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    1 Review
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      11.01.2006 18:22
      Very helpful



      One of the best, fastest growing British forums on the net

      Since my early days on the internet I’ve been constantly looking for a couple of message boards to share my thoughts on certain subjects. I’m still looking for a busy music forum to become a member of but I seem to have finally found a football forum that’s captured my attention and more importantly held it. I’ve tried a number of boards over the last few years and they all seemed to be lacking something and it’s that something that Football Frenzy seems to have in abundance.

      I’ve been a member of the site since about May time having found it from a link on another Football site. So what is it? Well it’s a standard message board in much the same format as thousands of others on the internet. It uses the standard phpbb format that a large number of sites do and this makes navigation incredibly easy. The site is made up of 6 different sections, covering quite a wide range of subjects.

      The site does require you to be a member before you can see what’s going on within the forum. The registration process is incredibly easy. You need to enter a few standard details and then an activation e-mail is sent through and hey presto you are a member.

      There is only one colour scheme for the board and although the silver appearance may on first appearance seem slightly dull it does accentuate the board a touch. Rather than providing millions of different colour schemes it is much easier to have just one and I think the default scheme is quite simplistic but fits the sites overall feel quite nicely.

      Now onto the board itself and as I mentioned it is split into 5 different sections. The first of which is the welcome centre. Every message board has something similar. A part of the forum where members can introduce themselves to the board and say hello. This section also includes an area for suggestions and general questions about the forum. This can include anything from new topics to post about to announcements from the sites Admin team.

      Moving down the page we come to the real reason why the site exists, the football related sections. There are three of these dealing with every level of football imaginable. The English section contains a separate forum for the Premiership and Championship and also includes one for Leagues 1 & 2 and Non League. There are also forums to cover Football from the rest of the home Nations and any cup competitions as well.

      The site is continuing to expand and as a result of this the forum has recently been reshuffled and a new forum added. As Football Frenzy is one of the fastest growing British football forums it has now been decided that a move into the European leagues has come about. This now means the 4th section of the forum consist of all Cup competitions, Internationals and the new addition of the European leagues. One of the Moderators also runs a predictions league within this section which proves very popular as fans compete against each other

      Each of these Forums contains the latest information from the world of football whether you support Manchester United or Linfield, the site tries to have something for everyone. The main reason that I stuck around on Football Frenzy unlike the others was the banter on site. It’s something I felt was really lacking from other Football forums. At times the banter does get a little personal between opposing fans but generally it’s all good natured and enjoyable.

      The final section of the forum is the Entertainment section. This is where the site moves away from the football side of things and onto the more general topics. Within this section is a general chat forum for people to talk about absolutely anything they want. Then there is also the Fun and Games forum for jokes and the like and the music forum to discuss the latest bands and gigs that people have been to. There are also forums for both Sports and computer related questions. The Entertainment area is one of the sites most popular sections and throws up some quite interesting topics of conversation/

      The site admin team consist of 3 members and below them are another larger team of 8 Moderators of which I’ve been one since about July last year. From my experience as a member, before joining the admin team, both admin and the moderators are fair and make decisions for the good of the site, without causing major problems. The amount of time a couple of the others put into the site is commendable and really makes the site what it is.

      For the most part the banter on the site between opposing fans is quite light-hearted. Occasionally it can get a little bit personal but this is normally when the sites moderators step in and not let it get too far. Of course there is the odd member who signs up just to abuse other people but generally they don’t last very long on the site before they are given some form of suspension.

      I’ve found most people on the Frenzy quite Friendly and always have a good laugh with most of them. There are fans of a lot of teams there and the membership is constantly growing, which means there are a lot of opinions from different fans of the same teams. To make it easier for fans to communicate with each other there is a messaging system that everyone has access to and a new addition is the chat room. As yet it still hasn’t really been used but it’s simple to log into and seems quite straight forward.

      Overall the Frenzy is an enjoyable board. There is a lot of interaction between fans of various clubs and I think that’s what’s kept my attention. A lot of other boards I’ve found tend to focus on the top tiers of English Football and ignore everything else and Frenzy seemed totally different in that respect. On first few the page does look rather busy but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it and after about 10 minutes navigation becomes incredibly easy. If you’re looking for a football forum then I’d certainly recommend dropping by the Frenzy, You’ll be made to feel very welcome.



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