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Free Playable online games

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    1 Review
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      01.10.2009 21:21
      Very helpful



      It's how I like to spend my days on the computer, try yourself!

      I have recently got into Gamesheep.com when being drawn in by their achievements and they're user friendly layouts. After only a few days online I have become the 12th best in the UK and 274th globally. So far Gamesheep.com has to be one of the best gaming sites I have played on for a while.

      Setting up a account is straightforward and easy, all It requires is a email address etc. all the usual stuff and you are away in minutes!
      Once inside the panel you start off with a terrible ranking and you have to either play games and rate them, get people to view your profile and 'pro' you, and alternatively you can go all out for roughly 22.5k experience on the trophies.

      Achievements have 3 categories and they're are always 3 trophies in each category. The first category is a simple 'score this many points and you achieve the trophy, the second being a more difficult one you have to score a certain amount of points and come in the first 10,5 or the top 1st place. Lastly the hardest trophies are the leaderboard trophies, for these the challenge consists of playing 3 days in a row! and achieving first, in the top 5th or in the top 10th.

      The Achievements are also different in the sense that for different game types the different trophies you will recieve, so for sports you will receive a medal, boot or a cup. But for action/adventure you will recieve a ring, Helmet or a Sword.

      One major downfall is the let down that there is only about 30 different trophy games, and at such low level experience the level up factor becomes slow after you've done all you can.
      But when there are trophies they rock!

      Other ways to gain experience include Proing and adding,
      To pro you simply go to a persons profile page and click pro, yes it is as simple as that!
      When you pro them they gain 2 experience and there is a possibility you may get some back, but this initiative has spun people into crazyness and now the site is more a competition for pro's than a friendly gaming site.
      The same apply's for adding, it is just a point and click and they are officially on your friends leaderboard.

      You also get the chance to earn experience through rating games good or bad and actually playing the game. The points may be low but they add up to big points.

      In conclusion I think that this game site is a must try as it is free afterall! The games may be easy at first but can get harder and harder, It depends on how you would rather spend a morning, if it's playing games then this is your dream come true!

      Thanks for reading


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