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Dog rescue website

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    1 Review
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      29.06.2010 13:30
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      We decided on a rehoming ourselves and I am so glad we did!

      You may be wondering why I am reviewing an Irish dog rescue site, as I know most people reading this will be in mainland UK. There are a few reasons for this, but the main reason is the forum which could be useful for anyone looking to bring a dog into their home. I found the forum to have a number of knowledgeable people, who are quite willing to help, and offer advice, even if they know you will never be looking to rehome a dog from them. I would really suggest checking out the forum even if you are looking to buy a pup from a breeder. I have found that rescue agencies will be very familiar with difficulties you are apt to encounter with a specific breed. For instance, most bulldogs who make their way into rescue do so because of complete incontinence which is common in the breed. They can help you make sure a breed is suitable before you buy, and dont have a vested interest as a breeder might.

      The site also has a section of dogs in foster awaiting homes. There are quite alot of very nice dogs who desperately need a home. Some people are put off rehoming as they dont know the background. Many of the dogs in foster will come from a known background, and the fosterers will evaluate the dogs and generally have some idea of the dogs temperment and requirements as well.

      Unfortunately the Urgent Action section is down now, due to a dispute between humans :(. It did have photos of dogs in Ashton Pound in dublin, and it was this section that really led me to choose to rehome a dog rather than looking for a pup when my old dog had to be put down early this year. I had simply not realised the numbers of beautiful healthy animals, including a great many pure breeds that were no longer wanted for some reason. Although this section is down, most of the animals can still be seen through another site: http://www.irishanimals.ie/homes.html

      They also have general information on the charity, recue dogs in general and faq's. They even have information on which breeds are less likely to cause allergies, aromatherapy for dogs and basic house training. The overall layout of the site is very good, and they have loads and loads of pictures of dogs either needing homes or already rehomed.

      They also have a rather unhappy statistic :16, 546 dogs were put down in Ireland last year. Even though most people here who read this site can not adopt an animal from Ireland, if you look through these pictures and decide a rescue dog might be for you, there are plenty of dog pounds and rescue groups anywhere in Britain as well.

      Advantages: I think this site does a great job in increasing awareness, as well as helping provide homes for many animals. They are also a useful resource, and it is through them I first heard of another rescue group, Galway Bull Breeds rescue that went above and beyond the call of duty and rescued a pit bull from belfast who was terribly ill with mange, and whose owner was unable to care for him due to his own health. Pit bulls are illegal here so no rescue in Northern Ireland could take him. This site also provides information to anyone interested in rehoming anywhere, or just needing a bit of advice for a dog they already own.

      Disadvatages: Like most rescue groups they dont believe people who work full time should take dogs, as a general rule. I tend to disagree. I would rather see a dogspend the day in a garden with perhaps another dog for company as long as it is brought indoors when the owner gets home and given a couple of walks a day then put to sleep in a pound.
      I also know of many dogs whose owners are home all day, who never get let in the house, never get a walk or any real human contact other then dinner time. It just depends how hard you are willing to work at it to make the right home.


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