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Hair styling products.

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    2 Reviews
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      18.07.2009 09:32




      A friends friend works for a GHD company who's factory was selling off stock due to liquidation. So to get an idea of what products looked like my friend wen online finding this site and told us all about it. We checked it out and where amased by the prices and made an order. Only shortly after placing the order my friend finds this review and she calls me about it. Immediatly we both cancel or orders and contact the bank. Following the banks instructions cards have been cancelled. They also stated that because the site only show to accept mastercard and visa card they are no way legit. I emailed the site and demanded they cancel my order and refund my card (or my bank would take action) and I recieved and email back saying they would (my friend done the same thing and got the same email) however looking at my response from them there is chinese symbols on the email. Why on earth would a company be claiming to be based in america be sending emails with chinese in it?Just proves they are defanatly not legit. Hopefully we get our money back. My bank has said they will be able to get mine back anyway because its on my mastercard, unfortunatly my friend might not be in the same boat as she paid with visa debit so fingers crossed it works out for her. My advice to all is AVOID AVOID AVOID.


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      15.07.2009 22:25
      Very helpful




      Wow, im surprised after just suggesting this site through Dooyoo today that it is up already. I want to spread the word about this site, and yes you ay think I have been gullible, you may think I should have known better, but hopefully you will see me for what I was - a shopper that was looking for the best prices for a great product.

      I've never bothered with Hair Straighteners. I tried a pair and they didn't make a blind bit difference. My hair is quite thick and has a natural kink to it. I got a pair of Remington Straighteners a few years ago, set about trying to make my hair sleek and glossy, but after half an hour and my hair still had that annoying kink, but perhaps a tiny bit straighter. So that was the end of my Sraightener experience.

      Fast forward to early last year and when everyone and anyone was using Straighteners. The brand to have was GHD's and my Hairdresses always used them on my Hair and it always looked lovely - as you always look when you come out of the Hairdressers. My friends were raving about GHDs as well, but it was only until last month that I decided to take the plunge and buy myself some. My friend gave me a shot of her ones to see how I found them and she bought them off a certain site for £75. Bargain, I though! After all on the GHD website they were wanting a minimum of £105 . However when I put in the website my friend had gave me, it didn't come up anymore. "That's Ok", my friend said "All I done was type in GHDs into Google and there is loads of genuine retailers come up". Sorted, I thought and off I set.

      The first website that came up below the Official Uk GHD site was this one www.ghdhaircom.com. The little blurb below the link said Online sale, all stock must go, approved ghd retailer, genuine GHD seller, Free delivery. So I clicked onto the site and it was an identical site to the Official GHD one. Same pictures, same writing and everything. However the price was the big discount. Along with the all stock must go etc, this site offered free shipping, tax free shopping and extra discounts for the month of June. I grabbed my bank card and set off. I knew exactly which ones I wanted - GHD MK IV Black. I got a nice picture of the item, was told I would receive what was i the picture which was a dvd, luxury box set, booklets, 2 year guarantee and Straightening Irons. All for the bargain price of £47.88. "That's too cheap" I heard in my head. I read up more on the website and it said all purchases were covered. You could pay by Card or Paypal. I decided to pay by Paypal as I had heard that all Paypal payment were covered against Counterfeit and any other issues. "Nothing to Lose" I thought, and that was that. The site asked if I wanted to send a message along with my order and I chose to write " If these are counterfeit then I want a full refund and do not send them as I will demand my money back". That was that and I got an e-mail the next day to say my Straighteners had been shipped out from China, here is your tracking number and they would arrive shortly. They came about 3 days later and they looked amazing.

      "Oh, they really are real!" I stated. They had the official hologram on the Irons and another Hologram on a tag on the electrical cord. The paperwork in the box and on the hologram invited me to register them on the GHD Official site or to phone up. All I had to do was put in the 15 digit code on the hologram and that was it. The Official site was having none of it. INVALID, INVALID. It kept shouting at me. I tried in capital letters and lower case and it still wasn't working, so I phoned the number.

      "They are Fake" the woman on the phone stated. "Oh, i've found another 15 digit code on the inside of the Irons, which is different than the 1 on the cord?" "It's meant to be different and it is the 1 on the cord that we need" said the woman. So I had bought a fake.

      They totally looked the part. The packagin was perfect, everything in the box was real looking and the Irons were how they were meant to look.

      Next step was to contact the website www.ghdhaircom.com. Strangely enough I never heard back from them. I left it about a day and a half and still no word and I had sent a few e-mails to the e-mail address that the Paypal payment went to and no reply from that either. So I went to Paypal to raise a claim. Paypal wasn't interested since I didn't buy them off e-bay therefore I wasn't covered by Paypal rules. Don't know why as I still used them as the Payment method. I had resigned myself to the fact that they were fake, and although I don't condone fake goods in any way they done a good job. They looked totally real and made my hair nice and straight. I had only used them once to try them out and they were working fine. So perhaps they wouldn't last as long as the genuine original ones, since they were cheaper and I was stuck with them. Also since they were going to be more of an occassional use rather than everyday I could deal with them not working after a year I thought.

      The yesterday happened. My friend came round to highlight my hair and she clocked the Straighteners. "So you've treated yourself to them then?" "Yes, but they are fakes". "Really?, you wouldn't have guessed it. They look exactly the same as mine." So my hair was looking nice and pretty and she decided to use my Irons to straighten my hair. that was fine by me, as it would give them a good workout and she could tell me how they compared to the real deal. After 5 minutes I heard her squeal in my ear - They had caught fire while attatched to my hair.

      Sitting in my kitchen I could feel the panic set in. She managed to flick the off switch while my husband quickly whipped the plug out of the socket and flung the patio doors open, He placed the Irons onto the patio slabs away from the grass and quickly doused them with the hose. The house was stinking of acrid smoke and the ends of my hair had been singed and stunk to high heavens. Upon looking at the Straighteners about 5 minutes later It shows that the outer casing of the plastic had melted and bust away from the plates, causing the plates to fall off. Since my friend had been thinking quick she held the straighteners together so that the plate didn't fall on me, on her or on my carpet, as any option would have caused a disaster.

      So last night I phoned Paypal again in my shaken state. They still refused to help even through they were bought from a website stating they were real, were fake and caused a serious situation. Paypal said my old course of action was Trading standards. Today I took to phoning them, but no one ever answered the phone, so I tried Consumer Direct. They couldn't help much either. I gave them the website, they checked it out, gave me a telling off for not checking their contact us section and said since there wasn't any contact details and they were shipped from China then I had done my money and there was nothing they could do for me. They recorded the phone call and asked if I still had them, I said I had everything right down to the cable ties, and official GHD seal on the box. They said they would record the issue with Trading Standards and told me that I had a very lucky escape and they get complaints about this all the time. IF THEY GET COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS, WHY NOT BE ABLE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

      I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I had a little cry at this time. I Had lost nearly £50, endangered my house, myself and 2 people around me, and I really wanted Straighteners for my big night out this.

      My husband phoned me at lunch time to say he had went to the local Hair Dressers and bought me a real pair - again I got a bit tearful. He also took the bust pair in and had a natter to the Hairdresser, who said "What a Bloody mess". He also said they were exact replica's and the only telltale sign they were fake is the writing up the side of the unit was a little lighter colour than on the genuine ones. That's all. He said they get numerous complaints about Fakes, but had never seen what happens with the fake ones. The owner of the Hairdresser took pity on me and knocked £10 off the price, but they still cost me £97. So I have totally done my £50.

      So if you have fake Straighteners please watch them at all times when you use them, and if you are looking to buy them, then I would never recommend fake ones. I've been put off for life!

      Thanks for the rates - you're helping me recoup my £50 that's sitting in my garden all melted to bits.


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