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Hair and Beauty Pages.

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2006 13:11
      Very helpful



      Come and join in, you might learn something new or teach me!!

      I have found a new forum to spend a few more hours of my time on. This time it is in the shape of www.hbpboard.co.uk and it is all about hair, beauty, health, skin care and fashion to name but a few of the topics.

      It is a really new site and has been designed by a teenager no less! He has really put a lot of effort into this project and in my opinion he has done a fabulous job. The layout is very easy to navigate and the colours are easy on the eye. No lary graphics or colours to hurt your eyes and the various tabs to click on are easy to read and follow. It benefits from a personal message facility as well which can be handy if you have an embarrassing problem – not for general consumption! When you enter the site for the first time, registration is very easy. Simply enter a username and password, along with your email address and a couple of other bits of information. Hey presto! You are a fully-fledged member of this great new forum.

      The front page shows all the separate categories you can write in and these vary from “The Café”, where you can chat about anything you like. This does not mean being exclusive to beauty or hair. You can chat about films, books, religion…anything you like really, to “The Beauty Parlour” where you can ask advice on beauty tips from other members, post advice on tips you have found and anything else you think related to this subject.

      There is a whole separate section for reviews! As you’re reading this through Dooyoo, I know you love reviews, so if you join you can post any reviews you have written on Dooyoo or Ciao which fit into the categories for beauty, hair, skin care, health products and experiences in Spas etc. I have posted a few of mine on there already.

      Then you have the VIP forum, where you’re allowed access to threads and tips that only VIP members can be a part of. The first 100 members to register will be allocated a free upgrade to VIP status, so hurry if you want to see what’s in there.

      The hbpboard is currently operating a points system too. Whenever you start a new thread or reply to a thread, you gain points. Write a review and post it on here and gain lots of points. This is a bit of mystery at the moment and as the site is new it is designed to entice new members in. Basically I think it is a kind of competition. Whoever gets the most points will be rewarded with something. Not too sure what yet but if you are a sucker for a competition, like me, you will get posting and writing on here.

      There are currently threads with regard to bikini waxing, the documentary “supersize me” and the latest fashion trends for this summer. I really think this site has the potential to be really great and if there are more new members joining it will be a buzzing site to rival others.

      As I mentioned earlier a male has designed this and I think this is very unusual for this kind of genre. However I also think it echoes the changing times we live in and the fact that men are now actually trying out beauty products like moisturisers and having treatments in salons etc like waxing. Men are more than welcome on here as well as women and I for one would like to read more opinions on what men think about certain aspects of the aesthetically pleasing variety!

      Overall, I am enjoying my membership so far and although the numbers of members are low so far, I can see this lifting off and being a very busy site. The advice is sound and the more members it has the more chance of getting a broader range of advice and tips on everyday things like make-up or moisturisers, shampoo or a Brazilian! Ok, a Brazilian is not an everyday thing but you know what I mean.

      There is a comments and suggestion section for everyone to give ideas on what would make the site better and as it is in it’s early stages this is a ideal time to get your opinion over and maybe shape and mould the site to suit everyone’s tastes and make it a great experience for all.

      I have been reliably informed that there will be members joining who are extremely gifted in the health and beauty area. We will be having World Gold Champion Karate winners and amazing Pilates teachers. Along with top beautician’s recommended by Glamour magazine I think the advice that will be available on this forum will be amazing.

      Hope to see you there!



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