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    12 Reviews
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      06.12.2011 13:20
      Very helpful



      Very good site that I hope will be back in business sometime soon :)

      Before the poker site got shut down, this was by far my favourite site because of the poker table layouts, the varied poker games, and the poker academy.
      I believe that Full Tilt will be back online sometime soon and this is why i am writing this review:

      The lobby is easy to navigate with multiple views available, basic view for an easy find for a table or tournament, or the main lobby which is quite easy to navigate and find the right game for you.
      There are also the standard options like the four colour deck, hand histories, stats etc.

      Game Selection
      There are many different games on Full Tilt poker, there are the obvious games like hold'em and Omaha, then you have all the stud games, then you have badugi and 2 - 7 lowball etc. And then you have the mixed games which are a mixture of the lot.

      There is always a game running with lots of bad players out there to take money from.
      There is also regular tournaments running and the special Sunday tournaments that attract big pros and big prize pools.

      There is also the new game type that Full Tilt invented called rush poker, this is where you have a pool of players and as soon as you fold your hand you are put on a new table in a new position with a new hand each time. This was in my opinion one of the best parts of Full Tilt and made the site unique.

      One of the things that Full Tilt was known for was the amount of pros that they attracted to the site, they had players like Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Mike Matusow, Tom Dwan and many more big names. This was one of the main attractions of Full Tilt poker cause players could get a chance to play the most famous names in poker.

      The dedication to the site by the pros was shown this year, because the site went down and was having legal problems Phil Ivey missed out on playing the main event this year to sort them out.

      Full Tilt Poker Academy
      The Full Tilt poker academy was another perk to the site that was unique to any other site, Pokerstars has the PSO however this is completely different than that and offers a lot more rewards for completing challenges. You are able to link your Full Tilt poker account to the academy account so that you can try to achieve the challenges that are set by the pros on the academy, when you complete a certain challenge you will earn academy points that you are able to exchange for tournament tickets, cash bonuses, merchandise and more. It is relatively easy to build up points, but can only do one challenge at a time. Obviously the more you play the more you get.

      There are also many lessons that you are able to watch on the academy made by the pros on Full Tilt poker to teach you some of the rules and their thoughts when playing poker. One example of one of the videos is the bankroll management challenge as to where Chris Ferguson goes through how he got from $0 to $10,000 on Full Tilt Poker.

      Overall this was my favourite site of all and you can make a lot of money if you put some time and effort into playing on the site.


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      05.11.2010 13:31
      Very helpful



      the great spot for newbies to learn

      Full Tilt Poker is one of the many online virtual gambling simulations based around the now popular pastime of the poker card game. Along with PKR, Full Tilt Poker is one of two the main poker games out there. Unlike PKR, Full Tilt is about the most basic poker set up you can get today and it's made like so for a reason.
      Full Tilt was to be as resource friendly as possible so players can run the application two, three and four times over and not have any slowdown so that professional poker players can have be at four tables simultaneously and not have to worry about it crashing their computer or laptop. On top of running multiple tables is the benefit of players with older PC's being able to play the game without any noticeable lag.
      In all in Full Tilt is poker at it's finest. It's a short, sweet and simple. Unlike PKR which allows players to customize their avatar and purchase new clothing items, Full Tilt gives the basic package of choosing a username, a small pre drawn picture as your avatar and the ability to play some good old fashioned poker.
      Just like most other poker games, Full Tilt has two main gaming options, with those being real money and play money. Needless to say real money see's players putting their own hard earned cash on the line for big payoffs while play money see's players hone their skills by playing with no risk of financial losses.
      On top of that is the ability to play as small blinds and bet maximums if you like. If you want to put down one thousand dollars or just one cent, the game has a table just for you. You'll also find that playing styles greatly vary from play money tables to legitimate money tables. The higher the stakes the more cautious most people will play, so if you jump in to playing real money games from practice, you'll find that the difficulty factor would have been raised through the roof depending on what the blinds and pot maximums are.
      Overall Full Tilt Poker is the best place to go for newbies to the game. Every hand is recorded so should you lose a hand or win a big pot and want to relive it, there is a mechanism in place that lets you relive your greatest bluffs and your worst calls. For it's simplicity and well thought out design, I give Full Tilt Poker four out of five.


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      15.10.2010 05:22
      Very helpful



      Is a very good Poker Room with some flaws that you need to be aware of.


      First of all I want to do this review because I am fan of good poker and wanted to leave my honest opinion about this online poker program.
      This site is slowly becoming a big hall between the leading online poker rooms, and for sure we can say with no doubt that it is the second largest room behind PokerStars "CLAP" "CLAP" (not very enthusiastic)...

      Then include among other things, that in this poker room you can play against professional players FullTiltPoker that Sponsored members, which are usually present in tournaments and cash tables of different values and levels. Ok let´s start mentioning some "Good" parts from this site.

      -The Design and Features-

      The interface is fantastic, super easy to handle and divided very well into real money games and play money games, I mean you can play free for fun on the play money ... of course like in almost all the tables found around the net, noticed that the menu design is very attractive and very well done menus buttons, boxes etc. All are very well made and user friendly so you feel very comfortable with it and can navigate through the software very easily.

      Then at the menus we can find many things like tournaments, type of games, Cash, we can easily locate all types of tournaments, sit n go'so tournaments or even big tourneys for up to 30000 players, very very easy to find, since each room has Specific Colors tells you what are the pay, awards, schedule and exactly time left for those to begin
      and all useful info you need to know before picking a game ...Perfect, all very well so far?
      Ok let´s move on, also worth mentioning they have a Reward Points system called FTP or (Fulltilt points) that the gain will come as you play with real money in cash tables or tournaments and some sit n go's, which then you can use to buy the FTP Store: accessories, clothing, appliances and almost everything, GREAT! All fascinating (Dollar-Vacuum ultra FAST! lol) ... well let me follow telling you a little more as well I can find great known players such as Phil Ivey, Patrick Antonius, David Benyamine and so on you can even watch them play in these super high stakes tables, the blinds range from $ 1000 $ 5000 ... and of course the minimum buy-in is $ 100K, LMAO, in addition that there are many more players you can find within the poker software.

      Very well, keeping mentioning all this, let´s talk about a part of the game itself, as you will walk into a table that would be a unique window, all done ok there will be no problem in fact is very cool to look at, I think that the design in general the players and the tables are quite simple but also artistic and pretty efficient.

      -The System-

      Generally works very fast the Dealer does a quickly job dealing; so when all bets are ready, then cards are drawn out in the middle of the table "the Flop!" that would be the cards (in this case for Holdem or Omaha) so this is done super fast and you'll probably say is that a Shuffle??? Let's go then! Haaa, because this software as almost all online-poker tables, are scheduled to somehow the game does not become boring, boring you say? YES ...Very simple this does not work as in real life like the dealer shuffling, changing the deck of cards, separating them, etc.. This takes a little time to do so making it 100% random and natural.

      Yes ... well, let me tell you that this little program or any other poker software is not made to be 100% random, in fact, I would say it is not even 60% RANDOM tsk tsk nope!
      The program is cleverly designed so that in each round either player at least one of them holds a good hand! How come? Ok, I´ll explain, this means that this procedure will be applied at least 85% (I´m not inventing this, I have done my research and also been playing this game for over 4 years) of the hands you play, if you do not believe I dare you look all over the Internet, that what I am saying is REAL... anyway I´m not discouraging you to stop playing Poker online, I´m just trying to give you a warning and to be the most careful when playing.

      Well, let´s keep on the explanation because probably you haven´t understand anything yet, let´s review an example from one of my experiences.

      -The GAME-

      I'm playing with 2 other players at a Cash table $ 1 / $ 2 blinds, then after blinds are put on table and everyone called (not preflop raises were done). I get 7H2D and I'm big blind and the flop appears

      7C 2S 3S

      Wow excellent FLOP for me, Right? What you do not know, is that your opponents will most likely have a consistent hand according to this flop ... believe it or not 85% of the time. And that means?????

      Well let me keep telling... well as I have good hand, apparently, I decide to Raise $ 8 just to win the hand - I say ... uff with this flop I have at least 70% of winning! Because I have 2 Pairs of course leaving aside the calculation of the possible hands your opponents may have... ok, so, one of the opponent folds (the one under the gun, or to be more clear the one with Small Blind) while the other (which is Dealer) makes me a re-raise to $ 15 ... -WOW! I say - (Note this example is real and also very typical in this SOFTWARE and in most of all online poker programs) - so I think this guy/gal may have the following: a set or a flush draw ... right??

      Well let me continue telling what happens, after seeing that re-Raise and thinking this, I say, "ok I'll pay", so I make the CALL, then the turn comes an Amazing 7S ...

      So the table is "7C 2S 3S> 7S" until now... and the pot size is $ 32, I currently have a full house 7H 7C 7S 2D 2S, but becareful ... theres also a possible straight flush Draw in there!, you have to be kidding me (I think to myself) LOL ok I have excellent hand Fullhouse is not bad! I´ll do fine, but as I know this is Fulltilt! Then I make a conservative bet of $10 and then freaking guy does the Call, finally it comes the river and you won´t believe it but is a 6S (GOD! No please) I say - Holy Crap! I can´t believe this - so I think, Man this guy can´t have those Cards I am thinking... (I think a little and say - "This guy has a flush at least! God).

      Ok so the ball is on me, at this point the pot size is $ 52 right now ... I no longer bet, so I CHECK just to be more aware of the possible cyber scam I´m about to see... LMAO.

      So Mr. !$%&/@ bets another $25, or almost everything I have left in my Chips (real money of course), I have to FOLD this because the guy has a straight flush? YES YOU DO PLEASE FOLD - Reflecting, I can´t believe ... it costs me so much and have lost 80 % of my chips already... so I decide with all the grief and pain knowing that something terrible might happen make the bad CALL ... ok, so we do the show down and I show my humble Full House and the unknown Subject shows me 5S 4S... LMAO knowing what has happened since I'm in a horrible bad beat against a Straight Flush! ... BullS*** frustrated I shut the software down.

      -Something to Consider-

      Later same day, in another game to not count all the times that something similar happened to me ... I had another full house that was broken by quads!! ... This has happened to me several times in that same week !!!...god! That's not random! something Macabre is happening behind this software, yes!
      I looked around and actually I was not the only one who felt cheated by this great world poker Emblem there are lots of people talking about this all over the internet... what a shame, I´ve won more money in casinos playing roulette or poker tables at several casinos than with this poker site ...


      Anyway, despite all this terrible facts, I just want to share my bitter experience with this online poker table. Of course I have not stopped playing at all... since I've also won a couple of tournaments and recovered my bankroll... So Bankroll management here is the most important thing, you have to be careful of this type of crazy things that can easily happen.


      is type of game which is a type of online poker game unique in its style only available @ Fulltilt poker which is that you are always inside the Action! And never have to wait for your other opponents to play...you simply appear at a table in which you are always next to answer, so you play immediately ... and if you don´t want to play the current hand you can do a "Quick Fold", so then you´ll be immediately moved to another table which go back to take action!... and so on, you are constantly in the game without waiting 1 minute !.... what a quick impressive way to get people´s money Right ? terrific business FullTilt guys are making; so for every Pot at every table they get a small percentage ... imagine! There are about 35,000 players playing ... and about 2000 of them playing this RushPoker thing, so every 2 minutes hundreds of hands develop at once! Woah .. incredible.


      Well I hope this review works in some way to you, the only thing I recommend is that if you will play Online Poker with real money, 1st do the Play Money and practice a lot, prior to deposit! Thanks for reading! Until next time.


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        22.08.2010 18:03
        Very helpful



        A simple, easy to use and well presented poker site.

        Fill Tilt Poker is one of the unofficial 'big two' sites on the online poker scene along with Poker Stars. Both have numerous professional poker player endorsements to back their claims to be number one, but at the end of the day it comes down to the tables and variety on the site.
        Like nearly all of the big poker sites, Full Tilt requires a download and installation of software on your PC before you can get going. The download itself is easy to find on the main site and takes less than three minutes with a decent broadband connection. Once installed its time to set up an account and log in. The log in page is well presented yet simple, and features images of Chris Ferguson and Gus Hansen, two of the most recognisable poker players in the world.
        Once logged in you are offered the chance to deposit money in to your new account. The site takes payment from Mastercard, Visa credit and debit cards, Maestro and Solo as well as PayPoint, NetTeller and Click and Buy. The minimum deposit being $10 (around £6 at current exchange rates) is better than Party Poker which has a £25 minimum and, in my opinion, is less convenient for the casual social player of small stakes.
        Once you delve in to Full Tilt the options are numerous. There is a play money option for those who don't want to play for real money, allowing you to practice your game without risking cash. This however results in a very different style of poker to real money as people are more cavalier when not playing for real money.
        No Limit Texas Hold Em' is the main staple on the site, not surprisingly as that is the biggest form of poker bar none. However this is not all that is on offer. The site also provides tables for Omaha, Omaha Hi/Low, Stud, HORSE and other mixed games. The buy ins are also massively different, with tournaments starting at less than a dollar and ring (cash) games starting from 1/2c blinds. However for bigger stakes players the buy ins go up to $5000 for tournaments and $2000/$4000 blinds in 'Ivey's Room' named after another affiliated player Phil Ivey.
        One feature of Full Tilt is that it allows the opportunity to play against these professionals in special events, so if you want to test your game then coming up against Ivey or Hansen is a good way to start!
        Overall the site is slick, well put together and offers a wide variety of gaming for both the beginner, intermediate or advanced player. Alas good cards cannot be guaranteed!


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        16.01.2010 18:41
        Very helpful



        One of the better poker softwares out there!

        I've been a keen online poker player for a few years now. I've tried many softwares online from big companies to some of the minor. Whilst each have their own advantages compared to the bad, I will always find myself finishing up on Full Tilt Poker.

        When first signing up to Full Tilt Poker there is always a good deposit bonus. At current it is 100% extra upto $600 deposit. To get this back it is done in 10 installments of cash once FTP Points are earnt (Full Tilt Poker Points).
        In order to get these points it depends on the rake in from tournaments or cash games. I find it not that hard to get these if you are a regular player, making the deal very worth while.
        Another positive is FTP's happy hour promotion. Every so often at set times there are double points avaliable for a promotion. This makes it even easier to accumulate your points. You can also use these points for entrys to tournaments or even to buy yourself something lovely from their FTP shop!

        The layout is slick with 3 different styles for the lobby. The table I set to minimum sounds and animation and it moves very smoothly. It is easy to read and locate all of the buttons. It also has a great feature of looking at your last hand in the table view, rather than just stats. This is better for the beginner who wants to see how the last hands went.

        I may find myself drifting off to look at the other softwares, but I will always find myself back on Full Tilt Poker. Its just the overall look and feel which makes it fun to use.

        I will also add, this is a US friendly poker software.

        Give it a go!


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        30.11.2009 21:35
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Possibly the most respectable of all online poker applications.

        Many moons ago I used to play infrequently on partypoker.com, a site which did the job decently but not much else (it may well have changed now - this was five years ago)

        Recently I took up online poker and decided to register with fulltilt poker. a rather reuptable site once I looked into it. Fulltilt is great for beginners and pros alike, with its microstakes tables (ring and SnG) all the way up ot the high stake tables. There is also a myriad of tournaments and styles, ranging from heads up, multi table, bounties for knocking out players, bounties for busting pros (who often have their own unique vtar) as well as double stack, smaller stacks, turbo games, the list goes on and on.

        They also host various satellite tournaments for a small buy in, where if you win or finish in the x amount of winning positions, you gain entry into much heavier buy in tournaments with chances of winning big bucks - a friend of mine recently won two dollar satellite and went on to win over two thousand dollars, so it can happen!

        If you do not fancy putting money on you can play in the play money tables which can be just as much fun as you try and build a big bankroll just like any real money player does. They also have a great tournament daily called the $100 United Kingdom freeroll in which (as the name suggests) entry is free and you can win some small cash if you finish in the top 27 positions (out of usually around 1700 entrants) I have personally cashed on these tourneys three times, so it is very fun and great to have a little bonus if you do cash.

        If you are a money player they have a nifty little thing called FTP (full tilt points) where the more you play with real money, the more you earn. These can be used from entering tournaments to buying items in the full tilt shop on their website. Speaking of the actual website they have a great section called the full tilt academy where the pros give you helpful tips and lessons to improve your games, all in video format. You can accept challenges laid down by the pros and try and complete them, it's all good fun.

        I should probably also mention that there are a variety of poker styles ranging from the ever popular texas hold 'em to Razz, Omaha, and stud.

        Overall, full tilt is a highly trustworthy, well layed out poker application with plenty of great tournaments and rewards that leave the most basic beginner or hardened professional to a good night.

        Just look after that bankroll!


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          27.10.2009 22:09
          Very helpful



          Great fun and games to be had by high rollers and low stakes fish like me

          Full Tilt is a very reputable poker site, and lives up to its reputation in every respect. Here are a few things that make it one of the best poker sites.

          Traffic a plenty, usually about 100,000 players at any given time. large volume equals plenty of big multi table tournaments, sit an gos fill up really quickly and there is plenty of scope for playing a mix of games such as PLO, razz, stud etc. FTP is lways introducing new gimmicks such as bounties in their tournaments, playing around with these different games can be really fun and interesting.

          It is home to a lot of pros incluing Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, and it is not uncommon to have a pro in a tournament you have just entered, and you get bounties for busting pros.

          Another recent initiative of FTP is the academy, which is a website set to rival the many poker training sites around now, and it is completely free to use. You also get the option of completing challenges and gaining frequent player points.

          The software is very smooth and doesn't have some of the problems other providers have. Also if you have a disconnect FTP allows you plenty of time to get back and not lose any money in the current hand.
          It has an excellent hand historyfacility including Beta video facility so you can re watch a hand you have just plated to analysis your/your opponent's play.

          There is an excellent range of games from freerolls to $10000 entry fees. FTP also gives you a lot of the money you back back in rake through various promotions and has a good loyalty point system which you can trade for goodies and tournament buy ins.

          Depositing money, withdrawing and even transferring money between players is all quick, safe and easy.

          Finally the standard of play is better than on a lot of other poker sites, which makes playing a lot more bearable than having 5 callers every time you make a standard raise. However, there are still enough fish to make playing here profitable for any half decent player. So this is where you will find me. Good luck and see you at the tables


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          22.07.2009 14:43
          Very helpful



          Great fun for the novice and pro alike


          Poker is one of the fastest growing online games of the 21st century. The game has been around since the end of the 19th century but its popularity has only really increased since the invention of the internet. Poker has always been a complicated and elitist game to play, purely because you needed to find a group of people who were willing to play and also, every player needed to know the rules in a high level of detail. Playing online takes away both of these problems. No matter which poker site you decide to join, there will always be thousands of other players vying for your hard earned chips. The specific sites client software will also take care of all the rules, leaving you free to enjoy your poker experience.

          Over the years I've played on most of the popular poker sites and found them all to be very similar as the majority of them used the same skin (the graphical interface) meaning that, in my opinion they lacked their own identity. Some people may see this as a positive as it meant you could move from site to site and instantly be familiar with the layout of the poker room. I, though, prefer each site to have its own identity and a certain amount of uniqueness. This is what I like about the Full Tilt poker client, the software has been designed purely for use on this site, making it very powerful as it does exactly what the Full Tilt crew want it to do, rather than fitting in with the framework of the more rigid skins of other sites.

          The Full Tilt Website

          In order to get started with Full Tilt Poker, you will need to pay a visit to their website at www.fulltiltpoker.net. The website is quite minimalistic in its appearance but I find that it serves its purpose without going over the top. The first option on the homepage is to download the Full Tilt Poker client. We will come back to this option in a short while.

          Moving along the menu panel from left to right, we next come across the Full Tilt Team. Full Tilt Poker was founded by Howard Lederer, 2 time WSOP (World Series of Poker) bracelet winner which in basic terms means he has won 2 world championships. Along with Howard are a number of renowned world class poker players who use the site. The beauty of Full Tilt Poker is that you can actually compete against these stars at the table as well as entering question and answer sessions with them at set times.
          The next menu option is probably the most important one for novice players. The 'How to Play' section teaches you the basics of each type of poker game, talks about the differences between cash poker and tournament poker and also lists the various hand strengths so you can work out pretty quickly if you are sitting on a surefire winner or if you have a hand which you should fold at the earliest opportunity.

          The final option on the menu panel is titled Poker news, this only lists forthcoming major tournaments and lists forthcoming TV shows. Unfortunately, as this is an American site, the shows are only for American channels so are no use to the UK poker player.
          A nice touch on the site is that you can take a tour of the Full Tilt Client software before downloading so you know exactly what you are getting. Saying that, the software is fairly intuitive, so you won't need to spend too much time on the tour.

          The website also provides a link for customer support. You can use this link to either report a bug in the software or to ask any other specific question about the site or your account. I have only ever had to use the customer support once when I was unable to register for a tournament. I received a prompt, personal reply (within half an hour) and my problem was solved. You can access customer support from within the client itself, although allPictures of fulltiltpoker.net

          In game actionit does is redirect you to this section of the website.
          Now you know your way around the site, its time to download the software and start playing. This is an easy task. Click the download button from the menu panel and the software will download and install for you in the same way as any Windows application does. When you launch the software for the first time, you will need to create a new player account. The only information you provide here is your desired username, password and an email address. It is worth noting that you do NOT need to provide any credit or debit card details. I have used the site for 2 to 3 years now and have never yet had the need to provide any details although, obviously you would if you wanted to deposit your own funds. Once the account creation is complete it's time to log in and explore the poker client.

          Tour of the client

          The client behaves like a standard windows application. That is, it has the normal menu structure across the top of the application with key functions available from these dropdown menus. These menu functions allow you to do tasks such as change your password, change your playing avatar, find a friend, see your recent tournament positions, refer a friend and many more.
          The next section of the client main page allows you to decide whether you want to play on real money tables or on play money tables. I'll cover these in more detail in the next section, although the client defaults you to real money, if you are anything like me, the first thing you will do after logging in will be to change to play money. Whichever game mode you choose, you will still have the same choice of games and tournaments though obviously, in play money mode, you are only playing for fun and not real money. The next selector allows you to choose which variation of poker you wish to play, plus you have the choice of whether you would like to play a tournament or not.

          The main body of the screen shows all the game tables where the action takes place. As mentioned earlier in the review, there is a lot of flexibility in this software which means you can sort the tables in any order you wish. Personally, I always sort mine in order of the blinds (the compulsory amount somebody has to bet at the start of each hand), although you could sort alphabetically or by the average pot winnings to name a few. You can also filter on the blinds so you could completely hide the high stakes tables to avoid all temptation if you wish to. A second filter also exists which enables you to hide full tables. I find this a useful filter as there are hundreds of tables on offer so hiding full ones makes it a little easier to find a seat at another table.

          To the right of the table listings is the cashier button where you can deposit and withdraw funds amongst other things. We will cover this button in some detail a little later.

          Real Money v Play Money

          Without insulting your intelligence, there are some intricate differences between playing for real money and play money at Full Tilt Poker. Obviously, if you are playing with pretend money, you cannot realistically expect to be rewarded with real cash prizes. I would recommend play money games to everyone who reads this review unless you are already a serious poker player. Even after playing the game for 4 years, I still don't think my game is up to a level where I want to put my hard earned money into a situation where I could lose it, no matter how little that amount was.
          If you do decide to throw caution to the wind and deposit your own funds, do so wisely. I have played cash poker a few times, using money I had won in freerolls but only play on the low stakes tables where the most I can realistically lose in any one sitting is between 50p and £1.50. I could play higher stakes but it is important to know your limits and stick to them. Playing real money poker will also earn you Full Tilt Points (FTP) which can be used to purchase items from the Full Tilt Store or can also be used to enter tournaments.

          Game Types available

          Full Tilt Poker allows you to play all of the common variations of poker. I would suggest reading the Game Types section on fulltiltpoker.net before trying any of the more unfamiliar variations as some of the rules are not as clear as you might think. All games on Full Tilt Poker are available with a maximum of 2 (heads up), 6 or 9 seats per table. All seats do not have to be full in order for a game to commence (with the exception of 2 seated tables). You can choose from the main screen which seating capacity you prefer. Personally, I like a 6 seated game as the odds of winning are far greater although, if you get a killer hand on a 9 seated table, you are likely to make more of a profit.

          Texas Hold em

          This is by far the most popular version of the game and the one that most people will be familiar with. You have 2 cards which only you can see (known as the pocket cards), the dealer then shows the community cards which all players can use to form a hand. A hand consists of a maximum of 5 cards and the person with the best hand at the end of the round wins the pot. Unfortunately, things are not that simple as you can actually win the pot with the weakest hand if you manage to outbluff the other players. Bluffing takes as much skill as playing a strong hand well.


          Omaha is similar to Texas Hold 'em with the main difference being that you get dealt four pocket cards at the beginning of each hand. Whereas with Hold em you can choose to use either 0, 1 or both of the pocket cards to form your had, with Omaha you have to use 2 of the cards. It is an easy mistake to form a hand in your head with either just 1 or even 3 of the pocket cards and bet big, only to discover your mistake afterwards and lose a lot of your chips. Believe me, you'll only do this once.


          In stud, all players get dealt their own cards and there are no community cards. The first 3 cards you receive are only visible to you, the next 3 are visible to all players and the final card, again is only visible to you. A lot of skill is required in this form of the game as you need to use the visible cards to your advantage to convince the other players you have a strong hand but you need to be careful not to overhype your hand and scare off players meaning your winnings are reduced.

          The Full Tilt Poker client manages all the rules in each of these formats so once you have a grasp over what constitutes a good hand, you should be able to switch between the formats fairly easily. I would actually recommend playing an unfamiliar format in play money mode every so often to stop yourself getting too complacent with your own game.


          I personally prefer playing tournaments rather than cash games. I find they require a much higher level of concentration and a lot more discipline. One bad move and you are out of the tournament, one masterstroke and you are towards the top of the leaderboard. Full Tilt Poker offers several types of tournament poker.

          Cash Tournaments

          With cash tournaments, you buy in with a set amount (for example $1 real money , though it could be anything upto a few hundred dollars) and the money collected is set aside as the prize money minus the small cut that the site takes. Most tournaments pay out to the top 10% of players meaning you don't necessarily have to win the tournament to make a decent profit although if you just scrape into the top 10% you'll only make slightly more than your entry stake.


          I like freerolls at Full Tilt Poker. Every night of the week at 8.35pm they run a UK Freeroll which is only open to residents of the UK. Entry to these tournaments is free (hence the name freeroll) and a purse of $100 is up for grabs for the top 27 players. Although its not mega money, the sense of satisfaction of finishing 27th and winning $2 for over 3 hours work is immense. There are typically 1500 players per night in this tournament and if you do well, then you wont finish much before midnight. I currently have $17 in my account and I've won the majority of this by playing these freerolls. This tournament is a great way of improving your play in a free tournament with real cash prizes. First prize is only $15 so you aren't going to be able to retire on the winnings but you can either withdraw the amount or go and play the cash tables with it.


          A satellite tournament normally provides the winning player or players with entry into a more lucrative tournament. Satellites can either be freerolls or require a small cash payment for entry and the tournaments you can qualify for could have purses upto $1million although in a tournament of this magnitude you would probably have to qualify via a number of rounds before getting close to any payout.


          The cashier button plays an important role in your Full Tilt Experience, even if you are using play money. If you are unlucky to run out of play money, you can reload to the tune of 1,000 chips here. The only limit on reloading is that you can only reload every 5 minutes which prevents people from ruining games by putting all their chips in every hand.

          The cashier function is really important for real money players. You can deposit money from a number of the leading card companies such as Visa, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club International, NetTeller and a few others who I must admit I have never heard of. The minimum amount you can deposit is $10 and the maximum is $600 although some of the card companies will let you deposit upto $1000. Full Tilt Poker does have safety nets in place for compulsive gamblers with maximum deposit limits for a day, week and month in place.
          All deposits are made over a secure connection which will ensure your details are kept safe.

          Withdrawing Money

          I haven't personally withdrew any money from my account so I am going to reserve judgement on how quick and easy this is to do although my brother has made countless withdrawals without any problems.

          Full Tilt Points

          Full tilt points (FTP) are awarded when playing cash games. The amount of points awarded vary depending on what the stakes are (for example you will get more FTP if you are playing on a $5 table than you will if you play on a 5 cents table). These points can be built up and used as the entry fee to tournaments or satellites or they can be spent in the Full Tilt Store.

          Full Tilt Store

          The Full Tilt Store is an online shop where you can buy Full Tilt merchandise and other high quality items should you have enough points. Items in the store cannot be bought for cash, only points. Things however are not cheap, a T-shirt will cost you 1,500 points where luxury items like a Mini Cooper S (yes a real full size car) will cost you 6 million points. To put this into perspective, playing on my 2 and 5 cent tables every now and then has earned me 80 points.

          Responsible Gambling

          It goes without saying that you need to be sensible on this site. I have had hours of fun playing and improving my game without having the need or urge to want to deposit large amounts of money. Unless you are a high quality player, there is a high chance you will lose what you deposit. As with any site of this nature, only deposit what you can realistically afford to lose. This site is just as much, if not more fun playing with pretend money as there is no pressure on you if you do lose all of your chips.

          If you are sensible then I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the service you receive at Full Tilt Poker, it really is a professionally run gaming site where enjoyment is a high priority.


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            22.05.2009 23:55



            Really good online poker room. Great range of games and stakes means you will always find a game.

            If you are looking to join an online poker site then Full Tilt Poker is well worth a try.

            You can play real money games and attempt to build up your bankroll or take part in play money games.

            No matter what type of game you play this site has them all. Be it Texas hold 'em, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud and various mixed games.

            All formats are available to from cash games to Sit N Go's and larger multi-table tournaments.

            There are the usual regular freerolls tournaments that mean you could win cash without risking any of your own money.

            The site also runs Satellite tournaments for bigger competitions such as the Wold Series of Poker.

            Given the number of users the site has around the world and the variety of games and stake levels they offer you can guarantee you will be able to find the game you are after for the stakes you are after.

            The site is well presented and is easy to navigate and setting up an account and making deposits and withdrawls is child's play.

            As the site was founded by professional poker players there are some great strategy guides and tutorials that the site offers so you can increase the quality of your play as well.

            At time of writing the site was offering a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $600.00. Although it worth noting that the bonus amount is released to you gradually in increments. The more you use the site the quicker you will receive your full bonus.


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            06.01.2009 20:33
            Very helpful



            One of the best poker rooms online

            Fult Tilt Poker (FTP) was only created in 2004, which is pretty recent by market standards. Despite this it is the second largest site on the net, and is rapidly increasing in size day on day.

            Part of this rapid increase can be accredited to "Team Full Tilt", a group of highly respected pro's all sponsored by FTP, all of whom regularily play on the site, making rail chat highly interesting.

            FTP offers a variety of games almost rivalling Pokerstars at all levels and stakes. However, FTP doesn't offer super low stakes such as 0.01c/0.02 which makes FTP a difficult site to start your poker career on. Conversely, FTP offers nosebleed stakes mainly due to it's strong pro prescence. You'll often find the $500/$1000 NL Holdem and PL Omaha tables full with 10 others on the waiting list. This certainly makes for some huge pots!

            Personally I find the software a bit fiddly and the cartoon graphics leaves alot to be desired but that may be some peoples cup of tea. It's definately no PKR.

            Much like Pokerstars, FTP offers a great loyalty program with many frequent player point bonus's and tournaments as well as a great merchandise store. I myself am a proud owner of a FTP cap, a bargain at 2000 FPP.

            Overall FTP is obviously one of the best sites on the net for online poker, but the site is definately for the more serious player. Beside the high starting stakes, the site requires a minimum deposit of $50 which is beyond the bankroll of most starting players. Other than that FTP is great site and ever growing. Owning an account is a definate must have for any serious online player.


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            30.10.2008 12:04



            Fantastic for amateur or pro

            Full Tilt Poker (or FTP)was the second poker site i signed up to, and ill say straight away, ive loved it.

            FTP is one of the biggest sites around and its obvious why. The interface for the software is simple and easy to use and nice to look at. You can turn the player avatars on and off.

            The site also has a nice variaty of games, from limite, no limit and pot limite, the games range from holdem, ohama to stud and even HORSE.

            If i remember correctly the minumum deposit it $50, which is quite normal for most sites, even though some have less. FTP also offers rakeback if you sign up through an affiliate.

            The only complaint i have about the site, which is only a small complaint, is the lowest limit, which is 0.05/0.10. It is quite small but there are others sites which offer lower limits - such as poker stars.

            Overall its a great site.


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              10.08.2008 23:05
              Very helpful



              A great site which deserves its place as one of the top players in the industry

              Full tilt poker opened its doors in 2004 and has rapidly become one of the biggest names in internet poker. The site boasts huge numbers of players, a wide range of games and stakes and some seriously big tournaments as well a number of professional players who frequent the higher level games and give advice and tips on the Full tilt website.
              But is it worth your time? Well the short answer is yes, but with some reservations, so I will expand on that succinct answer with the good, the bad, and the ugly points of full tilt poker (FTP from this moment on).

              Downloading FTP is very easy and you can be playing within 10 minutes of deciding you want to. Once downloaded you select an avatar to represent you (from sharks to donkeys, ATMs to ice hockey players, there really is something for everyone). Once you have decided on how you want others to see you can also customise what sounds and alerts you want to hear/see whether you a traditional or 4 colour deck, whether you want to see bet amounts etc. Now with most of these options it is obvious what most people will prefer but is refreshing to have the options. The software itself it easy to use and nice to look at, some nice touches include being able to choose the background of your games, you can play in a cosy looking chalet, on the beach and even in space! The background will change automatically should you reach the final table of a tournament to a casino style room surrounded by photographers and fans, now as this is most likely the closest I will ever get to having an adoring crowd watch my every move it seems a great idea in my book.
              Now that you have sorted out your look and where you want to play, you can actually start playing, on the play money tables at least, these are, as the name suggests, a place you can play without risking your hard-earned cash. However, this is not a place to pick up the subtleties of the game, people will throw all their chips with the most ridiculous cards, safe in the knowledge they have nothing to lose. Therefore if you are a beginner learn the game elsewhere and come back to play for real money when feel you know the basics, as coming from a play money room into the real thing thinking you know how to play could cause a nasty shock (not least to your wallet).

              Obviously to play on the real money tables you will need to put some money up. Deposits can be made using Visa, switch/maestro, MasterCard, Neteller and a variety of other means and are in your account quickly. One problem is that the site uses US$ which means GRB£ is converted and I am not sure of the current rate, it maybe wise to contact FTP support before you deposit to ensure you are not ripped off. Cashing out is straight forward though the same warning applies, try to find the conversion rate of wherever you are cashing out to before you do so.

              FTP's real strength lies in its wide variety of games and tournaments. From $0.05/0.10 all the way to $500/1000 games of no limit hold em' with a similar range of stakes for games of Razz, Stud hi, Stud H/L, Omaha Hi and Omaha HI/Low. There are also cash games of HORSE for those who like to their poker mixed up.
              With this insane number of levels, it is never difficult to find people to play against. FTP still allows Americans to play and as a result the site is never quiet. The number of tournaments is staggering as well, from sit-and-go's ranging from $1 all the way up to $5,500, with knockouts, heads up, deepstack, and all manner of other variations there should be a game to suit every player and every pocket.
              One of the major problems with FTP however is how expensive it can be to play, particularly at the lower levels. The rake (money taken by the site from each hand played) and money it cost to play in tournaments is quite high and certainly reduced profits and should be taken into account when deciding if this is the site for you.
              In addition to the normal tournament types FTP also has regular big cash tournaments and matches with some really huge prizes. A current promotion gives the winner the chance to go to London to play for a possible million pounds! Others include $750,000 guaranteed games, big Sunday knockouts, in which you earn cash for each player you take out of the game and Sunday challenges which offer a total of a $1,000,000 in prize money. The good thing about these big games is that it is possible you play in them even you cannot afford the buy in. satellite games mean you can win your way into the big tournaments for much smaller amounts of money.

              Other features
              FTP offers regular rewards and enticements to keep things interesting, full tilt points are earned for rake taken and can be spent on entering tournaments or in the full tilt store which, should you have enough points offers everything from cards and books to TVs and ever cars! However at lower levels it would probably take decades to earn this kind of points. However it is a nice feature. Happy hours earn you double the points you normally get. Other bonuses and special tournaments are outlined in the newsletter you get sent but it is wise to check all the details as many require a number of points to be accumulated and, as mentioned before this can take a long time and put a lot pressure on you to meet time limits.

              As mentioned earlier US players are welcome on the site which means you will always find someone to play. It does mean that there is sometimes a wait for table space however you can join a waiting list and be made aware when there is a seat available. With so many players from around the world it is inevitable that you will get some idiots but it is easy to mute people you don't want to hear from so is not a massive problem.


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