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    1 Review
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      30.10.2010 14:44
      Very helpful



      The photo gallery is something you just have to see for yourself - go ahead -give it a try!

      As some of you will know, I home educate my oldest son, and while I choose much of what he will study, I let him choose topics of interest as well. This week we have been studying space at his request, and one of the books showed a picture of the Hubble Space Telescope. I tried explaining what it was to him, but he was convinced it was just like his Daddy's telescope so off to the Internet we went.

      The Hubble Space telescope is not the only telescope in space, but it is certainly the most powerful and the best known. It was launched in 1990.
      I will not pretend to understand it all, but by being outside the atmosphere of earth it allows the telescope to take photographs with incredible clarity. I think anyone wanting to know more about how it works would be best off visiting the site themselves. I have read it but do not fully understand. But you do not need to understand how a flower grows to appreciate it's beauty. Even the least technical among us can enjoy the incredible selection of photos on this site.

      This site is packed with information and would take days to fully explore. You can read about how the telescope operates, its many discoveries. You can learn about black holes, nebulae ( another thing I had to look up to explain to my son), identify constellations and so much more.

      I think this site is absolutely fascinating and while I found it very educational for my son, I think it something absolutely everyone should see. I am at a loss for words to describe the awe inspiring beauty of space. I know this site is presented from scientific minds with different beliefs, but I am a simple person. When I look at the vast majesty of the universe, I simply can not believe this is a random accident and I find this site to an inspiration to faith as well, although it is certainly not intended as such.

      The site is designed for adults, or at least teens and I do wish they had a children's section (NASA does have a children's page though), but I think even very young children can appreciate the beauty of these photos and can learn from this site as long as an adult is willing to read the information and simplify it for them. I do not think there is any upper age limit to enjoy this site and would strongly recommend you have a look through the galleries if you have not already done so.

      I hope you will forgive the non technical review, as I am not able to describe this properly. I only wanted to review this to make everyone aware of an absolutely brilliant site. I also have an ulterior motive in that I hope some of dooyoo's members with more understanding on this subject will also write reviews once they see this and perhaps provide my son and I with more information :) Also I hope epople will rate this honestly. I know others could have described this better and do not expect very useful from everyone on this, but do take a look at the pictures - you won't be sorry.




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