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Cooliris 1.9 is a cinematic way to discover and enjoy images, videos and content across the web. Bookmark your favourite media websites. Uses flash support.

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2009 13:31
      Very helpful



      This is an umbelivable piece of software that must be tried!

      I have only had this product for a week now and have to say that it has changed the way that I look through the web. This piece of software is superb and gives an incredibly stylish interface when searching through the web.

      The way it works is when on Google images for example, a small logo will appear in the bottom left of the picture. If you click on that you will effectivly launch the CoolIris interface. Unlike with google images where you have to keep on clicking to go to the next page this delivers a seemless amount of images.

      You can also use the news feature when launched which allows you to click on one of the headlines and a news account will be shown by the Times for example. It is so easy-to-use and it's very easy to install which means that very soon millions of people I'm sure will be using this, if not already. They have recently launched an iPod touch/iPhone version which is also excellent.

      The cinematic experience really does improve your browsing experience. If you scroll in with your mouse you will zoom into the picture whilst of your scroll out you will zoom out. A slider at the bottom makes the pictures move in a never-ending line. It really is so stylish and makes image searching so much easier.

      The only critisim I have however, is that when you find an image that you want to save to your PC. You have to click on the link which then takes you back to Google images. I'm sure with a feature update they will make it possible to save images directly to your PC however.

      It even has a feature that allows you to see the image of the day and you can also search through Youtube video's and play them within the software itself.

      I would really recommend this piece of software, besides if it's free where can you go wrong. Just give it a try it is only 1.4mb or so and is really easy to install. I hope this has persuaded you to at leats try it and thank you veyr much for reading!


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