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Beautiful, individual pieces of jewellery and keepsakes that capture a moment of your child's early years in pure polished silver.

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    1 Review
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      26.04.2009 10:11
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      A site to buy the one you love something special!

      As you can probably tell, my little boy Harry means the world to me and I treasure him. For my second Mothers Day in 2007, Harry and his dad bought me a wonderfully personal present, and that was a kit to make a charm with Harry's little fingerprint on it. Well, for whatever reason, we never got around to doing it and forgot about it, but I was delighted to see the kit in the drawer a couple of months ago. We set about getting a new kit from the site as we worried that it would be too old, and when it arrived, took Harry's prints, sent it off and that was it. I am now the proud owner of my very own Harry fingerprint charm that I wear everyday, and I get so many comments about it, I thought it'd be nice to spread the word about these beautifully personal pieces of jewellery for proud mums and dads alike.

      The website is called www.fingerprint-jewellery.co.uk, which pretty much says what it does. The site is run by the lady who makes the pieces of jewellery herself and her name is Lisa. She's really friendly, always responds quickly to any queries that you send her either via text or email, and keeps you updated with the progress of your order as it goes along, right up until the day it leaves her workshop to your house! However, don't be fooled into thinking that the site only does necklaces - oh no. There are many items you can choose from, including cufflinks, bookmarks, key-rings, charms and bracelets too, and a few more bits too! So there should be something there to suit everyone.

      The website itself is brilliant and easy to use. Everything is simply labelled, and you can easily find what you want using the navigation bar on the left. When you click into a particular section, it brings up all the information regarding that item such as dimensions, what text you can have put on, prices and some lovely pictures of the piece as well to give you an idea of how it will turn out. All the pictures are lovely and clear, and really sell the pieces incredibly well. As well as the pieces the site sells, there are also areas for testimonials, FAQ about the jewellery and processes involved, and various other information pages too. The site is packed full of everything you would ever need to know about the jewellery, the process and the business, so its a great site.

      My fiance had ordered me the Individual Charm, which now costs £39 (we paid £25 a couple of years ago but that's inflation for you!) and comes with a jump ring attached so you can pop it on your own necklace/bracelet. There are 3 different shapes you can order for this charm, a square, an oval or a heart. The text you can get on the charm depends on which one you choose, as the space is obviously limited. I chose the heart design as I could fit Harry's name onto it that way. The kit for taking the fingerprint comes in a jiffy bag in the post, complete with moulding stuff and instructions with clear pictures on. You basically have to create the putty using the kit you've been given and then press the finger into it, leaving it long enough to get a print. Then you just have to pop them into the stamped address bag that comes with your kit and that's it!

      I found the whole process simple enough, although I did have to order one replacement kit. I tried to do it with Harry at our table but he wasn't very co-operative, but a quick email to Lisa told me she'd send me another impression kit for £3. The next time, I decided to do it when Harry was asleep and it was perfect. The imprints looked good on the putty and when they had hardened after an hour, I popped them in the jiffy bag and signed the form to say I was happy with them and they went in the post. I received an email the next day to say my moulds had been received and that she will be attempting to make my charm with them. The website says that it takes 14-21 days from receiving the mould to you getting your jewellery, and that was about right. Mine took around 3 weeks, was sent via Special Delivery to arrive the next day, and so it did.

      The package came, and I eagerly opened it to find my charm. There was a lovely little white gift bag in case the item is a gift, a business card for the company and of course, my charm. It was a lovely bright purple colour, a proper little cardboard jewellery box and there was my shiny silver charm. I was so happy with it, it looked amazing with a big fingerprint on it and Harry's name was clear as day as well. It was a chunky piece and does feel weighty when you put it on your hand. It is hallmarked so you know it is sterling silver, and I just love it. The bail is nice and large so it'll fit on any necklace and looks wonderful on. I have had a lot of women ask me about it and admire it, and its nice to know I have something to do with my son close to me wherever I am.

      For the price, I think this is a superb piece of jewellery and something that will last forever. It is nice to know that I will always have something of Harry when he was younger because children grow up too fast and this will be a piece that you will treasure. There is plenty of choice on the website, something for mums, dads, grannys or whoever deserves a special piece of jewellery. Everything from the method of getting a fingerprint to it arriving at your door is easy, the owner of the business is polite and friendly, and makes using the site a pleasure. I hope this review brings to your attention a fantastic idea you may not have heard of, and I can definitely recommend www.fingerprint-jewellery.co.uk for great service, and a superb piece of jewellery.

      Website: http://www.fingerprint-jewellery.co.uk

      Thank you for reading.


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