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Donkeymails Paid to Read E-mail

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    1 Review
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      14.10.2009 21:31
      Very helpful



      Great site. Pays like it says.

      A few months ago I was a little strapped on cash and like many people went to the net to make a few quick bucks I thought. After hours of searching for the right thing and finally finding a site that had a lot of good reviews I chose donkey mails as one of my sites to make a few extra dollars on. The choice was simple for me it took only 1.00 dollar to reach pay out. Most of the other sites I had come across had a much higher pay out.

      Upon first arriving at the site my thought was that it was kind of child like in its design and that there was nothing spectacular about it. I signed up and waited for my confirmation email and happily clicked the link to activate my account.

      I went first to the earning stats to see a big fat zero. Not even a sign up bonus. I decided to get to work clicking links as thats how you make money on this site. After clicking for what seemed forever I was suprised to see that I had earned 3 cents I was excited to earn any money and felt that I was doing good earning those 3 little cents. Then as the days went on and the emails began to pour in I clicked away never missing a email. Many of the links had already expired or were no longer valid but the ones that were valid paid and those penny's added up.

      I should also say that for me anything past 30 seconds seems like forever. I spent maybe 10 minutes a day clicking on this site and clicking the emails that they sent out. You can click several emails at once saving time.

      After my first month I had reached the payout for paypal. I clicked the button to see that they were already doing payouts and that I could not request my payout at that time. A few days later I returned to request payout and was very happy that at that time I was able to request a payout.

      I waited for what seemed forever but in reality was only a week and was shocked one day to get a notice that money had been deposited into my paypal account from Donkey Mails. Not only did they do what they said they do pay you for reading emails but they really paid me not just a scam as so many are these days.

      Now for the bad about donkey mails. I have heard from other people that they have gotten a virus from clicking the paid emails. I can say that I have never gotten one. It may be that I have one of the best virus scanners out there, but I am not sure. Using firefox I have on one or two occasions seen the warning page that you get when you go to a known attack site. I then took the option of getting out of there and still getting the credit for the click as well.

      All in all donkey mails is a legit site that does what it says. As for the virus's you stand the same chance just by opening an email as you do of clicking the links on this site. I really like this site and have recommended it to all of my friends as it really does pay.


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