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Internet dating

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    2 Reviews
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      05.12.2010 01:27



      It's free, so you can't complain too much really.

      From a dating perspective the site is well laid out and prospective dates are both easy to find and contact.

      The distance shown between members is as the crow flies so not an accurate figure but this may well be the same for many sites.

      The design of the site is not modern and there are no fancy features such as chat rooms but I quite like that as it's simplicity is where it's charms lie.

      There has been very little in the way of site development over the past 4 years and despite a wishlist on the forums, requests for improvement are largely ignored by the site owner, with little or no response ever being given as to what suggestions have merit or thought for the future of the site.

      I would avoid the forums at all cost unless you have the thickest of skins as there is a great deal of malevolence in there and despite there being a clear set of rules, Moderation of these rules is poor at best, with members being able to readily attack others without reasonable action ever being taken.

      Consequently only 3% of members use the forums and many more who would like to are put off by the behaviour of some of the more colourful characters who seem to essentially hunt in packs and essentially force those who post there for enjoyment to leave out of frustration.

      Promotion of the use of illegal substances and practices is ignored, which further degrades the integrity of the site as a whole.

      The site is completely free though, so in many ways, you are getting something for nothing, so if just going on there for a date, it is recommended.

      If going on to use the forums to meet people, it is not recommended in any way unless you have the thickest of skins.


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      07.07.2009 20:26
      Very helpful



      A good site if you want to try internet dating without the cost

      As much as I hate to admit it, I did sign up to Freedating. I don't think there's anything wrong with internet dating, neither do I think it's anything to be ashamed of, but it's not something I would personally use to find someone to start a relationship with. That said, it could still happen I suppose, in which case I'll eat my words!

      Freedating is a free UK dating website, similar to those you see advertised on the television to 'find your match'. As the name suggests, this is free to join and use. I was quite surprised because most sites like this that offer membership for free often have a hidden catch, making you pay if you actually want to do anything useful on the site. On here, however, you can search and message as you wish with no charge.

      The layout of the website isn't the best; I presume that because it's free they make their money from advertisements because there are ads for other dating sites in abundance. It's not particularly clear to navigate because the page looks quite busy, but the bar at the top gives you all of the relevant options. To the right, there are mug shots of all the guys/girls who are currently online and you may get the pleasure of receiving a message off. Joy. I'm being a bit sarcastic because I've had the pleasure of receiving quite a few messages from my somewhat joke of a profile (it's truthful but I made myself sound much funnier and more interesting than I am!). I can't say I've been too impressed by the messages I've had, so needless to say my outbox is empty.

      The top light purple bar gives you various options, such as a forum (which I can't comment on as I've never used it), lastest members, your profile, messages, favourites and options. The darker purple bar directly underneath gives similar options in addition to these, such as to view who has been peeking at your profile.

      Setting up an account is relatively easy and straight forward, providing you're able to to generate a bit of a blurb about yourself. Easier said than done. However, your details and your profile can be changed whenever you want, and the same goes for any photos you decide to put on.

      So, once you've become a member and have completed your profile you're ready to start fishing for that perfect match, providing FreeDating have okayed your profile first because they check content, something which I think is very important, especially if there are any silly billies out there wanting to give the world their mobile number.

      There's a search option so you can be relatively specific on what you're looking for, ie. Age, location, interests etc. Or you can peruse random profiles, search as looking at those on the right hand side who are currently online.

      Once you've spotted your prey, you can 'wink' at them, which sends a 'wink' to their inbox to show you're keen, or send them a private message. The message length doesn't seem to be limited, which is another bonus in favour of this website.

      The additional options could be quite useful, such as saving your favourites, making it easier to remember who's who.

      If you're the prey and not the preditor, new messages will be notified on your page and you can click this to go to your inbox, or alternatively, use the link on the top bar. You can then read, delete or reply, but messages are automatically deleted after 7 days. Message features are relatively limited and basic, ie. Basic text, no editing features, but it's quick and sufficient. After all, it's a free website so you wont get perfection.

      My opinion on this site is a bit varied. I think it's a good idea for those who want to chat to new people, with the possibility of meeting up, friendships or relationships. I think I'm just a bit suspicious about internet dating in general, so I can't let that affect how I feel about the site. As for the number of members this site has, it's relatively good so there's plenty of choice with people from all over the place. I've found stacks of guys within 30 miles or less of me, but that doesn't really bother me as I have no intention of meeting up with anyone. Although I didn't expect to be on this site for long, I'm still on it after my ended her account. I've been there a few months now, and although I don't really message anyone, I think I just enjoy reading some of the annoying/sexist/funny/sweet/sexy/plain weird messages.

      Overall, it's pretty basic but it does the job well considering it's free. Oh, I should also add that my friend left the site because within 2 weeks she found a guy who lives 3 hours away from her, they met up, and they've been staying at each others houses for the last few weeks. Take from that what you will.


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