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Frugaller is a tool that will help you earn cash back and gifts from dozens of partner Reward sites.

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    1 Review
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      15.05.2007 21:17
      Very helpful



      It pays to visit this site!

      Still very much a baby the site is at present a mere 3 mths old, but has already got 500 members with new ones signing up in the blink of an eye. For those of you yet to come across this site, let me tell you what it’s all about and why I love it so much.
      Frugaller is a search tool which will allow you to compare cash back from the growing number of reward sites. Presently Frugaller’s partner sites have over 4000 retailers where you can receive cash back or rewards when you make a transaction. Using this site allows you to compare these sites, so that you can pick which one will benefit you the most. There is also a Google search tool should you not need to compare cash back. That’s not it though; if you sign up with the site you can currently win a £5 Amazon voucher, or quadruple the prize if you’re a forum contributor.
      The page loads in super quick time with a broadband connection, and is simply designed with a man and women surrounded by wads of cash. To sum up it‘s easy on the eye but highlights what the site is all about perfectly.
      Registration takes no time at all, just choose a username, password, and enter your email address to complete the process. At randomly selected times between 6am – 10pm, a member will be drawn and you’ll have 3 hours to log in and claim your prize. The sooner you claim, the more chance they’ll be multiple prizes handed out per day. It might be a good idea to make frugaller your homepage, so that if you’re online you won’t miss out on your prize.
      While logged in you can also customize the page with your own unique image should you prefer to do so, and you can also add your own hotlinks (your favourite sites) or just leave the ones up that are already there.

      If you end up enjoying the site as much as I do, then it’s inevitable that you’ll want to tell friends and family about it. Just send them your referral link that you get when signing up, and if you sign up 20 people you’ll receive a thank you gift (no idea what that is I’m afraid, but I’m told it’s something very nice). If you have your own website then you can spread the news of this site further for free, by adding the Frugaller search tool to your site.

      So that’s it you can stop there if you want, but wouldn’t that be boring? After you’ve signed up to the homepage, I’d advise you pop over to the forum and sign yourself up there as well. If I remember rightly they ask for your date of birth, username, password e.t.c and then you’ll receive an email with a URL link to activate your account. In a nutshell you’ll get to chat to other members about any topic you like, have a chance to win more prizes, view some of the latest competitions and free samples, as well as information on cash back sites and members opinions on them.
      When you sign up I’d advise you check out the FAQ section for information about reading/posting, user maintenance and general forum usage. Should need more help you can contact the sites owners by email, or you could ask any of the members who would be glad to help if they can.
      After that you can start browsing the site and help improve it by making contributions of your own. The forum is very easy to navigate as it's well laid out, and at the top of the page there is search tool to allow you to check what’s already been posted (very handy so people don't double up on posts). You can also see the names of current members as well as checking the calendar to see members Birthdays and other events. As with any forum you have your own profile where you can alter your avatar (image linked to your username), send messages to over members and so on.

      There are currently 36 active threads, but my first port of call is usually the announcements section. Here you can find out about any site changes, and more about the site in detail. I’m not going to go through all the other threads in detail as it would make this one lengthy review, but I will pick out some of my personal favourites instead.
      First up is the thread entitled ‘Interesting Sites’, where non surprisingly members post the names and information on various sites they’ve come across and deemed note worthy.
      Next up is the ‘Clever Tips and Tricks’ section, where members post ways of saving money on rail fares for example. Just think how much money you could save by checking out this section.
      Frugaller forum competitions is an area I frequent regularly, here you can win prizes by guessing the ‘secret star’ from the clues provided , predict the 3 football match scores and win cash and get the opportunity to be one of two winners of post of the week. Each week members search the forum and nominate their favourite posts, and the winners chosen by the sites moderators and owners choose the winners. If you’ve been picked then you’ll receive a £5 amazon voucher.
      I also enjoy checking out what other competitions are on the web for me to enter, as well as being able to bag various free samples of products that are currently available.

      Of course those areas are my personal favourites, but you can also check out members games, current affairs discussion, requests, and the latest info on some of the cash back sites around to name but a few.

      I was introduced to this site at the beginning of April this year, and already my posts have mounted up to 580 and counting. I can honestly say that so far I have found all the members very helpful if I need advice, and there’s a real sense of a close knit community. Members receive reputation status under their names which is accumulated by others rating your posts, although you don’t receive a gift for this I think it’s a lovely way of showing appreciation of a members input into the site.
      Since being a member I’ve received some very nice freebies from links posted by others, got some very useful money saving tips and just generally had fun on the site. I’ve won ‘post of the week’ once and with much surprise won the ‘secret star’ competition and received some galaxy chocolate and a wireless FM transmitter.
      The prizes are varied with each competition and are sent out speedily and well packaged. You’ll find that some competitions are set up by one of the sites sponsors, so you may well have to sign up with them to be able to enter and receive your prize.
      For any of you that were/are with another site called yoursecretcode (run by the same people), then the forum that was on there has now been moved and revamped to this site. Of course you don’t have to join the site you can just pop in, take a peek around, and see what’s about that’s of interest to you. I think that would be a great shame though, as the more people who join and share their tips and experiences the more we will all get out of the site.

      I find the search tool for comparing cash back with participating retailers time saving, I’ve entered more competitions than I’ve ever done since joining the site (fingers crossed) and have ‘met’ some really friendly and interesting people.
      Now usually when I write a review I try and make it balanced by informing you of the positive and negative aspects of the subject in question, but in this case I really can’t think of anything negative to say about the site. Well OK that’s not entirely true, the site could be deemed bad for your health as you’ll have a job to tear yourself away from it.
      Another thing that impressed me was the speediness and helpful reply I received, when to begin with I couldn’t read what frugaller was about as the ends of the sentences were chopped off. My email was responded to in one day, and the issue was resolved immediately. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve contacted a site either to get no reply or an answer unrelated to my query, so I was very impressed with the response.
      I hope I’ve covered most of the things you’d want to know about the site, but like I mentioned earlier on there’s just so much to see and do on there this review would go on for ever. I would suggest then that you check out http://www.frugaller.co.uk/, and see for yourself why I’m highly recommending this site.


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