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    28 Reviews
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      22.01.2014 13:47
      Very helpful



      Definitely a reward site to join if you can

      What is Consumer Pulse?

      Consumer Pulse is a members only rewards site collecting data on your purchases in the following categories:
      - Clothes (Outerwear&Underwear)
      - Entertainment (Books/TV/Film/Music/Games)
      - Health & Beauty (Cosmetics/Perfume/Skincare)
      - Beauty Treatments
      You are rewarded for your time and data input, with points which can be converted to vouchers.

      How do I join?

      Consumer Pulse is an invitation only site, however I searched 'how to join' and found a post on a forum with a link to sign up on. If not you have to request to be selected, and will be emailed when they are taking on new members.

      What do I have to do?

      When you are a member and you log in, on the homepage there is a red shopping bag item, click this and you will be redirected to a new page. This page tells you the dates of purchases they are interested in and you can select how many purchases in each category you made within this time frame.
      If you haven't made a new purchase in the category, click 'tick if no new purchase'. You should aim to log in on a weekly basis and check out your shopping, even if you haven't purchased anything that week (you will still be rewarded for checking out that you haven't bought anything!
      Once you submit this information, you will be asked a few questions on each individual purchase.

      What are the rewards?

      You are rewarded 250 points per purchase for the first 40 items each month and 250 points just for completing your weekly check out. You will also receive 2000 for each telecoms survey you complete and also get bonus points on your birthday.
      250 points are worth 25p and when you reach 10,000 points you can redeem these for a voucher.

      What Vouchers are on offer?

      Click on the 'Rewards' tab to be redirected to the rewards page, in the top right your account balance will be displayed and on the left there is a drop down box with rewards categories:
      - Charity
      - E-codes
      - Vouchers
      The E-Codes can be used for Travel or Hotel Vouchers
      The physical vouchers are offered in a range of high street vouchers, restaurant vouchers and day out vouchers.

      How much can I earn?

      I earn around £10 a month using consumer pulse. It is worthwhile checking out weekly and in my opinion this is one of the better reward websites out there.

      How easy is the site to navigate?

      The weekly check out is accessed by clicking the shopping bag item on the home page and all other pages accessed via the tabs along the top. It took me a while to suss out the website and one of the downsides is emailing to change personal details rather than being able to edit your profile whilst logged in. But most questions are answered on their FAQ page, and the check out process is pretty simple to follow.

      My opinion:

      I have been a member of the website since April last year, at present my balance stands at 68,300. I haven't actively logged into the website, despite the weekly reminder emails/texts/postcards they send me reminding me to do so. It is important that you do access the site regularly to ensure you membership isn't deactivated and I must make a more conscious effort to due this weekly!
      Personally, I am saving my points to convert to vouchers in November to purchase my Christmas Shopping with. For very little effort, you can be well rewarded as a member of this site.
      I haven't requested vouchers yet, but contacting customer services to update my profile was quick and easy and I have no reason to doubt their legitimacy.
      I have read countless reviews and their praise has been sang in forums and it is definitely a panel people are keen to get on.
      I am happy with the way the website works, it is more reliable that survey sites as you are not screened out and your rewards are based on how much information you provide.
      I highly recommend consumerpulse.


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        06.06.2013 10:22
        Very helpful



        Nice, simple and quick weekly surveys

        Over the last few years I have tried many ways to make a bit of extra cash online by using survey sites,cashback sites and doing market research . I have found that one of the easiest ways to earn cash online is to join a site such as Consumer Pulse.

        They send you a reminder every week to fill in a survey listing items that you have purchased.In their surveys they ask easy questions such as ; where did you buy it , who it was brought for ,price, size colour etc. They wish to know about your buying habits for ; books, films and other entertainment,clothing and accessories, sportswear, underwear, health and beauty, professional beauty treatments.

        How mush you earn from Consumer Pulse will depend on how many items you buy. You earn 50p for each item listed and you also get 50p for doing the weekly survey even if you have not brought any thing. Payment is in gift vouchers that you can order once you have earned £10. Rewards include; entertainment,high street, E-codes, gift vouchers , book tokens and restaurants.
        I do not know if Consumer Pulse is recruiting new members at the moment but it might be worth visiting their website to have a look.


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          17.04.2011 20:08
          Very helpful



          a great, great website

          Around 2 years ago a friend recommended I register my interest with Consumer Pulse claiming that she'd been sent a TopShop voucher just 2 weeks after registering with little effort required, the green eyed monster eventually reared it's head after my friend began flaunting her essentially free TopShop purchases so enough was enough I registered my interest though the TNS website and luckily I received my sign up details in the post some 3 weeks later. Having already seen the evidence that the vouchers do arrive I was eager to start inputting my purchases from that month.

          In order to redeem points for vouchers the site requires you to enter a range of details about recent purchases, the categories include: Clothes (outwear), Clothes (underwear), entertainment, health and beauty and beauty treatments. Consumer pulse is concerned with the needs of consumers in the various categories in order to identify trends in the market.

          In terms of questions asked about the different products they tend to vary depending what you have bought for example, if you have bought a coat that week the general questions will be: Where was it bought from? How much was it? What material is it? Was it on offer? etc and if you bought cinema tickets the questions are: Where did you see the film? How much was the ticket? Would you buy this film on dvd? Did you enjoy the film? Per item is generally takes 3-4 minutes to examine what you bought and answer the questions.

          As far as earning points goes it is possible to earn £12 a month and therefore redeem one £10 voucher or accumulate them as the points to not expire. You also get 500 points a month for logging into the site even if you haven't got any items to log. Every month or so you will be a telecommunications survey that you can complete for 2000 points but this is completely optional but definitely worth it as 2000 points is a very fair reward for a short, simple survey.

          The question which most people want to know is how quickly points can rack up and as previously stated this potentially can be £12 a month as long as you have bought enough products which fit into the categories and have logged them. In essence you are being paid to shop and the vouchers come within 14 days.

          In the 2 years I have been with them I have probably earned in the region of £170 worth of vouchers. This website's registration is highly sough of but it isn't impossible to gain an account and start reaping rewards for logging your shopping habbits!


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          09.09.2010 14:37
          Very helpful



          If you can get in it's worth taking the time to enter your purchases

          Consumer pulse is an excellent site and one that ranks in my top ten of most visited. I log in to Consumer pulse on average once a week to record my purchases.

          Consumer pulse is basically a site that is interested in the general public's purchasing habits and you get rewarded by entering the details of your recent purchases so that they can get an idea of the British publics spending habits. If you are reading this thinking 'great, this sounds like a site for me!' then I am very sorry to say that membership to this website is by invitation only.

          I have been a member for about 2 years now; to have a chance of being invited as a member you can enter your details at www.tnsglobal.com and if they like what they see you could be sent an email invitation to join the site. My mum has been trying to become a member ever since I joined two years ago but it seems very selective as she has never received an invite despite me emailing them to ask, their customer services team just directed me to the TNS site.

          The idea of the site is to log in at least once a week to record your purchases, even if you haven't bought anything they reward you 500 points (equal to 50p) just for logging on and informing them you haven't made any purchases. The site is well set out and navigating around is simple due to the ease of the design.

          Consumer pulse doesn't include food purchasing, what it does require information on are cinema visits, beauty treatments, fragrances, gift packs, adults and children's clothing, cosmetics, DVD rentals / purchases, books, mobile phone top-ups etc. Consumer pulse then provides the data of the publics spending habits to the retailers themselves showing the current market trends.

          Once you enter a purchase, there are a few questions to be asked about each item, for example, whether the item was on offer, the material it is made from, what shop it was bought from, how much it cost, who it was bought for etc. All these questions are useful to the retailers in working out why we buy the products we buy. Then you just submit the information and a message is displayed informing you of the points you have earn't and that they will show in your account within 24 hours.

          Entering each purchase takes a little time, but I'd say no more than a minute each item and the rewards that this website provides are really good for the amount of effort put in. Just logging in each week (whether you have purchased anything or not) earns you 500 points which is the equivalent of 50p. Each item you enter is also worth 500 points so they soon add up. There are capped earnings at 10,000 points a month which is equal to £10 in monetary value.

          The points can then be exchanged for vouchers. The choice in vouchers is great in my opinion; they are sorted under the headings Entertainment, Highstreet and Charities. There is a choice of charities that you can select and Consumer pulse make a donation on your behalf such as UNICEF, NSPCC and Cancer Research. Usually I go for the other two categories, in the Highstreet section there is a good choice of Highstreet shops such as Dorothy Perkins, WH Smith, HMV, Topshop, Evans, Next, Homebase, House of Frasier, Thornton's, Burtons and even travel agents vouchers such as Virgin, Thomas Cook. I think this is a good range as it's not all clothes shops and there is a bit of variety in there to suit different people.

          Under the Entertainment section there are vouchers for restaurants, days out and cinema's such as Warwick Castle, Sea Life Centers, Odeon, Virgin, Bella Italia, Pizza Hut, TGI Friday's, Alton Towers, Madam Tussauds, London dungeons, Thorpe Park and theatre tickets. I think this is a great selection and there are a few more that I haven't mentioned so there really is something for everyone here.

          When you consider that you can earn up to £10 a month on this site, it's a great site to be a member of as the rewards are so good. I usually save up my vouchers until I have enough to enjoy a day out or pay for a whole meal. Recently I ordered £40 in Next vouchers which after a while of not using I then sold on eBay for £35 as I needed the cash more. The vouchers do not have expiry dates so there is no rush to use them or fear of them being wasted.

          Once a month all members get sent a telecoms survey which basically questions you on your internet package, TV package, home phone and mobile packages. Completing this survey gives you 2000 points each time (£2) and when you complete thirteen surveys consecutively you receive a bonus of 3000 points (£3) on top of your 2000 for completing it. Once a month there is also a fun poll on the home page, each member can vote on and see the results which can be quite interesting.

          I'd recommend this site 100% as the rewards are great and there really is something for everyone. Money is tight for us at the moment so these vouchers go a long way meaning we can go on days out and enjoy meals at nice restaurants too. The only downside is that it is by invitation only but it's worth filling in your details at the TNS website for a chance of being selected. I have had no problem receiving my vouchers in the post within 2 weeks of ordering them and because they are posted and not emailed, you can also choose to give these as gifts which is a great option as they are the same as the ones purchased in store.

          Thank you for reading!


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            24.02.2010 22:07
            Very helpful



            Well worth a look

            You cannot join Consumer Pulse, you have to be invited to join. You register your desire to be a member of their consumer panel on their website and just sit back and wait. But don't hold your breath it took me about 7 months before I got the letter inviting me to join. The letter contained my access code to the site and once logged on I was a member.

            It is a very simple site to belong to you get paid to tell them what you have bought every week in the following categories:-Clothing- underwear/Clothing -outerwear/Entertainment/Telecoms/Beauty/Beauty Treatments.

            Every week you get 500 points just for registering your shopping even if you bought nothing. For every item you do enter you get a further 500 points. It involves entering a brief description of the item, it's ISBN number if applicable, where you bought it, why you bought it and how much you paid. Finally advising if it was on special offer. You get paid for the first 20 purchases only every month. Currently 500 points is worth 50p and that is a very fair reimbursement. You can redeem your points for vouchers every time you get to ten pounds, which if you are a shopaholic could be every month. For money savvy peeps it is more realistically going to work out at a lot less. But nevertheless well worth it.

            Consumer Pulse advise that they will give you the opportunity to add to your points with occasional surveys where you can earn 500 to 1000 points- I have not had one yet and have been a member for a few months. So they are presumably either rare or I am screened out at very early stages!

            I like this site, the information is clear and they certainly give me the impression that they care about their panel members.

            I have chosen not to redeem any vouchers yet, but their terms and conditions advise that they will process voucher requests with 48 hours of receipt which is an excellent service.

            Consumer Pulse is a member of the TNS Group.


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              13.12.2009 17:59
              Very helpful



              Very impressed

              I've been a member of the ConsumerPulse panel since early this year, and have so far received £70 worth in vouchers with the most recent of these arriving this very week.

              Unfortunately, joining the panel isn't simply a matter of entering your details and waiting for confirmation. You have to be invited to join the panel in a similar fashion to Pinecone (although I don't think that there are sign-up banners etc for this panel). I signed up with my details and heard nothing for several months until a letter arrived on the doormat inviting me to join up and giving me a sign-up code to enter to confirm my invitation. If I remember correctly, my code didn't work at first no matter how many times I tried to enter it but for some strange reason, it was absolutely fine the next day!

              ***What is involved***
              Once you've been invited to join, you can set about uploading your purchase history. Unlike survey websites, they don't want detailed information about your demographic as the main reasoning behind the panel is to collate information about the members' buying habits.

              When you have purchases to enter, you simply need to click on the quite prominent box at the side,which is titled 'To enter My Shopping click here'. This takes you to a screen in which you can enter the number of purchases that you have made in specific categories. The current categories are:

              *Clothes - Outwear
              *Clothing - Underwear
              *Entertainment (books, DVDs, downloads, computer games etc)
              *Phones & Accessories
              *Health & Beauty (cosmetics, fragrances, skincare etc)
              *Professional Beauty Treatments

              If your purchase doesn't fall under one of these categories, it isn't an area that Consumerpulse are interested in collating data on so you won't be able to enter it.

              Once you've ticked the relevant box(es) and informed them of whether you've not made any purchases in the other categories, the next screen will ask you to confirm the number of purchases that you wish to inform them of and lets you know how many points you'll receive for this.

              The next screen asks you for specific information about the purchase, such as the date of purchase, the price, the shop or website that it was bought from, who it was bought for and why. This may seem tedious and it certainly can be for multiple purchases, it's mostly a case of selecting from drop-down menus and occasionally filling in numeric values such as price. For books, you'll also need the ISBN number and you may sometimes need to enter barcodes. Once this section is complete, you'll be asked if you want to enter any more purchases. If you do, it'll take you back to the original screen to go through the process once more, but if not, your pending points total will be confirmed. All in all, it's a pretty simple process and doesn't take as long as you might think. I prefer to enter my purchases as they're made rather than wait to do a load at once as it's less tedious this way.

              On average, you get 500 points per single purchase and most redemptions start at 10,000 points. It might sound a long way off but you'd be surprised how quickly points mount up. I buy a fair few music downloads, which bump up the total no end and often find that I can redeem a voucher every 4-6 weeks on average. Even if you buy nothing that qualifies in a certain week, you can still go through the purchasing process (simply by ticking the 'no new purchases in this category' or similar box for each category) as Consumerpulse still want to know whether you have or haven't bought anything that week, and you'll get 500 points for doing so.

              Points are added around 24 hours after your purchases have been entered so don't worry if you don't see them sooner than this. I've never had a problem with points being added. To view your points, click on the 'Rewards' tab in the navigation bar, but remember that you may be 24 hours behind as far as totals go depending on when you last entered purchases.

              The rewards are either gift vouchers or charity donations. So far, I've redeemed for 1 B&Q voucher, 1 Boots voucher and 5 Amazon vouchers. All of these have arrived within a week of being ordered, and I always receive a confirmation email more or less straight away after ordering a voucher to let me know that it's being processed.


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                13.12.2009 17:22
                Very helpful



                Market Research Site

                Im a member of several market research survey sites and consumer pulse by far is the most rewarding. The unfortunate thing about consumer pulse is that to become a member its by invitation only. If you go onto the consumer pulse website you can enter your details and cross your fingers and hope you get a "Help" email from them looking for you to join.

                So, whats it all about?
                Consumer Pulse are looking for you to give them some information on your spending habbits and in return they will give you points that can be redeemed against vouchers. When you join you get a nice 5000 points (which equates to £5). Every time you tell them about a purchase then you get 500 points (equates to 50p). When you get a total of 10000 points then you have the option of redeeming this for a voucher. When you enter your shopping details it is very very simple and takes no more than 2 mins. There are drop down menus so that you can enter the shop that you purchased the item from, when you bought it, how much it cost etc.

                You only get rewarded for a total of 20 items that you enter therefore this accumulates to £10 every month (20 purchases X 500 points). If you do not purchase anything in a week then you can still tell consumer pulse about it ie that you didnt buy anything and they still give your 500 points per week.

                Consumer pulse also randomly ask you to do some short shopping relating surveys and they give you an extra 500/1000 points. You also get some nice extra bonus points when its your birthday.

                The vouchers that you can redeem range from Sainsbury's, Burtons, TopShop, Argos, Boots etc and Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays and even liesure vouchers which include places like Legoland and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

                When you redeem your points for a voucher you wait no longer than 5 working days for your voucher to arrive. Very fast and reliable.

                If your not a member of this and like market research sites then I would highly recomend that you register your interest with the site.


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                08.10.2009 16:49
                Very helpful



                Brilliant website totally love it!

                I only began using the site 2 months back and wished I had been on it earlier. Consumer Pulse basically wants you to tell them of all the shopping you have done on their website. This is done because they then pass on details of what people have bought on to the big companies. In return you get some reward weekly with some points that can be exchanged for rewards. You can earn around 2500 points a week for entering your shopping information.

                Sadly the only way to join the website is by a invitation link that can be very hard to find. The best way to join up with them is by going to Volunteer 4 panels and trying apply through there. I did that at the start of the year and only got my self a place now. It is worth it you know and you will get rewards easily from the site.

                You can enter details of shopping such as online shopping, video/dvd rentals/weekly shopping and much more. The information is easy to fill out and on a weekly basis I log in on a Saturday and do this. In a month I get a 10 pound voucher which is sent to me in about 5 working days from the site.

                Consumer Pulse at rare times also sends out surveys where you can earn some extra rewards. Only had this twice from them but they are very easy surveys. Also on your birthday they give you the chance to get some extra points to. It is all about recording your shopping on this site and getting rewarded for it! I love Consumer Pulse and hope everyone gets the chance to join this generous site!


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                  19.09.2009 11:34
                  Very helpful



                  a great reward site

                  Consumer Pulse was always a site I wanted to join. Sadly it's available on invite only which restricts the amount of people able to use the site.
                  If you're reading this and want to be able to register your interest for the site then you can do so via their website using the link provided.
                  This is how I happened to be invited for the panel so it's worth doing if you think the site may be of interest to you.

                  ** What is Consumer Pulse? **

                  Consumer Pulse is part of the TNS marketing group. They collect data from consumers ranging from fast food through to toiletries and petrol. Consumer Pulse itself will collect information about your shopping in categories such as clothing, books, DVDs, cinema visits and phone air time.
                  All survey companies now like to know your ins and outs which can be invasive, but I look upon it as the fact that my Nectar card and Club card are recording my shopping information for minimal rewards, so I may as well be rewarded for entering my own shopping when I choose.

                  ** The website **

                  All shopping is collected via their website which at face value can be quite confusing. Once signed in, you are met with a sometimes out of date home page, for example at the moment it's September and the home page is stating that summer is nearly here! I wish!
                  The homepage itself doesn't tend to hold a lot of relevant information for the consumer unless you wish to partake in their monthly polls for information. There is no reward for this so the section does get looked over quite easily by me.

                  There is a very clear section where you can enter your shopping, and this is the section that you'll use the most when visiting.
                  A pop up window will take you to choose your shopping and it's here where you'll let the site know what you've been buying over the last month.
                  The site cuts off from certain days in the month and each time you log on it'll ask you for purchases between two dates, which can range from one week through to three weeks, depending when you last visited and entered your information.

                  You have to choose which categories your purchases fall into, such as Clothing outerwear, underwear, DVD's rented etc. This section is very clear and easy to follow.
                  Once you have chosen all your shopping you can proceed to enter the details. The site is very thorough and wants to know when, where, how much, why etc for your purchases. This enables them to see what type of shopper you are and what you tend to buy on a recurring basis.

                  ** Rewards **

                  It's a sad true fact that the majority of the human race wouldn't go through this procedure unless there was something in it for us. I wouldn't to be honest.
                  Consumer Pulse will pay in vouchers for a wide variety of stores, in denominations of £10 which equates to 10000 points. This may seem like a lot of points, but you can earn up to 12000 points per month which is the maximum the site will allow by entering purchases.
                  Extra points will become available to you for answering questionnaires that are emailed to you. These appear to be quite frequent in my inbox with perhaps two or three in a month sometimes.

                  Each item you enter from your shopping will gain you 500 points (50p). This in itself is a good return compared to an hourly rate.
                  You are also given 500 points each week for completing your purchases. If one week you don't have any shopping to declare, you will still be given the 500 points if you let the site know this.

                  Once you have entered all your shopping, the site will let you know how many points you have earned. These will be available for redemption in 24 hours from the time you entered them.
                  To see your balance, there is a Rewards tab on the site and this takes you through to another window to see your balance.
                  As soon as you are over 10000 points you can redeem for a voucher. These are for anything from Amazon, through to high street stores, through to restaurants.

                  To order a voucher, choose the store you want to redeem for and follow the instructions on screen. The site does say they can't resend out vouchers but so far I have always received any I have ordered. There is the option to let them know within five days if you haven't received it.
                  I usually receive my orders within a few working days and they are always proper high street vouchers, unless you order Amazon and then they are the printed piece of paper with the code on.

                  ** Overall **

                  I was excited when I was asked to join the site, and pleased as the rewards are one of the easier and better to accrue.
                  The site, whilst slightly out of date does hold good information, and there is a monthly competition draw to earn a lot of points. I do enter but haven't won yet.
                  I like the fact there are plenty of different vouchers to choose from and the information you input isn't too invasive to your personal life. We all need to buy items on a daily basis and the stores will track you whether you like it or not so you may as well be rewarded for your time.
                  It is a shame that this is invite only, but it does help prevent people faking their purchases to get rewards for nothing.
                  I find I am redeeming a £10 voucher every month and this is helping me when I need to buy something I can and it saves me some money.


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                    14.09.2009 23:41
                    Very helpful



                    A great wesbite where you earn points to enter your shopping on their site weekly!

                    ***WHAT IS CONSUMER PULSE?***
                    Concumer Pulse is part of the TNS group which is the largest market information group in the UK. They provide market measurement, anaylsis, insight and advice to national and multi-national companies.

                    Consumer pulse is a website where you enter your shopping information in order to receive points which can later be used to transfer to gift vouchers of your choice. Consumer Pulse collect information on the following catagories:

                    * Clothes
                    * Entertainment
                    * Phones & Accessories
                    * Health & Beauty
                    * Beauty Treatments

                    There is also options on their website to take part in the monthly competition to win extra points which is more points to turn into vouchers. For this, they normally have a set or questions about a certain topic. For example the new Harry Potter Film. You can also take part in polls and you will get sent e-mails to update information on your profile which also gives you extra points as well.

                    ***HOW DOES IT WORK?***
                    Every week (once a week at least), simply log onto the site using your e-mail address and password and tick the boxes under the categories of items you have bought, for example if you have bought a dvd this would come under the entertainment section then dvd's bought. You will then be asked to provide information such as the date of purchase, cost of the item, what type of item it was, was it bought for anyone, was it on offer and the occasion it was bought for if any.

                    Once you have complete this you will earn points for entering your weekly information and you will also receive 500 points for logging the information onto the site once a week.

                    ***THE POINTS***
                    Depending on how much you enter on the shopping page depends on how many points you will receive. Points are added on 24 hours after entering the information on the website. Once you have received 10,000 you can then request a voucher which would equal to a £10 voucher. A selection of vouchers you can choose from include:

                    * Miss Selfridge
                    * Argos
                    * Halfords
                    * T.G.I Friday's
                    * Thomas Cook
                    * Pizza Hut
                    * Saks hair salon and many more choices avaliable!

                    You can also choose to donate the points which will go towards a chairty from the selection they provide.

                    When you have decided what voucher you would like simply select your choice and how many you would like. Vouchers are normally sent within 5 working days.

                    ***HOW DO I JOIN?***
                    This website is by invite only and you can't join. If you know someone who is a member they can recommend you. I joined the tns website a very long time ago, and this is how I got inbvited to take part on the consumer pulse website. You can find out some information on their tns website which is www.tnsglobal.com

                    ***OVERALL OPINION***
                    You do have to enter quite a lot of information to receive points but even thought some months I don't do a lot of shopping it's still worth entering purchases. Evem if you don't buy anything all week and visit the site and tell them this you will still receive 500 points for logging it under your profile on the website. I do quite a lot of shopping and am forever buying things so I enter quite a few items in a week. i have already received £30 of miss selfridge vouches which came within approx 4-5 working days of ordering them which i was very pleased about. I will continue to enter and declare any purchases and I will start saving the points to go towards vouchers to spend on xmas presents. I think this a great site and I feel I get quite a lot out of it.


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                      13.09.2009 18:43
                      Very helpful



                      Good site for money making

                      I reckon that I average between £8 and £10 a month through this site, not a lot I admit but I tend to save up the money I have earned and use it at xmas which is a heavy time financially. That is the good news the bad news for anyone thinking of giving it a go is that to be able to join you have to be invited and respond to a letter sent to you with an access code on it, being a member of TNS helps and increases your chances as they look for people who match a certain profile via that site.

                      It is a shopping information site, you log details of your shopping purchases into the site, this is not your weekly shop rather they want to know about conumer items like clothing of electronics as well as entertainment stuff. As this also includes beauty items and cinema visits I usually have something to log each week.

                      I reckon I spend a maximum of 15 minutes a week on the site so it is not very time consuming and the site is easy to use and fast to update. Rewards are paid via points, you get 500 per visit per week once you sign on even if it is to just report no purchases. You then get 500 points per item up to a maximum of 10,000 points per month, this cap is to stop people making things up.

                      You can redeem points for vouchers at a rate of 10,000 points for £10 and there are a wide range of high street stores in the scheme for wome you can get vouchers, I often go for Argos and occasionally House of Fraser as these are good places to get presents from however there are lots to choose from as well as Amazon. They are quick to redeem vouchers with a turn around time of 5 days.

                      This site is a nice little earner for minimum effort and something that is easy to do, they even send reminder e-mails each week to ensre you log in.


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                        11.09.2009 21:41
                        Very helpful



                        Make sure you join up if you get invited

                        Consumer Pulse is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. The website collects information on people's shopping habits in the areas of fashion, entertainment and beauty and you are then rewarded for telling them about your purchases.

                        ~ Joining ~
                        Unfortunately, Consumer Pulse is one of those rare and so very precious sites which you have to be invited to before you can actually join, similar to Shop and Scan, which I know quite a few people on here are members of. To increase your chances of being invited, you can sign up to the TNS website, and when someone matching your profile is wanted (i.e. someone of your sex and age is wanted within your area), you will get a letter in the post giving you a code with which you use to sign up.

                        I didn't even realise that a site like this was part of TNS when I joined, so when I received my invitation in the post, at first I just assumed it was junk mail, until I looked the website up and then I thought it was a dodgy site as it seemed too good to be true!

                        ~ The Task ~
                        The way the site works is that you basically tell them things you have bought throughout the week. Whereas Shop and Scan wants to know food and drink items, Consumer Pulse wants to know things such as entertainment and luxury items which have been purchased.

                        The categories include clothes, shoes, accessories, books, music, DVDs (bought and rented), cinema visits, computer games, mobile phones (including new phones, top ups and phone bills), cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, gift packs and professional beauty treatments.

                        For me, this site is brilliant as I buy and read so many books and I go to the cinema at least twice a week with my Cineworld Unlimited card, which means that I always have entries to put in.

                        It is very simple to enter your items as the website is laid out in a very user-friendly way. Each category (i.e. clothes) has sub-categories (i.e. dresses, trousers, etc.). Once you enter these categories, you then have to enter certain details about the item including price, where and when it was purchased, who it was purchased for and the reason for purchase. There are quite a few details to enter but it doesn't take any time at all and I'm only ever on the site for, at most, 10 minutes a week.

                        ~ Points ~
                        On to the best part and the reason why everyone wants to join.

                        You are rewarded with 500 points for purely visiting the site every week. They ask you to log in at least every week to update your purchases and you will receive an email to remind you of this each week. Even if you have no purchases to declare, they still like you to log in and to simply tick that you've made no purchases and you'll still receive the 500 points.

                        You are then awarded with 500 points for every item you enter. However, if you're thinking you can just make things up and earn an endless amount of points, you can't, as only the first 20 items entered every month are awarded with the 500 points. Entering exactly 20 items every month though will probably annoy them as they want to know every single item you buy, so try to enter every item even if it's over the 20 and you don't get any points for some of them.

                        Points are added to your account within 24 hours and they do add up really quickly. I'd made £85 before requesting any vouchers and, until they came through the door, I was still having doubts about whether I'd actually receive them or not.

                        Points can also be earned by taking the odd survey they offer, by updating your profile when they ask you to and extra bonus points are awarded to you on your birthday. There is also a monthly quiz with 5 questions where the winner (selected at random) will receive 100,000 points and two runner-ups will receive 50,000 points each.

                        10,000 is equal to £10.

                        ~ Rewards ~
                        Points can be redeemed for a variety of high street, entertainment and travel vouchers or a cheque can be made out on your behalf to a charity.

                        High street vouchers include: Arcadia, Golf, House of Frasier, Homebase, JJB, Next, WHSmith, Argos, Currys, Debenhams, Halfords, HMV, Waterstone's, Topshop, Topman, Burton, Thorntons, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, Outfit, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Virgin.

                        Entertainment and travel vouchers include: Amazon, Odeon, Thomas Cook, Leisure, Marriott, Beefeater, Bella Italia, Brewers Fayre, Pizza Hut, TGI Friday's, Keith Prowse, Park Resorts, Alton Towers, Pleasure Beach, Chessington World of Adventures, London Dungeons, English Heritage, London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Thorpe Park, tkts.

                        Vouchers can only be redeemed in £10 denominations but you can request as many as you need. The website states that it takes 5 working days for vouchers to be delivered and it took exactly this for mine to arrive.

                        ~ Conclusion ~
                        Just counting the normal shopping entries, if you successfully check out every week and enter the full 20 items every month, this means that you can make £12 every month. Although it's not going to make anyone rich, this makes this site a great little extra earner. It's so quick, easy and fun to do that this is one of the best ways to make some extra money online. Just cross your fingers and hope you get invited!


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                          04.09.2009 12:17
                          Very helpful



                          A great way to earn a bit of money online!

                          Consumer pulse is a market research company which pays you for telling them about what shopping you buy. It is a really great company which rewards you in points and then high street vouchers as long as every month you declare to them what none food items you have purchased.

                          It is an invite only website and I have been a member for about 5 months. When I first got the letter I signed up online and you get 5000 points just for registering. However once I had registered I just forgot it about it, I dismissed it as I never really spent any time looking into what you had to do.

                          Two months later and they sent me another letter reminding me to log in and declare my purchases, this time thogh they enclosed a booklet explaining what you needed to do and the benefits you recieve. Since then I have been a regular on the website.

                          Basically every time you shop you need to go online and tell them about it. For the first 20 items in every month they will pay you 500 points. Therefore as long as you buy 20 items a month, which I'm sure most people do, you are guaranteed 10,000 points.

                          10,000 points is what you need to receive a voucher of £10. You can exchange your 10,000 points for either a £10 experiences and travel voucher, a £10 high street voucher or a £10 entertainment voucher. You can also donate your money to charity.
                          So far I have received £30 in Next vouchers, there is lots to choose from.

                          Even if you don't do any shopping as long as you 'check in' and declare you have not bought anything you will still get 500 points per week. So as long as you log in every week you will get a further 2000 points per month.
                          Therefore every month you will get 12,000 points, £12 every month.

                          The catagories your shopping must fall under are as follows:
                          Professional Beauty Treatment

                          Once you declare how many items of each catagory you have you must then answer a few questions such as where you bought it from, how much it cost, who you bought it for and for what reason.
                          It does get a little boring when you do a few items at a time but well worth it for the reward.

                          Every time I have sent for a voucher they have arrived with in a couple of days, so no worries there.

                          Overall I find this a great site and if you are dedicated you could get yourself £140 in vouchers every year for not much effort. The only down side is that you have to be invited.


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                            15.06.2009 15:11
                            Very helpful



                            One of the best market research sites around, providing that you can get an invite.

                            I am a member of a number of market research panels and sites, most of which I joined before I became a Dooyoo member. Some of which I have found to be very good, others a complete waste of time. Market research surveys can be quite a time consuming therefore I decided not to join anymore and concentrate on using Valued Opinions and also Lightspeed. After a few months of being a member on Dooyoo I came across reviews about Consumer Pulse, and all of the reviews being very positive.

                            ****What is it****
                            Consumer Pulse is ran by TNS a market research company, which monitors shopping habits of UK consumers. Members of the Consumer Pulse panel record their weekly purchases onto the site. TNS run a number of panels to provide market research information to companies within the UK. Consumer Pulse specifically focuses on non food purchases, and requires users to record their weekly purchases for items such as clothing, cosmetics, electronics and beauty items.

                            ****How to Join****
                            Unlike many market research sites you cannot simply join consumer pulse you have to be invited to be part of the panel. If you visit www.volunteers4panels.co.uk you can sign up and register your interest to join. TNS operate a number of panels, therefore you may be invited to join another panel instead of /or as well as Consumer Pulse.

                            When you sign up you have to fill in a short questionnaire and give details about yourself. For example, your location, age, household income and basic shopping habits. This is so TNS can identify the demographic group you fit into. In order to ensure the panel is representative of the overall UK population, TNS will have a specific number of places for various demographic groups. This the reason why some people get accepted onto the panel quicker than others, therefore it is difficult to say how quickly you will get invited to join the panel after registering on the volunteers4panel site. I was invited to join consumer pulse after 3 weeks of registering with TNS; however I have read that for other Dooyoo members it took 6 months to receive an invite to join the panel.

                            If you are successful and are invited to join the panel you will receive an email with a unique ID and a link to the Consumer Pulse site. You can then create a log in and use the site on a regular basis.

                            ****How does it work****

                            The Consumer Pulse site is relatively straight forward to use once you read the instructions. Once you log in you are taken to the home page. At the top of the page there are various tabs in which include instructions how to use the site, links to redeem your rewards and also access surveys. At the top of the home page there is also a large red shopping bag which when you click on you are taken to the area in which you enter your shopping.

                            This area is split into different categories which are:

                            Clothes- outerwear
                            Clothes- underwear
                            Phone & Accessories
                            Health & Beauty
                            Beauty Treatments

                            In each category there is a further breakdown of items. For example clothes outerwear, you have categories such as Dresses, t shirts, nightwear etc. There is a drop down menu to select how many purchases from each sub category that you have bought. If you have not bought an item from one of the six categories you can tick a box to declare that you have not made any new purchases.

                            Once you have entered how many purchases you have made in the sub categories you will be required to provide further information about each purchase. For example if you enter a purchase under T- Shirts you will be asked to complete the following information:
                            Date purchased
                            Total price
                            Where the item was paid for
                            Was it on offer
                            Reason for purchase

                            The amount of information to provide is very detailed however not very time consuming. It is tedious if you are completing entries for large number of purchases in one go. If you are completing this on a weekly basis and say are entering 5 purchases per week in one go this is likely to take around 10 minutes.

                            I would recommend visiting the site on a weekly basis to enter shopping and benefit from the 500 point weekly checkout rewards. You can access the site and record purchases on a more regular basis, i.e. when you purchase them but will still only receive one payment per week for "checking out" your purchases.

                            I purchase 20 items per month therefore I do not struggle to meet to 20 item quota which you receive payment for entering. For those that do not make this amount of purchases I imagine people will "make up" purchases in order to receive payment, as there is no real way on the site to prove that you actually purchased these products.

                            ****What are the rewards like****

                            The reward system is very clear and easy to understand. 500 points = 50p, 10,000 points = £10.

                            For entering your personal details and completing a short personal profile you receive 5000 points, when you initially set up your account.

                            For simply going through the checkout on a weekly basis you receive 500 points. This equates to 50p. This is in addition to the points that you receive for entering a purchase. Therefore even if you did not purchase anything in a month then you would receive 2000 points (£2) as long as you went through the Consumer Pulse check out.

                            For every purchase that you record in "My Pulse" you receive 500 points. The maximum amount of purchases you can record per month is 20. Therefore if record the full 20 purchases in one month you will be guaranteed to earn 10,000 points (£10) Therefore per month if you go through the checkout every week and record 20 purchases you will earn £12.

                            On top of this you can receive points for completing surveys (usually worth around 500 points), however surveys appear on a less regular ad hoc basis, therefore do not expect to receive many points through surveys alone. You also receive bonus points (500) on your birthday.

                            Points can be redeemed for vouchers. The minimum amount of points to be redeemed is 10,000 which equates to a £10 voucher. Gift vouchers for the following are available

                            High Street- Debenhams, Arcadia, House of Fraser, Homebase, Next, Argos, JJB, Halfords, Waterstones.
                            Experience and Travel- Thomas Cook, Virgin, Marriot, Bella Italia, Brewers Fayre, TGI's Friday, Saks, Alton Towers and The Dungeons
                            Entertainment - Amazon, Odeon

                            You also have the option to donate your points to charity. Charities include Cancer Research, UniCef & NSPCC.

                            Out of all the market research sites I partake in Consumer Pulse is definitely the most lucrative. In the four months I have been a member I have made £50 in Debenhams vouchers. I have been a member of Lightspeed and Valued Opinions since October 2008 and collectively have earned less on these sites than on Consumer Pulse in four months.

                            The rewards are also sent out very quickly. The websites states within 10 working days however I have found every time that I have requested vouchers they have come within 4 days. I redeem my vouchers every time I reach the £10 mark (10000 points) and these are sent out standard first class delivery with the Royal Mail. . If you save up your points and redeem in one go, any vouchers ordered over the value of £80 are sent out recorded delivery.

                            ****Would I recommend joining****

                            In short, definitely! Once you are accepted you can earn a minimum of 12,000 points per month, so £12 per month and £144 per year. Although entering purchases can be slightly tedious as it gets repetitive If compared to other market research sites consumer pulse is much less time consuming and therefore an easy £12 to make. Even better rewards are sent out within 10 days and you do not have to "chase/ follow up" your vouchers. Definitely the best market research site around..... providing you get invited to join the panel.


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                              22.05.2009 22:46
                              Very helpful



                              Get your finger on the pulse!

                              I love spending time online, not just as an enjoyable hobby but as a way of bringing in a few extra pennies too. Consumer Pulse is a website that I've been a member of for about eighteen months ago, after joining from a link on another site. I have to say that it has been one of the most lucrative for me, aside from maybe some of the better cashback sites out there.

                              Consumer Pulse (www.consumerpulse.co.uk) is a market research site that collates information about consumer's spending habits and purchases in specific areas. It is part of the wider TNS group which is very well established in terms of market research and is also the company behind MySurveys and Shop and Scan. Members are asked to log in to the site at least once a week to provide details about their purchases and expenditure in certain areas. The categories include all types of clothing, DVDs, mobile phone related expenses, cosmetics and beauty treatments etc. Members are credited with 500 points (worth 50p) for each item that they list, up to a maximum of 20 items per month. There is also a 500 point credit for each weekly 'checkout', whether you have bought any relevant items that week or not. In a single month, there is the potential to earn up to £12 - possibly more as the site also offers occasional surveys for extra points too. These are also quite generously rewarded, compared to many survey sites out there.

                              When I first joined the site, points were also awarded for basic toiletries too which was great for me as I spend loads on boring, but essential, items such as soap and toiletries and it was nice to be rewarded for buying something that I needed. Unfortunately, the categories were revised a while ago and the toiletries were replaced by beauty treatments. Haircuts aren't included, unfortunately, as that is the one treatment that I ever have - not having the time or the spare cash for much pampering nowadays.

                              Some weeks I don't have any purchases to enter but Consumer Pulse email me to remind me to log in anyway so that I can receive my checking out credit, which I find useful. Other weeks I have loads of things to enter as I tend to do things like clothing shopping in one big go. When the kids go up a size, for example, I tend to go out and buy loads of clothes in their new size in one go (particular if I find some bargains!) The drawback to my style of shopping is that I sometimes go over the 20 item maximum in one month and don't receive any points for the extra items. It would be nice if there was some more flexibility in the points system but I can appreciate that a limit has been set to avoid some people abusing what is, essentially, a very generous rewards scheme.

                              The best bit about the site is seeing the points build up and then swapping them for vouchers. You only need to accrue the equivalent of £10 to exchange points for rewards and you are given a sign up bonus worth £1 so your first voucher is quite easy to reach (as are subsequent vouchers.) There is a massive range of vouchers to exchange your points for and I'm certainly not going to list them all here. Most of the major High Street brands are listed on the site and all of the vouchers 'cost' the same amount of points. Personally, I tend to transfer my points into Argos vouchers as they always come in useful. Even if we don't need anything from Argos they make great presents for other people and it doesn't cost me a penny! The vouchers I've ordered have always arrived within just a couple of days of ordering and I'm really pleased to say that I've never had to chase any vouchers at all or contact customer services for any reason as I've never had any cause to complain. The site is really easy to use and is logically set out with a straightforward list of FAQs on the site if you do have any queries.

                              I'm struggling to think of any drawbacks to Consumer Pulse but there really aren't many. I admit it can be a bit tedious listing all the details that are required for each purchase (you have to be very specific about cost, shop, method of payment, materials etc etc) but I think the points paid for your time and patience are more than generous. Sometimes I have had to adjust my pop-up blocker as some of the answers don't show up properly but this is only a minor issue. Certainly, the drawbacks are very few and far between in comparison with the ease and speed at which you can earn shopping vouchers.

                              I'd recommend this site to anybody that is given the opportunity to join. From memory, I was asked to complete a brief profile when I was first invited to join the panel and then allowed on. Unfortunately, you can't apply directly to the site but you can register your interest with TNS at www.volunteer4panels.com and wait for an email invite when they are looking to recruit new panel members.


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