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Category: Music

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    1 Review
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      31.07.2010 16:04
      Very helpful
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      Hip Hop news, reviews and music!

      HipHopDX.com is one of many Hip Hop magazine sites. Matching the sort of content found on frontrunners such as AllHipHop, it frequently updates the website with fresh new content featuring artist rumours, editorials, news and a host of other things. The website is one of the biggest of its sort and is known for its ability to draw from a number of sources and present them to users.

      HipHopDX is the sort of website that will satisfy needs if checked out once daily. It updates frequently throughout the day and competes with AllHipHop on this front. Although it's expected that news circulate between websites focusing on the same subject matter, fresh, new things will be found here. Although, they aren't anything 'major', they still offer relevant stories related to events in the R&B and Hip Hop world.

      It's clear at times people behind the site run out of ideas and recycle old things, which is one of its slight flaws. Where most get by with fresh editorials to put a new perspective on how exactly the music is going, this one shies away and instead compiles useless information or releases old news and presents it as new. This does hold it back, but shows they are keen to have something fresh on the main page if for example, it's been an uneventful couple of days.

      Something else worth noting is their "Release Dates" section. HipHopDX do incredibly well when reviewing new music, highlighting which artists are upcoming and offering interviews with the stars, but when it comes to writing lists of album release dates, they just don't appear to do it correctly. AllHipHop may not have any such section to their site, but with a well-reputed site such as HipHopDX, you'd expect them to do this well. It seems like something simple to do, but it never comes out right.

      The dates are often incorrect, the section sometimes goes completely untouched for a couple of weeks and they just don't seem to ever know when exactly something is happening. Release dates may frequently change, but this website seems to do little but mislead people into thinking that people are dropping records long before they do and so it makes it difficult to keep up. The ordering is massively-confusing and it just tops-off this misplaced section.

      Although comparisons must be made with AllHipHop, this one is distinctly different and goes about things in a much grittier way. Its presentation seems much more thrown-together and irregular than others. It does take some time to get to used to it features, but not too long that it puts the user off. Sometimes, the viewer will have to search through the site for new things. It's often the case that the main page won't guide viewer clearly towards what's just come in (unless its news).

      The main interface has lots of designated areas for specific features and it would does give a nice understanding of how to get around, but on some occasions some things will slip past unnoticed. They make sure that the best ones are always put on a rolling display at the top so that only minor ones are given the opportunity to be potentially missed.

      Unlike other dedicated Hip Hop news sites, this one has its own shop. There you're able to pick up merchandise related to the artists who regularly feature on the website as well as general urban clothing brands. It's not anything special, but it's a nice little extra and attempts to hold as many things down as it can. This is also evident through their videos and audio section. There they post new leaked music and music videos to make sure that its users only have to go there to get all they want to know about the latest in this music genre (and associated ones).

      Overall, I recommend this site, but it does have its faults. There is much to like about the way they offer new music, news and a variety of other things, but they have issues with their presentation. If you check this one out and want to use it regularly, it is best used in conjunction with another similar site. It isn't always correct and it tends to draw from other sources in the first place, but it still manages to do its job. There are many sites like this out there and this one is clearly not the best, but it will keep you top-up on knowledge and keep you up-to-date with Hip Hop.


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