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Type: Beauty

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2010 22:44
      Very helpful



      A well-presented website.

      Enchanted sell handmade luxury bath and shower products- everything from whipped body washes to foaming sugar scrubs, beautiful body creams to luxury bath salts, and from perfumes to wax tarts. I am a self-confessed Enchanted addict and today I received my sixth Enchanted order. As usual it's arrival had me squealing with delight, and I couldn't get things out of the parcel quick enough! Parcels from Enchanted are always such a treat and I have to smell everything right away. I always place my orders through the website (www.enchantedbath.co.uk), and thought it was about time I reviewed the site itself rather than the products!

      I find the Enchanted website very user friendly, and very straight forward to navigate around. The outside edge of the site is black, with whisps of red smoke, and it creates a very mystical and magical feel. The content of the site itself has a cream background, which makes the text easy to read. There are seven tabs across the top, which are as follows:


      So the home tab obviously takes you back to the home page. Here you will find a brief overview about Enchanted- it outlines the various products available, and tells you a bit of background about the business. As all Enchanted products are handmade to order, the home page also has the latest Turn Around Time (TAT)- this is the length of time it will take for you product to be made and dispatched from the day of order. Typically, in my experience it has been 2-3 weeks, but this will vary depending on how many orders have been placed before yours.


      I have found the shop tab is particularly well laid out. With such a wide range of products available, the shop could easily be a mismash of all of the products jumbled up, making it hard to quickly find what you want. This is not the case, as the shop section is divided into the following categories:

      - Bath & Shower
      This includes their best selling foaming sugar scrubs, whipped body washes, and luxury bath salts.

      - Body Care
      This includes beautiful body cream, body lotions, and will shortly also be housing their new range of targetted body care.

      - Fragrance
      This includes a wide range of eau de parfams, roll on perfumes, moisturising body sprays, and multi-use body, linen and hair sprays.

      - Sets
      This includes lots of gift ideas, including the fabulous Try Me sets, which include half-sized products of the scrubs, body washes, and body creams, and Layering Sets, which includes a full-sized body wash, scrub, and body cream at a bargainos price.

      - Special Collections
      The Special Collections are divided into four different houses, so there will be something to suit every taste and every mood:
      - Fairy tale collection
      - Twilight collection
      - Darkside collection
      - Enchanted collection

      Scrubs, body washes, body creams, perfume oils, wax tarts, and bath salts are all available in any of the Special Collection scents. However as they contain a more complex blend of oils than the standard fragrances, there is a slight premium for them- in the region of 25p- £1, depending on the product.

      - Waxworks
      Here you can buy wax tarts and wax snap bars.

      - VIP Membership
      A VIP membership will cost you £50. For this you get 10% discount off every order for a year, a free Birthday gift worth at least £15, special previews, and extra samples with your orders.

      *SCENT LIST*

      I think this is my favourite part of the scent. The scent list is really extensive and has so many beautiful fragrances. With Enchanted, every product is available in every fragrance, which is just awesome as you can layer up your favourite scent by using the matching bath salts, body wash, scrub, body cream, perfumes, and body spray! It is also quite fun making up your own combinations of scents to use in different products. The scents are really varied, and I think there really is something to suit all tastes. Some of my personal favourites are:

      - Atlanta- a beautiful pure apple scent
      - Clowning Around- this smells of doughnuts and toffee apples
      - Sublime- a lime scent with an undertone of caramel and marshmallows
      - Eastern Promise- a delicious rose scent with a subtle hint of lemon
      - Tangerine Dream- a pure and punchy orange scent
      - Havabath- a dupe of Lush's Avobath, which is a delicious lemongrass and avocado fragrance
      - Banana Drama- this reminds me of those foam banana sweeties
      - Enchanted- a comforting scent of vanilla, sandalwood and amber
      - Chocolate Truffle- this really does smell good enough to eat!
      - The Comfort Blanket- gorgeous blackcurrant goodness


      Enchanted always have some kind of promotion on, and this is the place to find out what the latest offer is. There are often free gifts with every order, money off, or exclusive/limited edition products free with orders over a certain amount.


      This is the boring tab- this lists the legal guff, all you need to know about how to order, availability, privacy and personal data. There are also some useful tips about product storage. The site will take payment via paypal, and you can set up a paypal account with either a credit or debit card. When I had problems with my paypal account, Enchanted was happy to accept bank transfer or cheques, so if you don't want to set up a paypal account that isn't a problem.

      *CONTACT US*

      I have used this feature a lot! Sarah, who runs Enchanted, is always extremely helpful, and usually replies to any queries very promptly. I have found her to be great for recommending products to remedy specific skin complaints (for instance, she suggested some products that got rid of my sister's ezcema, and also some products to tackle my dry skin). She is also great at offering advice if you have any dilemmas as to what scents to pick.


      This is a self explantory tab really, as it simply contains lots of feedback from customers. This is always worth checking out if you are thinking of placing an order.

      In summary I have found this to be a really easy to use website. I have ordered from it 6 times now, and have never had any issue finding what I want, or placing the orders. I would thoroughly recommend taking a peek at this site, the scent list is divine and there really is something for everyone.


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        12.07.2010 21:17
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Enchantedbath.co.uk - A truly enchanting shopping experience

        I have purchased many items from www.enchantedbath.co.uk and I have to say each product is excellent.

        To start with, you cannot beat the excellent customer service you receive from Sarah (the owner). She caters to your every need and always responds to emails quickly and effciently. No query is too small or silly for her. The whole shopping experience from www.enchantedbath.co.uk is easy and enjoyable from start to finish. Plus the TAT for items is 2 weeks and alot of the time it is alot less than that and Sarah always lets you know when the item is to be posted as well as asking you when it is convenient for you if the parcel has to go via courier.

        I have purchased many different items from Enchanted. They range from Sugar Scrubs, Bath Creams, Bath Salts, Body Lotions as well as perfumes, perfume oils and wax tarts. The amount of items available is endless! And you think you are spoilt for choice by the many items for sale? Wait until you see the scent list! It will have you tearing your hair out for the amount of decisions you will have to make! From the Special Collections, which include a TWILIGHT (yes, you heard me all you Bella & Edward lovers!) collection which is the most amazing thing to be invented. The Twilight collection is based on Sarah's ideas of how certain people and places in the Twilight books would smell and they are absolutely divine and exactly how I imagine! Definately worth a buy. Honestly, you will be hooked! Not into Twilight? Don't worry, there is the Lush dupes, the Fairytale collection and then there is the regular scent list....it really is endless!

        All of the Enchanted scents are long lasting. This morning I used an Enchanted perfume oil named Temptress of the Night which is a vanilla smelling scent and I could smell it all day, as strong as it was first thing in the morning when I put it on.

        All of the products love my skin, always leaving me with clean, moisturised and gorgeous scented skin and if you have any skin allergies, give Sarah a quick email and she can point you in the right direction as to what to go for.

        Enchanted is simple and classy. Excellent value for money and a girl's absolute dream for beauty. I couldn't recommend it anymore highly.


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