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Reward system for buying Disney DVDs

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    4 Reviews
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      07.06.2012 17:26
      Very helpful
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      Great free rewards scheme for disney fanatics

      What is Disney Movie Rewards?
      Disney Movie Rewards is a FREE rewards scheme for customers who buy Disney DVD'S, blu-rays, games and CD's.

      How does it work?
      Simply log onto the website (www.disneymovierewards.co.uk) and register your details to join (for FREE), after this you can start earning rewards! In most Disney DVD's, CD's, blu-rays and games you will find a blue leaflet which has a unique code on it, enter this magical code on the website and you will earn points - and points = prizes! Earn enough points through registering your Disney codes to redeem them against 'rewards'.

      The amount of points you earn varies depending on what you are registering. For example DVD's earn you 100 points, whilst some games can earn you 350 points!

      The Rewards!
      Rewards start from 150 points, all the way up to 12,000 points, you can also get some free rewards for registering such as downloadable and printable activity packs and wallpapers. The rewards available are really very good - especially considering they are for free! You will also be suprised how little points to need to aquire to be able to redeem them against something good! For example, at the moment you can get the Lion King DVD or Robin Hood DVD for only 500 points! You can also claim blu rays, games, soft toys and books among other things. The rewards, once redeemed, are posted directly to your door and take no more than 14 days to arrive in my experience! and whats even better, rewards you claim come with more disney rewards codes inside!

      In summary!
      Disney Movie Rewards is a great rewards scheme if, like me you buy alot of disney dvd's, blu-rays and games. I have had nothing but a positive experience with the scheme and considering that it is free it is definitely worth while doing! Even if you dont buy that many it is definitely worth registering, as the rewards start from as little as 150 points! The website is easy to use and it is easy to register, and you dont have to enter any personal information such as your bank details etc - just your name and address. I cannot recommend this rewards scheme enough! So go, register, and start claiming your free disney stuff today!


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        13.11.2010 18:14
        Not Helpful



        Sounds great but a waste when the reward doesn't show up after 2 1/2 months

        I ordered a Blu ray of Princess and the Frog and it is now well out of the specified time frame and has not arrived. I only bought a few more Disney releases thinking i would at least benefit from having a reward from the points I had collected. Disney promises to reply to your queries in 3 business days and conveniently I never get a reply when I tell them my reward has not come. If I ask about something else I do get a response so I suppose its a case of only hear what you want to. So to sum it up, I was very excited about the reward scheme and am now completely frustrated and annoyed as I have asked for an answer so many times. I will be contacting trading standards about this matter. No responses no reward. 100% Negative experience thanks a lot Disney.


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        18.08.2010 02:23
        Very helpful



        A recommend site to Disney fans (or mothers of Disney fans!)

        -What is Disney Movie Rewards?-

        Disney Movie Rewards is a free reward scheme for UK customers that buy Disney DVDs, Blu-rays, Games and CDs.

        Each eligible Disney DVD, Blu-ray, Game or CD will have a paper insert inside the box with a unique code on. Just enter your codes at www.disneymovierewards.co.uk and you can redeem your points for Disney prizes. Your prizes will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

        -How many points do I get?-

        Each eligible Disney DVD will get you 100 points and each eligible Disney Blu-ray will get you 150 points. Points for Games vary depending on the console - Nintendo Wii games are worth 250 points, Nintendo DS games are worth 200 points, PC games are worth 100 points and Xbox games are worth 300 points. CDs will get you 80 points each.

        Special offers and promotions occassionally give you more points for certain DVDs, Blu-rays and Games. Sometimes you may even get something extra for submitting codes from certain DVDs and Blu-rays (Eg. A downloadable activity pack for a Princess And The Frog code, exclusive clips for an Alice In Wonderland code...).


        There are lots of different rewards to choose from, however rewards tend to change quite frequently. Rewards start from 150 points and go all the way past 12000 points.

        Rewards on the site currently include DS games (Hannah Montana, Bolt, G-Force, High School Musical), DVDs (High School Musical, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Tinkerbell, Space Buddies, Meet The Robinsons, Underdog, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Enchanted, Cars, Wall-E and more), soft toys (Baloo the bear, Remy the rat, Rhino the hamster and Jiminy Cricket), bags (Hannah Montana, Treasure Planet, High School Musical), magnets, badges and stickers.

        In my opinion the rewards are quite impressive considering they are freebies. Some of the good rewards don't even require many points (such as the DVDs which start at just 500 points). The rewards are suitable for all ages - young children to adults.

        -Are all Disney movies eligible?-

        Not all Disney movies are eligible for Disney Movie Rewards, however most popular films are. You can see a full list of eligible films on the website.

        Current films that are eligible include A Bugs Life, Dumbo, Mulan, Crimson Wing, Aladdin, Chicken Little, Alice In Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Princess and The Frog, Aristocats, Robin Hood, Mary Poppins, Bolt, Cars, Finding Nemo, Tangled, Snow White, Ratatouille, G-Force, Pinocchio, Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Up, The Fox and The Hound, Santa Buddies, Monsters Inc, Pirates Of The Carribean (At Worlds End), Pocahontas, Sword In The Stone, Tinkerbell, The Incredibles, Toy Story 1 and 2 and Wall-E.

        DVDs of certain Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney shows are also eligible. Current DVDs include Handy Manny, Hannah Montana, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, My Friends Tigger and Pooh and Little Einsteins.

        Disney computer games are also eligible but not so much as the DVDs and Blu-rays. Current computer games eligible include Cars Toons Mater's Tall Tales (Wii and PC), Tangled (Wii, DS and PC), Epic Mickey (Wii), Disney Channel All Star Party (Wii), Camp Rock 2 (DS), Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue (DS), Sorcerer's Apprentice (DS), Sing It Family Hits (Wii), Sing It Party Hits (Wii), Tron (Wii, Xbox, DS and PC) and Toy Story 3 (Xbox, Wii and DS).

        -The Website-

        The website is bright and colourful. It is well laid out and is very easy to use and navigate around. You will need to create an account the first time you use Disney Movie Rewards - this is a quick and simple process which requires a few details about yourself. Your account will automatically be credited with 50 points when registering with Disney Movie Rewards! After you have created an account you can log into the site every time you have a code to enter (or just to browse the site). It is very easy to check your points, have a look at rewards and see which movies are eligible for Disney Movie Rewards.


        Disney Movie Rewards is a great reward scheme if you buy lots of Disney DVDs and Blu-rays (and Games).

        In the last year or two alone we have brought Snow White, Princess and The Frog, Beauty and The Beast, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Ratatoulie, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, Toy Story 1 2 and 3, Up, Monsters Inc and Aladdin on DVD. Not forgetting Epic Mickey and Tangled for the Wii and Tinkerbell for the DS. This works out as 2100 points!

        Even if you don't buy many Disney movies you can still benefit from Disney Movie Rewards as there are rewards for 150 points (which is the equivalent of just 1 Disney Blu-ray) and 200 points (which is the equivalent of just 2 Disney DVDs). Plus the fact DVDs sell for quite cheap these days (some more than than others I should point out) and there are often Buy One Get One Free deals on.

        I received my first Disney Movie Rewards prize in the post about a month ago (a Mickey Mouse figure). It took about a month to arrive, I had no problems and was very pleased with it.

        This is a totally free reward scheme which has a fair amount of decent rewards. The site is really easy to navigate around and I can't really fault it. I recommend to all. Thanks Disney!


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          19.07.2010 18:17
          Very helpful



          A great way to get something free from Disney!

          We all have our own favourite Disney movie, there's no doubt about that. Whether we're old or young, love the classics or the newbies - Disney has a place in everyone's heart! For me, nothing will ever beat Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' for top spot in my list of favourite movies of all time. The movies are great, the stories are much loved, the only problem with Disney movies is the price tag that is attached!

          Isn't it time that Disney gave us die hard fans something back? Damn right it is! And Disney have done just that! If your Disney movie collection is ever expanding with new releases, old classics and age old films you forgot even existed - then disneymovierewards.co.uk is for you!

          Disney have created a website - disneymovierewards.co.uk - to say thank you to its fans that purchase DVDs and BluRays, and to reward them with exclusive products, freebies and fun that is available for any fan of any age. Want a free official Disney plush or DVD or lunchbox? Want behind the scene sneak peeks and fun facts? Disney Movie Rewards gives Disney movie fans the chance to get something back, for free, and collect points to redeem against a whole host of wonderful products!

          Within new Disney releases, and some old ones too, you will find a slip of paper inside the dvd or bluray case that is brightly coloured with reds, yellows and blues, advertising the Disney Movie Rewards website, and stating your prize code for redemption. This is your ticket to a world of point collecting and free reward redemptions! Whatever you do, keep this slip of paper safe, as you need the code to redeem your points - and we all know what points mean - that's right..PRIZES!!

          So - how does the whole thing work? All you have to do is purchase an eligable official Disney DVD or BluRay disc and inside you will find the slip of paper that holds your magic code. Simply register online at www.disneymovierewards.co.uk, and once you have logged in you can then enter your magic codes into the box provided on the homepage. Once you have entered your magic code(s), the points related to that code are added to your account instantly! Enter as many magic codes as you like, and collect enough points needed to redeem a reward/prize of your choice! It's that simple!

          This Disney Movie Rewards scheme is a pretty new thing, having only really started here in the UK within the last 12 months. For this reason, not ALL BluRay/DVD purchases are eligable for Magic Codes. From around November 2009 - present, all new DVDs/BluRays released by Disney have included a Disney Movie Rewards magic code. Unfortunately, the DVDs/BluRays released before this date do not include a Disney Movie Rewards magic code. However, Disney are now in the process of including magic code sheets inside older movies so that over time all their DVDs and BluRays will become eligible. Unfortunately, if you purchased an older DVD/BluRay before it has become eligible on their website, you will not receive a magic code sheet inside your dvd, and therefore cannot redeem any points against the purchase.

          Points values differ for Disney DVD and BluRay discs. Disney DVD purchases are worth 100 points each, no matter how old or new the DVD release is or whether the DVD is single or double disc. Disney BluRay discs are worth 150 points, regardless of whether they are old or new movies. The DVD/BluRay combi or triple packs (DVD, BluRay and Digital Copy) are also worth 150 points (no extra for it being DVD AND BluRay unfortunately!).

          What happens if you purchase a DVD or BluRay after the date it has become eligible, and you are missing a magic code sheet, I hear you cry? This happened to me with two BluRay discs that I purchased. I contacted the website customer service team to let them know my code sheet was missing, and that I had purchased the discs after the eligibility date stated on the website. The Disney Movie Rewards team promptly got back to me, and said that sometimes sheets are missed out in the packing process, or an older copy is sent out from the stock held by a shop which was made before the disc became eligible therefore would not include a sheet - but this was not a problem, and as long as I had proof of purchase which showed a date later than the eligibility start date, they could issue my account with the missing points. Superb! No problems here!

          - - -

          There are a whole host of different rewards and prizes available to redeem your points against. From cuddly soft toys to clothing to DVDs, Disney Movie Rewards has something for everyone. It's also a fantastic way to get your hands on some limited edition, rare and 'not available in stores' official Disney merchandise that is rare and hard to find! There's pretty much something for everyone, whether you're male or female, young or old. Even if you only have a handful of points, you can bag yourself a great piece of Disneyania, and for those saving up a total of mega points, there are fantastic huge rewards to be had!

          For example, a Disney DVD could cost you as little as 400 points, and a BluRay as little as 700 points. You can trade in 400 points for a Rhino the hamster plush, or save up 2100 points for a giant 136cm tall Chicken Little! 150 points can get you a set of stickers, or why not save up 1000 points to reward yourself with a Disney Nintendo DS game? The choices available as rewards are fantastic - and there are new and different rewards added frequently!

          - - -

          The Disney Movie Rewards website - www.disneymovierewards.co.uk - is very easy to navigate. Sign up is simple, as long as you have an email address, and once you have completed the sign up process and logged in using your chosen password, the website is a doddle to find your way around!

          There are four large headings towards the top of the Home Page which make it super easy to find what it is you're looking for:

          Clicking on this at any point will take you back to the home page. On the home page you will find a large advertisement banner, which has various adverts for up coming Disney movies, Disney games and new releases coming soon to Disney dvd - nothing sinister or worrying! Next to this banner is the Magic Codes box into which you type the magic codes found inside DVD and BluRay discs. Typing the code into this box and hitting 'Go' will add the points value to your total. Below the code box is a 'My Points' counter which shows how many points you currently have available to redeem. Below this is 'My Recent Codes' which has a snapshot of the last four codes entered, stating what the purchase was the code came from (ie. DVD name..) and the amount of points this code earned for you. Below the banner and the points breakdown, there are a list of 'Recommended Rewards' which gives you a small example of what items you can redeem your points against and how many points they 'cost'. There is also 'Earn More Points' which gives you a sample of latest releases from Disney and the points values they are worth.

          'My Points':
          This page is great for keeping up to date with your points totals and redemptions! To the right of the page, where is an 'Enter Magic Code' box, again to type your codes into to redeem your points. Below this is the list of 'Recommended Rewards' to give you a taster of what you may like to use your points on! To the left of the page is a breakdown of your points - beginning with the points total counter which shows the current amount of points you have available to redeem. Below this is the 'Total Points Redeemed' and 'Total Points Earned' so you can keep track of how many points you have earned and spent in total. Below this is 'Rewards Redeemed' - this lists the name of any reward you have redeemed your points against, the 'Points Redeemed' - to show you how many points the reward cost you, and the 'Date Redeemed' - to keep track of when you used your points. Below this section is the 'Recent Codes' list, which states every single code entered, what product the code was from, how many points the code was worth, the date you entered the code and the code number. At the bottom of the page there is a 'Special Offers Earned' section - this lists any special features or games or offers that you may have unlocked by entering certain codes from certain products- for example I have redeemed exclusive 'Alice In Wonderland' movie clips, an UP! image maker and free print out colouring sheets.

          This is probably the most exciting page on the website - the catalogue of rewards that you can use your points to redeem! This page is set up really well. At the top, there is a 'Search' box for you to enter a specific word or character name to find what you are looking for quickly and easily. If you just want to browse, there is a host of menu buttons available to help you find your way around the catalogue.

          At the top of the page there are titles to help you browse a smaller selection of products by choosing either 'catagory', 'film' or 'Disney family'. These 'titles' display a drop down menu when you hover over them, which then dissapears when you move your mouse away. Choosing 'Catagory' will give you the option of viewing different selections of products including - soft toys, home, toys and games, clothing and accessories, etc. Choosing 'Film' will give you a list of movies that you can choose from to view specific reward products related to that film. Choosing 'Disney family' will allow you to view the range of products from different ranges that fall under the Disney unbrella eg) Disney Pre-school, Disney channel, Disney/Pixar, etc.

          To the left of the page there are another set of title buttons, which when clicked, then display a drop down permanent menu for you to choose from, and is only hidden again when you click the title for a second time. These titles include the 'Catagory', 'Film' and 'Disney Family' options again, but also include a 'Points' title, which when clicked, reveals a drop down menu from which you can choose a points value range to view the products which fall into the points values listed eg) 'up to 400', '401-700', '701-1300', '1301-2800' and finally '2801 and up'. Browsing the products by this points value method is a great idea, as you can see what products are available for your current total of points!

          Not only are there menus to help you browse the catalogue, but on the Rewards page, Disney have kindly sorted some of the rewards into other catagories which you can browse - these include: 'Recommended rewards', 'Popular Rewards', 'Rewards for Girls' and 'Rewards for Boys' - these catagories can be useful if you're not sure what you want to use your points on, or you're looking to redeem a reward on behalf of someone else (ie. a child). You can also click 'View All' to see the entire rewards catalogue from start to end!

          'Elegible Movies':
          This page is the one to keep an eye on as it tells you every single Disney DVD and BluRay which is eligible for magic codes, and those that are awaiting eligibility! At the top of the page you will find an alphabet bar which lists every letter from A - Z - the letters in blue show that there are movie titles beginning with this letter that are eligible for points, and the letters in grey show that there are currently no eligible titles beginning with this letter. Clicking on a blue letter takes you to the section for that specific letter and shows you the titles available. However, below the alphabet bar, you can scroll down and browse the entire list of eligible movies. Each letter has its own section, and within each section is the list of eligible movies beginning with that letter. Each eligible title is pictured with its cover art, and states the title name, the date it has been eligible since, the date available (or if already available the details will say 'available now!') and the points value for this product. This list is very important and can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to finding out which titles are eligible and which are not! On the right hand side of the page, there is a list of 'Coming Soon' titles, their cover art, the date on which they will be eligible and their points value. It is worth keeping an eye on this page for newly released movies, newly eligible older titles and up coming releases!

          - - -

          In my opinion, the Disney Movie Rewards wesite is an absolute winner. I'm a Disney fanatic, and my dvd and bluray collection is ever growing with every new release, and rerelease of the old classics. I'm a sucker for a 'freebie' - so collecting points to exchange for free prizes is all good in my eyes! Okay, okay, maybe the prizes aren't *that* 'free', as you have to buy the dvd and bluray discs to get the points. However, if like me, you were going to buy the dvd/bluray anyway, then the points and prizes are an added freebie bonus! It may take a while to collect up the points for one of the rewards that you really want - but that's the fun of it! So far, I've collected enough points from my own purchases, and from DVD/BluRay gifts given to me for Birthdays/Xmas etc, to redeem four 'free' Blurays from the rewards website, so I can't really complain about that! The selection of rewards and prizes available is ever changing, and there is a huge selection of products available to redeem your points against that are suitable for all ages! Whether you want a special limited edition movie product that was not available in the shops, a cute plushie or a rare pin badge - the disneymovierewards.co.uk website has something for everyone! Overall, I think it's a brilliant idea, and a great way for Disney to say a big 'thank you' to its fans for purchasing its digital products!


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