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Cash Lagoon / A paid to click and complete site

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2010 19:49
      Very helpful
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      Will avoid for now till more positive things are said about it

      This site just sounded right up my street , it sounds like an easy place to earn a bit so off i went to have a look.

      The first appearance of the site as it loaded looked really friendly , and colourful, and reading the main page seemed like i had first thought ... an easy place to earn, the to main ways to earn according to the site were by ...

      Completing free offers, it says that you will be required to fill out surveys and try out the services or free products where you will then be asked to review them, which sounds pretty similar to a number of sites out there.

      Referrals is another way to earn you will earn 20% of everything they earn and in addition you will earn another 5% for everyone they sign up, which to me sounds a great way to earn if you have loads of friends.

      Daily contests that are on the site seem more like the right way to actually earn if the above two fail, they have contests which are held in the forum and from what i have read you will get paid for each post that is in accordance to the daily contest.

      However on further investigation on to joining the site i decided to check out the forum section, now this site boasts that over 900,000 are members, and looking at the forum this maybe right but personally i think it is more like 900,000 are registered but only a small percentage are using the site.
      Within the forum you have lots of categories and sub categories within them, and if you do go to the site the main one that seems to be active is the questions and
      answers .

      this category seems to be full of complaints from not earning anything, to not being paid or being paid a miserable 0.0001p for a survey that promised £1 there are also other comments on how people have a bit in there accounts and they have been frozen which has not allowed them to withdraw.

      My conclusions on then joining this site are very slim , I will be staying on the side waiting to read an actual comment within the forum saying it is worth joining instead of all the complaints, It just seem a bad move joining if its a case of spending 4 hours filling forms out for a miserable £0.0001p after all it would cost more to run your PC on electricity.

      In the meantime i shall just keep checking the site and will maybe join in the future then i can possibly come back and change this from a not so positive review to a positive one , but it would be good to see different ways of earning instead of surveys, would be good to earn while playing games,

      Anyway i do think people should avoid this site till the questions and answer section on the site seems to glow with recommendation than with the gloomy look it has at the minute with all the complaints


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