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A great site full of a brilliant range of contact lenses

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    3 Reviews
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      01.07.2013 18:05



      very happy!

      Before I ordered from here I read a lot of reviews and they were 50/50 bad and good I was a bit weary, I decided to order I bought a pair of uv yellow contacts which came only 3 days after I ordered was very happy the contacts look great very good over all 5*

      150 words is a lot for a review so . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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      07.02.2012 19:10




      I have had major problems with this company!!!

      They overcharged my card, refused to cancel my order, They treated me like i trash.

      They overcharged my card so much that my account went negative, so i have fees to pay to my bank. When i asked them about it at first they acted like they didnt know what i was talking about then they called me a liar.

      I asked them to cancel my order 5 times, they refused to cancel my order. I argued with them for 3 days and they disrespected me so much. On the forth day they shipped my order even though i asked them over and over again to cancel my order.

      I am disgusted with this company, and if i had my way this company would get shut down.

      Thay have a bunch of idiots working there, like jessica and somer, they do NOTHING to help customers out!
      i have shipped the contacts back and still have not recieved a refund.


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      26.10.2009 22:51
      Very helpful



      A brilliant website!


      When you visit the homepage for this site, you will notice its very funky and cool design with green and black colouring. It put me in mind of Halloween the very first time i visited because of that. With its nice layout and easy to read and understand writing and its easy to navigate pages, finding your way around this site couldn't be easier. At the minute because it is coming up to Halloween there is a advert telling you that their Special FX Contact Lenses are on sale with up to 75% off there rrp.

      This site is very appealing in the sense that they sell "something different" to the norm. Their crazy lenses and FX lenses come in a wide variety of wacky, cool designs and so do the rest. While on their homepage you will also see pictures of all the beautiful coloured lenses on this site. You will see written on the homepage :

      "The World's Largest Fashion Contact Lens Store." We offer brand name coloured contact lenses and special effect lenses. They tell you that every range stocked at Fashion Contact Lenses comes without vision correction and are for cosmetic use, so that everyone has the chance to change their eye colour in many exciting ways for all occasions whether it be for a wedding, fashion shoot, nightclubbing, a party or for Halloween.It tells you that there are non-prescription lenses which offer no added vision powers,all our items ship World-wide. The site tells you that Non-prescription or Plano contacts can be worn by anybody. They offer up to 30 whole days of wear (with removal for sleeping)

      The website tells you that with Fashion Contact Lenses top selling Halloween contact lenses as seen in movies and used by many for theatrical use "you will be sure" to find a lens to suit your needs, if it is not the spooky lenses you are after then our cosmetic range of coloured contact lenses are right up your street. With our new violet colour lenses which work superb on all eye colours and our more subtle approach lens Hazel and grey you will be out to impress and turn heads like never before.

      On the left are the clickable options which are written in white, with a bright green design behind them. The choices are Extreme Colour Contact Lenses, Colour Fusion Contact Lenses, Colour Tones Contact Lenses,Enhance Contact Lenses,Crazy Lenses,Special Fx Lenses,Theatrical Lenses,Full eye Contact Lenses and Coloured contact lenses.

      Best Sellers

      These are the most popular lenses available on their website and they are listed on the right side of the homepage.

      Light Blue Cosmetic Lenses by Images
      Special Fx lenses
      Bezerker Eye Contact Lenses
      Sith Crazy Eyes

      Extreme Colour Contact Lenses

      These are available in quite a few colours which i will list below. They are suitable for all eyes. These ones in particular offer no added vision powers and they are designed using smartcolor technology for quality and comfort and adheres to FDA guidelines for the manufacture of contact lenses.They are suitable for basically anywhere as on the site it tells you that they can be worn for the following purposes fashion, weddings, parties or just to give yourself that desired look.

      The website tells you that these can be worn for up to 30 whole days, or they can be used for 30 individual days spaced out over a 12 month period if they are cared for correctly. It also informs you that when you buy these they all come with care instructions with diagrams, and fitting. These work to give a very noticeable change to all eye colours even the darkest ones.

      The available colours are as follows:

      Affectionate Caramel - a nice brown colour,which appears to have a caramel tint to it. It is not the deepest of brown colours available but still beautiful. Amorous Aqua - a nice bluish green colour, sort of a light, bright blue with with green specks visible through it. Vivacious Violet - a very pretty violet colour, very bright and noticeable. Passionate Platinum - a cool, silvery grey colour. Flirtatious Green - a lovely light green colour. Seductive Blue - a gorgeous,very bright blue colour. Chic Chocolate - a nice deep chocolate brown colour. Sexy Sapphire - a lovely deep yet bright blue, sort of like royal blue. Daring Diamond - a cool greyish silver colour.


      The price for these contacts lenses ranges from £16.95 - £26.95

      Colour Fusion Contact Lenses

      The website tells you that Colour Fusion lenses are great on nearly all eye colours, the Lenses can be worn for 30 days if handled and cared for properly, however they must be removed before sleeping. It also tells you that these lenses are non prescription lenses and can be worn by anyone, they will not correct your vision in any way as they are for cosmetic use only and purely to change your eye colour.

      The available colours from this range are as follows:

      Vanilla - a nice, light yellowish colour. Honey - a nice light brown colour. Misty Grey - a nice very light blue colour. Glistening Green - a minty green colour. Amethyst - a bright purple colour. Sky- a bright blue colour. Arctic Aqua - a lovely light blue colour. Electric Blue - a gorgeous, intense blue colour.


      The prices for these range from £12.95 - £19.95

      Colour- Tones

      The website tells you that Colour - tones contact lenses offer a total colour change to your eyes All the Colour-tones that they stock are non prescription lenses and with no added vision powers, the lenses are for cosmetic use only and are suitable for all eyes. Each pair of these lenses can be worn for up to 30 days in a row or 30 individual days spaced out over a 12 month period if they are cared for correctly, It tells you that Colour-tones lenses are the way to go if you want to change your eye colour but keep a natural look, all Colourtones lenses have an added circle of extra colour around the pupil to give a distinctive look of beauty These come complete in a pair and with instructions on how to use and care for correctly.

      The available colours from this range are as follows:

      Hazel ,Aqua, Dark Brown, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Grey


      The price for these ranges from £15.95 - £24.95

      Enhance Contact Lenses

      These are 30 Day wear Enhanced Contact Lenses. The website tells you that they are the perfect way to go if you prefer a more vibrant and colour rich contact lens. It tells you that your natural eye colour is totally transformed when using Enhanced lenses. All of these lenses can be worn for up to 30 days in a row and they come packaged in factory sealed tamperproof containers for safe storage and easy access.

      All of the necessary Instructions are provided with this product, It also tells you that No prescription is necessary as these lenses are only available in plano, Plano means that these lenses have no added vision powers and are for fashion and cosmetic use only.

      The available colours available are as follows:

      Light Hazel,Stormy Grey,Ice Blue,Glacier Green,Lilac,Gold Fleck (these ones look amazing) Black gold (also very cool and on the websites hot item list)


      The price for these ranges from £15.95 - £26.95

      Crazy Contact Lenses

      The website tells you that Crazy Eyes contact lenses are suitable for all eyes as they are Plano lenses,Plano lenses offer no added vision powers and are great for cosmetic and fashion use. It tells you that All Crazy Eyes come packaged in glass cases with factory sealed and tamperproof lids, these can be worn for up to 30 whole days, aslong as they are cared for properly.

      The website tells you that the lenses will totally change the appearance of your eyes as they are solid colour lenses and they will also not effect your vision, All of the lenses provided come with care and fitting instructions, you will see this written "you can be the one that stands out in the crowd with admiration,"There is a huge range of different types of these and they all look so cool.

      The types available are as follows:

      Hypnotize, Halloween, Green Blast, Cupid, Cybermancer,Yellow Dollar, Mat Hatter, Atomic, Basic Orange, Abyss Blue,Jakal, Pink and Yellow Star, Circus Circus, Red Pointed Star,Medusa,Frozen Ghost,Candy Kane, Blue and Yellow Star,Saw 2, Hulk,Midnight Wolf,Amelia,Phoenix Red, love heart, Anaconda, Spiral,Cat, Razor, Green Ghoul, Radioactive,Possessed,Voodoo Witch,Blaze,Bezerker,Blue Pointed Star, Checked,Hell Cat,Marishka, Body Snatcher, Reaper,Zebra, UV yellow, Itachi, White Ice, Matrix, and is if all of that isn't enough to choose from there is another two pages full of different types.


      These cost between about £20 and £40

      Crazy Lenses

      These are similar to the Crazy Contact lenses, The site tells you that If you're looking for something to give you a look that's a little out of the ordinary then Crazy Lenses are for you, and you don't have to be a contact lens wearer to wear them either. They can be worn for up to 30 days in a row (with removal when sleeping), or they can be worn for 30 individual days spaced out over a 12 month period if cared for correctly, They are produced using patented UltraSync® technology, so that you can be sure you get all the quality and comfort you would expect from a brand name contact lens.

      The site also tells you that you will also be glad to know that Crazy Lenses adheres to all FDA guidelines for the manufacture of cosmetic lenses. All of their Novelty contact lenses come complete with instructions on how to fit and care for correctly.

      These ones are so fun here's some of the available types:

      Demon Bloodshot, Reptile, Fire Sith, Blood red, Devil,Wolf Red, Wolf Black, Crazy White Lines, Soccer, Dollar Green.


      The price for these ranges from about £14 and £20

      Special Fx Contact Lenses

      The website tells you that Special Fx Contact Lenses are medium base curve lenses and will fit almost everyone, They also offer no added vision powers so this makes them perfect for all eyes,The lenses can be worn for up to 30 days in a row or 30 indivdual days spaced out over a 12 month period. It says With their High quality design and finish you will be sure to achieve that desired look. These are amazing looking and i wish i could get them but i cant for reasons which i will explain later.These literally put cool pictures in your eyes.

      Some of the available types are as follows:

      Purple Kitty,Blue Valkyrie, Computer Chip,Gremlin special Fx, Smiley, Moon and star,Vampire Lestat, Lillith,Tiger Lilly,Banshee, Manson, Creepers,Froggy,Cobra, Alien,Jason X, Mystique, Twilight.


      These are rather expensive but in my opinion totally worth it if they work for you. They range from about £39 - £40

      Theatrical Lenses

      These are amazing, so bright and cool. The only word i can think to use to describe these with is wow. They are fantastic. The website tells you that Custom Made Daily Wear Theatrical contact lenses with high definition designs are Great for movie productions, up and coming bands and those who want to make a real statement, and that the lenses are not for the weak hearted, packed with serious attitude in each design.

      All of the Theatrical lenses that they stock are non prescription and suitable for all eyes as they offer no added vision powers. These are only recommended for occasional use and will last for up to 12 months from opening. They must be removed for sleeping. Lens size= B.C. (8.6), Diameter (15.) It tells toy that the lenses are custom made and can take between 7 and 21 days to be with you from the purchase date, due to the time and effort it takes to create just a pair.

      Some of the available types are as follows:

      Angelic - a glowing light, bright blue colour. Louis - A glowing green colour. Banshee - Purple colours varying in intensity, mainly bright purple. Black Gate Orc - A amazing bright red colour with orange fused inside. The two colours are blended perfectly. Cave Orc - Luminous Bright green these are very cool looking.


      These are extremely expensive so unless you want them for a Halloween outfit or filming or something special. i think like me you will be able to appreciate how cool they are from afar. Prices range from £89.95 - £109.95

      Full Eye Contact Lenses

      The website tells you that these custom hand made full eye contact lenses, are mainly used in movie productions and the entertainment industry, but are also becoming more and more popular with bands, night clubbing and for Halloween due to their unique effect. It tells you that the lenses are packed with a realistic effect, you cannot get any closer to the real thing. It also tells you that these daily wear lenses can be kept for up to 12 months from opening, and are suitable for all eyes as they offer no added vision powers. Lens Size= bc (9) dia (22) All of their full eye contact lenses are custom hand made, so they ask you to please allow between 7 to 21 days for these lenses to arrive after payment, due to the time and effort it takes to hand craft each pair.


      These are "incredibly expensive" again i doubt that you will want to spend this much on them unless they are for a extremely emphasis on "extremely" special occasion LOL The price for these is a outstanding £279.95 a pair.

      Coloured Contact Lenses

      The site tells you that these Total Colour lenses offer full coverage of your natural eye colour. With detail added to each lens to bring a unique look, they tell you that the Total Color lenses are a great way to get the most from your lenses. The non prescription lenses offer no added vision powers and are suitable for all eyes. All payments via their store are guaranteed against fraud as they say they proudly hold the Worldpay Guarantee for online trading.

      The types of these available are as follows:

      Honey, Green, Grey,Violet,Blue,Honey Blend, Green Blend, Grey blend, Violet Blend, Blue Blend,Honey Water, Grey Water, Lavender Water,Blue water, Chestnut Colour Mix,Violet Colour Mix,Aqua Colour Mix, Grey Colour Mix, Blue Colour Mix,Red Diamonds,Pink Diamonds,Blue Diamonds,Royal Diamonds,Aqua Diamonds, Hazel Diamonds,Violet Diamonds, Green Diamonds.


      The price for these ranges from £14.95 - £29.75

      The Delivery Times

      * UK .. 1 to 2 days
      * Europe .. 2 to 3 days
      * U.S .. 3 to 7 days

      Decisions, Decisions

      On a day when i had some extra money, i was shopping on-line and just couldn't see a thing that i really wanted to buy. After a lot of thought i decided i wanted to buy something in ways of cosmetics. So i trawled ebay for hours looking for offers and still seen nothing that overly jumped out to me and made me want to buy it . Then i imagined how cool it would be to have different coloured eyes.

      My brother had previously mentioned this site to me. So i decided to give it a look. When i went on to it "i wasn't expecting" a lot but i was pleasantly surprised by it. After browsing through every single lense available, being amazed by the cool Fx ones and humoured by the thought of the crazy ones and how someone would react if you were to walk up to them in a ally way with those on. (I think they would give someone such a fright).especially the bright red devil ones.

      I know that if someone was wearing them and i seen them that i would jump out of my skin. Well after all of that i started thinking seriously about the type i wanted to purchase. I was between decisions of weather to buy the Caribbean ones (which were a gorgeous green colour) or the Sky one which were a bright blue. I finally decided on the green ones because my eyes are a blueish colour already and i thought the green would make the biggest impact. I was so looking forward to these arriving i absolutely couldn't wait and thankfully the delivery was fast.

      Using My Lenses

      When i took them out of their well sealed packaging. I carefully followed the instructions and eventually after a lot of fidgeting i got one in. My mistake was that i made these my first ever lenses. I really should have went to a optician plus i wasn't aware until "after this" that you were meant to build up the amount of time in which you used them. In order to get your eyes used to them. My eyes stung like mad and went bright red and swollen and being the silly, impatient person that i am once "i got one in" i was that eager to see what they both looked like in that i forced the other one in plus i tried to "put up with the stinging" in hope that it would get better but it didn't and because of this i was in quite an amount of pain.

      When i looked in the mirror they had made a huge change to my eye colour from what i could see "through the redness" they were a lovely green colour just as promised. I was impatient and also was meeting a friend not long after that "so it was" bad timing for me to try to use them for my first time. Unfortunately after this i wasn't brave enough to try using them again. It was just way too painful and they were so hard to get out to. Again this is not the fashion lenses fault but my own for not going the proper way about it.

      I wont be using these or any contact lenses again. However that doesn't take away from how "brilliant" these are and for someone who is used to lenses and with whom they agree with. I think they will be perfect and i am sure they will absolutely love this website. If i knew that my eyes wouldn't sting and hurt like they did. I would be there like a shot to purchase another pair because they made a amazing difference to my eye colour but i doubt that my sensitivity to them will get any better because my mum said that she thinks it is a eye condition that i have that effected there ability to work. Ultimately "i think " i just am not someone that they agree with.The Website is very reassuring and there is nothing but good things said about them on it.


      I sent away for them filling out the details required was very "straight forward" and easy to do. Once i decided on the pair that i wanted and added them to the basket. There was a list of helpful reminders on the left of the page. These told me about the delivery and how many lenses that i was going to receive plus they told me about the in stock items and that they ship the next day. They also told me that non prescription items would not effect my vision and that the type i was purchasing were suitable for all eyes. On the page with the billing and order details its very well laid out and easy to understand. Here you confirm the quantity that you want select a posting method from the two options of 1st class and special delivery. You also select your chosen currency from Euro, sterling and US Dollar. Then finally you select your payment method from Credit cards such as maestro, delta and visa. The site is guaranteed by world pay and trusted worldwide.


      I chose first class delivery and my lenses arrived within the time that they told me they would. I was very happy with the delivery. When my lenses arrived they arrived in perfect condition and in a small packet with liquid inside which was used to keep them fresh. There was also detailed instructions provided.

      My Opinion

      The site is very cool, looks great and there is so many options. When it comes to their lenses you will never be at a loss for variety. Some of the designs for these lenses are amazing yet some are extremely expensive. Even though they are quite expensive there are some very affordable options too. The expensive ones are cool to admire but unless you need them for a Movie "as fascinating as they are" i don't think that most people will want to part with the money for those ones in particular.

      It was quite a while ago that i bought mine and they cost just under £20. I think i got mine from the extreme colour range. My eyes didn't agree with lenses but anyone with whom their eyes do could have a great deal of fun with some of the choices on the site be it for with a Halloween outfit or a intense new eye colour you are really spoilt for choice.

      If i remember right there was a email confirmation letting me know about my purchase and buying them was easy, the delivery was great and the contacts do what they says they will. They really intensely change the colour of your eyes and the theatrical ones are stunning although i think they are best kept in the theatre or in the comfort of your own home. I ponder the reactions that someone would get if they walked out in daylight with bright red or white eyes. There is some with such cool designs on them were they actually basically put a picture in your eyes. They are very artistic and all of them beautiful in their own ways.


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