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Category: Dating

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2010 15:38
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      Novel dating dates.

      Do I like being single? Yes. Do my family and friends like me being single? No. I have found that after coming out of a troubled marriage and through a dreadful divorce that I am happy just to be myself. I am finding my feet and confidence. I am learning to be a whole person again. My family however have different views. They think that I should have a man in my life and worry about me constantly. Much to my horror I am continually being introduced to perspective sole mates.

      After being single for two years I thought that maybe they had a point and I should be looking for Mr Right. I didn't really want to go out and meet someone but I started to feel that there was something wrong with me because I liked being single. Eventually I gave in to peer pressure and decided to look round at what was available for singles who were looking for romance. I dabbled with Internet dating and even had a pleasant date one evening. At the end of the evening I explained that I did like him and that I had a lovely time but it had made me realise that I still wasn't ready for dating yet. He followed me home and then stalked me for a week. The experience unnerved me and it was a year before I started to consider it again. My friend and I talked about it and decided to see what else is available for single women.

      I looked on the Internet and found Click Singles Dating. It was a very structured website which comprehensively covered all aspects of dating. There is an annual membership fee of £35 which gives you a good discount on all of the events that are held. Click Singles cover the South East, Bristol, Manchester, London, Birmingham and Newcastle. There is online dating, speed dating, dinner dating, singles parties, social networking events and even holidays. A typical dinner dating ball will cost £45 for non-members and £35 for members. The age groups are specified and ages range from 23-35, 30-45, 43-55 and 50 plus. There is plenty to do if you prefer not to go out in the evening. If you fancy a singles walk, a day trip to France or an amble around an antiques fair, then this website could be really good for you.

      Click Singles offers One2One introductions for a £395.00 annual fee, Introduction membership gives you unlimited Introductions for a full year. They say that if you feel more comfortable going on a one2one date and you would like to choose your own partner via a comprehensive profile then this is the service for you. They explain that you that you will be interviewed at home by an experienced Dateline representative. It provides an exclusive dating and introductions service operating both online and offline for those serious about meeting genuine, like-minded people.

      I decided along with 5 of my single friends to attend an event in a local wine bar. The evening cost was £10 for non-members and £5 for members which we thought was reasonable. When we arrived we were greeted at the door by one of the organisers, I was very nervous and couldn't believe I was even there. We found a table bought some wine and sat down to take in the atmosphere. The bar started to fill up very quickly, I felt quite uncomfortable because men were openly staring at us. My experienced friends unfortunately were openly ogling back. I am sorry if I offend anyone now but there were lots of little, old, bald men with shiny polyester suits who descended on us. I must say that I like little, I like old and I like bald but not collectively and not salivating in front of me. The problem was that we were surrounded and they wouldn't take no for an answer. I will enlighten you; we are a group of well-groomed, tall, elegant ladies in our 40's, there were all nearer to 70.

      Much to my relief the organisers decided it was time to mingle. My relief however turned into panic as we were given a card with a name of a piece of fruit written on it. The idea was to get as many matches as you could with the opposite sex. There was a prize for the most matches. Alarmingly for ample busted lady, I was to be a melon. The whistle went and a frenzied stampede ensued. I ran for cover, hiding behind a big potted plant I looked on in fascination. Everyone appeared to be having a fantastic time. As I looked around the wine bar I could see that there were already a few budding relationships blossoming. One of the organisers spotted me and dragged me out. I begged him to let me help out, he humoured me and so I was presented with a whistle and got stuck into encouraging the other party goers. For me it was a good way to be there but not participate.

      The evening was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere. I did strike up a friendship but it was with a charming lady. The organiser also asked me out which made my day as he was really nice. I declined because yet again I realised that I am still not ready to find romance. One of my friends met a lovely man who she is still seeing 5 months later. As we left there were many couple exchanging numbers, so it was a successful evening for many. I did find out later that the men, who I mentioned earlier, had all swooped down on Sevenoaks which is quite an affluent area in the hope of meeting a rich wife so they fib about their ages to get in.

      Although I haven't attended any more Click Single events my friends have. They have done a variety of things including bowling, casino, cycling and dinner dating. One friend is also considering a holiday to one of the Greek Islands this year. None of my friends have done speed dating but the photos on their website are good and show well organised, informal events.

      Even though I am still not ready for romance and maybe I will stay that way, who knows. Click singles would definitely at the top of my list if I did feel ready to date again. The party night wasn't my sort of evening but there is a great choice of other social events to choose from, it is well structured and the organisers are energetic and friendly not too pushy. A lot of thought has gone into this singles dating site. It offers that little bit extra and presents a lot more relaxed atmosphere in which to meet others.


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