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Giving help and advice on the purchase, installation and running of energy efficient White Knight gas tumble dryers.

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    1 Review
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      31.07.2007 17:05
      Very helpful



      A website which should be better designed and be more informative.

      It has been fourteen years we’ve had a gas tumble dryer here in the UK. Purchased at a time when electricity was cheaper with the “White Meter,” at night time our old washer dryer had a lot to dry at night and with the eventual pressure from Hoover’s local engineer to stop using the dryer element as it kept burning out, (therefore cutting the repairs from a honest bloke) we began to research the idea of a gas tumble dryer instead since we were the first in our street to have gas tunnelled in and wanted to use the machine during the day when at that time electricity was far more expensive. This was at a time when gas was genuinely cheaper than electricity, and to a certain extent it still is today despite the fact that not many consumers are aware that they can get a gas tumble dryer for domestic applications. Maybe they are for reasons which are beginning to come to light.

      According to this website there is only one company to consider if you want a gas tumble dryer. This is despite the fact that a friend of mine has gone and spent £900 for a commercial Whirlpool machine for her business, but I wouldn’t dream of spending that much money on a gas tumble dryer; but this website doesn’t mention this company. The only other manufacturer for the domestic market is a company called Crosslee who own White Knight appliances; who else can you turn to for a machine which costs between £100 and £200 for a small compact dryer?

      Now if anyone believes Which? Consumer magazine statistics based on population usage, White Knight has a bad reputation for faults and reliability;

      The only reason we’ve kept our White Knight tumble dryer on is simply because we can’t find another company who produces gas tumble driers at a normal, viable purchase cost. Our model however hasn’t been plain sailing, from the belt falling off the drum which had to be replaced three years after ownership to no less than five replacement doors at a cost of £22 to £25 plus fitting charges each time. And the door has come off yet again! For the amount of repairs we could have spent money on a new White Knight gas tumble dryer! One of the best things of our old Hoover washer dryer was that it lasted 13 years and the door was forever being slammed – no, it never came off! I’m beginning to think that the door on the Hoover was perhaps one of the best things about it...

      So, with a view to changing our White Knight I thought I would search the internet looking for a list or perhaps some information regarding gas tumble dryers. After filling out Google with the suggestion of “gas tumble dryers,” this website turned up within the first few search results.

      ** The Folly that is Gas Tumble Dryers.co.uk? **

      What turns up is a nicely, homely coloured website which has a few good short links to the left hand side showing the basics on features and information for the availability of gas tumble dryers. What comes across rather immediately though is that this website has been sponsored by White Knight and clearly shows their tumble dryers which start at £265 to nearly £300. Yet their BG43AW Gas Dryer model not available to view on the website pops up later on internet revealing cheaper prices of £200.

      So inadvertently if any consumer comes across this website it is easy to surmise that the website should dictate clearly what types of gas tumble dryer versions exist. But instead what comes across is a false website which only presents Cross Lee marked machines that just happens to own White Knight and heavily market them. Not that Crosslee need another website because they have their own anyway!

      ** Further Links **

      But it doesn’t get any better. Take for example, the links on the right hand side of the main page on this website. There are a few links for example to companies such as “uSwitch,” “Energy Watch” and “Which.” Well for starters you need a membership to gain the actual product survey on Which? But I also took a wee tour around Which and discovered that White Knight tumble dryers languish at the bottom in the reliability statistics; it may not include gas tumble dryers in terms of how these findings have been made up, but the machines are the same save for the element inside. I’m sure if White Knight were aware of this; would they want to use Which? as a link on this website?

      Further more the link to the British Gas website goes straight to the home page and then you’ll have to use links and eventually the search engine on the site to check for any information on gas tumble dryers and their reflected savings using British Gas. What is then revealed is a flash video area of interactive quality and no information of projected savings between electricity powered dryers and gas dryers.

      Instead of publishing actual results of savings, viewers are then subjected to see how they can improve their appliances by running them on gas. Oh there are two lines of average findings, on how consumers can save up to 70% with a gas tumble dryer but I think that most consumers need a bit more info on how “average” use is calculated.

      So what started with a website to check what available machines exist which can run on gas here in the UK brings me full circle to the question of why this actual website exists? There is no information on this website which shows any other manufacturer – Which? Magazine and Crosslee point out that there used to be manufacturers who made gas tumble dryers but White Knight is the only company at the moment who make gas tumble dryers. Still to me that’s not any info which is helpful for any consumer in the UK having had an appliance before and want to change. The link to “download a brochure” leads into a PDF copy of White Knight’s latest appliances, but do you think they have gas tumble dryers to show here? NO. You have to contact Crosslee if you want that particular brochure on gas tumble dryers.

      ** So who is to blame here? **

      In short by contacting the website company who own this website, the information published here is really at fault. The links on the website are easy enough to click and add, here and there, but the info on savings are not available to view and the whole episode of this website comes down to the White Knight brand and Crosslee as a company.

      Crosslee however are not to blame for this website but the website could indicate what buyers need to do in order to obtain a gas tumble dryer in their home. For a start you can't get condenser type gas powered dryers - from White Knight - but there are other indications of ownership which are slightly different to owning a standard electric powered tumble dryer in terms of installation and position.

      ** Conclusion **

      What appears to be a website which should indicate information on gas tumble dryers in the United Kingdom shows White Knight sponsorship and very little else, therefore appearing to be little more than an advertising website for White Knight. Sadly for consumers looking for the idea of a gas tumble dryer this website doesn’t really reflect its title despite positives of ownership and a promise of 40% discounts if consumers buy a White Knight appliance from this website. That may well be an incentive to anyone who wants a gas tumble dryer, but for this consumer, the idea of having another White Knight gas tumble dryer fills me with positive projected power savings in the long run and negative additional repairs with long term ownership. ©Nar2 2007.



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