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A fun website for Christmas that you can use to turn yourself into a elf

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    6 Reviews
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      30.11.2011 21:30
      Very helpful
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      A great festive site


      I found this great site which is powered by JibJab last Christmas and set up an email reminder for this year as this site is only open during the Christmas season. The other OfficeMax JibJab part of the site is open all year round though that is classed as a different site altogether.

      Elf Yourself is a site which can be enjoyed by children and adults and is very easy to use. Everything about this site is Christmassy which is very welcoming from the start. To get going, all you need to do is click on the 'get started' icon which takes you to a gallery. If this is your first time using the site, the gallery will be empty though if you have used it before and uploaded pictures, simply log in and you will see your previous pictures even a year later.

      You are able to upload photos from your computer, a webcam or from your Facebook account. The photos upload quickly and you can upload as many as you want to. Once your photo is uploaded you have to edit the photo by placing specific lines by specific dots already given on the photo to show where the face edge is, the mouth and chin line are and the eyes. You are also able to crop, rotate and zoom into pictures.

      Once your photos are uploaded, you are given nine scenes to chose from;

      * Funk
      * Hiphop
      * Disco
      * 80's
      * Country
      * Singing
      * Surf
      * Charleston
      * Classic

      You are able to use up to five different elves with all different photos for each scene. The scenes differ slightly depending on how many elves you use.

      You are able to watch your clips online and then share them on Facebook and email for free, though if you want to download them to keep, you have to pay $4.99 which I never have, though simply saving them to Facebook and watching them with my youngsters as many times as we want.

      Me and my youngster and everyone else who has seen our little clips on Facebook really love this and my little one watches it over and over again, using many different people and faces which is fun.

      I fully recommend going to this site this Christmas, both adults and children as it is so much fun and apart from the download fee, everything else is free!


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        13.12.2010 16:34
        Very helpful




        www.elfyourself.com is a website which is open during the festive season. It is operated by OfficeMax and powered by JibJab.

        Elf Yourself allows you to have a bit of fun with facial pictures you may have on your computer. The website is designed to allow you to upload these pictures and create little shows with up to 5 elves dancing and singing. Your video can then be sent to others via email and posted as a link on facebook for example. This allows others to sample the fun and prompts them to create their own show.


        When you click onto the website, you are greeted with a bright and festive background. Snowflakes are falling, mistletoe is hanging and an elf with an everchanging face prompts you to delve in further with a "Get Started!" option. Lets click and go on!

        The next section gives some information about the pictures that can be accepted which includes JPEG and PNG up to 3MB. A large, faceless elf (not as scary as it sounds) is in the middle of the web page and options to the right include uploading of pictures, reusing older pictures or seeing your gallery of pictures.

        Clicking to upload a picture produces a privacy statement which is straightforward and keeps everyone right. Once accepted we are ready to get started and upload some pictures. Here we can opt to upload pictures from your computer, from your Facebook or by using your webcam. I opt for the computer option.

        I am taken to my documents where I choose my first picture and click on it to upload. Suddenly a smily and oversized image of my son appears in the face space! Several little dots and arrows are present allowing you to shape the face to fit the space and once you are happy with this, you click done. You can also zoom and rotate pictures using the options at the side.

        The next page loads and I am offered the opportunity to add more pictures which I of course do. Otherwise, I can go to select a dance and go from there. Adding further pictures is a doddle and we follow the same process as above until we have the amount desired. Two further pictures get uploaded and sized..one of me and one of my fiance for a family affair!

        ***Lets Dance!***

        So I have my pictures up and I want us to dance. Here we have 5 styles to choose from :

        ~Disco - Boo rocking in the club!
        ~Hip Hop - Eminem eat your heart out!
        ~SInging - Xfactor baby!
        ~Surfing - Hmmm..home and away!
        ~80s - groovy!

        Lets go for Disco! My fiance takes centre stage with me and Boo has his backing dancers and we get boogying on the sparkly, bright dance floor. And yes, we are of course dressed in elf attire from head to toe..classic! All 3 of us dance together and apart and the moves are brilliant and a treat to watch. The dance lasts around 30seconds and after the dance off, we have the option to purchase gifts such as cups, mousemats etc.

        We also have the option to download the video or share it by email with friends. Clicking download prompts you to realise that it costs $4.99 and its yours for life. You can proceed or return to your clip which is the option I took. Here we have a few options which include :

        ~Share - you can post this on facebook or twitter.
        ~Email - include your email address, recipients address(es) and a personal message with no obligation to receive further emails.
        ~Download - again for the fee mentioned above.
        ~Store - the items available to purchase.

        I decided to send the video link to my email and the message came through quickly with a link straight to my video. I also posted this on facebook so any of you I have on there can watch it as it won't allow me to upload here.

        I messed around with a few of the other dances and the singing one was ok with the 3 of us singing to We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The Hip Hop one is class with Jingle Bells chiming and us breakdancing. The others are fab too.

        ***My Thoughts***

        I was first introduced to Elf Yourself last December when my Mother In Law sent me a video of my son dressed as an elf and dancing. I laughed so much that I vowed to create a video every year. The site jumped back to life last month allowing me to create some new videos and the believe the Surfing one is a new addition to the collection.

        The site, in my opinion is fairly easy to navigate and everything is sign posted to make it simpler to proceed through the stages. The whole site is bright and welcoming and very festive. In between screens, the site does take a while to boost and sometimes I am left waiting for a minute or two but it is a busy site at this time of year.

        The option of uploading from 1-5 pictures is excellent as if you have a few children, no one feels left out. I have previously choosen just my son as his cute face is adorable on the elf. But I decided to use all of my little family this time and seeing myself and Keith dressed as elves cracked me up into laughter. The elves costumes are cute and life like.

        The scene is set perfectly with backing colours and Christmas things such as snow, tinsel etc. The dancing is hilarious and the moves can be quite daring..its the only time I shall be seen dancing in such a manner I can tell you! The different options for styles, allow you to play around and create fun and exciting dances whilst appreciating the festive tunes accompanying them.


        If you fancy a bit of festive fun then www.elfyourself.com is the ideal option. You can have a giggle with family and share the experience with those who many not be near enough to join in at the time. The site is free unless you want to download and the videos are wiped after around a month.

        I will try uploading the link from my emails should you fancy a laugh at my expense...thanks for reading and have an elfing good crimbo!



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          26.12.2009 03:13
          Very helpful



          Thumbs up

          "ElfYourself.com" is a Christmas based website. It was first launched in 2008 and has become a regular Holiday hit. Alexa traffic research reports a 45.8% user share from computers based in the United States. This figure is immediately followed by the United Kingdom who provide 9% of the website's userbase.

          As the 2009 Holiday season comes to a close, I was fortunate enough to stumble across a feature on this website as sent to me by a friend. ElfYourself.com allows users to upload their own photos and "elvenize" them by applying a short dance routine to their elf character. The website is currently owned and maintained by OfficeMax.com; an American online retailer specializing in stationery products. To me, it appears as if ElfYourself.com is an extension to their brand as actions beyond the basic e-mail sharing system and character creation platform incurs a fee.

          The website is primarily designed in Adobe Flash and users must have the appropriate free plug-ins installed prior to accessing it. It's likely, however, that a modern web browser will alert the user to any missing software and provide a link to any applicable downloads required. After loading the page, the user will be presented a prompt titled "Get Started" which further redirects to an upload screen. Users may upload their photos using one of two methods. The first is "upload photo" which loads a Windows Explorer (or other applicable file system) menu and users may select an image which is currently stored on their personal computer. The second is "Use Facebook photos" which requires the user to log in to his or her facebook account. Any selected photo is then quickly transferred to the website and allows further adjustments through centring the user's face to fit the facial frame of the elf. Once complete, the user will be shown his or her elf character and may apply a dance routine to the design. At the moment, the dance routines include "hip hop", "singing", "disco", "classic" and "country". Users may share their creation by entering e-mail addresses of recipients for free or download a video of their elf in action at the cost of $4.99 USD.

          I have found this website to be fast and responsive to my commands. Independent testing suggests 2 seconds are required to load 177 KB when using a broadband connection. This time does not include transfer time of photos, but in use I found a 1 megapixel photo to only require approximately 10 seconds to transfer before it was ready for adjustment. Navigating through the domain is simple as each action is held within a bright green button, and I found myself immediately drawn to the presence of buttons.

          Overall, ElfYourself.com could provide a suitable Holiday destination for users. It is somewhat restricted in its requirement to pay a fee to download character creations, but the free e-mail sending does alleviate this aspect somewhat. I would recommend it to those seeking an easy to use addition to their Holiday web surfing experience.


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            13.12.2009 15:08
            Very helpful




            I do like a silly little site where I can waste some time, and if I can do that by adding in an embarrassing photo of friends or family, then so much the better . Recently I came across Elf Yourself, a site where you can add in photos of faces (up to five) and with a little bit of fiddling about make a nice animated Christmas video of you and your friends dancing like loons wearing elf outfits .

            It is simple enough, at least in theory - upload a photo of your face (or someone elses) and then adjust the dots to fit the face, cutting out any of the background image . The trouble here comes if you don't have a good clear facial photo , or if you only have them taken from some distance away, or where you are turned to the side . You really need to use a full frontal face shot where your face takes up the middle of the shot and you are looking straight ahead . As most of the photos I have of myself or my friends are candid photographs taken at random moments, rather than posed, I found it very hard to remove all the background. However, I will compliment the site on allowing you to either upload from your computer, or from your Facebook - as most of my photos are stored on facebook, this was convenient .

            You can have up to five elves in each video, so assuming you have good photographs, you could have a lot of fun with this , particularly as you can select several different dancing styles, including hiphop, disco, and country. You can then watch your video, and are given the option to download it, or to forward to friends and family.

            This all sounds great right ? Well, it would be, if the whole site didn't move at the approximate speed of a one legged tortoise attempting to scale Mt Everest . Not only is the site slow, but it slows down everything else in my other tabs too, incredibly frustrating. Now, I can put up with the slowness during the actual process of making the video, but when it came to viewing it was just as bad, with the dance skipping, jumping, and just not doing an awful lot. I tried to replay it again after watching it once - still slow and clunky. Add this to the fact that my friends all had bits of background stuck to them from me not being able to trim their faces well, and the overall result looked rubbish .

            It's such a shame. The bits of background stuck on my friends was, admittedly, down to me simply not having full frontal face photographs of them - but the slowness of the site really does need addressing . I found the whole process frustrating, and the video at the end was so clunky and jumpy it just wasn't worth the time I put into it .

            A brilliant idea, poorly executed. I'm awarding two stars as the site might mildly amuse people with more patience than me .



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              02.12.2009 22:13
              Very helpful




              Elf yourself has been a website that has come around this year and everybody seem to be going mad over. There have been other sites that have been like this including just making yourself dancing and also making yourself into dancing Santa's. So this elf yourself is the 2009 craze and let me tell you it is extremely funny to do but I do have one frustration to tell you about. Here is why if you have some time to do a perfectly pointless thing then this is the site for you to go on.

              Ok so lets go through the site and what exactly it is.

              Elf yourself is basically putting your head on an elf's body which will then dance to music in a funny way. You can just do a simple one of just you or you can make all of your friends dance too. I say all but that's not strictly true as you can only elf up to five people. Yes it does sound like the most pointless thing in the world and it is but when you have actually completed your elves then it is so funny to watch and I think it will entertain everybody.

              You go to the site which is www.elfyourself.com and you are greeted with an elf right there on the front page. This is what your elf will look like so basically with a little pointy hat, green suit and lovely white and red long socks with proper elf shoes. The sites front page is very inviting actually as it is very bright colours and has a nice blue background with some Christmas trees as it is for Christmas after all.

              When you are there you will notice that the elf is carrying a big sign saying get started and this is what you have to click if you want to go ahead. This will take you to a page where you can upload your photos. You can choose one from your computer or this year they have made it easier to upload from facebook which is quite good. This is where your first frustration may occur as sometimes this stage is extremely slow and sometimes I gave up with it as I couldn't be bothered to wait so long.

              Once your photo is loaded though you can zoom in and rotate and get the face right where you want it. Then when you are satisfied you press to say carry on and this is where it goes very slow again. Seriously my only issue with this site is that it does run very slowly sometimes but bear with it. After this you can choose to add some more photos so you can do your family, friends or even I have done pets which was quite funny.

              So happy with your photos you now have to choose how you want your elves to dance. They give you a few choices which includes disco, hip hop, country and classic so a lot more choice than last year which again is quite good. I do think because how popular it was last year they have made the site have more choices. Then you press go and you can watch your dance. This actually works quite quick for me at the minute but does get slower the more elves you put there. When you have watched it you can choose the other dance to give them a go if you fancy it.

              Then what you can do is email your link out so other people can watch and laugh at the dancing elves or you can actually buy elf merchandise now which is crazy. They have mugs, mouse mats which is just mad but it is an American site so everything is in $ and you probably have to have a credit card to buy which I don't.

              That is it, all this site is about. I get quite a lot of these links come to me and it is annoying as when you click on the link you are waiting ages to watch it so I do get annoyed. If they sort the quickness of the site out then i think it would be fun. That is it really as there is no point to this website at all but simply to entertain people.

              Every year they come out with different ones and the elves are quite good. The dance only lasts for less than a minute so not long and it is worth doing to make people laugh if you have time and are bored.

              In conclusion elf yourself gets four stars for me because it is just pure entertainment value and I enjoy watching them and my friends find them funny. It does lose a star however for being slow which I know has annoyed quite a few people I know. To have a laugh though you can't get better than this site.

              Thanks for reading.



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              26.11.2009 04:07
              Very helpful



              This site is wonderful and a great one to use at this time of year!

              "*"*"* My Thoughts About The Website "*"*"*"

              I was looking for Christmas wallpapers for my netbook and I found this website by accident. I am really glad that I did though because it is so much fun to use and it is a amusing way to pass in some time. I love how easy it is to find your way around it. I used it because I am always looking for new Christmas themed things to add to my Bebo page at this time of year and I do not think that I could have found anything more seasonally inspired than this had I actually tried to. The site is so nice and colourful and when you click into it. You will instantly be put in the mood for Christmas, if you are not already. This is definitely one to add to your favourites in terms of Christmas websites.

              Imagine yourself as a elf have you did it yet? Ok, now imagine that very realistic looking elf clone of yourself dancing. Sounds fun doesn't it? That is what you will see happen on the Elf Yourself website and better still it does not have to even be you. If you want to be even more amused, why not use a picture of your rabbits head? Or your dogs or your cats? - (alternatively any other pet that you may have) On this you can use any photo and turn whoever or whatever is in it into a dancing elf. Something that you will notice is how well your elf can dance. My elf dances better than I ever could lol! You get a choice of a singing one too.

              In the dance section you can choose either the hip hop dance routine (break dancing included) The disco theme, classic theme or the country theme. The country theme was my personal favourite and is the one that I used. Another good point to this website is that it is powered by JibJab before I found the Elf Yourself website, I never even knew what that was! But, after seeing how good the elf dancing videos are. I wanted to find more similar to it and JibJab was the answer to my prayers because it is packed with them.

              There is all different videos made by JibJab that you can star in and all different themes too, some are not free though. There is valentine day videos, horror film videos, birthday videos etc. The Elf Yourself video is free and it is the best type for this time of year. Once you Elf Yourself there is a gifts section that you can goto to buy things with pictures of you dressed as a elf on them. The gifts available include personalised mugs, mouse pads, greeting cards, ornaments, blankets and playing cards. Ordinarily I am not overly fussed with stuff like this. In fact I usually never am but I actually want to buy almost every thing there and in every design too lol!

              And although I probably will not be able to afford all of them. I certainly will be purchasing a few. After all how often do you get to have a blanket or packet of playing cards with a very realistic looking elf version of yourself gazing back at you from them? lol! Even if you do not want the merchandise you will still be glad that you visit it if you do. My mum, dad and brothers all seen my video and thought it was really cool and then when my sister came up to the house with my wee niece Becky.

              After my mum had told my sister about the video, she asked me to show Becky and Becky watched it mesmerised. She said aunty Danielle your a elf and she had such a big smile on her face. She kept looking at the elf me dancing on the screen, then back at me with a puzzled expression as if to say how are you in two places at once. This is definitely something that kids will love and adults will get great fun out of it as well.

              "*"*"*" Making Your Elf "*"*"*"

              When you are making your elf it is very easy to do. You just choose whatever photo that you would like to use and then you will get a chance to make it the size and shape of head that you require. When it is sized properly, you will know because it looks like your head fits perfectly onto the elf's shoulders but do not worry if you make a mistake because you can go back and fix it until you get it the way that you want. As soon as you click into www.elfyourself.com. You will see a elf that's face morphs through a selection of different ones. These include that of a dog, a baby, a man and a woman.

              Look at the green and white sign that it is holding up and inside it you will see written the words "get started." Click on this and you will be taken to the next part. It only takes a few seconds to load and you should see a red and white candy striped loading bar. For those who have already made their elves, they will be taken to a menu and in that menu, they will be given different options. These include options to download your chosen dance, make a new dance, purchase gifts or view the dances that you have already used. Uploading your photo could not be easier because not only do you have the option to use their simple uploader. You can also be taken straight to your Facebook album and choose a photo from there.

              Remember that all of your photos are saved and ready for the next time that you choose to use the site by just going to the reuse photos option and you can make up to five elves! Downloading your elf video costs $4.99 and you can download it onto your phone, a iPod, DVD or your pc/laptop. You can also include it in a Power Point presentation. On the site it also tells you that you can upload it to Youtube or other similar sites. When you click "my dances" you will see a area with all of your previously used dances or photos from the site. Yes, there is even photos as well ( I did one that made myself look like a fairy with wings last night.) If you want to share your elf video you have several options once you click share. These include options to tweet your elves to your friends, post to your Facebook wall, post to a Facebook friend, send it to numerous sites including MySpace and Bebo or you can email it to someone.

              "*"*"*" How Much Do I like the Site "*"*"*

              I really do recommend you give this site a whirl. The chances are that once you do decide to try one of their videos, you will want to try them all. I certainly did! All of the dances and the singing as well are set in magical, amusing and well chosen backgrounds and I have found it to be quite addictive to use. Since I have found this I have been on the JibJab site, decided to became a member and even contemplated paying for the subscription. So that I will be able to access all 500 of the videos that they have to offer.

              I defy anyone to not have a smile on their face once they have completed the process of making their elf and they have seen the fascinating results. Some of which are rather wacky dance moves that their elf will do, in reality you would probably be too embarrassed to do half of them lol! I have not got one negative thing to say about this website except for the fact that the other videos available look amazing too. They seem like they are lots of fun to use and watch and so I would prefer it if they were free as well. I am very impressed with this website and will be visiting it again for sure. You can even link your JibJab account with Facebook so that everyone on your friends list can see what you are up to on it.

              I like that when you go back on to the site everything is waiting all on the one page for you because that means that you do not have to go around searching for anything. Everything is accessible and easy to use and I could not give this any less than five stars. Infact I would give it even more stars if I possibly could. The site is perfectly designed and a joy to use. Everything is easy to understand when it comes to making your elf. You will not get lost and you could probably do it with your eyes closed because it really is that easy. The most expensive thing out of all of the personalised gifts available is the blanket that costs $59.99 and it is one of the things that I will buying. I do not think it is that expensive though because once I seen how lovely the blankets are it caused me to stop caring how much it is going to cost me to buy one lol!

              The music themes used for each of the four Christmas inspired videos are not ones that I am familiar with but they are all great and go nicely with the site and the dance moves in the videos. I can not recommend this enough! I think that anyone could enjoy this site no matter what type of person they are and regardless of what they find entertaining. If you try this and enjoy using it. I advice that you to consider signing up to JibJab and get the most out of all of the other free videos they have on it as well, I also used a snowball fight one were you pick four celebrities and one of your friends and you pick teams. Then you will see a video of you all having a virtual snowball fight.


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