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Category: Online Surveys

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2010 16:10
      Very helpful



      A great market research site

      Harris Poll is one of my favourite market research companies because unlike many other survey sites you never get screened out; there will always be a reward for you at the end of the survey.

      I have been a member of Harris Poll for about a year now, it is very easy to join, just go to their website and click the join button, fill out some information about you and that is it you just wait for the surveys to start coming.

      Survey links are sent to your e-mail address and you follow a link through, if you do not fill out the survey you will receive a reminder a few days later which is helpful.

      In return for your time and opinions Harris Poll award you with points through the pointugive website where you get HIpoints. Each point is worth one penny. For each survey you will earn a minimum of 30 points, even if you are not eligible to fill in the entire survey, so you get 30p for just a few questions. If you complete the full survey you will receive 100 points - £1 so it is far better paying than most of the other survey sites.

      At the end of each survey you are asked if you would also like to be entered into the sweepstake, I have never won anything on this but always check yes as you never know, one day I might get lucky! You are also asked how often you would like to receive surveys - the most frequent option is every 3 days.

      I do get quite a few surveys from this but had a period of laziness where I did not really fill out the surveys very often, however in the past 2 months I have earned 1700 points - £17 which I think is pretty good.

      The payout threshold is £25, I need to earn another £1.50 before I get my payout and I have 2 surveys waiting for me at the moment so hopefully I will get my cheque soon.

      The subject of the surveys varies, sometimes it is food cosmetics or sports, technology is the most frequent topic though. The surveys are simple to complete and usually only require you to tick boxes rather than having to type in answers.

      I am looking forward to getting my first cheque and will definitely make sure I complete all the surveys they send me in the future because this has pretty good earning potential. They send around 2 surveys a week so the worst case is about thirty quid a year if you never get to fill out a full survey, however if you regularly qualify for the full surveys you could be receiving up to £100 a year, realistically it will be somewhere in between but it is still pretty good earnings !

      I give Harris Poll 5 out of 5 stars because they offer frequent surveys, you always get a reward, the surveys are user friendly and never longer than 30 minutes (usually much shorter). It is definitely one of the top market research sites out there! Highly recommended!

      UPDATE - I have not recieved my first reward from HarrisPoll. When I went to the website to request my redemption I found that I was not offered a cheque or paypal as payment options, which I had thought was available in the past. The reward now comes in the form of an Amazon voucher. I personally do not mind this too much whilst the cash would have been nice, I am currently saving up all of my Amazon vouchers to purchase a new laptop as mine is on its last legs, so my voucher will be used for that.

      From the date I requested my voucher, it took aroun 8 days for them to send me my Amazon code which they sent via e-mail.


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