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Category: Television

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    2 Reviews
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      16.02.2014 19:52
      Very helpful
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      Hit and miss channel and website but it is improving all of the time.

      Create and Craft is a shopping channel that also offers a membership for viewers.

      Create and Craft is based in Peterborough, a crafting channel for all different types of crafts, from Card making, Cake decorating, Quilting and even sewing and knitting, with so much more.

      They have many demonstrators, from well-known brands, selling the products and showing techniques and creating projects, live on air. The demonstrators usually have a presenter alongside them, not always presenters that craft themselves, but many have a great sense of humour which makes it more enjoyable to watch.

      Viewers can send in their emails and questions which they can answer on air or just read and share viewers thoughts and project photos, depending on the show, they sometimes choose an email or two at random and send them a card or creation, so when writing your email, including your address at the bottom might win you a handmade item.

      There are a couple of ways to place an order, either online - by adding them to your online basket, from their website which is fairly easy to navigate, you can find your items through the categories, type them in the search bar (name, company or item number) or selecting 'on air products.' If you place an item in your basket that allows 'Flexi-pay' which is where you pay it in instalments, then all your items can also be paid in instalments if you prefer.
      They accept the usual credit and debit cards and now allow PayPal payments.

      You can also place an order over the telephone - by writing down the item numbers for the products you want to purchase, which is listed on your TV screen and website, and you can call them on the number, also listed on their channel and website, small cost for each call depending if you are calling from a landline or mobile.

      Most UK products are £2.99 per item, but if you order three or more items the maximum postage you will pay is £6.99, unless otherwise stated. They aim to dispatch there items between 3-5 working days, most of their packages require a signature or someone to be present to accept the parcel, but they can leave it with a neighbour or in a safe place if needed.

      I have used Create and Craft for several years and family and friends have used them for much longer, I used to experience deliveries taking weeks to arrive, even the smallest of packages, but over the past year I have received my order within a couple of days or so.
      If I'm not home they are usually pretty good at leaving them in a safe place, but I have witness them leaving them in silly places such as behind a neighbours bin... but up the road from me or even outside at the end of my drive in the pouring rain.
      Delivery has got a lot faster over the years, but better if you are home or deliver to a friend or family member, that will be home.

      They do offer an international delivery option for certain items, all information is listed on their website.

      The price of their products can usually be found cheaper online elsewhere, although they sell certain products, certain bundles and release some items before other places a few months before, so you can pay for the privilege of receiving the item before others.
      If you are ordering a lot from their site it may be worth joining their Create and Craft Club for the extra 10% off products and extras (listed below)

      It is worth looking out for their Today's Special Value, Pick of the week and sale / discount shows as this is much more worth the price.

      I have yet to have to return a product, as I have been happy with all purchases, but they have moved their call centre to the UK and have heard that it is a great improvement and much easier to return an item.
      All returns information is easy to find on their website, at the bottom of the screen to the right and selecting returns.

      The create and craft club, is a club for crafters, this entitles you to 10% off their products and even special promotional events and products that allow you to have a much bigger discount, for members only.
      They provide you with a metal club badge, with the Create and Craft logo, this entitles you to special events and if worn at craft events can help you meet other members and make new friends.
      The club also provides you with free products, but are very few and far between and you have to pay the postage, but there are also some free downloadable templates or guides or instructions for members.
      There is also an online craft magazine for members viewing only, this can be sent to you via a physical copy, a new magazine every season.
      The Create and Craft club currently costs £20 (Feb 2014) for a year's subscription, but you get £10 credit put into your online account to spend within 3 months.

      This TV Channel is great fun to watch, lots of different crafts and inspiration, some great products and tips, each programme is usually around an hour long, most of the presenters and demonstrators are fun, full of knowledge and are great to watch.

      Something for every crafter, you can view this via the TV Channel, website and even the Create and Craft app on your mobile device or even tablet, you can set reminders on through the app for certain shows and a TV Schedule is there to hand, they also have a great page about each presenter on the show if you want to find out more.

      Create and Craft has improved dramatically over the last year, I join the years subscription for the Create and Craft Club if I know that I will be saving more than I have spent, otherwise I do not bother. It would be good if they bought it back for 24 hours viewing on Freeview even if they did play more repeats, as it is a 24 hour Channel via Sky.

      I would recommend this channel more for viewing experience than purchasing of products, to any crafter looking for some entertainment or inspiration.

      Currently available on Freesat Channel 813, Freeview 36, Virgin 748 and Sky 671 (Feb 2014)
      Website: http://www.createandcraft.tv/


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        10.02.2010 19:09
        Very helpful
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        worth dipping in & out of if u like your crafting

        I was first introduced to cardmaking & scrapbooking by Dawn Bibby on QVC & since then I've become really interested in making handmade cards & selling 'crafty bits' on ebay. I rarely shop from QVC now as I find the prices far too high & the presentations too serious - isn't crafting supposed to be fun? Instead I've flipped over to Sky 671 to watch createandcraft.tv which I find a lot more entertaining although I don't buy much & view it mainly for the ideas & demonstrations.

        As far as I know it's the only 24 hour craft channel although there seem to be many repeats & is also on Freeview (but not sure of the channel).

        It was launched a few years ago & was presented by the 'big fellas' - Alan & Barry - but now is fronted by Stephanie with a lot of help from Nigel & 'the team'.

        There are good & bad things about this channel I find

        the positive aspects
        - it's good to watch if you need inspiration & ideas.
        - it's good if you want to know how to use certain products & learn new techniques.
        - the presentations are usually entertaining (depending on the presenter & guests) & it's good to see their mistakes or 'lucky accidents'.
        - they sometimes have products which aren't easily available in the shops.
        - the shows can be varied & although they are usually based on cardmaking, they also sometimes feature scrapbooking, knitting, metalcraft & woodcraft.
        - prices? - well this is debateable - sometimes they're pretty good but sometimes I've gasped at the cost of items I've bought much cheaper.
        - overall I'd say it's good for beginners right through to serious crafters.
        - they have an excellent website (unless it's 'down') & you can have a sneaky look there to see what's on sale befor it's shown.

        negative aspects
        - the postage really puts me off - £3.95 for a CD - come on! They do 'capped p&p' which is good if you need to buy a number of items but if you just want to buy the Pick of the Day/ Pick of the week the cost really mounts up. The trouble is, you sometimes need to wait a good while to see what else is for sale on the show before ordering so you may miss out on the item you need so if the website's down.....
        - the voices/mannerisms of 2 of the regular presenters really 'do my head in' & I find myself being so irritated I turn off.
        - there's a lot of emphasis & time taken promoting their CreateandCraft membership - OK, if you join you get 10% off each purchase but I'm sick of them going on & on about it!
        - the call centre - I've had trouble ordering a few times because the nice person at the end of the phone speaks English as a second language & craft-speak as a third. It can thus get both time-consuming & expensive (unlike QVC they charge for calls).
        - delivery - this seems to vary as, over the years I've had things arrive next day & other times 12 days later.
        - returns - I sent a batch of mirror card back because it was scratched & had to wait nearly 3 weeks for a refund - again phoning customer service was difficult to get through to & didn't seem to understand my query.

        - a great site in that they sell staple products for the avid cardmaker as well as introducing new & refreshing ones.
        - demonstrations are usually informative, clear & we're given good tips by experts.
        - the shows can be lively, funny, even silly which make it entertaining.
        - Having watched it over the years my tip is to check the internet before a live show, decide what to order & use the capped p&p to stock up essential items as well as the featured item/s which may well appeal. This way you can also save on phone calls & time hanging on the phone.

        overall opinion
        - one of a kind really & if you like your crafting then it's well worth having a good look at this channel.


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