18.09.2006 04:24
            Very helpful



            I've earned £500 in a year with very few problems!

            Cashbag is one of a long line of cash back sites on the net but having used many of them it is one I’ve stuck to and use on a daily basis for several reasons. If buying anything on the internet, the first thing I normally do is check Cashbag to see if they offer cashback. This can be anything like buying from retailers like Boots.com and getting 2.25% cashback or even just registering on a site to get money. It may not seem much but it all adds up and is money back for something I was planning to buy or join anyway. Secondly I can click on links daily and receive between 2p – 12p just for searching for something on a site like Kelkoo or enter competitions all for free. I don’t have to spend a penny. Thirdly is the Freebie Village forum which is used for finding lots of freebies on the web but also a place to ask general questions about Cashbag and is answered by Cashbag staff (although these are general enquiries and not account specific).

            Joining the site is very simple and I do stress that you should read the Ts&Cs before joining. E.g. People outside the UK cannot get cashback and you have to be over 18. A lot of accounts have been closed because people didn’t read them! By clicking on ‘Join Now’ all that is required are general details like name and address (used for sending cheques). It doesn’t really matter about choosing a payment method as this can be changed when asking for a payout.

            Payouts are made from £15 and can be received through PayPal, by Cheque or Amazon vouchers. Each works in £5 increments which I know can be infuriating at times when for example another 2p is needed to get a payout. I don’t know exactly how much, but I have made upwards of £500 from Cashbag since joining in August 2005. At the moment it will take a lot longer than a year to make as much as I did because eBay had a few offers on that meant we could earn around £35 a day (another was £8 a day) but this offer was abused and quickly removed… it was on several cashback sites so not directly caused by Cashbag members but for those who put the time in, were greatly rewarded. The same can be said about Cashbag as a whole. If you don’t bother to visit the site and either buy through the links on site or visit daily to do the recurring offers then you won’t be paid as much as others who do.

            The site is well presented and even if you go to click on one area that could get you cashback it will ask you to login if you haven’t already which I feel is missing from other sites and I would lose out. I always begin by clicking on ‘Member Login’ and this is time sensitive so if I don’t do anything for a while can mean having to login again. Once logged in I am faced with the latest offers. Most of these require some form of payment like ‘deposit £5 and receive £7.50 cashback’ from a bingo site or can be sites to join up to for a smaller reward. Lately these offers have been added with dates which is handy for those who forget if they’ve been done or not. There isn’t much to the site so it isn’t complicated to navigate and even though it does contain animated advertisements for sites, is actually still quite fast to use. Down the left are all the options needed for accounts and further down all the retailers organised by category – within each of those, organised by alphabetical order. There are hundreds of retailers from well known to not so well known ones so always check! Current earnings shows what is available in GBP and now includes dates of when the offers were originally done – still in Beta testing these dates are not always accurate but do give some idea of what is being paid and from when. Cleared Earnings covers all the offers that have been done but already received in payment. When a payment is asked for and the account goes down, this is where they are moved to. It has been handy because it means I can still check on what I’ve been paid for although it doesn’t contain a running total of everything earned.

            Under ‘Retailer Categories’ is the category I use most often: ‘Recurring’. As mentioned above, these are generally worth between 2p and 12p and all they require is searching a website and clicking through to another site. An example would be the merchant ‘HighStreet Web’. By clicking that link I am taken to their site. I would then click on anything under the 8 categories in the middle of the page (like ‘Loans’) and be faced with a list of sites and click on one of those which will open in a new page. I wait for a few seconds before then closing. All the offers on Cashbag under ‘Recurring’ can be done on a daily basis and it is a good idea to disable pop up blockers and to clear cookies regularly so there is more chance of them being tracked. Personally I do try and do these on a daily basis and at the moment I don’t make many purchases so my money comes from these offers. They may not seem much but it is amazing to see how quickly they add up. Best of all they don’t take long to do and I usually do them the same time as other things online.

            Buying through the site is done the same way. Login and either browse through the categories on the left or, if decided which retailer will be used, click on Fast Cash and search for them. There is a range of different cashback offers available e.g. 1% cashback from Currys but 1.25% from Comet on electrical goods and then after reading the little blurb about the retailer (as some can have specific requirements) just click on the site name. This will then open up a new page which contains a special link for tracking the purchase. Nothing else has to be done except buy what is going to be bought but I always browse the site first and decide what I want to buy before clicking through Cashbag so I know there is more chance of it being tracked if done in a shorter time.

            Whatever is done to gain cashback will NOT show up in the account as it does on other sites which are then pending and waiting to be verified. When you login it says at the top of the page how much is in the account. This is where people give up altogether – they think the site is a scam and doesn’t pay out because they can’t see it being tracked. It is mentioned that some merchants verify purchases/clicks between 30 and 45 days however there are times when some are verified after only 14 to 21 days. Some are done in blocks and only credited at the end of the month which can mean larger payouts especially on the daily clicks if there is 30 days between being added each month. I’ve only ever put in a claim for 2 offers which hadn’t paid out within 30 days – easily done by clicking on ‘Submit Claim’. The first was a Boots.com order which was then received within the 45 days maximum wait but the other was a payout from a gambling site. I had signed up, put money in, gambled with that money, luckily after losing a bit managed to get it right back up again so I could get the money deposited back. But unfortunately I was informed by Cashbag after they looked into it that the offer had not been tracked. Maybe it was my fault or maybe it was the gambling site being greedy I don’t know. It was disappointing but not caused by Cashbag. In both cases I received a message on screen to say it can take up to 4 weeks to hear back from Cashbag as they have to contact the merchant once a claim is raised and I then received personal replies in both cases to let me know what was happening.

            Having been on the Cashbag forum (known as FreebieVillage.co.uk), I’ve heard it can take over 4 weeks to get information on unpaid cashback but if Cashbag haven’t heard back from the merchant then there won’t be any message to pass on until they hear something. What shouldn’t be done is sending in more and more claims – just be patient! Also the forum will not deal with account specific queries e.g. if you haven’t been paid for something (not all the Cashbag staff work in the office so can mean more work and retailers being asked more than once about a specific query). On the forum it is fine to ask for advice or help if needed as there is usually someone around to help.

            When £15+ has been reached, it is easy to ask for a payout. Just click on ‘Current Earnings’ which shows what has recently been paid (since last payout) and under the list is “If your account balance is £15 or more, please click here to request your payment” and clicking there takes me to an invoice page. Details can be edited (if using paypal the e-mail address has to be that of the account connected to Paypal), amount to be asked for and what payment method – paypal, cheque or Amazon vouchers. Once submitted, accounts are checked for any fraudulent activity and paid out within 7 days. The invoice amount only goes up to £200 but if wanting more just submit a second invoice asking for the rest. Once submitted, an automatic reply should be e-mailed and I find my account balance goes down a few days after being asked for. The advantage to this payment method by Cashbag is that you only have to wait 7 days (sometimes a few more days if they're on holiday or extremely busy) – some sites will only payout once a month to members – I’d rather wait 7 days than waiting around 30 if I reach payout just after a payment run!

            There is a referral system on Cashbag which means you can get family and friends or random strangers to join if they want and if they use the special referral link will mean earning more money. If I invite someone and they use my link, I receive 25p as soon as their account has been confirmed. Once that person has reached £15 (and asked for a payout) I then earn another £2.25. I’ve been lucky enough to have several people join and reach the payout level so my earnings have been boosted by that money. This is one reason Cashbag take 7 days to payout – they’ll make sure that sign ups are not done fraudulently. However, if family members join up and they are in the same house using the same ISP, both people will not earn the cashback from recurring offers (which track IPs) and some other sites like gambling sites. To them it looks like multiple accounts trying to earn more money out of them. If buying things though should be no problem as those offers can be done over and over again.

            My advice: join several cashback sites, find out what they are like at paying out, how much they offer etc. and decide on one or a few to stick to. Personally it can be annoying to hear people complaining all the time that Cashbag are so slow at paying out, never payout blah blah. Most of the time this is caused by people using more than one cashback site (for recurring offers) and because retailers log IPs will not payout on both sites so they think it is Cashbag’s fault. I’ve been there and done that – I’ve been on sites that have even closed down without warning and have not paid out what I’ve been owed. I’ve been on sites that do show what cashback I am potentially going to get but I have to wait double the length of time for it to be verified before I can even get a hold of it. I’ve been on others that don’t pay out until 2 months after asking for the money or want me to earn at least £25 before I can ask for a payout or only do one mass payout to everyone a month. I like Cashbag and will continue to use it. I get out as much as I put in. I know if I don’t click for a week that I won’t be paid as much as others who do the clicks and buy through the site regularly.

            So why not get a job as no doubt I’d earn as much as I do in a day from Cashbag in 15 minutes in a job? Simple: I can work and take 10 or so minutes a day doing these recurring clicks or get cashback on things I’d have bought anyway and have that bit of extra money to spend. If I hadn’t joined Cashbag a year ago I would never have made that £500+ I have done and bought things I wanted. It probably isn’t a site I’d recommend to impatient people because patience is needed and some days I know I can’t be bothered just clicking but my mood soon changes when I see my account balance rising and then I wish I had been more active. It’s money for doing very little and as I’ve mentioned, Cashbag has its advantages over other sites and the main reasons I stick to them but like I also mentioned, it can be a good idea to check out the competition and find a site to suit your needs… for me, that’s Cashbag.

            Round up of benefits:
            £2.50 free when you join
            25p when a referral joins and another £2.25 when they reach £15
            Payments can be asked for at £15 through Paypal, Amazon vouchers or cheque (lower than other sites)
            Daily recurring offers – earn 61p a day at the moment
            Payment received within 7 days – no waiting on monthly payment runs
            Active staff visible on the forum if help is needed
            Timely replies to account specific problems


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              28.04.2006 13:13



              A great wee cashback site

              I first came across this site when I read a review on it on here and thought why not give it a go.

              This site is a reward site in which when you shop online with certain retailers if you go through this site you will receive a cashback sum into your account.

              Registration was a very simple process and only took me a couple of minutes and then I was ready to browse the site.

              The site is split up into different sections which is easy to navigate from one section to another.

              There is a recurring section where there are retailers which you can click on or search sites for and earn cash without even spending a penny.

              There is also a fast cash section where completing offers such as registering for companies newsletters can earn you some more money too.

              The main thing on this site is the retailers such as HMV, Play.com etc in fact there are over 750 retailers where you can shop and earn money.

              When you join this site you are given a bonus of £2.50 to start you off, then you can join their forum call freebievillage and earn another 15p. The forum is fantastic as if you have a query or problem about the site you can go on and leave a message and someone will answer your query for you and you can also find other useful information here too.

              You have to reach a minimum of £15 before you can cash out and there are three way you can do this 1. cheque, 2. into your paypal account and 3. Amazon Vouchers, the good thing about this site is you can decide when you want payment and after submitting an invoice you will have your payment (whichever way you choose) within 7 days.

              There is a fantastic referral system on here too, for every new member who joins via your link you automatically get 25p as soon as their membership has been confirmed, when when they claim their first invoice you are credited with a further £2.25.

              Now unlike other cashback sites you wont see your earnings until they have been cleared by the retailers and this can take anything from 30-45 days but in some cases come through earlier.

              Overall I feel this has got to be one of the best cashback sites on the web and it is very user friendly and not too difficult to find your way around.


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