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      16.02.2010 19:31
      Very helpful
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      Completely free play games


      I came across GameRival.com whilst looking for games to pass the time, and I was very happy when I stumbled across this site.

      ******Main Overview******

      GameRival.com is a medium sized game site with a wide variety of games to both play online and, a part which is slightly annoying sometimes, available for download.

      At the point of writing this review, the site hosts hundreds of games, a large majority of these available for free play online. All games can be played without signing up, though if you wish to challenge other players and keep track of your statistics, as well as have other games opened for you, then it is best to sign up.

      Sign up is free, like the rest of the site. The only paid parts of the site are optional and include a full download, rather than a free trial.
      It is not certain exactly when this site was opened, though the copyright is from 2007, and if so, this site has grown very quickly in such a short time.

      I shall now go into other aspects of the site, although it is a rather simple site compared to many in this genre (something which is both beneficial and also slightly annoying at times).

      ******Sign Up******

      The sign up for the site is extremely simple and very understandable. Simply fill in a few details, such as email address, username, first and last name (although I would recommend to members not to put their real last name), birth date, gender and country. Upon sign up, there was no email confirmation needed, though this is not to say this has not changed since I first signed up. If so, this is easy enough, usually by simply clicking on a link sent with the confirmation email.

      Once signed up, you can add and amend your profile with such information as an avatar, preferences (ie: challenge preferences, whether your name, age, email etc are shown to others etc).


      There are many games on the site, so I will cover as much as possible. Please note that games are added regularly to the site, so more games may be available when you log on.

      There are 6 categories in which the games fall under; Action, Arcade, Card and Board, Puzzle, Sports and Word and Trivia (as well as a separate download area which groups together all the games available for download. These can also be found under the main categories. )
      *Action*The games under the action category include;

      * The Snackers - Feed the snackers against the clock to earn points. An average game, very simple to play though nothing special. Given 3 ½ stars in member voting.
      * Space Rescue - Collect the aliens who have got lost in space. An average game, given 3 ½ stars.
      * Bomb Blast - A simple and fast paced game where you save the earth from being blown up. Given the average score of 3 ½ stars.
      * MJ Baby Drop - A rather sick game if you think about it, involving catching the babies Michael Jackson throws off of the balcony. Not one of my favorite at all.
      * War on Terror - Given 4 ½ stars in member voting. This game involves guiding missiles with your mouse to find their target.
      * Baghdad Bowling - Another not so great taste game where the bomb is the bowling ball and the bad guys are the pins. Given 4 stars in member voting.
      * Gold miner Classic, Gold Miner SE, Gold Miner Las Vegas - All very popular games in all different settings. Help the miner reach their goal to earn points. Difficult, yet very fun and addictive.
      * Hook, Line & Sinker - A 4 star fishing game - quite fun and addictive
      * Ready Aim fire - Another 4 Star game a bit like 3d space invaders.
      * Jukebox Hero - Collect the records to score points - quite addictive.
      * Antartic Adventure - Help the lost penguin to safety and feed him along the way - quite fun and addictive.
      * Zizzo Challenge - A wide range of smaller games that can be found on the site (variations) all in one challenge game given 4 ½ star rating.
      * Koala Sabotage - A really fun 4 ½ star game where the koalas need to sabotage trains and build houses for their friends without getting caught by the police.
      * Snake Snacks - A bigger version of the traditional snake game found on many mobile phones.
      * Valentiner - A variation of the gold miner games where you shoot hearts in order to fill your love meter. Fun game but not as good as the gold miner games.
      * Easter Eggin - Colelct and sell the easter eggs. 4 star game.
      * Rockets Red Glare - Create the perfect firwork display to earn more points - An average game.
      * Black Knight - The King calls upon you, The Black Knight, to go hither and bash as much taxes as possible from thy freeloading peasants. A simple but addictive game.
      * Hoops Mania - A basketball shooting game - Average but slightly addictive.

      The above games are available to play free online

      * Tumblebugs - In a deep dark lair, in Any Backyard USA, creep the Evil Black Bugs. You, the hero Tumble, hold the fate of your beetle buddies in your hands
      * Cake Mania - Help Jill upgrade her kitchen with state-of-the-art baking tools, while serving her ever-increasingly difficult customers. A good game the first couple of times you play it, though very slow and the free online version just doesn't allow everything. Better to download.
      * Belle's Beauty Boutique - Run your own beauty salon! A simple but very addictive and fun game.
      * Submachine 2 - Submachine 2 is the sequel to the original point-and-click adventure. Didn't seem to work for me.

      The above games can be played online as well as a choice for download

      * Tradewinds 2 and Tradewind Legends - Pirates making money in the high seas to get their fortune. I have never played this as it is a download only game.
      * Splash - Control Squirt, your water shooting super fish, to keep those pesky wooden balls out of your serene pond.
      * Feeding Frenzy 1 and 2 - It's survival of the biggest in this action packed deep-sea challenge. Eat your way to the top of the food chain!
      * Dinner Dash 1 and 2 and Flo on the go- Help Flo the former stockbroker grow her fledgling diner to a five star restaurant. Quite a good game, I played the trial version.
      * Granny in Paradise - While on vacation Granny's cats have been stolen, and it's up to her to get them back!
      * Bubblefish Bob - Guide Bubblefish Bob through over 60 super-fun levels in his quest to save his small fishy friends in this bubble-popping adventure.
      * Beetle Bomp - Electricity eating beetles are on a rampage, and it's up to you to stop them! With great gameplay, fun graphics and music, and a cast of zany characters!
      * Egg V Chicken - Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg? Find out the answer in this eggsterically funny action puzzler from the team that brought you Diner Dash!
      * Ocean Express - Can you pack puzzle pieces perfectly onboard the Ocean Express? Find out as you travel coastal waters while shipping colorful cargo.
      * Mystic Inn - Playing as Daphne, the unfortunate hostess ensnared by the enchanted Mystic Inn, you serve all of the patrons in order to get magic to upgrade the inn.
      * Virtual Villagers - These poor villagers washed up on shore after surviving a horrific volcanic eruption. You have to guide them in learning how to survive in this real-time simulation game. I love these games, I have downloaded them before but never brought the full version.
      * Clash and Stash Worlds Away - In Worlds Away like in original Clash'N Slash you must defend your planet from pesky alien invaders that will arrive from all around the galaxy
      * Westward - Enter the wild, rough and tumble world of Westward, where adventure and untold fortune await you.
      * Teddy Tavern - Can you help Teddy win the Culinary Competition?
      * Tasty Planet - The world has never been so tasty!
      * Stand o Food - Feed a host of hungry patrons before they leave in a huff! I loved this game, although decided not to buy the full version.
      * Chicken Invaders - Just when you thought it was safe to eat chicken... Rather like an updated version of space invaders, but with chicken.
      * Age of Castles - Battle evil and rebuild the kingdom in this game of sword and sorcery.
      * Ant War - In Ant War you start with a simple anthill and grow into an amazing ant empire!
      * Wonderland Adventures - A charming puzzle adventure for all ages.
      * The Apprentice LA - Compete for a dream job with Donald Trump in this innovative twist on time management games. Only 1 star rating!
      * Nanny Mania - Think you can manage a household? Think being a stay at home mom is easy? A fun, yet simple game.
      * Snapshot - Photograph birds in this cross-country adventure!
      * Deep sea Tycoon - The adventure begins UNDER the sea! Not one of the best tycoon games, though alright.
      * Sushi Frenzi - Run your own sushi restaurant!
      * Burger Island - Help Patty turn around a run-down burger stand located on deserted Mount Tikikola Beach. Rather like Stand o Food, a fun and addictive game.
      * Dark Obsession - As Det. Goren, you will uncover a trail of drugs, corruption and revenge to find out who the victim is and who wanted him dead.
      * Snowy Lunch Rush - Help the mouse serve hungry patrons
      * Barrel Mania - Use high-tech gadgets to bend the laws of physics and save the day at DCAE (Don't Care About the Environment) Corp!
      * Mr. Robot - Puzzle solving 3D robot adventure. Two games in one!
      * Birdies - In Birdies, you take the role of a stork that opens a nursery in which she looks after baby birds.
      * Mad Magic - Control fantasy creatures, cast powerful spells and fight enemy monsters.

      The games above are available only for download. Most of these I have never downloaded. *Arcade*The games under the arcade category include;

      * Speedy Thief - One of the most simplest but most addictive timed games.
      * JamtrisArcade - Typical colourful tetris game.
      * RocketMX Racing - Play stunts and air borne rides on the back of a motorbike.
      * Snowball pinball 1 and 2 - A snazzy pinball game with snowmen, fairy lights and snowballs.
      * Asteroid Blaster - guide the ship through the asteroids and destroy them. Simple gam which gets boring after a while.
      * Bounce Back - a great ball and block bouncing game with hidden levels.
      * Fishing Impossible - Your mission: Infiltrate the fishermans yard and steal his fish. Beware the guard dog who will try his best to thwart your efforts...
      * Turbo Turtle - a 3 star game where you guide the turtle around and feed him, avoiding the lava and enemies.
      * Dodge City Darts - One of the best games on the site in my opinion. Challenge your opponent in three types of dart games, 501, cricket and follow the leader, placing bets in order to double your money or lose everything!
      * Ant Farm - guide the hundreds of ants into the ant hole using sticks - actually a fun game believe it or not!
      * Cursor Grabber - As it says in the title - nothing special, but if you are really bored...
      * High Wheels - Ride the rails all the way to the top with spinning wheels as your guide on this fantastic journey.
      * Digbys Doughnuts - Join Digby as he opens a chain of donut shops in major cities across the country! (Available to download too)
      * Clash N Stash - a fast paced space game - available to download too.
      * Protect the Port - Using the big guns, keep the ships away from the island. An ok game, though nothing special.
      * Jam XM - highly dynamical arcade racing game that brings you into the distant future to take part in the intergalactic racing tournament. Vary simple and not as exciting as it sounds.
      * Zombie Bash - Hit the zombie - that's all. Not anything special.
      * Paulo the Penguin - Guide the penguin around to retrieve his refreshments but watch out for the growing icebergs. Addictive and simple.
      * Superbob - Help Super Bob avoid the clouds and those crazy ducks before his arms tire out.
      * Serfs Up - It's the annual Serf's Up competition in the kingdom, let's see how far you can whack those serfs! Quite amusing and short.
      * My sweet 16 - not really a challenge game and quite boring - simply dress up a person ready for prom.

      These are all games available to play online. To download only include;

      * Ballistik - Go Ballistik over this new brick buster! Ballistik offers familiar addictive game play reinvented in 3D.
      * Adventure Ball - Brick busting takes off on an all-new adventure in Adventure Ball. It's fast and fun excitement for the entire family.
      * Atari classic Arcade - A few Atari games all in one, including Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Pong, Super Breakout, and Tempest.
      * Tropix - Whether you're a fan of puzzles, adventures, card games, word games or even Sudoku, there's an island of fun for everyone in Tropix!
      * Super granny 3 - Help Granny rescue her precious kitties.

      *Card and Board*The games under the card and board category include;
      (most are self explanatory and all available to play online unless specified)

      * Klondike Solitiare
      * Master Qwan's Mahjongg
      * BlackJack Solitaire
      * Speed and Speed X2 -one of my favorite games, fast paced game
      * Freecell
      * Lightning - Like speed but with more options - another of my favorite
      * Tower Blaster - A brilliant game against the computer (and available in challenges) to earn as much points as you can by building a number tower before your opponent.
      * Alchemy - Place Runes to clear rows and columns and change the game board from lead to gold. I didn't really understand this game.
      * Bake Sale - Buy ingredients, bake the cakes, sell them and start all over to make as much money as you can.
      * Navy Battles - Typical battleship game with a few extras - quite fun.
      * Pyramid Solitaire
      * Regal solitaire
      * Mah Jong Jade Expedition
      * Aloha Solitaire
      * MQM Deluxe - another mahjong game
      * Pizza Frenzy - wacky action/puzzler that puts you in charge of your own pizza delivery empire! (only available to download)
      * Aloha Tripeaks - Take a balloon ride over the Hawai'ian Islands in Aloha TriPeaks. Relax and discover it all without leaving the comfort of your home. (only available on download)
      * Fate - Within these mysterious walls, you'll find infinite adventure, and perhaps fortune and glory. Take the dare ...test your worth ...and determine your Fate! (only available on download)
      * Black Dragon - Rather like mahjong but with a dragon!
      * Wheel of Fortune - (available on download only)
      * 5 card deluxe
      * Lucky Streak Poker
      * Hotel Solitaire - Take the elevator to reach one of its 20 floors. On each floor you will find 5 rooms, each with its own unique game of solitaire. (available on download only)
      * Mah-Jomino - blends the challenge of both Mahjong & Dominoes into one exciting, beautiful and creative game. (available only on download)
      * Mahjong Escape
      * Poker Pop - A mix of mahjong and solitare
      * Family Feud: Hollywood - The fast-paced game based on the successful TV game show. Try to guess what 100 people said when they answered our survey questions. (download only)
      * Risk and Risk II - Deploy your troops, attack your enemies - even betray your allies - in an all-out effort to take over the world. (download only)
      * Word Monaco Solitaire - Word solitaire (available on download only)
      * Mystery Solitaire - Solitaire with a twist (available on download only)
      * Cute Knight - An orphan girl searches for her destiny. Will she become a knight, a princess, or a beggar? It's all up to you! (download only)
      * Moon Tycoon - another tycoon game set on the moon (download only)
      * Zoo Vet - Become the vet at your own zoo and care for all the animals using a variety of veterinary tools. (download only)

      *Puzzle*The games under the puzzle category include;To play online;

      * Diamond Mine - match rows of three diamonds
      * Corruption - Stop the computer virus spreading - a difficult game and one I did not enjoy.
      * Big Money - Become rich by collecting as many moneybags as you can.
      * QBeez and Qbeez 2 - A matching game with a difference - a very puzzling game! Quite fun though
      * Frog mania - help the frogs eat al of the insects - a challenging game and quite fun
      * Sunny day - a pairing game
      * Lil' Quackers - Help the ducks get to safety without getting eaten. Very addictive
      * Picture Jam - a picture puzzle game.
      * Traffic Jam - Help the red car get out of the carpark - addictive though boring after a while and very hard.
      * Crazy coins - another matching game.
      * Sky blocks - clear the blocks by grouping them up
      * Juggle challenge - an amusing juggling game.
      * Squiz and Squiz Extreme- create squares to earn points. A fast paces game.
      * Marble Match - another matching game
      * Penguin pass - help the penguin retrieve the fish without sliding into the water - a simple but fun game.
      * Nook and Cranny - a building block puzzle game - quite difficult.
      * Upside down - Match the colours by turning the playing board round and rouns. Fun fr the first couple of tries.
      * Trick or Treat Smash - Line up three or more candy types to fill the Candy Meter in this delicious puzzler with a fun Halloween theme...
      * Puzzle Extreme - Another one of my favorite as you race against the clock loading tetris style blocks into the trains.
      * Solar flares - an online version of cubix.
      * Barnyard Invasion - An animal matching game
      * Jewel Quest - In this unique new take on the classic-style matching game, you must rearrange valuable relics to turn sand tiles into gold. (Can download too)
      * Shape shifter - and Egyptian style game placing shapes on shapes to fill the lines. Oddly addictive.
      * Jungle fruit - Battle your way through stacks of barrels to release the fruit to achieve the best score. Learn to play - built in tutor.
      * Jewel Miner - Like gold miner with a difference - more of a matching puzzle game.
      * Sudoku
      * Gem Shop - Sell gems and jewelry to smiling customers.
      * Night before Christmas - It's up to you to help unwrap presents at the North Pole and teleport them to Santa's sleigh before it's too late.
      * MCF: Huntsville - (available to download too) Hunt the many rooms for the clues in the murder cases. Fun for a while.
      * Holiday Express - arrange the gifts to fill up the train and reveal festive photos!
      * Huckleberries - Avoid the Huckleberries. Change the color of all the blocks to yellow - to advance to the next level in this quick-thinking and fun game.
      * Jewel of Atlantis - Enjoy underwater adventures in action-puzzle game that blends between match-3 and breakout genres! (available for download too)
      * Brainbuster - Test your skills in reflexes, music, probability and special. A great game.
      * Hidden Expedition: Titanic - As part of the Hidden Expedition Adventure League, it is your job to explore the wreckage of this once-majestic ship and collect antique artifacts for the Titanic Museum. Rather like Huntsville.

      To download only;

      * TriJinx - an action-puzzle with a tumbling twist!
      * Hexalot - mind-bending puzzle game! As Merlin, King Arthur's most trusted advisor, it is up to you to build bridges across treacherous puzzlescapes.
      * Plantasia - From the makers of Diner Dash comes Plantasia. Plant seeds, harvest flowers, restore fountains, and watch as your gardens bloom.
      * Mirror Magic - Help Iris to set her family and her village free.
      * Pirate Poppers - Climb aboard for some swashbucklin' pirate popping fun! Aim your cannonballs to clear away menacing chains and unlock trinkets and jewels that rain down from above.
      * Marbliss - a colorful action-puzzle game, where you help your alien (Iggy) pop as many marbles as you can.
      * Inca Quest - Aim, launch, and match Incan color coins through temples of ancient secrets and untold treasure. Live the next generation of puzzle action in Inca Quest!
      * MCF: Prime Suspects - Dowloadable version of Huntville (see above)
      * Spacebound - The adorable Picolytes aliens are stranded on Earth! It's up to you and the bumbling Captain Bloom to rescue them!
      * ShopMania - combines puzzle action with a heaping dose of frantic strategy. Manage the flow of customers as you fill up cart after cart. A really addictive game.
      * Super Collapse 3 The third installment of this highly addictive series holds more action and surprise than ever before.
      * Glyph - Save a dying world by assembling ancient glyphs in this epic puzzle adventure
      * Jurassic Realm - new and exciting action puzzle which improves collapse genre with explosive power-ups and brick-breaking mayhem.
      * Gift Shop - Your Gift Shop is open for business, just in time for the holidays!
      * Travelogue 360 Paris - Explore Paris, find souvenirs, contribute to a travel magazine and have a great time.
      * Treasures of Montezuma - Help Dr. Emily Jones as she solves a mystery that can transform the world!
      * Hide and Secret - Travel to 30 locations across the globe in your quest to rescue the Treasures of the Ages!
      * Molten Mystery - Professor Fizzwizzle's volcano research has landed him in a Molten Mystery!

      *Sports*The games under the sports category include;
      (All available online)

      * Streaker - streak across the football field for as long as you can to earn more points.
      * Soccer Kick up - Keep the ball in the air for as long as you can
      * Pool jam - pot as many balls as you can in the time limit - a very popular game.
      * QB Challenge - Make as many touchdowns as you can.
      * Skate Park - Up the points by creating great skate tricks.
      * Pinheadz - The traditional bowling game.
      * Run and gun - another American football game.
      * Mini golf - not the best one I've seen but its free!

      *Sword and Trivia*The games under the word and trivia category include;
      (all available online unless specfied)

      * Hangstan Trivia - Hangman with a pig!
      * Word descrambler - A fun word game
      * TV game show - a wordsearch game
      * Fridge words - line up the letters on the fridge to earn points
      * Flip words 1 and 2 - a bit like boggle
      * Trivia machine - (available for download too), Answer questions on chosen subjects.
      * Family Feud and Online Party - The TV based game (only available to download)
      * Acropolis - Travel across mythical lands and unearth stunning relics in this lexical adventure from the creators of Word Slinger. (Available on download only)
      Jig Words - reveal words to reveal photos
      * Boggle - the traditional fun game

      ******Added Extras******

      As a member, there is a few added extras available for you, not many, though, compared to other game sites, though as it is a free site, anything extra is good, and it is very addictive nonetheless.
      Statistics : You are able to check your own statistics of the games played, as well as view other members statistics, which helps when challenging the right person to a match.

      Challenges : Challenges could not be simpler. Within most games, there is an option to challenge other members who are playing the games at the time, or find their username to challenge them. All challenges are placed within your personal challenge page for you to keep account of. You can also choose whether you receive challenges from other members as well. The only annoying aspect of this is that you receive an email when someone has played your challenge or challenged you, so your spam folder could get rather full.

      Please note: You do not need to take part in any challenges for you statistics to be kept. You can simply choose to play the games for your own benefit.

      Challenges are not live challenges, that is to say you and the opposing member does not play at the same time.

      Mail Center : You are able to keep friends lists and email other members on the site. Basic but useful if you make friends on the site.

      ******Safe Site?******

      The site, as far as I can tell, does not have moderators and comments left on the site can be very rude in parts with no moderation. As mentioned above, it asks for full name on sign up, but my recommendation is do not use the full real name. There is no forums or other community aspects and I have never had any trouble with any emails at all, so it is partly safe.

      ******Graphics, Sound and Pace******

      The games are not futuristically brilliant, but the graphics are pretty good on most games. They are 2D in most cases but are colorful and not pixel like at all. The graphics load very quickly, as does the games as a whole. All the games I have tried work fine, except a couple do not record your statistics when they are meant to, but so far - no broken links. . Each game has its own unique tune which, so far, has not annoyed me. There is the option to turn off the sound if you prefer on some games (or turn off your speakers!)

      ******Final Word******

      As you can see, a large majority of the site is downloadable games, but there are still a whole range of online free games which are worth trying out. The games can be addictive, even though most are very simple, and are great for all different ages. The site itself runs great, without the extensive moderation which is a negative feature, though the challenges aspect and scoreboards are great fun especially if you are competitive.

      Overall, I would recommend this site, especially if you are at a loss of what to do to pass the time!


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