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    1 Review
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      17.12.2008 19:24
      Very helpful



      A company I'll never trust , use or speak to again ...utter rubbish.

      One of the worst companies I've ever had the misfortune to try .........and I did say try buying something off for christmas.

      I ordered a 5ft pool/snooker table for my son as an extra gift for this christmas on the 3rd of December 2008 at 2am in the morning .
      If you read there delivery rubbish , it clearly states that it will be with you in 3-4 working days unless the delivery company has problems............what a load of c***.

      My order was not put through by the company until the 11th December and eventually shipped out on the 12th ( er , what happened to the 3-4 days ????)
      I was sent an email saying that my order had been shipped and it was being delivered by either : DHL or ROYAL MAIL ..........all I can say to this is that if Cyber checkout where Pinocchio there noses would be over 3 miles long !!!!!

      At around 8 am in the morning on the 12th of December I got a call from an unknown man in PRESTON ???? he asked for me by my full name and went on to tell me that a huge box had been delivered to his company from Cyber checkout ............YES, my sons pool table , he asked if we are in Plymouth ( he had my phone number ) and said he couldnt possibly get it to me and would be in contact with the company about it .

      Within minutes I'd called the company and was assured another table would be dispatched that day and be with me the next day ( 24 hours guaranteed delivery ) ..............OH , Cyber checkout how your nose is growing !

      On Monday the 15th December at around 10:am my husband and I heard a huge bang................4 days after it had been sent the pool table arrived OMG.............what did you do .

      The so called DHL or ROYAL MAIL was in fact a man with an old van who proceeded to take out part of my brand new neighbours wall and 3/4 of the wall of the next neighbour wall !!!!!!!!!!
      HE then dragged this item up our steps dropping out of the beaten and battered box,: POOL cues and other bits and parts of the table , dumped the box in the drawing room and scuttled off to see the now annoyed neighbours.

      When we opened the rest of the tatty box we discovered that the whole of the underside of the table had taken one hell of a blow and was now in sections, so bad was it when we sent photo's to cyber checkout they said 'dump it and we will get another one out to you in 24 hours '................my god you nose is now so long you'll need a crane to lift it !!!!

      Having spoken to neighbours , who we feel so embarrassed about , having spoken to cyber checkout , who I might add keep fobbing me off with its on its way etc , well the out come of all this is :

      I've just received an email from them and they DON'T have another table in stock ( I told them this today when I went on there website and tried to find one ) so they cannot get one out to my son for christmas ....................and I'm getting my money back .

      I've been asked by cyber checkout to write a review about the product on there site ...............well all I can say is 'hell will freeze over before I write one line for then'

      In the past few days they have lied to me , sent my private name and telephone number to complete strangers, taken down 2 walls and messed me around so much I'm contemplating county court action to bring them into line .

      Stay away from this company because any company who is prepared to lie to people like myself is just utterly despicable.



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