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3 Reviews
  • A little money to be made
  • Videos slow
  • Surveys unavailable
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    3 Reviews
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      21.05.2015 11:20
      Very helpful


      • "A little money to be made"


      • "Videos slow"
      • "Surveys unavailable"
      • "Offers not credited"
      • "Slow earnings"

      It's okay but it's not great, very slow earnings

      I started working on Clixsense about three years ago and for some reason just never got around to closing my account down. I have made about twenty dollars in total over the last year which for a ptc site is pretty abysmal. I have not worked on it every single day but there were a few weeks I worked on it all week and to make twenty dollars for about three weeks work is pretty horrendous.

      The site
      The site itself is not bad, it has a lot of potential earning opportunities, but that is all that they are, potential. I tried so many offers on so many different occasions and they either would not complete, the link did not work or, if I was lucky enough to be able to actually complete one, it did not credit. When offers do not credit, you are supposed to contact the admin on that particular offer wall, I have either been told to take a screen shot (which I did) and still been denied my clixcents or just completely ignored.

      The ptc ads are not bad, they have a lot of them and they seem to refresh quite often throughout the day which is good. But not really worth spending any time on them as the payments are so small as they tend to be with advert clicks.

      The only reason I stayed on the site as long as I did was because of the crowdflower tasks available, but these have become few and far between and the last few times that I checked them, there was one available. This was the only way to make any real money on the site and even that seems to be dwindling.

      I must clarify that I do not hate the site, the few times I have been paid have been prompt and in full and the admin have always been helpful, I just think it is kind of a waste of time and effort for virtually no money.


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      23.02.2012 17:49
      Very helpful



      A fantastic site which i would recommend joining

      Clixsense is a US company which has been running successfully for over five years now and is a leader in the PTC market.

      I am surprised by the fact that there is currently only one review on dooyoo written about Clixsense (and even that was written over two years ago and is outdated with quite a lot of inaccuracies) considering that it is one of the best sites in which people can earn a small income from home (just like dooyoo) This shows that quite a lot of people are probably unfamiliar with PTC sites so I will explain what these are. A PTC site (Paid-to-Click) is a site in which members get paid to click (as the name suggests) adverts. The member is usually paid a low sum (one cent per 30 seconds or a tenth of a cent for 3 seconds) which is why some people have the (wrong) perception that PTC sites are not good ways of earning money at a decent rate (I will show why this is wrong later.) There are also a lot of PTC sites which are extremely dodgy or ones that it is almost impossible to get a cash out on (like archerfish which is awful) however clixsense is one of the oldest PTC sites ever as well as being one of the best. While I (like hundreds of thousands of others) have already received multiple payments on clixsense go on http://ptc-investigation.com/clixsense.aspx for further proof that it is a legitimate site. On this website (which professionally reviews all PTC sites) it is one of only four elite sites.

      The site is extremely easy to navigate and is in blue and white. At the top of the page it tells you your balance as well as letting you sign in or out and send a support ticket. Below these are the main options which are:
      View Ads

      In my review I will go through and explain each one of these seven buttons. If you wish to see the layout of your site yourself the link is http://www.clixsense.com/?r=3632024&c=dy&p=View_Ads

      View Ads:

      This is the main part of the site that you will be using as a new member and where you will regularly be able to see new ads. There are four different types of ads which I will explain:
      Extended ad: These are quite rare and offer 2 cents to view for 60 seconds. To view an ad you simply click on it and then four pictures come up on your screen. One of them is a cat and the other three are dogs (I know this seems quite random but it is to ensure nobody is using bots or other illegal equipment) All you have to do is click the picture of the cat and the ad will load. There is a bar which slowly runs down to 0 at which point you get paid. You are free to view the ad or do anything else you want (you can't however open a new tab or browser) while the timer runs down.
      Standard ad: Each member is guaranteed at least 1 of these a day (premium members get at least 4) although on average you would normally get quite a few. These pay one cent each and are 30 seconds long.
      Mini Ad: This is 15 seconds long and pays half a cent
      Micro ad: This is 3 seconds long and pays a tenth of a cent (There are usually loads of these available throughout the day)

      To give an example, when I just logged on I had 5 standard ads, 2 micro ads and 16 mini ads available to click (which would give me 7.6 cents.) Obviously if you check throughout the day you will get a lot more. A feature which I like about this site is that once you click the ad you are guaranteed to get paid; the amount of clicks cannot run out as with other sites.


      While I have primarily used this site as a member I have also used it to advertise other sites on certain occasions in the past. It is possible to either use your main balance to fund ads or to use Paypal, Alertpay or Liberty reserve funds (it is also possible to use a combination of them both.) You can buy 1,000 ad credits for $2.40 however if you buy more the discount ranges from 10% to 43% depending on how much you pay. For $16 dollars you will get 10,000 ad credits which is 33% off. Below are the costs of each type of ad:
      Micro - 1 credit
      Mini - 5 credits
      Standard - 10 credits
      Extended - 20 credits

      For all ads it is possible to view statistics such as the nationalities of the people viewing your ad. Mini, standard and extended ads however also give more statistics, show a description of your ad to all members and enable you to target your ad to certain countries or only members who have upgraded.


      Clixgrid is another way in which users can earn money from viewing ads. The clixgrid consists of a picture with hundreds of small cells. The user can click one of them (no validation click of a cat is needed for this) for 5 seconds if a premium member or 10 seconds if a standard member. Clixgrid is a game of chance and there is approximately 1 in 400 chance of winning a prize up to $5. While I have won over $3 and used Clixgrid regularly when I was a new member now I do not really bother as it takes too much time. Standard members are only allowed 25 chances a day while premium members get 50. It currently costs $17 to advertise on clixgrid for 30 days. I did this once a few month ago and received over 15,000 clicks of which over 14,000 were unique although I think that these numbers have increased on average since I advertised on clixgrid.


      The tasks are a new addition to Clixsense and while I was sceptical at first I currently find them as extremely useful. This is one of the main ways in which a member who has no direct referrals and has not upgraded is able to make a significant amount of money quickly. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of tasks which are only for English people which means that I usually have quite a few available. For an example of a task, today I completed one which showed lots of pictures of ebay listings. All you had to do was say if you would buy this listing or not. It took me around 45 seconds and I earnt $0.11 which is quite good considering I would have to view 330 seconds of ads to make that much. The best part is that it can be done as many times as you want however, in each task there is a question to which the people know the answer to and which you are required to give. Usually, they accept anything near the correct answer (which is quite generous as there are only 5 options) but if your percentage falls too low then they stop letting you do that task. This happened to me when I started clicking the options quite quickly (and slightly randomly) but I had already got $0.88 from five minutes and there were many other tasks. A couple of days ago I also did a task which paid $0.28 for 2-3 minutes work. The next time I did it I realised they asked the same question so I copied and pasted my previous answers. They let me do this five times which gave me $1.40 in less than five minutes. Personally, I think the tasks are an extremely good addition as they enable members to earn relatively large amounts of money quite quickly and easily.


      Quite a while back Clixsense introduced lots of games which had a few second ad while it was loading. They do not pay you for these and I have never used this feature as I think it is quite useless but some people might like it.


      Now this is the main part of Clixsense and is how some people are able to get over $1,000 a year by doing nothing except for logging in once every 90 days to prevent their accounts being suspended and cashing out to PayPal. Each member is given a unique referral link which they can give to family, friends or advertise to random people. (An important notes however, is that only one user is allowed per ip address) There are five different ways in which you can earn from your affiliates which I will list below; however before I write these I will mention that they are different depending on your membership. Premium membership costs $17 (which is quite a lot less than some sites although still quite steep and lasts exactly one year. The benefits include more chances at clixgrid, more ads and most importantly a lot more money from affiliates.

      Referral clicks:
      This is the most common way of earning money from referrals and it is referral clicks. Quite simply, every time a referral of yours clicks any of the ads you will be paid 20% of its value if you are a standard member and 40% if you are a premium member. This means that if you referral clicks a standard ad you will receive $0.002 if standard and $0.004 if premium. This is quite a useful income if you have quite a few referrals as it does not include any work. I currently have 20 referrals of whom only 10 are active yet I get around $0.10 every day by doing nothing.

      Referral Signups:
      Only premium members get paid for referral signups. If a referral of yours earns $1 through ad clicks (around 1 month if active) you will receive $0.50 on top of the $0.40 you have already received for the referral clicks. This is quite a lot of money and is an extremely useful feature of clixsense.

      Advertising Sales:
      Every time one of you referrals spends money on advertising in clixsense you will receive 10% (up to $1) of the purchase if you are a standard member and 10% (up to $2) if premium of the purchase. There is a maximum of $100 you can earn from each referral in this way. On the first day, one of my referrals spent $20 or more eon advertising so I earnt one of my easiest $2.

      Premium Membership Upgrades:
      While the other methods might earn you a reasonable amount, to quote the website itself "This is the true power of the ClixSense affiliate program" and there is "no limit on how much you can earn." For both standard and premium members, you get $2.00 when one of your referrals upgrade (this happens every time they upgrade so would probably result in $2.00 a year.) However, this is not all for premium members. Every time one of your referral's referrals (second level) or their referrals (third level) all the way up to 8 levels upgrades you will get $1.00 (presumably a year) This means that if you manage to refer 5 good members who in turn refer 5 good members each and so on (unlikely I know but some will get more to compensate for others) then you will receive $390,000 a year (if my maths Is correct.) This quite clearly shows just how easily your income can explode if you get one or two really good referrals who invite quite a lot of new members.

      If you have a direct referrer it is possible to ask them questions directly and they are able to pay for your premium membership if they wish. If you get 17 members who are referred under you to upgrade to premium (you might only have to refer 1 who will naturally refer others to compensate for the cost of premium) and you sign through my link I will pay for your premium membership if you have not upgraded already. My link is http://www.clixsense.com/?r=3632024&c=dy&p=View_Ads


      This is a useful feature in which you can ask any questions you might have or see other member's success stories or secrets to success. This part is fairly self-explanatory.

      When to upgrade to premium (if ever)?

      Personally, I would not advise upgrading to premium straight away even though some members might. I would try and wait until I receive my first cash out and understand the site a bit more. While the price of premium membership is $17 you get $1 back straight away (you get 100 standard welcome ads) and you get at least $10 in the guaranteed standard ads which significantly reduces the cost. I would only upgrade if I was getting over $0.05 consistently every day from referral clicks or had members on your second level who you think might upgrade/ refer others. This is only my advice and of course you are free to do whatever you wish including spending you entire time as a standard member earning money (albeit slowly) towards cash outs.

      It seems I have left the most important thing to last by mistake. Payments can be requested when your balance is $6.00 if you have premium membership or $8.00 if standard. Payment can be sent to a PayPal, Alertpay or Liberty reserve account. There is usually a couple of percent fee depending on which processor you use and they usually charge 2.5% to change it into pounds from dollars if that is what you wish to do.


      If you are still reading then congratulations as this is well over 2,300 words. I would recommend this site completely as one I have used for over six months and enjoyed. Feel free to ask me any questions either on this site or on clixsense. If you consider joining then please join through my link as it will be appreciated and I will be able to help you out as a new member more easily. This is my referral link and thanks for reading.


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        07.09.2009 18:59
        Very helpful



        ClixSense.com is a good clicking experience!

        --- Introduction ---

        My dear fellow dooyooers,
        I have missed each and every one of you so very much in my time of absence from the site. I miss reading your reviews and writing the odd one myself. My absence is due to the fact that I am somewhat pressed for time, at the moment, but I certainly will be back!

        I want to quickly tell you, however, of a really worthwhile little website which I have discovered, that can actually earn you quite a substantial income over time, even though you will litterally start with nothing more than a couple of pennies . . . humble beginnings, indeed. (I will explain a little later exactly what I mean by the latter.) The thing which impresses me the most about this little PTC (Paid To Click) site, called clixsense.com is the fact that everything is just so easy to understand . . . If even I can "get it", it will certainly not be a problem for just about anyone else to understand how things work here . . .

        --- First impressions ---

        First impressions of anyone or anything, really, are so important, isn't it? When I first opened the clixsense.com website, it just looked like the real deal, and when PTC Investigations.com later confirmed the site's legitimacy (see below), I was very pleased. All the tabs work well, the information given under each tab is concise and easy to understand and the site has an overall "light and uncomplicated" feel to it. My first impressions were, indeed, good . . .

        --- How does it all work? ---

        Like I said above, it is a PTC site. PTC sites, as a rule, have several different usages, but in this write-up I will only concentrate on the immediate earning potential of the site for someone who will join up, because this is the very first thing most people are interested in. As far as the latter is concerned, clixsense.com provides its members with a couple of 30 second adverts, every so often, for each of which it will pay you 1 American sent for viewing it.

        This is the humble beginnings I mentioned earlier. If you conclude from the above that it will take, just about, forever to earn only a couple of US Dollars, this way, you will be so right, . . . if this was the end of the story, but fortunately it isn't.

        Each new person who registers to become a member of the site, is given a unique link, just like the one I received when I became a member, some time ago. Every time a new person joins clixsense.com by means of your unique link, you will also be credited for each clixsense.com advert such a one reads. The above system works 5 levels deep, i.e. just say that someone clicks on your unique link, and sign up to become a member of clixsense, you will also be paid for each advert this person reads . . . I believe it is 0.005 cent per advert.

        If the latter should recruit someone else, you will be paid, once again, for the ClixSense advertisements the latter reads, etc., until this process reaches 5 levels, from where you will not be credited any more. This is all explained, very well, on the home page of website itself. You can work out, for yourself, just how quickly these cents and half cents can begin to add up to a quite substantial sum of money, over time.

        --- Some other valuable information ---

        It is completely free to join clixsense.com and it is actually one of a select few PTC sites which is not a scam, i.e. it will pay you for the adverts you have viewed as well as for those viewed by your downline (those people who will join under you). I know that clixsense is not a scam, because it has been declared legitimate by those who run a website called PTC Investigations.com Their complete URL is http://ptc-investigations.blogspot.com

        These people make it their daily business to investigate every and any PTC site, and only those sites who are found to be legitimate by them will ever make it to PTC Investigations' list of legitimate PTC sites, never mind to their list of trusted PTC sites. clixsense.com is currently listed on their very short list of trusted PTC sites, a truly rare accomplishment if one considers the enormous amount of PTC and other similar sites in operation today.

        As a free member you will only have access to a very limited number of 30 second adverts, and you will need a fairly big down line in order to earn enough money to make it all worthwhile. In this respect clixsense.com does not differ much from other legitimate PTC sites. You can, however upgrade your account to a premium account for only $10 US per year (this is only 6.10 British Pounds per year), which will provide you with a couple of additional benefits, among others . . . a significant increase in the number of adverts available for you to view.

        With regard to this low upgrade charge of $10 US per year, I believe clixsense.com is miles ahead of other legitimate PTC sites, like NeoBux, for example, where it is much more expensive to upgrade to a premium account. Like most legitimate PTC sites, clixsense.com has also got a very low payout threshold. This is the minimum amount of money a member must accrue in his/her account before he/she can make a claim to be paid out.

        A PTC site with a low payout threshold is, generally speaking, a sign that a particular site might be legitimate, but the people at PTC Investigations, for example, use many more criteria than just this one, in order to determine if a site is legitimate, or not.

        --- Conclusion ---

        From the above it must already be clear to you, the reader, that I really like this particular little PTC site, for the reasons I mentioned above, as well as for some lesser reasons, like personal preference etc. I think it is really worthwhile to join clixsense.com as a free member and afterwards, to consider an upgrade to a premium account for only $10 US per year.

        The latter was one of the better investments I had ever made, and, believe me, I had my fair share of bad ones, which, unfortunately, cost me quite a bit more than $10 US. Out of a perfect 10, I award clicksense.com an 8, for . . . "very good". I definitely recommend the site to anyone who would like to earn a little income on the side. If it is managed well, you can create a good income for yourself, over time, from this source.

        If you would like to get involved with this site, you can just type www.clixsense.com into the address bar of your Internet Explorer and click on enter, which will take you directly to the site, or you can send me a message and I will provide you with my clixsense.com link, which you can, likewise, use to open a new account.

        Thank you so much for having taken the time to read this review through.

        Respectfully yours,
        Mayan Viljoen.


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